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2 CONTENTS Technical specifications Safety instructions Lawn mowers assembly and operation description Transport and storage Maintenance Possible malfunctions and their solutions Service life and disposal Serial number decoding Delivery completeness Warranty card Warranty addresses Addresses of service centers

3 Thank you for choosing the Patriot gas mower! We recommend that you carefully read this manual and carefully follow the safety, operating and maintenance instructions. We try to make the operation of the lawnmower pleasant and safe, observing the safety measures provided in the instructions. However, do not forget that when used improperly, the mower is source of danger to your health and the health of those around you. The instructions describe in detail the process of assembling, starting and maintaining a gas mower. Follow our instructions, and the tool will last you a long time and will become a reliable assistant in the garden. We guarantee you the trouble-free operation of the lawn mower and the extraordinary pleasure of the process of working in the fresh air! The information contained in this manual is based on the technical specifications available at the time of publication. Specifications are subject to change without notice, as we constantly strive to improve the quality of our products. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 4 Model PT 47LM PT 47LS PT 52LS Engine Patriot 139cc Patriot 139cc Patriot 200cc Maximum power, hp Engine speed, rpm Cutting width, mm Cutting height, mm Grass catcher volume, l Start system Manual start Manual start Manual start Gas tank volume, l 0.8 0.8 0.8 Crankcase volume, l 0.6 0.6 0.6 Wheel drive Wheel diameter (front / back), mm 178 / / / 254 Overall dimensions of the package, mm 850x565x x565x x565x520 Weight, kg

4 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Warning! BEFORE USING THE LAWNMOWER, READ THE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY, READ THE MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY AND THE RIGHT USE OF IT. BEFORE TURNING THE LAWNMOWER ON, MAKE SURE THAT THERE ARE THERE ANY OBJECTS (STONES, BRANCHES, FITTINGS, ETC.) ARE AVAILABLE IN THE WORK AREA. Persons under the age of 18, who are not familiar with the instruction manual or are in a state of narcotic or AL-KO intoxication are not allowed to work with the lawn mower. During operation, no persons should be within a radius of 6 meters. Use the mower only during daylight hours or in good artificial light. Beware of possible injuries to the arms, legs, and head. When working, always be in special shoes with rubber soles, use specialized clothing, gloves and eye and hearing protection. Avoid mowing on wet grass. Slippery surfaces can result in loss of balance and personal injury. Remember that gasoline is a flammable liquid. Store fuel only in specially designed containers. Only refuel the mower outdoors, no smoking! Only refuel the mower with the engine stopped and cooled. If fuel spills, avoid working in this area until the gasoline vapor is completely weathered. Work only with the safety equipment specified by the manufacturer on the mower. Before starting work, adjust the position of the control handle for maximum comfort during operation. When starting the mower, stand at a safe distance from the deck and knife, do not stand in front of the grass ejection window. When the engine is running, never tilt the lawn mower, do not try to clean, fix any objects under the deck, this can lead to serious injuries! When working, always maintain a stable position, be especially careful when working on slopes. When working on slopes,

5 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS only move across a slope, never up or down. Unless absolutely necessary, do not reverse the mower while the engine is running. With this movement, control the area behind you, under your feet, to avoid falling. Turn off the engine of the lawn mower and remove the cap from the spark plug: When changing from one treatment area to another, as well as during interruptions in operation. Before checking or cleaning the area under the deck or the ejection window of the mowed grass When the knife is hit by a foreign object When the mower is vibrated. When carrying out any adjustment or repair work, including adjusting the mowing height, as well as replacing the cutting tool, turn off the mower. Turn off the engine and wait for the knife to stop completely before cleaning the mower. It is forbidden to turn on the mower in the presence of external defects or damage. Periodically check the condition of the cutting knife. All defective parts must be replaced with new ones. Replace only with original spare parts. The use of non-original spare parts can result in serious personal injury and damage to the mower. Clean the mower of mowed grass or dirt immediately after work. Before repairing, servicing and replacing the cutting knife, turn off the engine and wait for the engine to stop turning completely. The muffler and other parts of the engine become very hot during operation. To prevent burns, do not touch the engine parts until it cools down after operation 6

6 LAW MOWER DEVICE Movement lever (only for models with wheel drive) Engine stop lever Handle handle Handle connector Hose connector Fuel tank cover Air filter Cover side height adjustment knob Side exhaust cover Primer (preliminary fuel pumping) Spark plug Oil dipstick Oil gauge Plug. 1 7

