Metabo powermaxx bs how to remove the chuck

Metabo PowerMaxx BS cordless drill/driver, 10.8 V Li-ion 2×2 Ah

A professional-class machine that can master all kinds of screwdriving tasks. The model is ultra-compact and extremely lightweight. The electric screwdriver with battery pack weighs only 800 g, which is extremely low for a model of this power.

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Separate mention should be made of the easily removable drill chuck, which enables the user to unscrew bits or drills directly into the spindle.

The metal gearbox of the Metabo PowerMaxx BS cordless screwdriver has two operating modes. The first one is limited to 360 rpm and has a high torque of 34 Nm. It is an electric screwdriver mode, i.e for working with fasteners. The second can spin a chuck up to an impressive 1,400 rpm and is best suited for drilling. Can drill in wood (up to 18 mm drill diameter) and steel (up to 10 mm drill diameter). It has handy reverse, LED workspace lighting and a hook to hang it on your belt.

The model comes with two 10.8V, 2Ah lithium-ion batteries and the LC 40 charger, which can fully charge the battery in less than one hour. Metabo ULTRA-M battery monitoring system guarantees at least three years of battery life. The warranty on the electric screwdriver/driver is 36 months in total.

The Metabo PowerMaxx BS, 10 is a lightweight and compact drill/driver.8V Li-ion 2x2Ah. has a shortened design for universal use. With it, you can drill holes and drive self-tapping screws.

Spindle with hexagon socket for bits that can be used without a drill chuck, so you can assemble furniture in tight spaces.

Built-in illumination to illuminate the workplace allows you to do without a flashlight and perform work more accurately. Practical capacity gauge for checking battery charge level.

Practical belt clip, right or left hand, leaves your hands completely free.

Maximum power, gentle charging and a 3-year warranty on the battery pack.

The vast majority of screwdrivers are also equipped with a drilling function. Some units also have an impact mode for hard applications.

Low-powered, lightweight products are better suited for home use. Wide range of branded accessories lets you match any model with the required bit.

Original instruction manual 1. Declaration of conformity We declare under our sole responsibility: These Cordless Drill Drives, identified by type and serial number 1), comply with all relevant directives 2) and 3). Technical documentation for

Russian ru 1 Quick-action chuck 2 LED 3 Setting ring (torque limit, maximum torque) 4 Switch (1st/2nd speed) 5 Capacity display for monitoring the battery level 6 Belt hook 7 Direction switch (setting

You can change the rotation speed on the switch. 6.7 Quick-change chuck (on the PowerMaxx BS Quick. ) Disassembly: See Technical Documentation. с. 2, fig. A. Slide the locking sleeve (a) forward and remove the drill chuck (b). Installation: Slide the locking sleeve and slide the

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How to remove and change the chuck

Know how to unscrew the chuck on an electric screwdriver is necessary not only for repair, but also for maintenance of the device. Periodic cleaning will increase the life of the device. Methods depend on each individual manufacturer. However, there is one most popular option.

For the procedure it is necessary to pick up an Allen wrench. The disassembly process is as follows:

  • The short end of the wrench is well clamped in the chuck.
  • Turn on the electric screwdriver so that it works until the wrench strikes the table.
  • The chuck turns by the internal thread, on which it is attached to the shaft.

Chuck can fall apart completely, becoming unusable. cams in it can not perform their purpose, it is impossible to clamp the drill. or begin to play. The fragility of the element makes it impossible to hold the bit tightly. Drills constantly fly out when working.

Inside the chuck a thread is cut or there is a special cone for attaching to the shaft. Structurally, the element is divided into three types:

Quick-clamp chucks are considered the most popular: the tail is clamped by manually rotating the sleeve of an electric screwdriver. The main difference between the types is that in one case the bits are fixed by hand, in the other. you can’t do without a wrench. Manual clamps save a lot of time, because the user does not have to select a wrench. The main function of a chuck is to ensure good contact between the working bit and the other mechanical parts of the tool. The wrench type does it better, so it is considered more reliable.


