Metabo Ice Screwdriver Which To Choose

Metabo Ice Screwdriver Which To Choose

Coming to the first, not too thick ice, most winter fishing enthusiasts take with them the usual ice pick. This tool is always enough to make a convenient hole. However, when the carapace of the water becomes too strong, one cannot do without a more perfect device. Of course, it is not difficult to acquire (with available funds) a powerful motorized drill, but in addition to the extra expenses, you will have to put up with its great bulkiness.

Getting started. the basic requirements for screwdrivers

The selection of the right screwdriver is based on the specifics of your region and the general tasks facing the fisherman.

First of all, pay attention to the operating voltage of the device:

  • Recommended (minimum) parameter. 18 volts;
  • if there is enough money, we advise you to purchase a tool that runs on 36 volts.

Another important nuance is the torque. It is from him that the speed of work will depend. It should be guided by a very simple principle. the higher the value, the better. The lower permissible limit is from 50 to 70 Nm. However, for greater comfort, we recommend looking for screwdrivers with parameters ranging from 80 to 90. Such a device can easily cut through very dry and thick ice.

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Among the main requirements for a power tool (regardless of the method of use), important are also:

For this reason, when choosing, first of all, pay attention to products sold under well-known domestic and foreign brands. Of course, many new brands from China are practically not inferior to them now, but it’s better not to risk your money.

For your own safety, we recommend choosing only those models that have an additional handle on the side. This will allow:

  • more reliable to hold a working tool;
  • Avoid wrist injuries and other undesirable effects.

Another parameter is the type of battery. The wrong choice can ruin all the fun of ice fishing.

Today, manufacturers supply screwdrivers with three types of batteries:

  • lithium ion;
  • nickel cadmium;
  • nickel metal hydride.

The first species has the following advantages:

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  • small size;
  • fast charge.

One drawback. they can not stand the cold. Thus, after making the hole, the battery will have to be removed and hidden in heat (for example, in the inner pocket of the jacket).

Nickel-cadmium batteries are not at all afraid of frost, but they have a lot of weight, and, therefore, the total mass of the ice drill will increase significantly.

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Nickel metal hydrides are considered the best choice for ice fishing enthusiasts. In fact, they are a cross between the types mentioned above.

Finally, the last important parameter is battery capacity. Do not even look in the direction of screwdrivers having an appropriate figure below 2500 milliamps per hour. The best way to buy at 3000 mAh. Such batteries will allow you to drill several dozen holes offline.

  • food. a lithium-ion battery (1,500 milliamps);
  • torque. up to 60 Nm;
  • voltage. 18 volts.
  • charging time. no more than an hour;
  • the cost is about 10 thousand.

There is one drawback. there is no additional handle.

What follows is Makita DDF441RFE. This tool is equipped with:

  • a fairly powerful motor with a torque of up to 70 N · m;
  • quick mounting chuck;
  • reverse function;
  • a lithium-ion 14-volt battery at 3000 milliamps / hour;
  • additional handle.

On average, this product will cost the buyer 20 thousand rubles.

The third position was given to the Metabo screwdriver (model. BS18LTX). Its main parameters:

  • powerful removable battery up to 5200 milliamps per hour;
  • voltage is 18 volts;
  • weight 2000 grams;
  • torque no less. 110 Nm;
  • additional handle.

The cost is very pleasant. about 12,000. There is one drawback. the presence of shock function. Because of it, ice drilling is not always easy.

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Makita. This manufacturer of power tools is widely known throughout the world. The 6337 DWDE screwdriver has very good characteristics:

  • the battery is 14 volt nickel-metal hydride (capacity. 2500);
  • the torque is pretty decent. 65 Nm;
  • weight 2.1 kilograms;
  • charges in 1 hour;
  • rotates in both directions.

The cost is comparable with the same indicator for the previously described BISON. approximately 10,000.

Bosch screwdriver (model GSR 18VE) is a high-quality shock-free power tool with:

  • 18 volt lithium-ion battery and 2.5 thousand milliamps;
  • additional side handle;
  • torque up to 75 Nm;
  • reverse;
  • smooth adjustment of rotation speed.

It will cost the buyer 17-18 thousand.

General recommendations

To save yourself from the hassles associated with quickly discharging a lithium-ion battery in the cold, it is recommended to immediately purchase two batteries and take them with you for fishing.

Do not put the heated tool on snow. it can melt, and then water will enter the body through the ventilation holes. Needless to say, electricity and moisture are not compatible?