Mounting The Disc On An Angle Grinder

Cut-off discs for angle grinder

Cutting discs are the most common replacement cutting tool for an angle grinder. There are quite a few of them and they are able to overcome almost any material. Most used among them. These are discs for angle grinder for metal, stone, wood and diamond wheel.

  • Disc for cutting metal. It should be understood that angle grinder cutting discs can vary in both outer diameter and thickness. With the diameter of such nozzles, everything seems to be clear. In this respect, they are designed for small, medium and large instruments. Accordingly, their diameter can be 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230mm. As for the thickness of THESE discs, it can vary from 1mm to 3.2mm. Large diameter discs are made thicker, small diameter discs can be of any thickness. This approach to business is associated with both the speed of rotation of the disk and the expected loads on them.

Mounting The Disc On An Angle Grinder

Disc for angle grinder for metal

  • Stone discs. Here are their metal-cutting counterparts, they differ exclusively in the used abrasives.
  • Discs for wood. In principle, the use of such discs is fraught with unpleasant consequences in the form of all kinds of injuries. You need to work with them very carefully. Compliance with safety measures when working with such replaceable attachments is in your best interest. Firstly, it is not worth removing the protective cover from the tool and, secondly, for an angle grinder it is better to use a disc for wood with a fine tooth. In no case should you cut wood with a strong feed. But it is better to refuse to use such attachments on a large instrument altogether. The ideal option for using such a tool would be to use it in conjunction with special equipment (fixtures for stationary attachment of an angle grinder).

Wood discs for angle grinder photo

  • Diamond disc for angle grinder. This attachment can be called universal. She is able to cut almost any material, from soft to durable. Such attachments are most widely used in the field of cutting porcelain stoneware, reinforced concrete, artificial and natural stone and tiles. There are separate types of discs for each of THESE materials. Some of them have a solid cutting edge, and some are ragged with slots. Also, depending on the purpose of these wheels, they can have a coarse or fine fraction of diamond dusting. For example, discs for an angle grinder for concrete have a fine dusting and special transverse grooves along their entire diameter. In contrast, the diamond disc for the stone angle grinder has a solid cutting edge.
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Diamond disc for angle grinder photo

It is difficult to determine visually the purpose of diamond discs, therefore, when purchasing such attachments, carefully read the packaging. In his appointment, everything is written in detail there.

Discs and attachments for an angle grinder: their types and purpose

You must admit that it is always more convenient to have one universal tool at hand than several specialized ones. The issue of transporting a huge amount of rarely used “trash” is immediately resolved. Instead of carrying around a lot of all kinds of tools, craftsmen transport a small set of them. The most versatile tool in this regard can be called an angle grinder. With its help, using different discs or attachments, you can carry out a fairly wide range of all kinds of operations. The angle grinder is able to cut almost any material, regardless of its strength, thin sections, polishes, sharpening, peeling. In general, perform all types of work for which rotational movements can be applied. It is in such attachments that we will be discussed in this article, in which, together with the website stroisovety.Org, we will study all available discs for an angle grinder and understand their purpose.

How to choose discs and attachments for your angle grinder

Grinding and Polishing Discs for Angle Grinder

There are a lot of varieties of grinding and polishing wheels. Depending on the required surface quality, the angle grinder can be equipped with discs with replaceable sandpaper, felt, and spongy, and even cloth.

Grinding disc for angle grinder photo

Most of them require the use of special fine abrasive pastes or even liquids to work. For coarse grinding and deburring, fine abrasive grinding wheels are used. Grinding discs for the angle grinder allow you to finish almost any material to the required roughness. Such attachments are used even in auto repair shops for polishing car bodies.

Flap disc for angle grinder

Tool grinding discs and roughing attachments for angle grinders

Among this type of attachments, in order to expand the functionality of the angle grinder, three types stand out significantly. Twisted cutters, abrasive grinding wheels and diamond roughing.

  • Twisted cutters are used for roughing metal and stone surfaces. When it comes to removing old paint or overwhelmingly dried cement mortar, then you can hardly find a better replacement tool. It is made in the form of steel cups, along the perimeter of which wire brushes are installed. The size of the wire may vary. Depending on the roughness of processing, the cutter can be equipped with both thick and thin wire.

Roughing attachments for angle grinder photo

  • Abrasive grinding wheels. These nozzles are designed for rough metal processing. With their help, weld seams are cleaned and all kinds of cutting tools are sharpened. As a rule, such attachments are most widely used on small angle grinders. This is due to ease of use. Here, cut-off wheels can be distinguished by their thickness and shape. Their inner part has a depression, which allows the sharpening process with the flat part of the circle, and the thickness cannot be less than 5 mm.

