Makita Screwdriver Scrolls At First Speed

We need help! A screwdriver we have of this brand / ins. / kalibr / master_da-_1442m /, at the first speed when drilling, the gearbox scrolls when you put it at the second speed, it works normally, they went through the screwdriver today and did not find any traces of development maybe this

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gear housing for replacement. article of the manufacturer UO1960 come and I will sell you one 350rub

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There, the gearbox is divided into 2 parts, in the second part, the teeth licked closer to the motor inside, these teeth engage in the iron crown, this iron crown and selects speeds. In short, this plastic mask still needs a leash on it, the factory corrected this jamb and released gear housing (as it is called) reinforced with iron teeth separately

The screwdriver chuck scrolls under load. How to fix it?

In the beginning, you need to decide what and how it scrolls in the screwdriver.

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If, when tightening the self-tapping screw, it did not go to the desired depth and at the same time a ratchet (the correct name for the torque regulating clutch) was used, the screwdriver (scrolls), then the same clutch must be put in a different position (mode).

That is, to increase the force and depth of screwing screws, screws into the surface.

The cartridge will not scroll with little effort.

Makita Screwdriver Scrolls At First Speed

If the screwdriver scrolls in the hands (it happens, especially if the hands are lubricated), you can wear gloves.

Possible and other causes of scrolling, for example, the screwdriver gear is not lubricated, it must be lubricated, having previously been disassembled.

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There may be a problem in the gearbox shaft, or the bearings have a lot of wear.

In this case, it is better to replace the shaft and bearings with new ones.

Perhaps the screwdriver’s chuck doesn’t tighten the bit, under load the bit remains in place, and the chuck scrolls.

In this case, it is better to completely replace the cartridge with a new one.

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In the case of quite active use of the tool in a domestic environment or in a professional activity, many (if not most) users are faced with a situation where the cartridge scrolls on a Makita, Interskol or any other brand screwdriver.

often this happens as a result of exposure to long loads, but it can happen with a relatively new tool. it depends on the brand, model and quality of components.

Why does the chuck pop and scroll on a screwdriver?

It is necessary to take into account various interpretations of the concept of "scrolling". When the clutch. the torque regulator (ratchet) simply works, it is enough to choose a different mode of its operation to completely screw the screw in.

If the screwdriver cracks and scrolls when working in previously used modes without any problems, this may indicate the presence of any of the breakdowns of the tool:

  • lack of sufficient grease of the appropriate type in the gearbox;
  • the reduction shaft is bent. this is a factory or acquired defect;
  • received physical damage or the pin for fixing the satellites is completely broken, or the satellite itself;
  • wear of the working surfaces of plastic (rarely metal) gears;
  • bearing failure, shaft production.
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Also, the reason that the screwdriver began to scroll can be an unreliable fixation of the bits in the cartridge due to wear on its cams.

Repair Methods

Depending on the location of the breakdown. coupling, gearbox, speed switch, chuck. a decision is made what to do if the screwdriver scrolls under load:

  • bushings, defective shaft or bearing must be replaced with new products with the same parameters as the original;
  • in the absence of an alternative, the gears can be repaired, but the best solution is to install new ones or replace the entire gearbox;
  • also the right choice would be to replace a defective cartridge.

Self-repair of critical components of the gearbox is not always possible and justified. SC “Udachnaya tekhnika service” will carry out repair work of any complexity much faster, better and at an adequate price.