The design does not involve the function of clamping tools when screwing in the chuck. the bit is not as securely locked in it, unlike the self-clamping type. The quick-release chuck consists of:

The quick-clamp type is divided into two more types:

If the user buys the first type, then in the box with the screwdriver should be a special lock. it allows you to change the tool without scrolling the chuck. Double-mounted types allow the bit to be installed without additional attachments, which is more convenient when you need to change drill bits frequently. The accessory is removed by locking one chuck ring by hand and twisting the other.


This type is noticeably different from the quick-clamp type. It is all about an interesting feature that allows the bit to be additionally clamped while the electric screwdriver is spinning. You can tell the difference between self-clamping and quick-clamping types by the characteristic snap when you relax or tighten the cams.

The Metabo Powermaxx BS Basic cordless drill and electric screwdriver: miniaturization and high efficiency

Tools of this brand we have not yet studied. And they say that nowadays this brand almost rattles. Thunder, no doubt, not least due to the modest price of the instrument against a background of decent quality. Worthy, that’s for sure? Interesting.

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The main features of the tool are shown in the table below:

Complete set

The electric screwdriver comes in a large (385×300×110 mm) plastic case with a sticker, where there is a brief technical specification of the tool. When you open the case, you start to wonder: an electric screwdriver is not difficult to lose here. So much free space, why? After thinking about it, you answer: of course, to store additional accessories. Drills, bits, whatever. Even a stash! No, it is too big for a stash. However.

The electric screwdriver comes with a quick-action chuck, two Metabo 12 V / 2.0 A battery pack·bits and the Metabo LC 40 battery charger.

Second battery pack is a definite plus. But at the same time a hint of the need for frequent battery replacement during long runs. Put a checkmark in your head.

At first glance

The tool uses a compact battery that recesses into the handle cavity. Standard design with a slight tilt of the rotation axis for an improved grip. The black plastic body with green inlays (or maybe the opposite, green and black) with a rough finish resonates well with the bright orange lever, switch, and battery heel. Thanks to these bright inserts the tool is easy to find in the junk heap. That is, other tools.

Due to the modest size of the electric screwdriver there is no place for a spare bit on its body. But do you really need one?? Who has ever used a spare? But there is a lot more to it. For example, it is possible to change the location of the hook for hanging from the belt with bare hands by simply pressing the back catch and pulling the hook out of the groove.

The second and third are next to the start lever: it’s a three-part indicator of remaining battery power and a built-in flashlight. The flashlight is not bright, but it is harmful in a tool, because the bright one will dazzle the eyes. One bad thing is the top location of the backlight. Practice shows that the most ergonomic position of the LED, which illuminates the working area at the bottom, in the end of the handle.

Instruction manual

Slim multilingual booklet contains three pages in Russian. As it is fashionable nowadays, there is no useful information in the text. The instructions are absolutely universal. It will fit any power tool, from vacuum cleaner and cutter to mixer and sponge applicator. Warnings, safety, warranty, disposal. Why, it’s handy! Print it in the paper once and shabash!

The control

Torque adjustment is done, as with most screwdrivers, by means of a rotary clutch with marked divisions. The clutch turns quite tight, with a distinct click at every movement. The last marking with the drill icon puts the tool in drill mode. The electric screwdriver does not operate the gearbox in this mode; the ratchet is disabled. But the integrated torque sensor prevents the screwdriver from turning the hand.

We disassemble the brushless Metabo PowerMaxx BS BL Q

The speed ranges are switched with a standard sliding slider and the maximum spindle speed is 1,400 rpm.

The direction of spindle rotation is also selected with the usual toggle switch, the middle position of which locks the start lever.

Start lever, which supplies power to the backlight and motor and controls spindle speed, has a 9 mm stroke and is pressed with medium force. LED and remaining battery power is indicated at 2 millimeters, and the motor begins to rotate at the 3rd millimeter of the lever stroke. This leaves 5 mm to adjust the speed from 0 to 1400 rpm.

The quick-action chuck of an electric screwdriver is equipped with a locking mechanism: one hand is enough to secure the accessories. You can see in the photo that from the inside the chuck is fastened to the spindle. It cannot be fastened in any way!

