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14 best engravers

Rating of the best engravers

Category Place Name Rating Price
Best cordless engraversoneDremel 8220-2 / 459.8 / 1010,790
2Bosch GRO 12V-35 2.0Ah х2 L-BOXX9.6 / 1011141
3Dremel 7760-158.9 / 104869
Best network engraversoneDremel 9100-219.8 / 1019240
2Dremel 4000-4 / 659.1 / 1010 450
3Elitech PShM 170EZhK9.0 / 103400
fourBISON ZG-130EK H2428.8 / 105780
fiveVORTEX G-160GV8.7 / 101790
6Sturm! GM2317FL8.6 / 102750
The best cordless engravers for tough jobsoneBosch GGS 18V-23 LC9.7 / 1019 819
2Metabo GA 18 LTX9.1 / 1016299
3Makita BGD801Z7.0 / 105 100
Best Network Engravers for Heavy DutyoneBosch GGS 8 CE9.7 / 1031,129
2Makita GD0810C9.5 / 1018290

The best engravers for work and creativity

  • Best cordless engravers
  • Best network engravers
  • The best cordless engravers for tough jobs
  • Best Network Engravers for Heavy Duty

Our today’s rating is dedicated to the best engravers. An engraver is a highly specialized tool, but universal in its way. Judge for yourself:

In general, even if you need an engraver for only a couple of days, it makes sense not to take it for a while, but to buy it for permanent use. he can always find a job. Today we will try to figure out what the market offers us and choose the best engravers of 2020.

Best cordless engravers

Dremel 8220-2 / 45

Speaking about the best engravers, it is impossible not to mention the Dremel company. moreover, it actually repeated the fate of Xerox, attaching to engravers as a whole class of tools the stable name “dremel” (often the word “dremel” is understood even faster than “engraver”. And this is expensive worth it!). For obvious reasons, I want to expect high class from the “founding fathers”. well, Dremel is not going to give up its positions yet, moreover, the 8220 “machine” itself has become more interesting than the previous 8200 line.

The new engraver is slightly heavier. only 60 grams, and this is not always important (it is often used with a flexible sleeve on a suspension). But the battery has increased in capacity by one third at once (from 1.5 to 2 Ah), moreover, now it uses not a 10.8-volt battery, but a 12-volt one. That is, the new engraver significantly increased its autonomy, which was one of the main complaints about the engravers using 10.8-volt batteries. True, now the battery not only does not sit down longer, but also takes longer to charge: not an hour, but an hour and a half. However, this cannot be called a minus unambiguously. although the newfangled technologies of “fast charging” are able to fill the spent ampere-hours into the batteries very quickly, this does not have the best effect on reliability (I involuntarily recall the already familiar headlines like “Samsung phones continue to explode”).

We didn’t have any complaints about the ergonomics of the engraver before, and they haven’t appeared even now: outwardly, he, in fact, did not receive any noticeable changes. The package bundle, in our opinion, is also the most interesting: instead of an uncomfortable cloth bag, there is already a convenient case where the engraver and the charger are located, and 44 attachments, a sanding platform, and a handle attachment. The only thing missing is a flexible shaft and a stand. but, alas, they are offered only as additional accessories even to the most expensive Dremel 8220.

Best cordless mini drills

If work is required at a height or outside the premises (a monument on the street), then use cordless mini drills, the best of which are distinguished by high power and a battery capable of providing long-term work. The weight and number of attachments are also important.

DREMEL 4000-4 / 65. for professionals

Such a power tool will come in handy for professional sculptors or auto repairmen, because it has a wide range of rotation speeds from 5000 to 35000 rpm. Multiple vents on the case ensure proper cooling.

The power of the device is 175 W and it can process iron, stone and glass. Large number of attachments and a sturdy carry case for easy portability.

Лещата саморобні


  • flexible shaft;
  • 24 months warranty;
  • Ergonomic hand-grip notches provide a firm hold;
  • smooth adjustment of revolutions at the end with a wheel;
  • spindle lock;
  • light weight 660 grams;
  • 65 attachments in the starter kit;
  • high performance due to the power of 175 W;
  • fixation of the included button so as not to hold it constantly with your finger, and instant shutdown of the revolutions with the shaft lock button;
  • milling compass in a case;
  • platform for grinding at 90 and 45 degrees.


