Partner 351 Carburetor Adjustment

Carburetor setting

The Partner 351 chainsaws have several working mechanisms, which require periodic inspection and maintenance. Some of them. This is a carburetor.

Partner 351 Carburetor Adjustment

It is not recommended to repair the carburetor of the Partner 351 chainsaw with your own hands, but it is possible to make a small adjustment. There are two main breakdowns that can be eliminated by adjusting the carburetor with your own hands:

  • Spinning the chain while the engine is idling. To eliminate the malfunction, you must use the adjusting screw. First, turn it fully clockwise. Then do 4.5 turns counterclockwise. The malfunction should disappear.
  • Incorrect supply of the fuel mixture. There may be several reasons. Here are the misalignments of the adjusting screws to the breakdown of carburetor parts. In any case, the adjustment takes place according to the same scheme.

There are three adjusting screws for adjusting the carburetor: L. For high rpm, H. For low rpm, T. Idling of the Partner 351 chainsaw.

  • The adjustment starts with screw T. To do this, dust is brought in, and the adjusting screw is turned counterclockwise until the chain does not stop.
  • Then screw L is turned a quarter of a turn counterclockwise. During idle adjustment The largest turns should be.
  • Turn screw H a quarter of a turn counterclockwise.

After carrying out THESE manipulations, a tachometer is taken, and the revolutions are checked. They should correspond as much as possible to the speed indicated in the passport of the Partner 351 chainsaw. If you nevertheless decide to adjust the carburetor of the Partner 351 chainsaw with your own hands, we recommend reading the article on setting up the carburetor on a chainsaw. A general article, contains all the necessary information and will greatly help you in this not just process.


In terms of the structure and location of the working units, the Partner 351 chainsaw does not differ from other models and consists of:

In the segment of non-professional chainsaws Partner 351 (Partner 351) takes its rightful place. Lightweight, powerful and reliable, the saw allows you to perform a wide range of sawing tasks at the household level.

The chainsaw is ideal for working in a summer cottage. It copes well with small fruit and berry trees, pruning. It can be used to work in the forest with small diameter trunks. Partner 351 is suitable for construction work.

Feedback. DIY repair and major faults

During the operation of the Partner 351 chainsaw, various breakdowns and malfunctions may occur. Some of them can be corrected by hand, without contacting service centers and repair shops.

  • When the engine is running, a lot of black smoke is emitted, does the chainsaw stall at high speeds? Most likely, the muffler is clogged. To fix the problem, it must be removed and all debris and carbon deposits removed. For many years of operation, the muffler of the Partner 351 chainsaw, and not only, is heavily clogged with carbon deposits. Dry the muffler after wet cleaning. During the repair, the inlet from the muffler is closed with a piece of cloth.
  • NOT fuel flowing? There may be several reasons:
  • Fuel filter or fuel tank opening clogged. To fix it, remove and clean the fuel hose or breather.
  • Problems with adjusting the carburetor, including clogging of its channels and membranes. The carburetor of the Partner 351 chainsaw consists of many small parts. For repair, it is better to contact the service center.
  • Lack of fuel in the tank. To fix it, you need to pump up fuel, and fill the tank.
  • Problems in the cylinder-piston group, namely the loss of engine power or gas contamination of the crankcase? Such malfunctions are extremely rare; for accurate diagnosis and elimination, you may need special equipment or a complete replacement of the cylinder block with a piston. You can try to visually assess the state of the system, for this you need to remove the muffler:
    • If there is a loss of engine power, it is most likely a compression problem. For diagnostics, it is necessary to measure the pressure in the cylinder using a manometer. If it is significantly less than the standard indicator of 8-9 atmospheres, then a complete replacement of the cylinder-piston unit will be required.
    • If there is an intense formation of gases in the crankcase, then it is necessary to carefully study the condition of the piston ring. Any microcracks or chips on its surface break the tightness of the system. The ring must be removed and replaced. To do this, it is better to contact the Repair Shop.
    • For more information on solving problems with idling and starting the engine, refer to the Partner 351 saw repair manual.