It can be easily unscrewed from the spindle, if you keep turning the clamping sleeve counterclockwise, because the locking mechanism works. And this, you know, reminds me of something. Ah, yes! Screwing and drilling with this tool is a pleasure. But unscrewing it. There is a suspicion that after a few self-tapping screws out of the wood, the clutch will come off by unscrewing. However, experiments have shown that this is not the case! Apparently there is a locking mechanism at work here as well. You can only unscrew the socket from the spindle by turning the socket itself by hand.

The medium bright LED under the chuck lights up the lower part of the work area, i.e. it is parallel to the drill or bit. The light bulb does not glare, but gives a blurred cone. The LED light turns off momentarily when the main button is released. We have to point this out as a disadvantage. Well let the LED light idle for about 10-20 seconds to see what you have drilled or screwed?

The battery pack fits inside the handle of an electric screwdriver like a magazine in a pistol grip. There is no ejection spring in the handle, just two contacts.

In the following photo you can see why this form factor of the electric screwdriver does not allow for a lower type of illumination. A large hand would block the light from the flashlight if the LED is striking from below.


The two most important rules for working with screwdrivers are.

  • The operating mode should be suited to the purpose for which the tool is intended. If drilling is intended, switch to 2nd speed with the obligatory turn of the ratchet ring to drill mode. Otherwise ouch, up to and including critical overheating followed by throwing the motor in the trash.
  • choose 1st speed when working with self-tapping screws/bolts/nuts and, in order not to break the heads of the screws or the bolts, set the torque ring to a position suitable for the length/thickness of the fastener and the density of the material (to be determined by experiment).

Cartridge, motor, and battery are three major components that require attention and care. The chuck has to be regularly cleaned of dirt. Do not store the electric screwdriver in a humid and/or unheated room, during storage it is advisable to put the reversing switch in the neutral (middle, stop) position. Regular charging of both batteries is also recommended.

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electric screwdriver: torque. A test that left a good impression

The torque is the force with which the spindle with the chuck rotates. We measure the torque with a simple bench (its detailed description is here).

Every electric screwdriver has a load sensor. This system shuts off the power to the motor a second or two or three seconds after locking, as most screwdrivers do. Yes, we have encountered screwdrivers with a different character. sharp and fast, like an upset stomach. When the spindle was locked, it shut off the motor almost instantly. But this electric screwdriver looks more like an apathetic strongman: the motor shuts off after a full three seconds after the spindle locks. This makes it easy to get the right readings: 19.5 N·м.

Recall that the manufacturer specifies a different torque value, 34 N·м. No big deal, almost all brands do it that way. Some overcharge less than twice as much as Metabo. And some even eight times, there are such heroes.

The following table shows the torques of different screwdrivers that passed through our test bench. The tested screwdrivers are sorted by the date of publication of the reviews (above earlier, below later), and the model name is a link to the published review of this tool.

Model Kr. torque, N·m Kr. torque measured, N·m Divergence, times
DEKO GCD12DU3 32 7 4,6
Kolner KCD 12M 14 7 2,0
Zitrek Green 12 32 4 8,0
Bosch Ixo 4,5 3,5 1,3
Stanley SBD201M2K 55 55 1,0
Tonfon 12V 25 12,5 2,0
Worx AiDrill WX178 20 8,3 2,4
BlackDecker BL186K1B2 52
Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic 34 19,5 1,7

To summarize the torque measurement: The electric screwdriver allows you to adjust the force from 1 to 20 divisions of the adjusting clutch. In the vast majority of cases, we used a medium level of effort, about 10 parrots. Only sometimes, when a self-tapping screw hit a limb, it was necessary to set the force close to the maximum, otherwise the ratchet would work.

Electric screwdriver: unscientific test that genuinely surprised

This practical test consists of screwing screws with a length of 50 mm and a diameter of 3.5 mm into dry wood (pine). Rechargeable battery fully charged before use.

The subject electric screwdriver worked for about 50 minutes (with interruptions, of course), during which it was possible to screw in 413 screws.

Finally, here is the table of the constant element of our screwdriver reviews. This shows the battery capacity in Watt-hours of the screwdrivers tested and the number of screws driven in units. From these numbers it is easy to calculate the amount of energy required by an electric screwdriver to screw in one self-tapping screw. That gives an efficiency of. The higher it is, the more effective the electric screwdriver.