  • ;
  • fit collets only 3.2mm.

HAMMER MD050B. for home and garden

This will be the best mini drill for a summer residence and various small household chores, so as not to pull a heavy tool. A toggle switch is provided at the end to start work. The mains cable is protected from kinks by a thickened insert at the entrance to the housing.

The drill is capable of 15,000 revolutions, which is enough for quiet grinding, polishing or cutting at home.


  • collet 1, 2.4, 3, 3.2 mm can be installed, which allows you to clamp various nozzles;
  • the spindle is easily fixed by pressing a button for quick relocation of the nozzle;
  • 80 elements included for engraving, drilling and grinding;
  • weight is only 400 grams;
  • 40 mm case thickness is comfortable for grip even for people with small palms;
  • unpretentious in work.


  • power 4.8 W;
  • smooth body without rubber inserts, so it can easily slip out of hands;
  • develops only 15,000 revolutions, which are not regulated to lower values;
  • there is no bearing in the spindle (only bushings), therefore it is suitable for soft materials (wood, plastic);
  • there is no button for a short on and self-disconnection from pressing (there is only a toggle switch for constant operation);
  • no case. all in paper packaging with plastic sealing.

Best network mini drills

When working at a desk or in a car workshop, furniture factory or renovating an apartment, as well as in a private house, it is practical to use mini cordless drills, the best of which develop a large number of revolutions for high productivity and are able to function all day.

DIOLD MED-1 MF. high power rating

This mini tool has a high power rating of 170 W, which is suitable for processing hard materials such as stone (marble, granite) and metal.

The device develops a speed of up to 35,000 rpm and has a flexible shaft for fine jewelry work. The housing stands out for its robust assembly at the location of the bearings. The handle is slightly bent for better support when drilling. The girth is rubberized.

Everything is delivered in a plastic case with neatly arranged elements in the departments, which is convenient for transportation and work on the road.


  • electronic speed control from 2000 to 35000;
  • a metal loop is inserted on the body for hanging in the workplace;
  • spindle fixing button for quick change of the nozzle;
  • numerous ventilation holes provide timely cooling and contribute to long-term operation;
  • ;
  • weight is only 550 grams;
  • Slim 55mm body for easy grip
  • the length of the entire tool is 230 mm;
  • all components are on sale separately (nuts, flexible shaft) for subsequent replacement;
  • rich set with nozzles in the package;
  • quiet work;
  • the flashlight is attached to the body.


  • interacts only with a 3.2 mm collet, which determines the parameters of suitable nozzles of this particular diameter;
  • use is allowed at a temperature not lower than 15 degrees Celsius;
  • models with strong vibration come across;
  • the body nut is erased from frequent untwisting and will require replacement in the future;
  • coarse wire cracks after a year of active use.

5 best mini drills

Mini drills are convenient for their compact size and low weight for working at a table or on outstretched arms, where small but precise manipulation of a power tool is required. They are actively used in jewelry, sculptures, engraving of monuments or decorative expensive finishing during repairs. The rating of the best mini drills has collected popular models for processing plastic, wood, metal and stone, where you can choose the best option for drilling, grinding or engraving.

Hammer AMD 3.6. the most affordable with a large number of attachments

This mini drill has what most craftsmen can afford. At the same time, the model does not look like a budget model: in a plastic case with a transparent lid, nozzles for cutting slots, abrasive cutters for working with wood, drills of all diameters, cord brushes and polishing nozzles are supplied. a total of 118 elements.

The mini drill is equipped with various collets for changing the thickness of the insert. The battery delivers 36 V and has a capacity of 1.3 A / h.


