Mow hay with a motor unit with a rotary mower.

How to install a rotary mower on a single tractor

Speaking of a rotary mower, it implies a device with which a vegetation cover is mowed, growing in the fields and meadows. It can be agricultural crops or weeds that should be eliminated if herbicides are not used.

This is the name closest to the speedy perception, giving an idea that the principle of its work is the functionality of the discs available on it, with which the mushroom is carried out.

The rotary type of pigtails is connected to the walk.behind tractor in three main ways:

In the same way, there is a separation of this type of pigtails according to how the cutting devices are located in relation to the unit on which they are fixed:

All about how to make an electric mower with your own hands.

Looking here, you can watch a video mini.tractor from the Neva walk.

one.axle tractor with a hay

So, as a result of long torment selection and compromise searches, it is purchased:

There were already reports on the walk.behind tractor, I will not repeat myself. The engine is magnificent, the swing of the assembly of everything else is Soviet. In particular, after 5 minutes of working with a whistle, a bolt flew out onto the engine shaft pulley. It’s good that the shield stood. And after 10 minutes of work, the knob was lost from the speed switch, stupidly unscrewed despite the found traces of the glue, but then found the elastic band from the right hand and so on. In general, you need to glue everything and tighten everything. The most important claim is the bolt that attaches the steering wheel to the walk.behind tractor, according to the design of the designers, it should provide a slight rearrangement of it on the side to go from the side block. In fact, it turns out that the entire steering wheel is attached to the base with a bolt on which is probably up to the middle of the nut, t.e. Just pressed. You have to pull up constantly. I think to cut the thread on the bolt to drag it through this node and tighten it with a nut from below. Of course it will be more difficult to rearrange the steering wheel, but constantly pulling it up is not a matter.

Now on the mower. I immediately discovered that the shaft on which the stretch video is placed is not parallel to the main structure, as a result, after installing the tensioner, it turns out that the video spares the trajectory of the belt movement. Cured the bend of the tensioner for which the video is installed. Let’s go The first belt was killed for about 15 minutes The most filthy that even a slight weakening of the belt, as a result of its overheating, leads to that it is no longer possible to use it, because its tension is carried out by a proliferator or rearrangement of one “hole” on the console itself. As a result, the belt is pulled out and the tensioner is no longer enough, and the rearrangement of the braid leads to the fact that even with the lowered tensioner lever the belt is still stretched, and I didn’t want to try something with the “connected” load, in my opinion this is wrong. We change the belt, the attempt number 2 rushes like a tank, cuts everything and everything, but if the grass is thick or settled, it is better to mow small squares, A whole stack of tangled grass is assembled on the mowal frame, which, first of all prevents the knives from rotating, secondly falls and crushes grass from the side. I got so embarrassed-I do it after 5-7 meters, such as the “pull”, I hand over, and then Kosh is perpendicular to these crooks to dump them in them what gathered on the frame. As a result, with this approach, with a very difficult nomadic area, dense grass and places already burned in 2 hours, it was possible to mow about 6 acres, with pauses for cooling the belt (it was the last, and to the city of 150 km) and the scattering of already mowed grass.

Summary: Little, despite the above shortcomings. If mowed before two weeks, it would be much easier.

Which mower is better than rotary or segment

For a walk.behind tractor. Rotary mower or segment: how to choose?

Mower mower for a walk.behind tractor. Rotary mower or segment: how to choose?

The same tractor. This is an increasingly produced and universal tool for performing farm tasks. The device can be called such a “kitchen combine”, because it installs various suspension equipment, namely a mower, which is an inconsistent assistant for mowing grass, weeds or even shrubs. The device is connected to a walk-behind tractor without any additional nozzles and works on the basis of a belt or six-sewing power shaft. Mower

for a walk.behind tractor, it greatly simplifies work on a personal area or cottage. For you, you will not have to take separately expensive equipment, quite purchase suspension equipment for an existing motoblock and deliver high.quality and frisky mowing vegetation.

Accordingly, in fact, the question is in fact before each farmer: how to choose a mower for a walk.behind tractor? In order to make the best choice, you need to determine for which vegetation the device will be used. It is also worth considering the relief of the site, the design features of the equipment will depend on it.