7 DESCRIPTION OF ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION 8 At the time of purchase, the mower is handed over to the buyer in a cardboard package, inside which special protective elements are provided to ensure integrity during its transportation. After removing the bandage tapes and metal clips, open the top flaps of the box and carefully raise the mower. Remove all components. ATTENTION! PAY ATTENTION TO THE PACKAGES CONTAINED AND CHECK THE LAWNMOWER. Before operating the lawnmower, carefully read this passport! carefully read the location of the controls of the mower; learn to start and quickly stop the engine ;. assemble the mower. ASSEMBLY OF THE MOWER MOWER Assemble the lawn mower in accordance with the illustrations in this instruction manual. Dispose of packaging in an environmentally friendly manner. For the convenience and compactness of the packaging, the mower comes unassembled. Handle assembly (Fig. 2) Fig. 2. Attach the two lower parts of the handle (1) to the upper handle (2) using bolts and washers (3). Handle installation Insert the lower part of the assembled handle into the installation places on the housing. Attaching the cable and control rods The cables and control rods are fastened with special clamps (5). Snap the latch (5) onto the cable connecting the circuit breaker unit and the motor. Slide the lock to the lower handle. Click on the other latches on the other control rods. Slide the lock to the upper handle. Main engine parts The main element of the lawn mower is a 4-stroke internal combustion engine (Fig. 3), with a vertical axis of the crankshaft and its main parts: (2). throttle lever; (3). air filter; (4). manual starter; (5). protective cover; (6). off-road

Oil Change For Patriot Pt 52ls Lawnmower

8 DESCRIPTION OF ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION; (7). Spark plug; (8). fuel pump button; (9). carburetor; (10). gas tank plug; (11). gas tank; (12). engine housing; (13). oil filler neck, see fig. Fig. To prevent engine failure, it is important to do the following :. Check the oil level every time before starting the engine and every five hours of operation. Check the oil level more often during engine break-in periods. Maintain the oil level between the “MIN” and “MAX” marks on the dipstick. The oil filler cap is securely wrapped. Filling the oil crater:. Make sure the engine is horizontal. Unscrew the cap of the oil filling tube and remove the dipstick from the tube. Wipe the dipstick, see fig. Insert the dipstick back into the hole of the oil filler tube and tighten the cap securely. Unscrew the cap of the oil filler tube and remove the oil dipstick from the tube. Check oil level. If the oil level on the dipstick is below the “MIN” mark, carefully add the “FULL” oil level, see fig4. Install the dipstick into the hole in the oil filler tube and tighten the cap securely. Remove any spilled oil. It is recommended to use only genuine Patriot engine oils for 4-stroke engines. 3 Fig. 4 9

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9 DESCRIPTION OF ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION 10 Fig. 5 Filling the fuel tank. Make sure that the engine is outdoors, in a place with good ventilation. Clean the surface around the fuel filler neck and unscrew the gas tank cap. Using special canisters, add fuel to the tank slowly, avoiding spraying. Do not overfill the fuel tank. Leave air in the fuel tank to allow the fuel to expand without escaping from the tank. See fig. Replace fuel tank cap, tighten securely, remove any spilled fuel before starting engine. If fuel is spilled, do not start the engine. Remove equipment from fuel spills. Prevent the occurrence of spark sources until fuel spills disappear. BEFORE STARTING WORK:. inspect the mower and check for damage or missing parts. Take special care to inspect the cutting knife and its attachment ;. check the fuel level in the fuel tank and the oil in the crankcase ;. fill in the necessary amount of fuel and oil ;. check the condition of the air filter and the reliability of the connection of the spark plug cap ;. try out idle controls. the ignition switch should easily move from one position to another ;. adjust the comfortable position of the mower with the handle. At the end of work :. thoroughly clean the lawnmower from dirt and grass residues and wipe dry with a rag; examine the lawnmower, especially the cutting knife, for damage. take measures to eliminate the identified deficiencies ;. Do not leave the fuel-fueled mower in a room where there is a danger of ignition of gasoline vapors. A connector is mounted on the mower body (Fig. 1) for connecting a hose with water to effectively clean the inside of the deck after work. To clean the mower:

10 DESCRIPTION OF ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION. stop the engine. connect the water hose to the connector, turn on a small flow of water. start a lawn mower. Due to the rotation of the knife and the flow of water, the inner surface of the deck is cleaned of dirt and grass residues. after cleaning, turn off the engine, turn off the water and disconnect the hose. ORDER OF OPERATION Starting and stopping the mower. General rules :. start the engine at a distance of at least 3 meters from the place of fueling ;. make sure there are no foreign objects in the area of ​​the work area; launch on a flat area where there are no obstacles and tall grass; Starting a cold engine :. set the switch to (ON) ;. Press the engine stop lever to the handle (ON) ;. set the carburetor air damper lever to the “Cold” position (the air damper is completely closed) ;. For a simplified start, press the fuel pump button 1-2 times. with your right hand, grasp the starter handle and select the free play of the cord, then make a few vigorous jerks of the cord until the first signs of starting the engine ;. shift the carburetor air damper lever to the “Hot” position (the air damper is fully open) ;. start the engine by a jerk for the starter handle (1-3 jerks); only for models equipped with a wheel drive. let the engine run for about 15 seconds so that it warms up ;. to move the mower, push the wheel drive lever to the handle. To stop the mower, release the engine stop lever ATTENTION! DO NOT EXTEND THE CORD FOR THE FULL LENGTH, THIS MAY RESULT IN ITS CLIP. DON’T LET THE CORD PUSH SHORTLY IN RETURN, HOLD IT. Starting a hot engine :. set the switch to (ON) ;. Leave the carburetor air damper lever in the “Hot” position (air damper fully open) ;. With your right hand, perform vigorous jerks of the starter cord until the engine starts. eleven

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11 DESCRIPTION OF ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION 12 Difficulties in starting a fuel-filled engine If the engine could not be started after 10 jerks of the starter, it will be full of fuel. In this case, an additional number of jerks in the “Hot” position of the lever and the squeezed throttle control key may be required to start. If this starting method fails, drain the excess fuel from the engine. To do this, remove the cable and unscrew the spark plug, then gently pull the starter handle several times. Dry the candle and put it in place, connect the cable and repeat the start-up procedure. If the engine still does not start, contact the workshop. The engine is stopped by switching the switch to the (OFF) position. It is advisable to turn off the engine at idle before turning it off so that it cools down. Mowing grass The mower can operate in three modes :. mowing with collection in the grass catcher. mowing tall grass with an ejection to the side (with the grass catcher removed). mowing with mulching (with the mulching plug installed) General recommendations for mowing :. when temporarily stopped, always turn off the engine ;. mowing wet grass is not recommended; Do not overload the engine (continuous operation should be 10 minutes, after which it is recommended to take a 5-minute break). Working on a slope :. mow grass only in the transverse direction. Do not mow up or down the slope! be careful when changing directions on the slopes; Do not work in areas with a slope of more than 20. With the grass catcher installed, the mowed grass is collected in the grass catcher. ATTENTION! TIME TO CLEAN THE CATALOG FROM THE HERB. DON’T LET THE GRASS FULLY BLOCK THE NICK’S HARVEST, THIS WILL REDUCE THE QUALITY OF Mowing Grass. Mulching mode With the grass catcher removed, it is possible to install a mulching plug (Fig. 6). In this case, the grass is crushed under the mowing deck and remains on the lawn as a fertilizer.

12 DESCRIPTION OF ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION Fig. 6 niya, there is no need to clean it. When using the mulching function, the following rules must be observed: any settings and adjustments of the mower (including installing / removing the grass catcher, installing / removing the mulching plug) must be carried out with the engine turned off and the cap removed from the spark plug. the mulching mode can be applied only with regular mowing of the lawn: with tall grass, grinding will not be small enough, which can lead to damage to the lawn during the decay of residues. If there is a long break in mowing, you must first mow the grass in standard mode (with a grass catcher or with the subsequent harvesting of mowed grass), only after that apply the mulching mode. when using the mulching mode, the mowing height must be set at about 1/5 of the height of the grass to avoid large unmilled residues. ATTENTION! WHEN REMOVING THE MALL, THE REAR COVER OF THE LAWN MOWER SHOULD CLOSE THE OPENING FOR YOUR GRASS THROW. Mowing mode with side ejection When the grass catcher is removed, it is possible to work in the side ejection mode of mowed grass. This mode is useful when mowing tall grass. The installation diagram of the protective cover is shown in Fig. 7. Removal / installation of the protective cover may only be carried out with the engine turned off and the cap removed from the spark plug! Otherwise, it may result in serious injury. Fig. 7 13