  • adjustment of revolutions from 0 to 18000 per minute will allow you to select modes of soft impact or active treatment;
  • weight 945 g is convenient for long-term work;
  • 36 months warranty;
  • the battery retains its charge even if the tool is not used for a long time;
  • the battery can work for 30-60 minutes, depending on the intensity of rotation;
  • there is a comfortable narrowing on the bottom of the body for better fixation with your fingertips and more precise work;
  • buttons for switching on and adjusting turns are soft;
  • three-color battery status indicator;
  • additional nozzle with diodes for work in low light conditions;
  • 118 attachments (brushes, abrasives, emery wheels, drills, collets);
  • the case opens the transparent lid by 270 degrees, which allows the set to be installed in a convenient position for quick selection of the desired element;
  • fit nozzles from other drills.


  • you cannot operate the tool while charging from the battery;
  • light signals on battery operation may differ from what is written in the instructions (when charging, a green light should light up, but in fact, for some, when fully charged, all the diodes simply go out).

Hammer MD050B

    • engraver
    • disk rotation speed up to 15000 rpm
    • weight: 0.172 kg

    Best deals on Hammer MD050B

    Reviews of Hammer MD050B

    The machine is quite resourceful. It is inexpensive, but at the same time it pleased me with its quality.

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    So far no problem.

    Now I plan to take a hammer drill from this manufacturer. They make a good tool.

    1. Powerful
    2. Reliable durable engraver design
    3. Adjustment of turns
    4.With nozzles, 80 pcs.

    I have been using the engraver for more than 2 years, no complaints. I like it very much, the noise is not annoying, it works on the network.

    Nice and simple engraver. The resourceful one lies confidently in the hand and does not irritate during long work. A rich set goes to him, and quite good quality.

    I am satisfied with the purchase of this model, especially since it is inexpensive.

    For this money, the equipment is excellent, and the quality is very decent. By itself, the drill completely suits me, it does its job one hundred percent, although I load it decently.

    I don’t see it yet.

    Compact, handy for small jobs

    Few cones and cutters in the set

    A simple stand-lock would be nice

    Perhaps the simplest and most convenient engraver. I bought it for small jobs in the garage. The cost allows it to be exploited without a heartache. Assembled with high quality. For six months of my bullying, there were no problems with him. Works like a clock.

    The kit is very poor.

    Overall, I am pleased with the purchase. the device fully justified the funds invested in its purchase.

    Very small and lightweight. Easy to do precise work.

    Unreliable bearing. Collapsed in less than a year

    Everything would be fine. But the bearing crashed very quickly. Vibration began, a drop in speed, etc. Before him there was a Chinese with an alibaba with the same problem. I thought I’d buy a Hammer, it will work fine. It turned out to be the same. I would even prefer that Chinese one. it was more powerful and the speed was regulated.

    A set of accessories, price.

    The headbeat is quite decent, for applying small inscriptions on the glass, for example, it will not work.

    In general, this is a set of consumables for the engraver in the kit that comes with this drill. For work not related to accuracy, for example, polishing something, it will do. Considers a set of cones, cutting and felt discs, various fastening nozzles, which individually will cost more than such a set. There are also several collets for different sizes that you can repair your engraver if they suit you.

    80 accessories included, does not fall apart under heavy loads, does not crack or overheat.

    Not. Convenient, practical and reliable tool.

    The mini-drill has been performing well for six months now, even a little more. I used to change the tool more often, but I’m not going to change this drill yet, everything suits me more than.

    The device itself is sensible, it is convenient to work and copes with all the functionality. Plus it costs nothing and a bunch of accessories.
    The turns are regulated, it does not make much noise. I mainly use it for engraving and grinding, but I also used the rest of the options once or twice, there are no complaints, respectively.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the engraver from the first days of purchase and is still not disappointed. For its weight, excellent power, revs. It is unpretentious in service, does not fall apart during long work. In general, it serves faithfully for almost six months, you don’t even have to look for alternatives.

    very low price for this money it is difficult to ask for something over and above super-duper and powerful, so I am happy with my choice for children’s fakes and not very demanding tasks are suitable 100%.

    I bought this baby for small jobs, I mainly use it when we make fakes with my son. Copes with small tasks perfectly does not overheat and does not go crazy.

    a simple engraver with a comfortable grip and a resourceful engine. It came with a good set of attachments. I have been using it for about six months, it works fine. It is convenient for them to grind or engrave, the engine does not slow down and does not heat up.