Model Battery capacity, W·h (V · mA·h) self-tapping screws screwed in, pcs. Efficiency (more = better)
DEKO GCD12DU3 18 210 11,7
Kolner KCD 12M 12 28 2,3
Zitrek Green 12 18 222 12,3
Bosch Ixo 5,4 0,0
Stanley SBD201M2K 72 1293 18,0
Tonfon 12V 24 376 15,7
Worx AiDrill WX178 40 750 18,8
BlackDecker BL186K1B2 36 717 19,9
Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic 24 413 17,2

In short: 17.2 is great! The efficiency of this electric screwdriver is at the level of legendary brands such as Worx or Stanley. I want!

electric screwdriver: battery

The enclosed charger is modestly sized and melted. The battery is inserted in the designated slot and the green charging LED lights up and flashes.

Blinking continues until the battery is fully charged. After that the LED goes into a continuous glow mode. The second LED, which is on the right, is designed to alert you when the battery is faulty or overheating.

One battery takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to charge. Given that the electric screwdriver with a charged battery can work intensively for 50 minutes, you have a maximum of 20 minutes to relax.

You could not expect such power and efficiency from a miniature device, its dimensions pulling at most a screwdriver. It is a pleasure to work with it: the hand does not get tired, and the tool can get lost in the of the jacket.

Reassembling a Metabo PowerMaxx BS electric screwdriver

If you use an electric screwdriver to drill in wet wood, and even with a blunt drill bit, you risk pulling the chuck with the spindle out of the gearbox. I’ve had this happen many times, so I thought I’d post here, in case of mutual help.With a minimum of technical knowledge, one can assume that the spindle is held in place by a retaining ring. The whole job is about putting the retaining ring back on the spindle INTO the gear housing.

I point out in the photo that you MUST unscrew the chuck from the spindle, using an assembled electric screwdriver, before you start a similar job. You might have to run around looking for a vise later.But that’s the tricky part. I write it as if it were my first time.My first thought is that I got the gearbox, because workshops won’t take it for repair, and buying it is very difficult.Attempts to buy on the Web:

But a closer look will show that this is a Belarusian site.In Russia you can buy this reducer without selling your kidney:

Realizing that it is possible to buy it and all is not lost I make an attempt to repair it.

I use pliers to remove the snap ring and my hands to adjust the force. Remove the ball with the force regulating spring. DON’T LOSE THE FUCKING BALL! With a torx T8 screwdriver unscrew 4 screws and remove the metal part of the gearbox body. We use a Ph1 screwdriver to remove the 7 screws holding the halves of the main body together.

Simply turn the gearbox counterclockwise to separate it from the motor.In order not to overload the record with a large number of complicated names of all parts of the gearbox. I’ll lay out a step-by-step photo disassembly.Disassembling was done with pliers. I put new grease after each disassembly.

Metabo PowerMaxx fourth generation screwdriver

Over the years, Metabo traditionally makes the first annual presentation of new models at the beginning of January for its customers and fans, which increases the company’s strength in protecting and expanding its position in the global market for professional power tools. Among the innovations announced a month ago in the first half are the cordless drill, the PowerMaxx BS and the PowerMaxx BS Rapid, the cordless impact wrench SSW 18 LTX 400 BL with a maximum torque of 400 Nm, the new Metabo rapid battery charger with 14, 4 to 36 V output voltage, a new range of water pumps and hydrophore systems for home and garden watering,

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In this issue we give preference to the new PowerMaxx BS Drill Drill. There are several reasons for this choice. This 10.8 V power drill is already included, which combined with its small size and weight makes it the preferred choice for a wide variety of applications. In addition, the new model is the next Metabo power tool, led by the world leader in this case the most compact battery of this type and the supply voltage of 10.8 V.

Metabo has successfully developed the miniotvertkite group since 2001, when two models PowerGrip and POWERMAXX operate with 4.8 V nickel cadmium batteries simultaneously on the market. The first model was designed primarily as an electric screwdriver, and the advanced features of the second model also makes good exercise.

The next step is the PowerMaxx Lee model in 2005, when the drill gets an extended lithium-ion battery with 7.5V. In 2010, Metabo launched the 12 POWERMAXX models powered by a 10.8 V lithium-ion battery.