13 TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE / MAINTENANCE 14 TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE It is recommended to transport the lawn mower in vehicles unassembled in its original packaging. Before placing the mower for long periods of time, do the following :. drain all fuel from the fuel tank into the canister ;. start the engine until the fuel is full. This ensures removal of fuel residues from the carburetor ;. clean the mower of dirt, wipe with a dry rag ;. inspect the mower for damaged parts and components. If damage is detected, take measures to repair it yourself or with the help of specialists from an authorized repair shop. ATTENTION! IT IS FORBIDDEN TO GRIND A KNOWLEDGE MOWER KNIFE BECAUSE THIS WILL RESULT IN ITS BALANCING Storage conditions :. Store the mower in a dry, ventilated room at an ambient temperature of.20 ° C to 45 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 80%. the atmosphere of the room in which the lawn mower is stored must not contain harmful vapors of corrosive and aggressive chemicals that can cause corrosion of metal or erosion of plastic parts; Keep the mower out of the reach of children! ATTENTION! ALL OPERATIONS FOR ADJUSTING THE LAWN MOWER SHOULD BE PERFORMED WITH THE STOPPED ENGINE. Maintenance and care Regular maintenance of the lawn mower is essential to maintain its performance, reliability and safety. Remember: Maintenance should be carried out in protective gloves, with the engine stopped when cold! Before carrying out any maintenance and adjustment operation on the engine and other parts of the mower, disconnect the spark plug cap. In the process of performing maintenance, the following rules should be observed :. Do not bring the engine to too high revolutions ;. make sure that the nuts and screws are carefully tightened; immediately replace all damaged parts with new ones (never repair). Use only original spare parts recommended by the manufacturer. Use of aftermarket parts

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14 MAINTENANCE and accessories can result in serious personal injury and damage to the mower ;. Do not spill gasoline on the plastic parts of the engine. Change of oil. Generate or drain remaining fuel. Disconnect the cable from the spark plug. When the engine cools down, unscrew the oil drain cover A in Fig. 8 and drain the oil into a suitable container. clean the oil drain cover before reinstalling it. Remove the dipstick; fill in the recommended Patriot oil for 4-stroke engines to the upper level on the dipstick; do not overfill. A Fig. 8. Oil drain hole Air filter Fig. 9. Air filter: 1) foam insert, 2) paper filter, 3) filter cover SERVICE PERIODS Period of work Work (carry out or after the appropriate time or working hours) Before each start-up First month or 5 hours of work 3 months or 25 working hours 6 months or 50 working hours Oil Check O Replace OO Air Check O filter Replace O Spark plug Check Replace 1 year or 100 working hours O Every 2 years or 250 working hours O 15

15 POSSIBLE MALFUNCTIONS AND TROUBLESHOOTING Malfunction Probable Cause Corrective Action The engine will not start. The ignition switch is in the position. "off" Set the ignition switch to "on" or spontaneously Incorrect starting procedure Follow the instructions stops if there is not enough fuel in the carburetor Pump up fuel. The candle is dirty or the air gap is incorrect. Check the spark plug. Fuel tank is empty. Fill fuel. There is not enough fuel in the carburetor. Pump up fuel. Air filter is clogged. Clean or replace filter. Engine is not working properly. replace the filter at idle Poor fuel quality Drain fuel, fill in new gasoline Engine starts if the air filter is clogged. Clean or replace the filter but the power is not enough. The carburetor is not adjusted. Adjust the carburetor. Poor fuel quality. Drain fuel, fill in new gasoline. Engine runs unevenly. Candle is dirty or incorrect air gap. Check spark plug or does not develop the required power under load. Carburetor is not adjusted. 16

16 SERVICE LIFE AND DISPOSAL When fulfilling all the requirements of these operating instructions, the service life of the product is 5 years. At the end of their service life, do not dispose of household waste! Used equipment must be disposed of in accordance with your local regulations for the disposal of machinery and equipment. The tool complies with the requirements of regulatory documents: TR TS 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment" TR TS 020/2011 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment" Certificate of Compliance TS RU C-CN.GA02.V to the decoding of the serial number 2015/01 / /

17 DELIVERY COMPLETENESS Lawn mower assembly Handle bottom Handle upper Hand grip Upper part of the grass catcher Lower part of the grass catcher Mulching plug Cover for lateral discharge Operating instructions Criteria for extreme conditions: If any damage / deformation of the case is detected that could lead to mowing blade contact and / or ejection of foreign objects from the mowing area, contact an authorized service center. If the mowing knife is deformed, replace it. Operation during deformation and / or violation of the integrity of the fuel tank is prohibited. If the tank is leaking, contact an authorized Patriot service center to replace it. 18