All mowers for a walk.behind tractor can be divided into two types:

Rotor mowers. This is a good option for mowing grass or weeds on uneven surfaces. They are divided into two subspecies:

The device has small weight and small.sized dimensions, which allows better

maneuver in the middle of trees and shrubs. Thanks to the usual design, even an inexperienced peasant will be able to quickly deal with the principle of their work. You can install such a mower on motoblocks with different types of cooling (air or water). The height of the rotary mowing for a walk.behind tract varies from 50 to 140 mm, and the width of the capture in one approach. From 520 to 800 mm, due to which you can choose the right model based on the size of your site. The mowing mechanism is a frame with 2 attached rotors with sharpened knives, which are installed at at least some angle, thereby allowing the grass in inaccessible places. Indisputable “plus” of rotary braids. The ability to install special skis that simplify operation on uneven surfaces, and the drums pushing the grass allow the device to easily download the rough and thick vegetation. All these advantages make this type of mower with an effective device for harvesting hay, bevel of small shrubs and eliminating weeds on the sidelines of roads.

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Kosim alfalfa segmented mowing. MTZ 80 and Polish mower

Kosim alfalfa on hay tractor MTZ 80.

Tractor T 40, and rotary mower.

Tractor T 40 just pulls a rotary mower

, But if the strokes are sharpened with knives, if KRN has a tractic knife.

If you are counting on the mowing of huge areas in the area, then for you it is worth directing attention to segment mowers, which are also divided into:

The principle of their operation is distinguished by the movement of the cutting element: in the first case, the movement occurs in the reciprocal direction, in the 2nd. In the opposite.

Segment mowers for a walk.behind tractor are of the highest performance and efficiency of tasks. This type is sharp cutting legs that can easily manage with very overgrown areas and young crossbreaks of less than 1 centimeter. Segments are simply removed, because it will not be difficult to sharpen them or change them for new ones. Smarted vegetation is laid in a row, after which it can be rapidly collected by a special press collector. Like rotary, segmented mowers join the pulley of the motoroblock motor using a belt. Certainly, this type of device is much more difficult to maintain, but with all this it has a number of advantages. The main advantage will be that during operation it does not crush grass, but cuts it off at the very root. The cutting element is installed parallel to the surface, the mowing is carried out at the least distance from the ground. It should be noted that this species has a lateral placement, therefore mowing will occur with an insignificant passage of vegetation. Unlike rotary, segment mower

has huge dimensions and weight, therefore difficulties may appear with transportation.

For a walk.behind tractor. This is the device that will greatly facilitate the care of your personal plot, cottage, garden or field. Having made your own choice in favor of a rotary or segment mower, you, first, acquire a reliable useful assistant for yourself. Based on the “pros” and “minuses” of each species listed above, it will not be difficult to do it. Follow our tips and choose a balanced version. The main thing, remember that the service life of the device and the effectiveness of the fulfillment of the intended target, first, depending on the proper operation of the equipment!

Types of mowers

There are 2 types of mowers for a walk.behind tractor:


Rotor mowers are well suited for littered areas, because the blow to the driftwood or stone does not pose a special danger for the knife, and in case of damage to the cutting edge, it is not replaced for long.

In addition, maintenance of devices of this type is much easier than segment devices. The disadvantage is low performance and low efficiency of mowing soft grass.

The weakest rotor apparatus is a gearbox that combines the direction of rotation of the shaft or pulley of power selection and cutting discs, however, regular lubrication allows them to work for many years without breakdowns even with intensive operation.

Segment (frontal)

Segmented mowers are well suited for quick mowing of large territories, because their performance is noticeably higher than that of rotary models, in addition, they do well even with wet grass.

Due to the design features, the maintenance of these devices is much more complicated than the rotary ones, therefore, a higher qualification is needed.

Despite the high reliability of the crooked-shaped mechanism, the repair of frontal devices is usually more expensive due to the higher cost of knives and the methodology for replacing them.

The difference between devices with a shaft and pulley of power selection

The cutting tool of devices of both types can be any, the difference between them is only in the method of connecting to a self.propelled device. The hollows with a pulley are connected through a belt drive, and an additional video performs the clutch. when it pulls the belt, its adhesion with both pulleys is as much as possible, so the maximum transmission of rotation energy occurs.

The mowers designed to work with VOM are equipped with an adapter that joins the shaft of a mowing with a motor block, so to install such an apparatus on another model of self.propelled equipment, you have to buy an adapter combining both shafts.