The fourth generation is now coming to market: the PowerMaxx BS and PowerMaxx BS Quick. They combine optimum compact size and low weight with high power and durability, making both machines especially suitable for a wide range of professional applications. PowerMaxx BS is the world’s most compact (with the shortest length) rechargeable electric screwdriver that runs on 10.8V. What man needs more to do his job for years comfortably and efficiently Lightweight and successful loaf in a wide range of activities requiring drilling holes and turning screws? Metabo also has a ready-made answer to this rhetorical question with the PowerMaxx BS Quick, which only has a quick and easy jaw change, e.g. with a right-angle swivel spike. The only difference between the two models is the red color on the back of the PowerMaxx BS Quick chuck. In addition to the compact nozzle for working at right angles to the spindle axis, the Quick system also includes a special adapter that makes working with hexagonal tail bits and bits even easier.

The PowerMaxx BS with jaw is only 162 mm long and is the best achievement at the moment. The PowerMaxx BS Quick is slightly longer than 175 mm thanks to the Quick system and the more complex chuck design. Without chuck, the length of both tools is reduced to 122 mm which makes it possible to work in narrow places and other areas with extremely limited accessibility inaccessible for larger models. This size is currently unrivaled by other manufacturers.

With the chuck removed, the bits and hex bits fit directly into the 1/4″ hex socket at the end of the machine spindle. This has a powerful magnet that holds the bars securely in the hole and prevents them from falling out. In addition to their compact size, the two new models are 100 g lighter than their predecessor. Without the chuck, it weighs 800 g. Lower weight is also an important factor, especially when working longer.

With a maximum torque of 17/34 Nm (wood/metal) and a maximum speed of 1400 min.1 The new PowerMaxx BS is even more powerful and productive than its PowerMaxx 12 predecessor. The maximum torque can be set at 20 degrees, ranging from 0.5-5.0 Nm. Both models have a two-speed manual transmission. Consequently the rotating speed can be infinitely adjusted between 0-360 min.1 and 0-1400 min.1.

A more realistic picture of the capabilities of the PowerMaxx BS gives the size of the maximum hole diameter that the drill can drill 10mm in steel and 22mm in wood. Both models have a quick-clamping chuck with the ability to pick up drill bits with a tail diameter of 1-10 mm.

Unlike the previous model, which ran on a 1.5 Ah battery, the new PowerMaxx BS has a 2 AA lithium-ion battery. The standard PowerMaxx BS Quick comes with the same battery. Available, however, is the PowerMaxx BS Quick PRO version, which also comes with two batteries, one with a capacity of 2 Ah and the other with 4 Ah. Metabo’s 4.0 Ah and 5.2 Ah batteries have a three-year warranty, as do the power tools themselves. Batteries with lower output voltage are sold with a two-year warranty.

The drills have an LED light that shows the battery level and a powerful LED light that brightly illuminates the work. In continuous operation, the PowerMaxx BS can turn screws up to 6 × 120 mm in soft wood, with a maximum screwdriving capacity of 6 × 200 mm, which must not overdrive for long periods. The most accurate idea of a cordless screwdriver’s capabilities gives you the number of screws of a certain size that can be screwed on with a single battery charge. The PowerMaxx BS and PowerMaxx BS Quick capabilities are listed in the table below. If these values are not enough, select PowerMaxx BS Quick PRO and work with a 4 Ah battery.

Both models are available in different configurations, giving users more options:

Features of use

Metabo PowerMaxx BS: A functional tool that is capable of working on many materials except concrete and heavy metal parts. For these applications, you need a powerful drill that has percussion capabilities.

To drill in each material a specific size drill bit must be used, suitable for metal or wood. Drill bits differ not only in the material they are made of, but also in their configurations and the way they are sharpened.

All materials should be drilled with the electric screwdriver at an upright position to achieve the required shape of the hole. When working on metalwork it is advisable to make a small pilot hole first, and then carefully drill through it. It is advisable to work with small parts using a vise, and with thin metals using plywood or similar materials as a support.

Do not apply too much pressure during use, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the drill bit. To avoid drill bit breakage, it is recommended that the drill bit be removed from the drilled hole while it is rotating. If the drill bit is stuck, it can be retrieved using reverse rotation.