Mowers on a rotary mower with their own hands

Homemade mower for power tiller. how to make it with your own hands

To facilitate the physical work of a person on the homestead plot, more than a hundred different canopies to the motorblock are offered. But not everyone can afford to buy such equipment, because the cost is not cheap. The article describes homemade mower for power tiller, pros and cons of popular designs.

When assembling such a mower, the most important thing is to get a safe and high-quality model. To make a mower for a motor-block with their own hands, they usually use improvised units from agricultural machinery. After all, the main goal that the creators of homemade mower pursue is to save money and achieve the maximum result. Some models, which come up with ordinary gardeners, often surprise professionals with their thoughtfulness and simplicity of design.

Features and Construction

This type of attachment differs from other options not only in purpose, but also in the way of mowing the grass. over. there are different types of mowers, but they all perform similar functions, have the same nodes in the construction. As for the main features, they are as follows:

  • You can mow grass or weeds with thick, hard stems, small growth. It is important to choose a variant that can handle the load, will not fail in a short time.
  • The performance of different types varies. should be chosen according to the area of the site, if it is small, it is best to use the most simple systems. For larger areas, more complex and productive systems should be used.
  • The drive, from which the attachment works, depends on the type of power tiller, the place of attachment. Most often it is connected by belt drive, much less often by PTO.
  • On the frame are fixed the main components, so it must be strong, can withstand the load. An important element is the connection to the tiller, if you do not have a special coupler, you need to use an additional hitch, you can buy it ready-made.
  • Working unit can have a different configuration, it all depends on what you need to mow grass or other plants. If for making hay, you should choose segmental or disc variants, they neatly cut the stems. When you just need to remove weeds, the mulcher cart is more suitable, after which the shredded green mass remains.
  • Performance varies from model to model. That is why it is better to choose on the basis of what areas you will have to mow.

When making a self-made mower for power tillers, it is better to see ready-made variants, to see them in reality. Then it will be much easier to collect the design, plus it is easier to understand the device of some nodes to implement them independently.

Purpose of the rotary mower

If a farmer is interested in how a mower on a tractor can be made with their own hands, it is necessary to first become familiar with its purpose and principle of operation. Such a device is designed to mow unwanted vegetation in meadows, fields and other areas, which allows you to maintain them in optimal condition. Rotary mowers are a functional device that can be used for mowing weeds, as well as for removing bushes and other plants along the roadway.

Since the efficiency of such units is much higher than trimmers and other devices, they are widely used in agriculture and utilities. Rotary mowers are indispensable for haymaking operations, making them a highly sought after piece of equipment.

Mowers help you cut the grass quickly


Planning to assemble this equipment with their own hands, it is necessary to remember that the haymower for the tractor can be of two main types. The first group includes segment type products that use metal plates and a blade. The main feature of this category of products seems to be the affordable cost, which has made them extremely popular among consumers.

However, segmented products have low efficiency in processing impressive thickets of grass, weeds, bushes, and some crops. In this regard, for such tasks rotary devices are used much more often, which are characterized by increased productivity. Devices of the second type have a universal purpose, they can be used to work with different types of plants, preparation of hay for livestock.

mowers, rotary, mower, their

Attaching to the tractor

Figuring out how to make a rotary mower for the tractor with their own hands, you need to decide on the type of its attachment to the tractor equipment. This determines the functionality of the devices, as well as performance characteristics.

  • half-mounted implements. Available with pneumatic wheels to distribute the load more evenly. Mounted as a rear attachment using a bracket, and hydraulic mechanisms are used for lifting/lowering;
  • attachments. The equipment is mounted in a standard pattern, placed on the front of the tractor, suitable for use in difficult terrain;
  • trailed equipment. Mounted on the tractor’s hydraulic system, equipped with at least 3 rotors, which are installed on the rear of the machine.

At the stage of studying the drawings, it is advisable for the master to familiarize himself with the ways of mounting the mower and, if necessary, to make changes in the design of the selected model of the device. It should be noted that the easiest to manufacture appear to be trailed models.

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Rotary mower specifications

Specialists classify the units in question into the following types:

  • Devices that mow and lay the grass in swaths;
  • Machines that mow and lay the grass in swaths;
  • rotary mowers on a single-axle tractor that mow and shred the grass.
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Some models immerse, flatten the grass, simultaneously mow and lay in a swath. According to the method of installation, experts distinguish such devices as trailed, semi-mounted and rotary mower mounted.

The device under consideration consists of a rear, front and side cutting system. Tractor-mounted devices with 1, 2, 3 or 5 bars. The rotary grass mower is started by a shaft or tractor wheels.

