Patriot Pt 480 Replacement Fishing Line

patriot pt 480 fishing line replacement

Knife included.

The gearbox is heated, the shaft consists of two halves, which is convenient and inconvenient at the same time.

You can mow with a knife, cuts thick feathers but not for long, the gearbox heats up very quickly with it.

Grass destroyer! The line cuts young raspberries, with a metal knife. not the youngest trees. Use glasses. everything flies in different directions, but the grass and small bushes are defeated by 100!

Easily mows 8 acres at a time without interruptions, does not overheat and does not fail at all. Lunch and mow the remaining 8 acres. easily.

The belt fastener carabiner made of thin metal broke immediately, hung the belt on a bent nail, normal flight.

Pretty noisy. Buy headphones, you get tired much less.

Well, like with any electric tool. to drag wires along, this is everyone’s choice. to smell the exhaust or carry wires.

It overheats after 5 minutes of work, you have to sit and wait until it cools down. Heavy. It broke exactly 2 weeks after the end of the warranty. Not subject to repair.

Verdict: never take it!

2. High quality made.

3. The design is very similar to the model "more serious" firms.

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1. The filing of the fishing line is absolutely ugly. precisely, it almost does NOT work. As a result, after the released part of the fishing line is developed, you have to disassemble the head almost every time and

2. The process of installing the fishing line is extremely complicated and hemorrhoidal. We managed to figure it out after about an hour and a half of torment.

3. Once broke under warranty. the plastic part in the head broke. As a result, the entire lower part was replaced, together with the housing and shaft.

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1. Withstood 10 years! Took for 2-3 years

2. Mowed about 5 acres in 2 weeks

1. Winding plants.

2. You will not find spare parts.

3. Sometimes you need a knife.

30 meter extension cord must be unwound and rewound each time (bought immediately with a mower)

Mowed on weekends, after a month of mowing, the knife stopped spinning, at the conclusion of the service center some kind of pin connecting the motor and the drive cable broke, the service center recognized the repair as not warranty. improper operation!

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I took it apart and replaced the hairpin,
but the most important thing is this hairpin is inserted into a plastic sleeve that breaks badly and how much it lasts is the question

1.power suits, especially when turned on "turbo")))

-Weight is 7 kg, good cooling.

-Iron disk included.

-The large diameter of the mowing line is 46 cm.

-Detachable rod (Still, a plus for logistics, when you need to lead this unit to the cottage)

-Lack of tangible vibration (Comparing with Oleo-Mac)

-Unusual (At first) start button under the whole palm.

-Smooth start (excluding mowing at low speeds)

-Tall grass is constantly clogged under the gearbox.

fishing line kit disc

the weight heavy for my wife is fine for me

wraps tall grass on a reel

there is an electronic regulator, if you mow large tall grass, then drive the trimmer to maximum power, you will feel it. and so you can mow a small amount of heavy section. but not to long.

very satisfied, the best trimmer for the money bought for 3200

1. price. for 3900 rubles the best option for the money

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2. universality. it is possible to use both fishing line and knife.

3. excellent mowing line fishing line. 46 cm.

4. power. mowed a plot of 15 acres per day!

1. the bar from 2 parts, began to hang out in a week

2. Incorrect design of the fishing reel. Grass is filled under it, on heavy grass more time you clean the trimmer than you work

3. Incorrect construction of the protective cover. The small casing (for the disc) is not removable, a large casing (for the fishing line) is attached to it. During operation, the fishing line periodically clings to the small casing and comes off. Losing time again.

4. The declared power is a fiction. In the trimmer there is a regulator that raises power with increasing load. Naturally, while the trimmer is terribly heated. Naturally, he raises power late and out of place (the regulator is not in terms of speed, but in load).