Grinding discs for angle grinder photo

  • Diamond roughing discs. In principle, they are somewhat similar to abrasive sharpeners. Only in contrast to them, processing with a diamond tool of this type can be performed only with the periphery of the disk, on which the cutting edges are located. In contrast to its sharpening fellow, a rough diamond is NOT intended for working with metals, its ridge. This is a roughing of concrete, stone and similar materials. If we are talking about removing a small section of cement screed, then coming up with something better than this diamond, and will not work.
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Discs for angle grinder photo

In general, one way or another, and discs for an angle grinder can significantly increase the functionality of an angle grinder. In modern construction and other spheres of life, it is very difficult to find any industry where an angle grinder is not used. Together with a huge number of all kinds of attachments, it is a truly universal tool.

Read the same. Technical specifications

The cut-off wheel is one of the grinding discs of the angle grinder, for the processing of hard surfaces. It can be flat or dish-shaped:

  • Flat. This is a regular disc, but with increased thickness.
  • Abrasive coated poppet, better quality and more reliable.

The cutting wheel consists of abrasive fiber, the thickness of the disc is from 6 mm, the disc is reinforced in several layers with a special mesh, this guarantees the strength and durability of the grinder. The disc has maximum efficiency, operates at high speed and thus provides fast grinding and a large amount of work performed in a short time. The nozzle is coated with sharp abrasive grains, which gives it a powerful ability to handle a product with low physical pressure.

Types of circles

Therefore, when working with a soft structure of the material, such attachments as fiber discs or fine-grained abrasives are recommended, and stone and metal. Coarse cut-off wheel.

In the case that the part is softer than the surface to be treated, the effect of the work will be positive, but the nozzle will deteriorate ahead of time.

Consider the characteristics of two varieties, cut-off wheel and fiber.

Overview of grinding and grinding wheels for an angle grinder

Removing paint from walls or metal surfaces, as well as removing rust, takes a lot of effort and time. Therefore, it is sometimes impossible to do without the use of a power tool. As a device to facilitate the process, you can use an angle grinder (angle grinder) with special grinding attachments.

Grinding Wheels for Metal Angle Grinder

How to choose and use wheels for metal angle grinder

Angle Grinder. It is a complex instrument that consists of different parts. Its main element is special removable nozzles, which are called circles or disks. They ensure high-quality operation of the device and expand the range of its application. So, with the help of it, grinding, cleaning and cutting of any building material is performed.

Circle for metal

What you need to install the disc?

Installing a disc onto an angle grinder is usually a fairly straightforward process, with a few rules to follow. In order to produce it, you must arm yourself with the appropriate tool. With a key, which will be needed to unscrew the nut. The next step after spinning it up will be to replace the disc of the angle grinder or install it for the first time. If something happens that grips the disc in an angle grinder, to remove it you will have to crumble it and remove the remnants from the gap between the support flange and the nut using a flat screwdriver or chisel.

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Which side is the disc on the angle grinder, what if the disc is jammed? 08/13/2015 9:47

Most specialists in repair and construction work today are well acquainted with the angle grinder or, as it is popularly called, the angle grinder. It is used to process a variety of materials, including stone, reinforced concrete, concrete, marble and many others. For beginners, at first, a number of questions may arise, among which the most frequent are: how to properly install the disc on the angle grinder, how to attach the disc to the angle grinder, which side to put the disc on the angle grinder, and in which direction the disc should turn on the angle grinder. Let’s try now to give short answers to all these questions.

About diamond tools. Which side to put the disc on the angle grinder?

So which side the cutting disc is placed on may depend on several factors. First, if the disk is not flat, then it can be installed in only one way and the question disappears by itself. Secondly, if the circle is still flat, you can focus on the label. If the angle grinder rotates away from itself, then it is installed with the label inward, if on itself, then, respectively, outward. If this principle is not followed, then undesirable results can be expected. Disc breakage during sawing or simply wearing it out quickly.

As for the direction in which the disc rotates on the angle grinder, this is primarily a safety issue. It is believed that it is necessary to cut concrete in the direction of rotation of the disc or towards yourself. In the ideal position, sparks should fly to the side to the left of the operator. If this does not work, then you can use a different position, when the sheaf of Spark goes down. In any case, a situation should not be allowed when sparks fly from the user, since in the event of a sharp jamming of the disc, the angle grinder will be directed towards him.

In other words, it is extremely unsafe to cut materials against the direction of rotation of the disc or away from oneself, since in the case of a wedge, the angle grinder jumps out sharply towards the person who is working. By the way, if you have additional questions about how to install a disc on an angle grinder, you can also watch tutorials, which are more than enough on the Internet today.

If you have any questions or need advice on changing and installing disks, just leave a request on the website or call the specified contact phone number, and our specialists will tell you how to proceed correctly. Our entire range of diamond blades is presented in the section diamond blades.