On the photo: rotary mower on a mini tractor

The units under consideration are mounted on tractor and single axle tractor in horizontal position. Knife and connecting rod must move in the same plane. Polish mower for tractor is used to work on a small piece of land. The front-mounted model breaks up a plot of land into paddocks.

Before buying a rotary mower on a single axle tractor, the principle of its operation is studied. If you need to mow seeded high-yielding and lodged grasses, weeds, then use rotary. Such a mower is attached to a power tiller or tractor by itself. The equipment consists of a bar to which the blades are attached.

The shredder unit consists of a rotor, a frame, a drive mechanism, and a pipeline. The principle of operation of a rotary mower on a single-axle tractor: when the equipment moves, the vegetation is tilted by the shield, then mowed by the knife. Grass is lifted, shredded, falling into the container.

If you need to quickly work the ground, then the Polish mower for tractor or power tiller with several cutting elements is used. Experts recommend buying such devices taking into account the following criteria:

The plus of the rotary mower on the minitractor is the presence of a damping device, which protects the knife from various obstacles. Among the additional advantages of the machine specialists refer to:

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Rotary mower for power tiller: principle of operation and features

This modification is designed to work, among other things, on uneven ground. It is available as a single disc mower (with cutting edge blades of a single rotor disc) and as a double disc mower (respectively, with two rotors, whose blades normally rotate back and forth against each other).

Among the advantages of the rotary mower are the following:

  • Increased maneuverability due to its compact size and light weight for perfect maneuverability between bushes and trees;
  • Suitable for both water- and air-cooled power tillers;
  • Depending on the model, the mowing width can be in the range 52-80 cm, and the height of the sprout intake. 5-14 cm. All of this, of course, can be adjusted when the power tiller is working with the mower;
  • You can change the angle of the blades to make them more effective in hard-to-reach places. It is also possible to equip the product with additional skis for the same purpose;
  • The presence of special drums, whose task is to push through the plants, thanks to which the tool does not clog even with thick and tough varieties of them.

Applications: haymaking, roadside weeding, small brush pruning. After mowing, the waste is placed in a t.н. Swaths, which are convenient for later clearing or disposal. The output is shredded enough to be used immediately for fertilizing soil, covering plants, preparing humus without the use of an additional mulchivator.

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Homemade mowers for power tillers

Let’s look at several types of homemade mowers.

Rotary mower with their own hands

This type of mowers is used for mowing lawns and mowing grass for hay. It is important to remember that the model only cuts tall plants, low grass it only crumbles into small pieces.

Assembly of the mower is shown on the motor-block Neva and similar designs. The following items will be needed for the work:

The blades are made of hardened 65 g alloy. There are four blades per disc. A 6 millimeter diameter hole is made in each of the discs with a reinforced drill. blades are attached using a bar, it is fixed to the coulter bar independently of the main blade mounting design. There is a small gap between the blade and the bar, about 2 millimeters more than the thickness of the blade. Such a constructive solution is needed so that when working with a mower on a single-axle tractor the centrifugal force spreads the knives and they cut the plants. It is important that the construction can rotate freely in a circle (360 degrees). This is to protect the blade when hitting hard terrain, stones.

Making an adapter for a power tiller will help you move around your plot faster.

The axes of the blade’s fixation are made of durable carbon steel, and its diameter must be no less than 8 mm. The disc tightens the axle all the way so that nothing interferes with the movement of the blade part. Picture of a rotary mower:

mowers, rotary, mower, their

Then the rotary mower frame is welded to the single-axle tractor. On the ready base are installed discs and connected to the BOM drive (additional elements of the engine block mechanism). This version uses gears from the gearbox of VAZ car. The discs turn in opposite directions to one another. The grass is thereby cut in rows. The last step is to install the protective element on the drive.

Segmental mower with their own hands

For the manufacture of segment mowers for your own hands need metal pipe with a rectangular cross-section of 1200-50-15 mm, or a standard piece of grass mower. Twelve 10-millimeter holes are made on it at an equal distance from each other. They are needed for mounting the fixing bolts M8. In the future, they will be fitted with a metal strip guide (length 0.89 meter) with teeth and blades set on all sides of a rectangular tube.

The knives of the segment mower have backs with sections and drive system arm rims. On the metal base also presser arms and skids are mounted on both sides. The main wheel is installed on the chassis of the model. Working mechanism of the mower works thanks to the shaft movement of the working motor. Mower drawing:

The segment mower is suitable for cutting potato foliage and neatly mowing plants without any chopping.

Homemade mower-carriage

The mechanism consists of 2 drums, they are fixed by a frame and a band with a fixation. The bogie is made of welded tubes and metal corners. Plywood and wheels are laid on the base-frame. The plywood is thicker (metal sheets are also available).

The belt is easily made from a strip of rubber, it is connected in a ring, using dural plates of 2 millimeters.