Both types of these devices are united by the fact that the direction of rotation of the pulley or shaft does not coincide with the direction of rotation of the rotors or axis of the crooked-shaped mechanism of the segmented mowing. Therefore, a belt or gear gearbox is between a receiving pulley or a shaft and a cutting tool.

For bouts of potatoes and other plants

The main difference between the tops of the potato and cultural grass in a higher barrel thickness, so both types of cutting tools are well suited for working with it.

When choosing a mower, it is necessary to take into account the further fate of the vegetable mass. if you plan to use a rake and put the boom for livestock, then a more productive segmented mower is preferable.

If the tops remain on the site as a mulch, it is better to give preference to rotary mowers such as a “terminator”, which not only cut, but also crushed vegetation.

motor, unit, rotary, mower

The most popular models

There are several models of these devices, whose name has become a symbol of a whole class of hinged devices for mowing grass.

Such mowers are:

The Zarya model appeared along with the entire line of motor blocks from Kadwa, because they were produced by the same factory. Gradually, other manufacturers began to produce this model, but most often it retained its original name.

motor, unit, rotary, mower

Model “KN-1.1 “One of the first began to produce then the KMPO (Kaluga Motor.Building Production Association), now PJSC” Kadwi “in the late eighties or early nineties. Currently, KN-1 model.1 “makes many manufacturers while maintaining the usual name.

Bringing Out The Rotary Mower // 17mm Cut

Mitch for a walk.behind tractor

Increasingly, you can see how the owners of summer cottages and small farms perform haying in a motorcycle unit. There are several varieties of this equipment that differ not only externally, but also the principle of action.

On the market you can find and choose the following modifications:

Frontary models are divided into two categories:

Rotor mower with a walk.behind tractor choosing attaching equipment for yourself, it is worth considering the following features:

How the grass will be stacked:

  • in the rolls. this option will allow you to quickly form a stack without involving additional equipment (rake);
  • In mowing. the grass in an even layer covers the lawn, additional equipment will be required to collect and lay it;
  • Mulching. grass is crushed, becoming natural fertilizer for plants (shrubs, trees, etc. D.).

Capture width. depends on the specific model.

Method of aggregation with a motorized device:

  • in front of the walk.behind tractor. the most popular option;
  • Behind. these are chain lawn mowers used more and more for cultivating lawns;
  • from the side (half-waver)-the support wheel takes on the main weight of the mower, such models are more relevant for mini-tractors.
  • The power of the haying unit. The higher it is, the more functional the nozzle is. with its help it will be possible to mow not only grass, but also a shrub, the shoot of young trees up to 3.5 cm in diameter.
  • Rotation frequency of the working organs of hay.

Rotor mower

The rotary nozzle on a one.axine tractor can be attached in all three ways (back, front, from the side), depending on the location of the cutting organs in a particular model of a mower.

Dawn “dawn”

Dawn-1 mower

The lineup of disk (rotor) braids involves the presence of one, two, or three discs that are fixed on a hard frame. The support wheel connected to the working organs of the mowing is attached to the same frame by transmitting. This supporting wheel with its rotation drives the working organs of the haymaking.

The main application of the rotary mower to the walk.behind tractor with VOM:

We suggest watching a video of the disk (rotor) mowing for a walk.behind tractor:

Segment mowing

The segment mower for the walk.behind tractor is a variety of frontal haymaking, is designed for mowing herbs and hay in territories with different relief, and the grass is cut directly under the root. Such hayfields can be attached in two ways to the walk.behind tractor:

  • in front with a drive belt (it is better to use a three.armed pulley);
  • behind, using a power shaft (VOM) and a special adapter (adapter).

The nozzle is used for both soft and hard herbs, and stubeen is relevant for mowing.

Senocoserian segment 9G-1.four

Semetal Front Scout SM-110

The design is very simple and unpretentious in care. The haymaking of a rigid frame consists of a hard frame, on which two bars with cutting elements (fingers) are fixed, one of which is completely motionless, the second makes reciprocating movements to the right and right. The principle of scissors. grass falls between the cutting edges and is cut off by them.

We suggest watching a video of the Chinese haying for a walk.behind tractor:

Chain mowing

This is also a type of frontal mowing on a single tractor, however, chain modifications are aggregated with a motorized device only from behind. The height of the cut is regulated by a special roller. The nozzle allows you to mow not only grass and hay, but also a shrub with a thickness of up to 3 cm. These are rather heavy nozzles, their weight may exceed 100 kg.