    I also bought it with accessories included. Excellent quality mini drill. It suits me completely. He does fine work perfectly, it is assembled with high quality, there is completely enough turnover for my type of activity.

    I don’t see any flaws.

    For such a price, it is unlikely that you can find something better on the market, but here the manufacturer seems to be good, and everything is in perfect order. I am satisfied.

    Nice mini drill. It does its job without any problems, it is powerful and good for small parts, there are enough revolutions for serious work, more or less.

    I strongly advise you to pay attention to the kit when buying. When I bought it, I already knew that I would buy MD050b and I wonder that with 80 accessories the drill was cheaper than without them. I took it, of course, with accessories and I’m one hundred percent satisfied.

    Price, number of attachments

    the clamping head is not centered, as a result of which it is not possible to perform precise work

    bought today in Auchan for 900r, worked for half an hour, now I do not advise anyone to take

    The advantages of this model include light weight and compactness. We were also pleased with the long power cord and the adapter for the car cigarette lighter.

    No rpm adjustment. No storage case included.
    The attachments do not adhere well. A couple of minutes after switching on, the nozzle may fly out of the collet.
    The device was used three or four times at most. After the last activation, he began to emit a whistle and squeal. It turned out that part of the mechanism was loosened and this defect could not be repaired.

    Wouldn’t recommend this engraver to anyone. Even for the purpose of familiarization with this type of instrument. It’s better to take a little more expensive and a little more thorough.

    What to make?

    There may be several options for making a mini-drill made by yourself. Your imagination is constrained solely by the availability of the necessary ingredients. The best is a portable drill made with your own hands from an engine from electrical appliances. Engines from a wide variety of instruments can be used.

    Let’s list some of them.

    • Hair dryer. This option will be the best, since the resource of the motor from the hair dryer is quite enough for the drill to be able to carry out all its basic tasks. The limiting number of revolutions per minute of this motor is 1500-1800.
    • Audio tape recorder. Due to the fact that the power of the motor of the audio tape recorder is extremely small, the only thing that can come out of this idea is a drill for the boards. The motor is powered from 6 volts, which means that you will need to find a suitable charger or battery.
    • Fishing rod reels. A small drill can be made from a simple ouda reel. Its design will be used as a motor, and by manual rotation it will drive the chuck with the drill. The advantage of this method is the ease of creation and the absence of the need for power from a battery or an electrical network.
    • Radio controlled toys. Engine power depends on the manufacturer. Chinese consumer goods are mainly equipped with weak motors. Examples of famous brands such as WLToys, Maverick or General Silicone are equipped with high quality, durable and, most importantly, strong motors.

    The mini-drill assembled on this basis will simply “fly”.

    • From a blender covered with dust somewhere in the bins, you can also make such a useful device as a mini drill or engraver.

    Since we do not have to “reinvent the wheel”, since the blender already has its own body and electric motor, we made a separate description of how to make a drill from this device at home.

    So, we need:

    The scheme for creating our homemade product is as follows:

    • disassemble the blender body;
    • we insert the switch into the case, then we connect it to the electric motor;
    • now we need a collet chuck, we put it on the motor axis;
    • make a hole in the casing to match the size of the clamping device;
    • we assemble the casing, and our homemade mini-drill is ready for use;
    • install a drill or an engraver attachment into the clamping device and use.

    It should be noted that the electric motor of the blender is not intended for long-term operation, therefore it must be turned off from time to time to prevent overheating.

    However, such a device is quite enough to carry out simple work, for example, drill holes in the boards or engrave parts.

    Clamping mechanism

    The next important component of the device is the chuck used to hold the drill. To make a clamping device, you must purchase a collet in advance. It is a clamping device capable of firmly holding cylindrical objects. Having fixed the drill in the collet chuck and firmly clamping it on the motor axis, you just need to connect a power supply device or batteries to the motor.

    A similar simplified version of the mini-drill is already capable of drilling holes.

    If you have no desire to further burden yourself, and you will not use the tool very often, you can leave it as it is.

    However, holding the “naked” motor in your hands is uncomfortable, and the mini-drill looks unattractive. To bring what you started to the finish line, you will need a shell and separate control components.