      The Partner 351 saws have good performance and performance, despite the compact size and weight of 4.7 kg:

      • Motor power 1400 W (1.9 HP);
      • The tire is 35 cm. It is possible to install the tire at 41 cm;
      • 56-link chain with 3/8 ” pitch;
      • Spark plug. Bosch WSR 6F;
      • Fuel tank capacity 380 gr;
      • Oil tank for 200 gr;
      • Noise level just over 100 dB.

      The CCS air filter significantly reduces fuel consumption. The double air purification system increases the engine resource of the Partner 351 chainsaw. The chain operates at high speeds.

      Sophisticated ergonomics and reliable vibration damping system allows you to use the tool for several hours without interruption.

      The chain brake is instantly responsive, making working with the chainsaw even more comfortable and safe.

      Ignition adjustment

      Topics by people who have dust “Partner-350”, the ignition is adjusted quite often. At the first start, the idle speed needs to be checked, in order to carry it out, the screw responsible for adjusting the idle speed must be returned clockwise. The chainsaw stalls on Partner 351 DOES NOT keep idling, the stroke of the carburetor washes and the rpm was blown.

      As soon as it rests, it should be returned counterclockwise by 4.5 turns. Adjustment of the partner 351 carburetor. The Partner 351 chainsaw contains partner 351 in the chainsaws. If, after carrying out these manipulations, the engine runs without chain rotation, then everything is in order. Otherwise, you need to contact the service center, as it can be dangerous to work with such a saw.

      Adjusting the Carburetor of the Partner 351 Chainsaw. Additional Recommendations

      To reduce the speed, the screws are turned in the opposite direction. It is also important to take into account the sequence of using the elements, which looks as follows: L. N. T.

      Chainsaw device Partner 351

      If you decide that you need to adjust the Partner-350 saw, then first you need to study the design of the elements. The system consists of a diffuser, which acts as a constriction to increase the oxygen flow rate. The diffuser is located in the immediate vicinity of the fuel inlet.

      Chainsaw “Partner” 351. Worthy representative of the household line of chainsaws from the “Partner” brand. According to its technical capabilities, it is focused on garden work and simple tasks of sawing wood. Simplicity of design, ease of operation and maintenance allowed this model to become on a par with other famous chainsaws from the brands “Stihl” and “Husqvarna”.

      The Partner 351 chainsaw has a standard design. The complete set of the tool includes a reliable gasoline 2-stroke engine with a cylinder volume of 38 cm3 and a power of 1.4 kW. To start the motor, the manufacturer has provided a trouble-free manual starter, the resistance of which has been reduced by 30%. The modern assembly and layout of the starter makes it possible to start the Partner 351 chainsaw at any time of the year, providing a minimum load on the engine and other mechanisms of the tool. An efficient forced air supply system responds to the cooling of the motor.

      Working bodies of the model Are represented by a bar and a chain. A separate sprocket located in the side of the model responds to the chain tension. Free access to the sprocket allows you to quickly adjust the chain tension without the use of tools.

      All internal parts of the Partner 351 chainsaw are housed in a robust housing. It is made of high-quality multi-layer polymer, which gives the case the ability to successfully withstand drops from low heights and accidental impacts into foreign objects.

      The body of the model is designed in such a way as to give the operator free access to the main consumable elements of the model. Thanks to this, the feller can quickly make tool repairs right in the field.

      The Partner 351 chainsaw has good technical performance. Model features include:

      • Power. 1.9 l. FROM.;
      • The capacity of the tank for filling fuel. 380 ml;
      • Oil filling tank capacity. 200 ml;
      • Recommended bus length to be used. 35-40 cm;
      • Chain step. 3/8 “;
      • The number of links in the saw chain. 56;
      • Weight ready for use. 4.7 kg.

      The Partner 351 model stands out for its modest dimensions and low weight. This makes it possible to confidently use it at height without additional insurance for the operator. An important advantage of the instrument is its low noise level. When the saw motor is running at maximum speed, this parameter is 106 dB.