KM-0.5 mower

About how the chain mower works on a single tractor will tell

Types of mowers for motor blocks

Effectively mow grass in large areas, prepare hay, put a large lawn in order, free the plot from thickets of weeds using a mower for a walk.behind tractor. The operating speed of the device depends mainly on the capabilities of the walk.behind tractor itself. There are two main types of mowers. rotary and segment, each of which has its own pros and cons of.

Rotor versions of mowers for a walk.behind tractor are more popular. Their main advantage is effective work on surfaces with a complex relief, in areas with high grass, dry.resistant, overgrown weeds. Rotor braids are a great possibility of mowing grass for hay harvesting, minimal maintenance. A significant disadvantage is the inability to cut the lawn with a rotary mower due to the lack of adjustments of the height of the cut of grass.

Segmented mowers for motoblocks work well only in smooth territories, the slightest obstacles can provoke serious breakdowns. High herbs can also interfere with normal work.

motor, unit, rotary, mower

Thus, when choosing the type of mower for a walk.behind tractor, one should first of all proceed from the task that the owner has determined for himself. To perform the functions of the lawn mower, segment models are suitable for haying and working on complex surfaces the only way out. to purchase a rotary mower.

Technically prepared advanced owners make unique home.made mowers for a walk.behind tractor with their own hands. Of course, homemade devices have other characteristics than factory models.

Rotor mowers

The design of rotary (disk) mowers for the walk.behind tractor is simple: cutting discs are installed on the frame. one, two or three. According to the method of connecting, rotary mowers for a walk.behind tractor are divided into three groups:

  • hinged. attached from behind;
  • trailed or frontal. installed in the front of the walk.behind tract;
  • semi.trailer. aggregated from the side.

When choosing the necessary model of a mower, you should focus on the power of a walk.behind engineer or cultivator. The roll of the roll is folded in the center between the wheels. A single.rope mower forms a roll on one side of the walk.behind tractor.

Rotor mower for a walk.behind tractor

Obstacles are not afraid of a rotary mower for a walk.behind tractor. in the case of barriers, thanks to a special design, the knives are folded under the discs.

The principle of work and purpose

The basis of rotary (disk) mowing is a steel disk (rotor), to which sharp knives are rigidly or freely attached.

When the disk rotates, the knives pass along the grass and cut it, after which the upper part of the plants falls to the ground.

motor, unit, rotary, mower

The rotor rotation provides the shaft held by two bearings, which is connected to the VOM or SH through the corresponding transmission. Fasteners reliably hold all the details of the mowers on the walk.behind engineer, so that the height of the herbs is raised or lowered by changing the angle of inclination of the self.propelled chassis.

The exception is devices with the so.called floating mowing. Its difference from the usual one is that it moves freely along the vertical axis relative to the walk.behind tractor, and the height of the grass is set for the slopes or wheels that support the mowing on weight.

When the engine of the walk.behind tractor operates, the operator first connects the drive to the VOM or SH, then turns on the appropriate gear and the braid begins to move around the site.

As you move, the rotor equipped with knives cuts vegetation, so after the passage of such a device, all the grass located on its trajectory falls to the ground.

Such a braid is designed to clean the territories from green mass, including weeds and other weeds, and their height and thickness have little effect on the efficiency of the apparatus, except that you will have to switch to lower speed.

However, for servicing lawns and territories sown with cultural grass, such a mower is not suitable, because due to the slow rotation of the rotor, the cut is broken. In addition, on apparatus without wheels or salads, it is difficult to withstand one height of mowing everywhere because the cut surface looks uneven.

Pros and cons

The main advantage that has a dawn rotary mower (for the Neva and analogues) is the possibility of folding mowed hay in neat rolls. The function significantly facilitates further processing. In the presence of too thick grass, this approach increases the time of drying. The tool under consideration is safer than cutting modifications, since it has protective fuses. However, one should not forget about security measures, you must not allow any contact with the disks and cutting knives with the state on.

The disadvantages of this mower include the rapid wear of the drive belt. This is due to the fact that when processing sites with different relief, the working part of the device has some freedom of movement in relation to the motorcycle unit. This leads to a violation of the dressing position of the drive and motor pulley, which helps to accelerate the wear of the belt and its deformation. Having the necessary skills, you can adapt a more rigid connection, without losing the possibility of free movement of the working unit.