    Scope of application

    Mini drill is widely used for various tasks.

    • Making holes in plastic, circuit boards for microcircuits and other objects. Of course, the device will not be able to drill through thick iron, but to make a hole in a sheet up to one millimeter thick, there will be enough strength.
    • Screwing and unscrewing small hat and thread screws. Such fasteners come across mainly on automatic machines (switches), electrical wiring boards, in office equipment, as well as in small-sized low-power electric motors.
    • Equipped with special attachments, it can be used as an engraver or grinder; for this, spherical attachments with a rough working plane are placed in its chuck. During rotation, the nozzle processes the part or applies the required pattern.
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    To improve the result and not overheat the surface, it is advisable to use an oil emulsion that minimizes the friction force.

    These are the main areas where mini-drill is practiced, but, in addition to them, it has found extensive use in everyday life, for example, for processing (cleaning) two glued objects made of plastic or glass. When preparing the joints, both products are cleaned, after which the surfaces are adjusted so that the pieces are closely adjacent to each other.

    Shell options

    If, in order to make a clamping device, it will be necessary to go to Aliexpress or another similar portal in search of a collet chuck, everything is much easier with the casing. To create it, rubbish will fit, which, as usual, is thrown away.

    Let’s look at several variations.

    • Antiperspirant deodorant bottle. Individual containers made of plastic perfectly fit the motor from an audio tape recorder or a CD player. In a situation where the engine is slightly larger, insert it with a slight stretch. In the lid of the antiperspirant bottle, a hole must be cut to remove the collet. For greater practicality, at the very bottom you can put a socket for connecting a power source, and on the side there is an on / off button. This makes it possible to keep the drill away from the unit.
    • Holder for connecting incandescent lamps. The option, of course, is of little use. it will not work to make a hole in such a strong plastic, therefore, the power button will need to be fixed on the shell with glue.

    The back cover can be made from a container for soap bubbles.

    • The tube is the correct size. Any material will do. steel, plastic or rubber. True, not as neat as the options listed above. Do not forget that when fixing the motor to the casing, there should be no gaps, otherwise the drill is likely to run out during operation. Cold welding or super glue is allowed for auxiliary fixation.

    How to make a mini drill with your own hands?

    • Scope of application
    • What to make?
    • Clamping mechanism
    • Shell options
    • Power and control components

    For small work, in particular, the manufacture of electrical microcircuits, a drill is needed. An ordinary electric drill will not work. It is known that a lot of necessary and useful tooling for a home workshop can simply be created with your own hands. One of these curious homemade products is the mini drill.

    Having rummaged in old supplies, it is quite easy to find motors from all kinds of household electrical appliances or toys. All other elements necessary for activity can also be found among old objects.

    Power and control components

    It’s great if you have a power supply with a controller of incoming power. this will make it possible to change the speed of the drill during operation. If you use an ordinary power supply, for even greater comfort, it is advisable to install a power button on the casing. You can use both a 2-position on / off switch and an interrupter button. it depends on your tastes. It would not hurt to equip the shell with a plug suitable for the power supply.

    For information on how to make a mini-drill with your own hands, see the next video.

    5 Top Best Mini Drills of 2020

    A small drill with a large number of attachments will become an indispensable tool for the DIYer and even the professional. It has a compact size, is convenient for small jobs that require precise and calibrated movements.

    Manufacturers offer on the market various modifications of such miniature hand tools. A small review of the best-selling models with a detailed description of their advantages and disadvantages will help to understand which mini drill is better.

    Best mini drills in 2020

    In the house, you cannot do without a compact and multifunctional drill, with which you can perform various tasks. The best mini drills in 2020 can be used for:

    • engraving;
    • drilling;
    • grinding.

    This is a versatile household tool that can be useful when carrying out minor repairs in the house and when working with different materials for those who are engaged in the manufacture of various products from stone, wood, plastic, non-ferrous and precious metals. A small overview of the best models will help you make the right choice.

