MTD lawn tractors by model. Mtd riding lawn mower

MTD lawn tractors by model

MTD, Modern Tool Die, of Cleveland, Ohio, began producing lawn equipment in 1958. Over the years, MTD has expanded and purchased a number of other lawn equipment manufacturers. MTD owns and produces the Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Yard-Man, White, and Bolens brands of lawn and garden tractors. In 2021, MTD was purchased by Stanley Black Decker.

Mower Deck
050 11 HP 44″ deck 1981
330 3 HP 24″ deck 1964. 1969
340 4 HP 24″ deck 1964. 1971
360 4 HP 25″ deck 1964. 1982
380 5 HP 25″ deck 1964. 1968
380 5 HP 26″ deck 1972. 1981
390 6 HP 25″ deck 1966. 1982
400 5 HP 26″ deck 1974. 1982
412 8 HP 30″ deck 1981. 1982
430 8 HP 30″ deck 1973. 1977
445 8 HP 34″ deck 1973. 1977
460 7 HP 30″ deck 1968. 1972
465 8 HP 34″ deck 1972. 1982
470 7 HP 30″ deck 1969. 1974
480 8 HP 34/38″ deck 1970. 1976
485 8 HP 34″ deck 1972. 1981
487 10 HP 38″ deck 1981
490 8 HP 34/38″ deck 1970. 1971
495 8 HP 38″ deck 1971. 1979
496 10 HP 38″ deck 1977. 1980
497 10 HP 38″ deck 1974. 1980
498 11 HP 38″ deck 1978. 1982
525 8 HP 26″ deck 1975. 1982
585 electric 1973. 1974
620 8 HP 34″ deck 1982
621 10 HP 34″ deck 1982
628 11 HP 38″ deck 1982
650 7 HP 32″ deck 1967. 1968
660 8 HP 34″ deck 1973. 1976
669 7 HP 32″ deck 1969. 1972
672 10 HP 34″ deck 1973. 1976
698 11 HP 38″ deck 1982. 1986
720 11 HP 38″ deck 1980
730 11 HP 38″ deck 1981. 1982
760 10 HP 42″ deck 1968. 1978
760 11 HP 38″ deck 1980. 1984
760 11 HP 44″ deck 1982. 1985
761 10 HP 42″ deck 1974
764 11 HP 44″ deck 1981
780 16 HP 44″ deck 1980
784 16 HP 44″ deck 1981. 1985
786 16 HP 44″ deck 1981. 1985
796 8 HP 30″ deck 1978. 1982
800 18 HP 46″ deck 1990
810 16 HP 44″ deck 1979. 1980
812 18 HP 46″ deck 1987. 1989
820 16 HP 44″ deck 1979. 1980
824 16 HP 44″ deck 1981. 1986
826 16 HP 44″ deck 1981. 1986
830 18 HP 44″ deck 1980
834 18 HP 44″ deck 1981. 1986
836 18 HP 44″ deck 1981. 1986
840 18 HP 46″ deck 1990. 1995
860 12 HP 42″ deck 1968. 1978
910 10 HP 42/50″ deck 1977. 1979
912 10 HP 42/50″ deck 1977. 1980
916 16 HP 42/50″ deck 1977. 1979
918 16 HP 42/50″ deck 1977. 1980
960 14 HP 42″ deck 1970. 1976
990 14 HP 42″ deck 1971. 1984
992 20 HP 50/60″ deck 1995. 1999
995 16 HP 50″ deck 1979. 1993
998 18 HP 50″ deck 1993. 1995
999 22 HP 50″ deck 1995. 1998

MTD Riding Lawn Mower Parts

We are an Authorized MTD Dealer carrying a large selection of replacement MTD Riding Lawn Mower Parts. Our online catalog has a large selection of Parts ready to ship direct to your door. Don’t see the part you need or need help finding the correct part for your equipment? Complete our Parts Help Request Form and we will be happy to assist you.

20.5″ Length Round Center Hole High Lift Blade Requires Three-Blade 60″ Zero Turn Mowers

15.94″ High-Lift Blade for 44″ Riders, 3 Required

15.94″ Length Round Center Hole High Lift Blade

17″ Length Round Center Hole Standard Blade

17.3″ Length Round Center Hole 2-in-1 Blades bag and side discharge

Mtd riding lawn mower

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Engine Disclaimer: The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. See your local Cub Cadet Dealer for warranty details.Pricing Disclaimer: Posted price is in USD Dollars and is manufacturer’s suggested sale price. Models and pricing may vary by location. Taxes, freight, set-up and delivery not included. Optional equipment, accessories and attachments sold separately. See your retailer for details. Image Disclaimer: Products may vary from depicted model image in design, required attachments, safety features and non-functional appearance, and may not reflect dealer inventory or unit specifications. Specifications Disclaimer: Specifications subject to change without notice. Images may not reflect retailer inventory and/or unit specifications. Operator’s Manual Disclaimer: The operator’s manual posted is for general information and use. To ensure the download of the operator’s manual specific to your unit, we require a model and serial number. Speed Disclaimer: Actual vehicle speed varies based on load, use and environmental conditions. Battery Disclaimer: Battery and battery powered product performance varies with load, use and environmental conditions. Software Disclaimer: Software available on Company websites is provided on an “as is” basis without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The download and use of any software is done at the user’s own risk. Professional Products: Cub Cadet commercial products are intended for professional use. UTV: Cub Cadet Utility Vehicles (UTV) are intended for off-road use by adults only. Please see the operator’s manual and the warning labels posted on the vehicle itself for more details. Email disclaimer: Sign up to receive communication on services, products and special offers. You may unsubscribe at any time. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Mtd riding lawn mower

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    Mtd riding mower

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    Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question.