Rules for installing homemade equipment on a single tractor

Even if the mower is collected correctly, it still will not allow you to get the necessary result, if its connection to the power unit will be carried out incorrectly. When installing homemade equipment, certain requirements must be observed:

  • translate the one.based tractor into a reverse mode;
  • Any connection of the equipment to the power selection shaft is made by installing the connection unit in the hitch nest;
  • fix the mount by means of a pitch with a spring. If the spring is absent, then this can cause the failure of the trailed mechanism;
  • When installing it is necessary to close the knives with a protective casing;
  • Speasing of the grass should start with small revolutions with the clutch coupling on;
  • When working with a mower, all turns must be performed carefully without sharp movements, slowly.

Whatever type of equipment, rotary or segment, you prefer to your walk.behind tractor, for independent manufacture, the assembled device should be completely safe for the one who controls it and for others. Since the device works with fairly high speeds, with an unreliable attachment, a disc with knives, having broken, can cause a serious injury to you and others. Therefore, having decided to make such equipment with your own hands, you should weigh your strength well and decide if you have enough skills and experience for such work. It is possible to buy a finished device and save your strength and time better.


Mrink MROT motor maintenance includes wiping, lubricants, adjusting and other work. Before starting the mowing, make a periodic inspection of threaded joints. If necessary, make them tightening.

eight.2. When weakening the tension of the belt 12, its tension according to p. 6.3.2.

eight.3. The control of belt tension 15 is made using a screw 3, having previously removed the casing 16 and weakening the countrogike 4. The belt deflection when exposed to force in the middle part 3 kgf should be 20 2 mm. At the end of the regulation, correct the adjusting bolt with a counter.hawk and install the protective casing.

eight.four. The regulation of the clearance of the cutting apparatus is carried out as follows:

  • The gap between the knives (“B”) is regulated by the installation screw 3 with the subsequent contest of the counter. The gap 0.3 0.5 mm is controlled between the upper press 6 and the upper knife segment in 4 places;
  • The end gap (“D”) is controlled between the friction plate 4 and the knife strip in 8 places, with the maximum shift of the upper and lower knife strips until it stops in the cloudy. The gap should be 1.50.5 mm (adjust the movement of friction plates). At the end of the regulation, the adjustment screw is correct, tighten the nuts of the friction plates and control the size of the gap once again.

eight.5. Lubrication of movable joints of the mowing compound (if necessary) lubricant cyatim. It is allowed to use consistent lubricants of any brand. It is not allowed to get lubrication on streams and belts.

eight.6. When weaken the rivet compounds of the cutting segments, restore their strength by re.riveting.

Popular models of rotary haymaking

Among the various models of hayfields for the walk-behind tractor, the dawn is more popular in various configurations and modifications and KM-0.5 Terminator for Caiman Vario, Pubert Quatro Junior, MB-2 and MB-23 Neva, MB-1 Oka, “Mole”, “Ray”, “Favorite”.

KM-0.5 Terminator

A small km mower-0.5 is aggregated with the Vario and Caiman Vario, Pubert Quatro Junior), MB-2, MB-2 Neva, MB-1, Favorite, Ray. »With a trailer method. On all sides, the rotor is closed with a protective casing of durable metal. The grass after a bevel is crushed, so suitable for handling lawns.

Rotor-type mower KM-0.5 Terminator

Zarya mower for the Neva MB-2, MB-1, MKM-3 Lander, Mole, Favorite

A hinged model of a small rotary mower has two working disks with knives on hinges. Produced in Kaluga at the machine.building plant “Kadwa”. Mows grass and folds it in one direction. Suitable for farmers that contain cattle. The model is light and has small sizes. Convenient in storage and transportation.

Dawn “dawn”

We will consider the technical characteristics of the “dawn” in the table:

It is suitable not only to the Neva and Mole, Favorite motor blocks, but also to small MTZ tractors with a horse force 10-12. The configuration of all manufacturers includes spare knives that provide uninterrupted operation of equipment in the season.

  • Compactness;
  • High performance;
  • Low weight;
  • Wide capture;
  • Simplicity of design;
  • Warranty from the manufacturer 3 years;
  • Spare knives in the kit.