      Chainsaw design includes:

      • I keep track of the chain and the tire;
      • Spark catcher screen;
      • Brake mechanism and cylinder-piston group;
      • Front handle;
      • Ignition system switch;
      • Safety device and extinguishing system;
      • Oil drain hole;
      • Fuel compartment cover;
      • Throttle valve;
      • Fuel fluid suction button;
      • Chain catcher;
      • Protective case;
      • Stop tooth;
      • Air filter cover;
      • Tubular handle.

      The features of the device are in safety devices:

      • Low risk of kickback chain mechanism. Helps Reduce the Risk of Injury.
      • Spark arrester screen. Essential for trapping soot in exhaust fumes.
      • Protective hand guard. Helps protect hand from injury if slipping off the tool handle.
      • Ignition switch. Stops the engine instantly in case of emergency.
      • Fuse. Prevents accidental acceleration.

      The units of the Partner 351 chainsaw (their location and structure) are identical to the devices of the second models, they consist of the following elements:

      • Link chain, chain guard (hand protection), chain brake lever;
      • Tire, ignition off switch, spark arrester;
      • Front handle, fuses, rear handle;
      • Starter output. Handle, tubular handle, persistent tooth;
      • Oil filling hole, fuel tank;
      • Starter cover (body), nuts (protectors), muffler;
      • Spark plug, carburetor (air) choke knob;
      • Air filter cover, chain catcher, throttle valve;
      • Fuel suction (button)
      • Throttle trigger, protection cover, chain tension adjustment screw.

      The garden tool is equipped with a wear-resistant clutch system to connect the engine to the saw set. By timely ignition of the fuel in the cylinder, the ignition, consisting of a coil and a Bosch WSR 6F spark plug, responds. Free access to the spark plug makes it easy to dismantle the part for cleaning or do-it-yourself replacement.

      For more convenient operation of the model, its basic device includes an effective vibration and noise damping system. To suppress the vibrations of the engine, the manufacturer equipped the garden tool with 6 powerful steel springs, which take the load from the motor onto themselves. Thanks to this, vibrations of the engine on the handles of the model are practically NOT felt.

      The Partner 351 chainsaw is equipped with a factory saw headset consisting of a 35 cm metal bar and chain with a 3/8 ”pitch. Lubrication of the working bodies is carried out using an automatic oil pump, free access to which simplifies the operation and manual repair of the unit. The chain adjuster on the tire is controlled by a side sprocket-tensioner, which can be used without hand tools.

      To reliably protect the internal components of the model from damage, the Partner 351 chainsaw is equipped with a shock-resistant plastic case. It is made taking into account all the requirements for the ergonomics of the tool, and its assembly gives the operator the opportunity to independently eliminate any malfunctions of the gasoline saw.

      At the back of the Partner saw body, the manufacturer has provided all the levers and switches necessary for operating the saw. The middle part of the garden tool is equipped with a chain inertia brake shift lever. For better grip, the model is equipped with rubberized handles.

      The Partner 351 chainsaw does not start. Causes and remedies

      Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner-350 chainsaw can also be useful in case of mechanical failures. For example, strong vibrations may damage the protective cap. As a result, the bolts in the carburetor lose their fixation. The piston part of the motor can also wear out. The carburetor setting helps in this case for a certain time; to eliminate the obstacle, it is necessary to change the worn part.

      The appearance of the partner 351 chainsaw instruction manual for the partner 351 chainsaw. The Partner 351 chainsaw differs little from. A prerequisite may be a blockage, which appears due to the use of low-quality fuel. Filter damage and scale build-up can lead to similar consequences. With all this, the carburetor will need to be disassembled, washed well and adjusted.

      Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner-350 chainsaw can also be useful in case of mechanical failures. For example, strong vibrations may damage the protective cap. As a result, the bolts in the carburetor lose their fixation. The piston part of the motor can also wear out. Setting up the carburetor helps in this case for a certain time; to eliminate the difficulty, it is necessary to change the worn part.