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Another version of the drum mower to the motor-block is welded from metal parts:

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Features of

Mower for a mini-tractor is represented as a mechanized unit, connected to the PTO shaft of the tractor. The design is quite simple, so it seldom breaks down and has a very long service life. All types of mowers are quite maintainable and have no problems with the availability of spare parts. over, due to the lack of complicated components and units, some craftsmen make them themselves. With compact size, the mowers do not cause problems during transportation and do not take up much space during storage.

Modern models are often equipped with options, making the work with the machine even easier and more comfortable. For example, some models are equipped with a grass catcher box, a special box for grass storage and a hydraulic unloading system, which releases the container if it’s full. Such a machine is handy for mowing large areas like golf courses and alpine meadows. And also among the additional options you can note the presence of a tedder. Such a tool allows not only to mow the grass, but also to shake it at the same time, which prevents the risk of forcing hay and eliminates the need to purchase a rake-tedders.

Modern market offers a huge range of mowers, among which there are expensive multifunctional devices of world brands, as well as budget models of little-known manufacturers. For example, the most inexpensive sample can be purchased for 30 thousand. rubles, while the serious units cost 350 thousand rubles. rubles and above. Buying used implements is much cheaper: from 15 ths. rubles and above, depending on the type of machine and its condition.

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Rotary mower with your own hands

Rotary mowers come in several varieties and types, varying in price and features. But many people think about making a mower with their own hands, because whatever the price of a rotary mower in the store. it’s still a blow to the wallet, which an ordinary peasant or farmer is already small. For example, it is possible to assemble a home-made rotary mower from the rear axle and reduce the cost to a minimum, for more information click here.

First of all, you need to take care of the accompanying material, from which the rotary mower will be made. There is no need to be overly complicated and look for something special, it is quite suitable ordinary scrap metal, which you can find at various dumps, abandoned complexes and other similar places.

Old bicycle frames, spare parts from old appliances, iron barrels, old batteries, all can be used for making a rotary mower.

The main criteria will be your skill to work with their hands and some technical knowledge of the principles of working with such material. And, of course, the experience of working with a welder, without which you can not do without.

The entire process of making a rotary mower for a mini-tractor can be described in stages:

  • From the scrap metal you collected, you need to make a frame that consists of corners, which should be about 40 cm. You also need to take care of the blades, which you will install on the rotary mower.
  • Next are the discs. The mower can be made from the bottoms of old barrels, but you have to make the right dimensions. Each disc needs to have a diameter of 39 cm and a thickness of 4 mm.
  • Then we mount the blades on the discs. To make the axle, on which the discs will rotate, you need an iron tube with a diameter of 3 cm. You will also need bearings, which you install on the tube, and a second one for the pulley.
  • Then we reinforce the knives on the shaft of the axle, weld the pulleys to the tube and your homemade rotary mower for mini-tractor is almost ready.

Finally, you need to put a guard on top of the whole construction, which will serve as a protective device. Such a mower allows you to mow a strip of grass, which will be up to 115 cm wide.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on purchasing ready-made mowers, and want to make one yourself, then the rotary mower for your tractor is the perfect solution. But if you do not want to bother yourself, then you can always buy an inexpensive electric lawn mower, which also will not hit your much.

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Instructions on how to make a rotary mower for your mini-tractor

By the summer type of attached equipment includes a rotary mower for a mini-tractor, with the help of which the grass is mowed. But the of such factory-made devices are not affordable to many farmers and gardeners. The similar rotary mower can also be made by your own hands at home.

What is a rotary mower for a mini-tractor

Consider how to make a mower for the minitractor with their own hands and what they are.

Segment samples have a smaller range of work than rotary. Segmental mower on a minitractor is used by communal services and landscape designers. They mow and mow lawn grass, as well as landscaping.

Segmental mower has a great popularity among users, because it costs much less than the rotary mower. It consists of well-sharpened plates and a movable blade.

Except that farmers think that the rotary model is more profitable to use than the segmental model.

Not only lawn grass, but also some types of crops can be cut with it. The rotary mower consists of a metal construction, working discs with blades, which are driven through the power take-off shaft of the tractor.

Let’s consider how to make such an indispensable thing for the tractor with their own hands.

First you need to decide what kind of device is needed, and then. with the types of tools and materials.

How to make a mower for a power tiller with your own hands. manufacturing options

Almost every one of these types of mowers for the farm’s power tiller is fairly easy to make yourself. The only. problems may arise when assembling the front equipment, as it is quite bulky, and requires the purchase of many articulating mechanisms.

The most popular among farmers-enthusiasts are rotary and segmental devices on motor blocks. They have a simple design, and you don’t need to have specialized equipment to make them.