Zarya-1 braid

A special model from the Kaluga Machine-Building Plant “Kadwa” is designed for the NMB-1 Ugra, “Mole” motornote and the same with the same connection. The model has two working bodies with hardened steel knives. Convenient adjustment allows mowing in the fields with any landscape.

Rotor mower “Zarya-1”

The technical characteristics of the model are presented in the table:

Differs from the “dawn” by aggregation with a walk.behind tractor and high performance. The design has a weight, so the bevel of grass is more even. Suitable for small agricultural complexes. Aggregate with MTZ-80 mini-tractors. Easily copes with dry bushes, sunflower and corn.

Of the minuses, an insufficient number of service centers in the regions are distinguished.

Zarya mower for the Neva MB-2, MB-1, MKM-3 Lander, Mole, Favorite

A hinged model of a small rotary mower has two working disks with knives on hinges. Produced in Kaluga at the machine.building plant “Kadwa”. Mows grass and folds it in one direction. Suitable for farmers that contain cattle. The model is light and has small sizes. Convenient in storage and transportation.

Dawn “dawn”

We will consider the technical characteristics of the “dawn” in the table:

It is suitable not only to the Neva and Mole, Favorite motor blocks, but also to small MTZ tractors with a horse force 10-12. The configuration of all manufacturers includes spare knives that provide uninterrupted operation of equipment in the season.

DIY Home-made mowing pitch

With the help of a self.propelled braid, you can easily get rid of grass having a wide stem. Consider the features of the manufacture of the unit.

Materials and tools

You will need a hay of haymaking:

  • frame made of metal corners;
  • 4 wheels;
  • metal sheet or plywood (size 80x40cm);
  • 2 cans of canned food;
  • 8 metal disks;
  • 4 blades;
  • sleeve;
  • drum;
  • bolts;
  • Transport tape.

Did you know? The wider and larger the wheel on the mower, the less they damage the lawn and do not leave traces.

Having the listed materials, you can start assembling the device using a standard set of tools.

List of actions

We offer to familiarize yourself with the instructions for the assembly of the mower:

  • Place a metal sheet on the frame.
  • Install two tin cans on the frame without a lid and bottom. Instead of the bottom, install metal discs, external diameter. 20 cm, internal.-17 cm.
  • Follow the paws of the disks: fasten them using bolts.
  • Attach the blades to the discs so that there is the same distance between them, which would allow them to rotate freely.
  • Insert the sleeve into the drum detail, fix it tightly on the frame.
  • Put a sheet made of steel corners on the frame.
  • Follow the drums. For this you will need a transport tape.
  • Carry out the fasteners of the lower bushing of the drum, and attach the corners to the latter.

At the final stage, it is necessary to make sure that there is a protective element on the blades, after which you can install the assembled structure on a single.axle tractor.

Competent installation of a mower on a single tractor

The newly acquired product must be correctly installed on the equipment to provide the desired performance and quality of execution. Consider the approximate procedure for assembly and installation on the example of the rotary version:

  • We check the supply package (from the model to the model, the set may differ, but, as a rule, it is a drive belt, frame, fitting, fasteners, rotor cover, hydraulic shuttle, supporting slopes, hydraulic cylinder, a drive belt tension system, rotors with knives, SIPs);

We mount the frame to the mounts of the walk.behind tractor so that it makes up with a vertical plane of 45 degrees and so that the slotted details look up;

We offer to familiarize yourself with how to soak a plywood for moisture resistance

We install the rotors on the frame so that their knives are located below. It is important that they are completely planted on a slot;

Homemade rotary mower in action

We attach the rotary cover to the same slot;

We fixed with the attached shplints and nuts;

We mount the tension system, pulling out the shoplint and unscrewing the counter.hack on the pulley. The next step, carefully knock out the pulley so that the key does not get lost. With a properly installed system, its handle will be directed up and fixed with bolts from SIPs;

Next, on the frame, we fix the slide with bolts from SIP so that their concave part looks inside;

We draw the rifs of the frame. they should be located outside the frame of the walk.behind. After that, we finally connect to the second mower;

We throw a drive belt on the pulley in the direction of movement. It is important that the one.axle tractor and mowing remain aligned;

We mount the hydraulic cylinder system. hydraulic shows (if the connection is provided on the walk.behind tractor).