    My MTD 15.5HP riding mower won’t run unless the choke is pulled out. What could be the problem and how to fix it?


    Ron, I think your carburetor is dirty. Remove and clean it well. Billy Griffiths from South Africa.

    Question: Riding Mower Won’t Run With the Choke Off?

    I have an MTD riding mower, 18hp twin power. I have a carburetor issue, if I choke the carb and cover the little hole with my finger, the engine starts right up. If I remove my finger, it will die. I run the rider with choke pulled out fully. I am unable to utilize the throttle control or it will die. If I push in the choke just a little it will die, does anyone have an answer to my dilemma?

    Question: Repairing a MTD Riding Lawn Mower?

    I have an MTD 42a707 18.5 HP riding lawnmower. The engine turns over plenty fast, it is getting gas, and has new spark plugs, but is not getting a spark. Does that model have a coil?


    If you’re not starting and the plug is firing good, it’s likely the “anti-backfire valve” has taken a dump. It screws into the bottom of the carb and has a couple of wires on a plug attached. Remove and replace.

    Question: Replacing Pulley on Riding Lawn Mower?

    The drive pulley on my MTD riding lawn mower broke. I removed the bolt that holds it on. Do I have to have a “puller” to remove the pulley or just will power and a hammer?


    I wouldn’t think twice. Slap a puller on it.If you are going to be fixing things like this you really should have a set of three-jaw pullers.

    I do most of my own repairs and I have an old tool box full of different pullers.My set of three-jaw pullers is just one of those cheap sets from a tool sale.The screw threads are not as fine as a more expensive set’s would be. No big deal.I just put a strain on it then smack the end of the screw with a hammer.Works great.

    A pulley “puller” is a good idea. Harbor-Freight in Spokane on Sprague and Sullivan has them.DoctorBill

    Look for a product called, “Fluid Film” at hardware or farm store. It’s based on lanolin/wool wax, and is the best stuff I’ve ever found for getting really difficult parts to release.

    Give it about 15 minutes to work after application, and you should have a lot better luck removing the part. A puller would be nice, but two pieces of hardwood will generally work, too.

    i have a 1994 mtd 18 horse lawn tractor. it has a 6 speed control, it’s stuck in the third speed and can’t start the engine.

    Question: 14 HP. MTD Lawn Tractor Won’t Start?

    My 14 HP. MTD riding lawn mower will only start with a charger attached at 75 amp jump start setting even with a new fully charged battery. How do I know if it is the solenoid or the starter?

    I do hear a single click noise each time I turn the key. The starter is warm after trying a few times which lends me to believe it is the starter. Thanks for any suggestions.

    Question: Removing the Back Tire on a 1988 MTD Riding Mower?

    My right back tire is flat, I took off the screw, but can’t pull off the tire. Is it supposed to come off from the front of the wheel? In other words are the things that look like washers just frozen because of rust? Or does it pull off from the back of the tire?


    I have a John Deere but I believe removing the rear tire from your machine would be the same. The wheel is held on with a snap ring. You will need a special pair of pliers to remove the snap ring. You should be able to buy the pliers at an auto store. The ring looks like a washer except it has a piece cut out and two holes drilled into the washer near the opening.

    The pliers have two prongs that fit into the holes. Squeezing the pliers expand the ring so you can remove it. You could also visit a riding mower repair shop and they will help you. They should be listed in the phone book.

    Don’t think that has a snap ring if not lots of pb blaster and I hooks an good size puller

    I’m having trouble putting the front tire back on a riding lawn mower which has a snap ring type thing on it but it dose not have any holes for the snap ring pliers. It looks like it should snap on if you push it but there is not room to push it and I didnt take it off so I dont know how it came off just trying to use the mower, i tried using a washer on the outside just to push it on but didnt work.

    anysuggestions? I have never worked on anything before just learning and need to get it on Thanks frustrated

    Question: MTD 18 HP Motor Won’t Turn Over?

    I have a 18hp MTD mower that won’t turn over. I’ve replace the starter switch, starter solenoid, and safety switch, as well as replaced the 7.5 amp fuse. Any ideas?


    I usually try spraying a little carb cleaner in as I turn the key. You can try the fuel filter and make sure your gas is still good after sitting all winter.

    I was having the same problem. It turns out that a piece of cord was wrapped so tightly around the blade shaft that it was frozen there. Cutting wet grass has jammed my blade also.

    Have you checked your spark plug for carbon, that would be my next check, then the fuel filter to see if it’s clogged.

    Question: MTD RH115B Riding Mower Drive Belts Won’t Stay On?

    My MTD RH115B ride-on mower developed a problem last year where the drive belts for the blade and wheels repeatedly came off.

    I had it serviced twice last summer by a local plant-hire company, the second time specifically to address this issue. However last weekend I used it for the first time this year and the drive belt for the wheels came off three times in half an hour.

    The last time the belt for the rear wheels. under the seat. went under the belt wheel and I cannot get it back on without removing the belt wheel. It has what looks like a nut on the top, but turing it just turns the wheel. How do I get the wheel off to replace the belt and why would the belts keep coming off?