    Hammer AMD

    Convenient and affordable model that costs only 2300 rubles. Despite its affordable price, it is not a cheap and inexpensive type of handheld drilling tool. The set includes a plastic case in which it can be stored and transported. A large number of attachments are attached to it:

    • for cutting splines;
    • abrasive cutters for wood processing;
    • drills of different diameters;
    • polishing attachments;
    • cord brushes.

    There are different collets to accommodate different bit diameters. The battery capacity is 36V and the capacity is 1.3A /. If the buyer wants the best offline mini drills of 2020, then this model can be chosen.

    Its advantages are:

    • the ability to adjust the number of revolutions from 0 to 18000 per minute, choosing different modes of material processing;
    • light weight of 945 g, allowing you to work the tool for a long time
    • availability of a guarantee of 36 months;
    • powerful battery that can hold a charge for a long time;
    • the ability to work continuously for one hour;
    • the presence of 118 nozzles;
    • the ability to use attachments from other drills;
    • the presence of a plastic suitcase in the kit.

    The disadvantages include:

    • the need for regular charging;
    • indicator lights do not always work.

    There are far fewer disadvantages than advantages. Decent tool that can be purchased for home or work.


    This is the best mini drill / engraver with 170W power. It can handle not only soft materials, but also hard ones:

    • metal;
    • marble;
    • grant.

    There is a mini drill of this type of 2000 rubles. The tool runs at 35,000 rpm. It has a special thin shaft that allows you to do delicate work. Comfortable bent arm creates a stupor during drilling.

    It has rubberized elements that improve the grip of the tool during work. The drill itself is sold in a special plastic case, which makes it easy to store and transport.

    The advantages of this model are:

    • precise speed control using an electronic control unit, with a choice of different options from 2000 to 35000;
    • the presence of a metal loop on the body, for which you can hang the tool while working with it;
    • the use of a special button for fixing the spindle, which speeds up the process of changing nozzles;
    • the presence of holes on the body for ventilation, which protects the tool from overheating during operation;
    • affordable price;
    • the presence of a wardrobe trunk;
    • light weight of 500 g;
    • a large set of nozzles;
    • compact dimensions;
    • ease of maintenance provided by off-the-shelf parts;
    • comfortable slim body;
    • low noise level during operation;
    • the ability to install a flashlight on the body.

    The disadvantages include:

    • the use of a collet of 3.2 mm, which significantly reduces the number of nozzles used;
    • inability to work at low temperatures;
    • the presence of strong vibration in some products of this type;
    • unreliable wire that cracks quickly;
    • rapid wear of the nut on the body due to frequent untwisting during operation.

    In general, this model has more advantages than disadvantages. It is great for home use.

    DREMEL 4000-4 / 65

    This is a mini tool that even professionals can use. Its rotation speed ranges from 5,000 to 35,000 rpm. This is the best mini drill and engraver that professional sculptors and carvers can use. Powerful motor and housing with plenty of vents allow it to be used in working order all day long.

    This model has a power of 175 watts. It can engrave, drill and polish various materials:

    • glass;
    • a rock;
    • metal.

    In addition to a large number of attachments, the kit includes a plastic case with a convenient handle.

    The advantages of this model are:

    • the presence of a flexible shaft;
    • one-year manufacturer’s warranty;
    • the presence of an ergonomic hand;
    • a large set of 65 pieces of attachments;
    • the possibility of smooth adjustment;
    • the presence of a spindle lock;
    • light weight, amounting to only 660 g;
    • high performance;
    • the presence of a latch on the power button;
    • milling compass included in the kit;
    • the presence of a platform for grinding work at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees.

    A professional tool costs 9,000 rubles. This is, of course, cheaper than the cost of a sander, but quite expensive for a hand tool.

    The disadvantages of such a network mini drill are:

    • high cost;
    • use of a collet with a diameter of 3.2 mm.

    Otherwise, such a tool has no drawbacks. The high price pays off with a long service life.

    Best network mini drills

    To carry out various works, drills powered by the network are used. Despite its small size, such a hand-held power tool has good power and reliability. It is versatile and can be used not only in household work, but also in small workshops of individual entrepreneurs engaged in the production of furniture, jewelry repair or other work related to drilling, engraving or grinding.

