Mini Circular Saws Electric Review

Circular saws Circular hand-held circular saws for wood. With laser line guide, tungsten carbide discs from 150 to 335 mm and variable speed!

When longitudinally sawing poorly dried, resinous, viscous wood, internal interfiber stresses are released and the already cut parts of the workpiece try to return to their original position. They close and try to clamp the disc body.
On sawing machines, a sickle-shaped element is installed, increasing in thickness towards the rear, which is thicker than the equipment. Moving along the cut, it slightly expands it and wedges the cut ends, preventing them from contacting the walls of the saw blade.

The riving knife of hand-held circular saws is thicker than the base of the disc blank, but thinner than carbide brazing. It is not implemented on all devices and only comes into operation on raw and twisted material, protecting the user from ejection and jerking.

Tips for choosing a circular saw

First of all, you should decide on the type of work to be done, for which you need an electric mini circular saw. For wood processing, it is recommended to purchase special models with a dust extractor. But besides this factor, others should be considered.

An important point is the power of the tool. This determines the maximum permissible thickness of the processed surface. You also need to pay attention to the density of the material. Oak or walnut boards have an increased density of fibers, which affects the complexity of their cutting.

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In addition to power, when choosing a mini circular saw model, you must pay attention to the following parameters:

When cutting with a mini circular saw in wood, the number of revolutions may decrease due to the load. This will affect the quality of the cut. Some types of tools automatically maintain a constant speed value regardless of the load.

Design and selection parameters of a mini circular saw

Currently, there are many types of cut-off hand tools. They differ in design, technical and operational parameters. But a special place is occupied by a mini circular saw. Despite its small size, it has wide functionality.

Mini circular saw design

Outwardly, this processing tool resembles an angle grinder an angle grinder. The difference lies in the mounting unit, which is designed to fit special circular saws.

The design of an electric mini-saw consists of a power unit (electric motor), a torque transmission unit and a mounting element for installing a blade. The body is made of durable plastic, which is able to withstand not only significant loads, but also constant vibration.

Additionally, to increase the comfort of use, the following components can be installed:

  • Cutting depth adjustment. For this, the possibility of displacement of the cutting part relative to the stop plane of the tool is provided;
  • Removal of chips and dust. Many models have a branch pipe for connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner. This is especially true when carrying out repair work, when it is necessary to minimize the deposition of dust on objects in the room;
  • Protection against accidental activation. Often, to initiate a mini circular saw for wood, you must press two buttons in sequence;
  • Continuous operation. This is necessary if you plan to make long cuts.
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The choice of disc model depends on the type of material being processed. For woodworking, you should choose special cutting discs that do not leave chips or nicks during work.

Terms of use

The rules for using a saw of any kind consist of three main points:

  • To use it correctly, you need to have a certain skill, so before you start working with the finishing material, you need to practice a little;
  • To make the work easy, you need the saw to be in good order and maintained;
  • And finally, the main point of the saw must be well sharpened.

It is very simple, in the instructions for the tool, everything is described in detail and what should be the care, and how to sharpen the tool correctly, and what skills are needed with it.

Electric Wood Saw Tool Review

An indispensable tool for any summer resident has always been an electric wood saw. Regardless of the design and purpose, this type of electric tool has always helped the summer resident both in construction and in caring for the garden. For this tool, which is capable of making a longitudinal and transverse cut of wood, cutting wood-based panel sawn timber, cutting a thin metal sheet and even in some cases cutting steel rolled products, even a novice craftsman will always find a job. However, today it is possible to equip a home workshop with a whole arsenal of saws capable of performing much more tasks than one jigsaw and even more a circular saw. The main thing is to choose the right tool according to the technical characteristics and the tasks performed.

mini circular saws electric review


Theoretically, this wood saw could also be attributed to reciprocating saws, but given the fact that its working body is a wide and long blade, it must be considered separately. A hacksaw for wood is designed for finishing work, therefore it has a wide and long blade. With this device, it is easy to make even finishing cuts. This saw has a completely different layout, its shape allows you to hold the tool with one hand when working.