      A prerequisite may be a blockage, which appears due to the use of low-quality fuel. Filter damage and scale build-up can lead to similar consequences. Partner 352 saw warning signs partner 352 carburetor adjustment. Partner 352 chainsaw due to improper storage, overloading during use, as well as non-conformity.

      Often, the Partner chainsaw will not start due to a broken gap between the flywheel and the built-in ignition coil. In normal condition, these parts should be spaced 0.5 mm apart. If the gap is larger, then it will need to be corrected. It is best to do this with a special template, which is installed between the flywheel and the magneto.

      The third reason for Partner saw failure is a malfunctioning fuel system. Due to prolonged use of the saw, the fuel pump may fail or one of the pipes may lose integrity. In THESE cases, you will need to immediately replace the pump or tube, and not wait for the fuel to drain into the system.

      The last common reason for not starting a chainsaw is the banal use of low-quality fuel. Fuel and engine oil that contain the required components and will not be able to operate the saw. In this case, the fuel must be replaced.

      As a result of prolonged use of the Partner 351 chainsaw, its owner may encounter breakdown of the main mechanisms of the tool. This causes the saw to stop starting. To determine the cause of the malfunction and methods for its repair, you will need to inspect the ignition system of the model.

      First you need to inspect the candle. If it is dry, it indicates a breakdown in the saw’s fuel system. In this case, the candle can be screwed back in, and also proceeds to determine the breakdown in the fuel supply system.

      If the candle is flooded with fuel, a thick layer of carbon has accumulated on it, this indicates the need to adjust the carburetor or a violation of the correct starting sequence for the tool.

      Another reason for the breakdown. This is a violation of the clearance between the flywheel and the ignition coil of the tool. In this case, you need to remove the upper cover of the saw body, measure the distance between the parts.

      If it is more or less than 0.2 mm, then the gap will need to be adjusted. To do this, you need to use a special paper template or a regular cardboard business card. The gap is adjusted by turning the two side screws.

      Adjustment of the carburetor of the Partner-350 chainsaw will also be required in case of mechanical failures. For example, strong vibrations may damage the protective cap. As a result, the bolts in the carburetor lose their fixation. The piston part of the motor can also wear out. The carburetor setting helps in this case for a certain time; to eliminate the obstacle, it is necessary to change the worn part.

      How to adjust the carburetor on a Partner chainsaw

      Setting up the carburetor of a Partner chainsaw with your own hands requires the preparation of the following tools:

      • Tachometer (electronic crankshaft speed counter)
      • Slotted screwdriver;
      • Filter kit (replacement is part of the adjustment process).

      You can only adjust the carburetor on a Partner 352 chainsaw or another model if you first clean it from dirt. The best way to do this is to use an air-cushion compressor. The adjustment itself is performed in several stages:

      • The cover must be removed to access the adjusting screw. They can also be accessed through special holes on the left side of the carburetor. It should be remembered that the left screw is a quality screw (marking H), and the right one. Quantities (L marking).
      • After that, the screws must be fully tightened, and then loosened by ⅕ turn.
      • Then the chainsaw needs to be started, since the carburetor can only be adjusted with a hot engine.
      • After that, the amount adjustment screw is required to be tightened clockwise to the maximum engine speed. When this result is achieved, the screw must be unscrewed counterclockwise ¼ turn. After that, the chainsaw should idle. If there are too few or too many revolutions, then use a throttle.
      • Now, using the quality screw, the maximum speed is set. This parameter is determined by a tachometer. The maximum Possible value is easy to view in the instructions. For example, for the Partner 350 chainsaw, this value is 12,500 rpm

      If there is a tachometer, then the quality of the adjustment can be determined visually. If the tool emits a lot during operation, then the amount screw must be slightly tightened. Another option is also possible. A chainsaw can work well at idle, but poorly at maximum. The situation can be corrected by tightening the quality screw, while the gas must be kept completely clamped.