    The mini cordless drill has one very important advantage. She can work all day. The powerful motor ensures high productivity. The best mini drills of 2020 that are powered by the mains will be described below.

    Best cordless mini drills

    It is not uncommon to drill, cut or grind in conditions where it is impossible to use a cordless tool. In this case, you will need compact drills that run on batteries. The analysis of such models will allow the buyer to understand which mini drill is better from this type of battery-powered units. When choosing such a tool, you need to take into account the battery power, price and a set of nozzles.

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    Mini drill for small jobs

    A drill or as they are often called (engraver, grinder, mini drill) is a multifunctional tool, it is often used in jewelry production, it is also popular with (ship, auto, aircraft modellers), radio amateurs, when working with small mechanics, etc.d. A drill (engraver, grinder, mini drill) allows you to perform a very large list of various works. They can be used for engraving, polishing, grinding, sharpening, drilling, cutting, cleaning, etc. And they allow you to process various materials such as metals, plastics, wood, glass, ceramics, stone. It’s hard enough to make your choice. When you vaguely imagine what you need to do. Let’s try to figure it all out.

    The first thing you need to decide is which model you need, professional or household? It is quite simple to do this. The main difference between a professional tool and an amateur one lies in its rich resource and long time of continuous operation. Professional drills (engravers, grinders, mini drills) are designed for daily intensive use. Accordingly, in such machines, the units and parts are made with a large margin of safety from better materials, they are more powerful, less noisy and do not overheat during long-term continuous operation. If you need this tool from time to time for small jobs, then you do not necessarily need to spend on a professional tool.

    The second thing you need to decide is for what purposes you need a drill (engraver, grinder, mini drill), they can be divided into three categories: outboard motors, classic design with a motor inside, and micromotors.

    Outboard motors.

    Outboard motors usually belong to the professional class of drills (engravers, grinders). Due to their design, when the motor is located separately, and the torque is transmitted through a flexible shaft to the handpiece, such drills (engravers) provide high torque, the handpiece practically does not heat up during long-term continuous operation, less stress on the hand, provide more stable operation at low speeds under load, controlled by a pedal, may have additional functions such as reverse. It is also worth noting a large selection of handpieces for these drills (engravers), cam, percussion, quick-clamping. Vibration, noise and heating of which are practically reduced to naught. The market leader today is the Foredom drills.

    Drills (engravers, grinders, mini drills) of classical design with a motor inside.

    Drills (engravers, grinders, mini drills) of a classic design with a motor inside are the most common and affordable machines today. This class of machines is more suitable for domestic use. To clamp the nozzles, they use a collet clamp with a set of collets. Often, such drills (engravers, mini drills) are equipped with a flexible shaft or have the ability to attach it. In terms of revolutions, such machines can reach speeds of up to 35,000 rpm. and have a built-in speed controller.


    Micromotors are most often used in dentistry and as machines for hardware manicure. They are lightweight and miniature, allowing high speeds up to 50,000 rpm. Working with such drills is almost as convenient as writing with a marker or pen.

    Mini drill milling cutter Goxawee 1337B Green (007612)

    Drill milling cutter mini electric drill Goxawee 1337B

    An electric drill is a necessary and necessary tool in every person’s house. Among the varieties is the Goxawee 1337B mini drill, used for drilling and grinding small parts. It will not take up much space, we will always be at hand, because in everyday life we ​​need it quite often. Different attachments are used for different jobs.

    Wherever it is inconvenient to use a drill or screwdriver because of the chuck diameter or size, it is better to use a specialized small tool. An important criterion when choosing is rotation speed. It varies from 8000-30000 rpm. The minimum speeds are useful mainly when grinding and polishing a product. It is better to sharpen and cut with a tool at maximum speed. Goxawee Electric Rotary Mini Grinder. Ideal for professionals and newbies in home renovation or hobbies. The kit includes a wide range of rotating attachments from high performance to ergonomic design, so you always have the right tool for the job.

    Goxawee 1337B mini electric drill can be used for cutting, grinding, grinding, polishing and shaping materials such as wood, laminate, ceramic and metal, and can also be used for jewelry processing.


