Miter Saw With Broach Which One To Choose

Choosing a Feed Through Miter Saw
Which one to choose a miter saw with a broach can be decided only after a detailed study of the designs, characteristics and prices of the models available on the market.

How to choose a miter saw

Which miter saw to choose depends on the purpose for which it is required. By design, there are two main types:

  1. Saw with one function. A simple option that performs only one function – a miter saw. Such models are very light and will cost less.
  2. Combined. A versatile option that combines the functions of trimming and circular. The combined models have a special sawing table. Due to the additional elements, the combined miter saw will cost more. And such a machine weighs more.

After determining with the design, you need to choose the unit according to the main characteristic – power. The performance and reliability of the tool depends on it. Experts advise taking into account the requirements for the machine:

  • For a home, a device with a power of 1.3 kW will be enough;
  • For permanent work, an option with 2.2 kW or more is required.

miter saw with broach which one to choose

The miter saw design provides the ability to rotate the work surface. A standard measure of this characteristic is a 40-55 degree rotation. On some models, the table can be rotated in both directions.

Bosch PCM 8 S

  • Power: 1200 W;
  • Weight: 11.4 kg;
  • Cutting depth 45/90 ° – 40/65 mm;
  • Cutting width 45/90 ° – 85/120 mm.
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In general, the products of the German company Bosch are more represented in the top segment, but the PCM 8 S model is good for those looking for something in between. The most thought-out design is easy to use. The dimensions will allow you to easily transport the saw to the place of work.

ZUBR ZPTK-255-1800

  • Power: 1800 W;
  • Weight: 15 kg;
  • Cutting depth 45/90 ° – 75/75 mm;
  • Cutting width 45/90 ° – 120/130 mm.

One of the best models in the line of the Russian company Zubr. The high power of the saw allows you to work comfortably with wood of different hardness.

Where can be applied

  • – when laying floors
  • – in the manufacture of window frames
  • – for other joinery and construction work
  • – in the manufacture of furniture, etc. This saw will allow you to perform any work much faster and better than with a conventional mechanical miter box.

Which miter saw to choose

As novice craftsmen gain more and more experience, they begin to perform more and more complex work and, accordingly, better. And for this, it becomes necessary to acquire a more complex, more convenient tool in work. Today we will talk about a tool such as a miter saw.

If, for just beginning craftsmen, if necessary, washed down "on a mustache", washed down at any other degree or an oblique gash, it was recommended to use a mechanical tool, namely a rotary miter box with a hacksaw, then for more advanced and willing to solve more complex problems, we can recommend an electric tool, the so-called "miter saw". It is also called "pendulum".

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This tool allows you to process the required workpieces faster and more accurately. What functions can this saw perform? Here are the main ones:

  • -sawing at right, oblique angle, inclined
  • -selection of grooves in the workpiece, etc.

Tool selection

Now a few words about choosing a tool. Proceeding from the fact that prices for such saws vary significantly and even tenfold, it is necessary to determine for what purpose it is purchased.

If the saw will be used for one-time work, that is, for domestic use, for example, for installing skirting boards and the like, then there is no need to buy a professional expensive saw, a budget one with the required number of functions will do.

If, however, it is supposed to perform more precise and complex work, the manufacture of furniture, other complex structures, then you should think about a more functional saw.

You should pay attention to such parameters as the width and depth of the cut. If you need to process wider workpieces, then you need to choose a saw with a feed function. This feature allows you to pull the saw towards you on the guide rails, then start the saws and advance them forward – this way you can cut and trim wider workpieces.

Also, it is important to pay attention to whether there is an adjustment for the cutting depth – this will come in handy when grooving.
You should carefully look at the values ​​of the angles of rotation in both directions for oblique cuts, angles of inclination (including smooth or discrete control). And depending on the solution of the proposed tasks, make a choice.

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There are other functions as well, such as dust collector, laser showing cutting line, various adjustments, etc.

The more expensive and more powerful the saw, the more functions it has and is designed for longer continuous operation. Naturally, and allows you to more accurately perform cuts.

It so happens that it will be sufficient to purchase an inexpensive saw that will allow you to perform the necessary tasks for home renovation and construction.

At the same time, that the miter saw will give great opportunities in high-quality processing of various products and facilitate the performance of certain work, we must not forget that the responsibility when using this tool will also increase. This is the observance of safety precautions when using a power tool.

Cutting tool, sharp, high speed – attentiveness during work should be maximum. And be sure to follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer on the use of cutting discs, conditions of use, compliance with safety regulations.

Be sure to wear glasses and gloves when working with this tool. At high speeds there is the possibility of sawdust or small chips flying out, which can be dangerous to the eyes – this should never be forgotten. Do not neglect safety precautions!

The main idea: before buying a tool, carefully study its capabilities, match it with your needs and then make a decision.