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The rotary mower. how to make it with your own hands?

This type of common attachment will be most effective on any site. If low grass has sprouted on it, the device will simply chop it, and if the weeds are tall enough, the mower will mow them.

To make a rotary mower is necessary to study the drawings. They should specify the dimensions of each part of the design and methods of their attachment.

The further order of assembly is as follows:

  • First, you need to find 2 discs. they can be taken from the farm’s grain planter or any other equipment. You will also need a gearbox and a chain from a chainsaw to work;
  • To make the axle, on which the knives will be mounted, you should use a carbon steel tube, with a diameter of about 1 cm along the entire length. In order for the knives to rotate freely, the axis is tightened with a disc to the stop;
  • The previously made discs will need to be mounted on a welded frame and connect it to the drive of the PTO provided in the design of the power take-off shaft of the power tiller. Make sure that the discs rotate counterclockwise, so they will stack the cut grass in neat rows.

A homemade rotary mower made this way will quickly get rid of weeds and bushes of any height and thickness. After installation you do not need to make any repairs or carry out any special maintenance.

Operating principle

Rotary mower functioning is based on reproduction on the working shaft. To the latter are attached the knives, which are shaped like a rectangular bar. This design ensures a consistent grip and thorough cutting of plants.

Rotary mowers have become widespread because of their efficiency. The rotary blades are powered by energy supplied directly from the traction machine. They do not require extra fuel or a separate connection to a centralized power supply network.

Types of mowers for power tillers

, which will be described in detail below:

Each type of equipment has its own features and is designed to perform the work of a certain complexity.


  • Electric.The advantage of such a device is quietness, environmental friendliness. The mechanism is quite light, has a low cost, easy to operate. Minus of the tool is its connection to a socket or other power source. As a rule, these mowers have low power. The electric device can suit the owners of small lawns.
  • Gasoline-powered.With such a unit you are not afraid of any overgrowth and territory. The mower has high power, it is not tied to a power source. The disadvantages are its high weight, operating noise and, of course, exhaust fumes.

Did you know?The simplest mower. the grass trimmer, was invented in 1971 in the United States, Texas. To make the right choice between the two types of lawnmowers, you need to think carefully about for what purposes you need the device, what areas you plan to treat.


If you need to get rid of tall grass, it is worth using this type of haymowers

Due to the segment knives and the features of the apparatus, the grass is cut evenly, which allows you to lay it evenly on the surface. The power level of this type of device ranges from 3 to 6 horsepower. Such technique has a width of up to 120 cm. Some models can be equipped with special mechanisms, allowing to work at 7 speeds.

The machine is able to pull weeds with a stem thickness of up to 3 cm. Due to the presence of adjustments, it is possible to set the parameter of mowing height. There are several types

mowers, rotary, mower, their
  • staggered: it is necessary to set a specific height from the suggested ones;
  • Smooth: it is possible to choose the height within the limits set by the manufacturer.

Important!Take care before you start using your mower: check that the bolts holding the blades and discs are screwed in tightly. This type is the most interesting. It can safely be called a universal tool, because the characteristics allow you to use the tool in summer and winter. In winter, the mower will easily cope with the functions of a snowplow. With such a tool, you can mow hard grass and remove ice crust.

How to make a segment mower on a minitractor?

The algorithm of making a mower for a power tiller was shown above. Almost the same way to make a mower on a tractor. The only exceptions are some nuances.

Here’s how to make a segment mower on a tractor. It is based on crank mechanism. Blades for segment mower somewhat resemble saw teeth, which function similarly to scissors.

To make a segment mower, the following work should be done

  • Choose the width of the segment (chosen individually), the optimal width is considered about 7 cm. To do this, you should mount the angled gearboxes on the bars (base) of the mower. These parts usually have a shaft to which the hub is attached. In this case the displacement of blades will be about 30 cm, which is enough for mowing.
  • Put a bowl on the mower’s pin system and make holes in the blade.
  • Mower shaft is connected to its axis.
  • Fit the pulley on the shaft.
  • Rims from a broken bicycle can be used as an axle. Their main task is to prevent the knives from burying, adjusting the height of the bevels.

Peculiarities of the manufacture of a segmental haymower

If you compare segmented devices with rotary ones, then the attachment in these units will be carried out to a power tiller or mini-tractor. The main difference is the principle of action of the knives. The working part of the machine consists of long and narrow blades with teeth that work in reciprocating motion. It can be started by powering the equipment with a drive belt. PTO can also be used for this.

These design features depend on the model of power tiller or that mechanical tool that you plan to use. Having made a segment mower, you can use it when mowing lawn grass. Portable versions have the ability to handle bushes. Gearwheel is rigidly coupled to the motor.