    • Manufacturer: Goxawee;
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz;
    • Weight: 1 kg;
    • Drilling type: mini drill;
    • Rated torque: 10000/32000 rpm;
    • Rated voltage: 220V;
    • Rated Input Power: 130W;
    • Maximum drilling diameter: 3.0 mm;
    • No load speed: 30,000 rpm;
    • Function: Drilling, Polishing, Grinding, Carving, Forming, Grinding;
    • Shank size: 3.0mm;
    • Voltage: 220V;
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz;
    • Speed: 8000-30000 rpm;
    • Power: 130W;
    • Green colour;
    • Dimensions: 23060 mm.

    Where an engraver can be used: examples of work

    Here’s where a hand drill can be used in the home:

    • Processing of wooden blanks. The device can be used to process edges, grind small grooves and make threads.
    • Trimming studs, bolts and nails.
    • Stone and porcelain stoneware engraving.
    • Glass surface engraving. For example, engraving a friend’s name on a beer or wine glass is a great holiday gift.
    • Sharpening knives, scissors and other cutting tools.

    In general, an engraver is a multifunctional device that can perform dozens of different types of work. Keep in mind, however, that it is not designed for heavy-duty applications such as drilling metal and concrete, or cutting thick sheet metal. there are specialized devices for this. Also, not all types of work can achieve high quality performance. So, for example, laser sharpening of knives will always be of better quality than sharpening by an engraver.

    RPM stabilization system

    Having typed the required rotation speed of the chuck, the system fixes this value and keeps it throughout the entire work, no matter how much force we apply to the workpiece being processed. Thanks to this, the device compensates for the load, proportionally increasing the current, which prevents a loss in the performance of the drill during operation. Of the models with such a function, we can recommend the Makita DGD801Z cordless engraver.

    What are engravers and which one is better to choose?

    An engraver is a compact device with a huge number of attachments for a wide variety of work: it can be sharpened, cut, engraved, polished and so on. Learn more about the capabilities and features of this useful tool in our article.

    The engraver, or as it is also called, the drill, is a very versatile and multifunctional tool. It can be used to cut, sharpen, polish, engrave, cut, and much more. We will tell you in what areas it can be useful to the master, explain which electric engraver to choose for the home and advise a few good models.


    How to choose an engraver by type of food? Much depends on the type of work that is planned to be performed. For example, for a carpentry workshop, where it is necessary to operate the engraver for several hours a day, it is better to take the network model. The Bort VST-140 is suitable for such work. it is quite lightweight and with a reliable thick cable.

    Also, a networked electric engraver should be taken in the case when you need high power (allowing you to accelerate the nozzle to high speeds) for relatively little money.

    If autonomy is important to you, and you do not want the cord to get in the way, you should take a closer look at the battery model. Of the average in price, but at the same time high-quality and productive, we can recommend Bosch GRO, which runs on a system battery (i.e. you can put a battery from a screwdriver or other Bosch tool).

    Quick change of attachments and carbon brushes

    Most manufacturers now focus on the speed of service of the device. So some models may have a keyless replacement function for nozzles. just press a button and the nozzle can be removed with one hand. This feature really saves time when you need to frequently change accessories, for example, for wood carving. Unfortunately, quite a few are equipped with this feature.

    A quick change of carbon brushes is also very convenient. Although there is often no need to change them, when there is quick access to them, you do not have to spin the entire device to replace them. Please note that some models are additionally equipped with spare brushes, so they do not have to be purchased separately.

    What to look for when choosing an engraver?

    Number and type of attachments

    Each individual nozzle costs money, so it is better to buy a device in which nozzles are already included in the kit. The best models of electric engravers contain the maximum number of attachments in the kit. For example, with the Hammer MD170A model, there are 160 attachments at once, plus a flexible shaft for working in hard-to-reach places.

    The quality of the attachments also matters. For example, cutting 1m of 0.5mm profiled sheet will take about 4. 5 cheap Chinese discs, while one Dremel disc will do the job. The same situation is with attachments such as a metal brush or a polisher. it is better to take branded attachments, and not “no-name”. Also, pay attention to whether the set includes a desktop mount for the engraver, which turns it into a mini-machine.