Petrol Tiller “Makita Plm5120n2”

Petrol lawn mower with mulching function and side grass emission. This medium-sized lawn care device (up to 2,200 square meters at a time) is reliable and easy to use, equipped with a modern and environmentally-friendly 4-stroke OHV Briggs Stratton engine. This lawn mower does not have a high price and good quality. For most amateur lawn mowing needs, this model from the Japanese manufacturer Makita will be more than enough. Also, the manufacturer allows the use of this model in the active and everyday mode, which allows you to pay attention to this lawn mower and public utilities, and services involved in landscape design and landscaping areas.

Features of Makita PLM5120N2 lawn mower

  • Good ergonomics, straightforward operation, thanks to a large handle.
  • High impact case, made of 1.5 mm steel, which will positively affect the strength of the case and increase the life of the unit.
  • The wheels are made of durable plastic and mounted on bearings.
  • When you install a special cap, you will be available to mulch the grass. The mowed grass will not be collected in the collection box but will be crushed and fall to the ground.
  • This model provides side discharge when mowing grass.
  • The single-lever mowing height adjustment system allows you to set the values ​​you need with a single movement. It is very fast, easy and simple.
  • Reliable Briggs Stratton engine is designed by all international quality standards, has an impressive working life and is very easy to start. Such a motor can easily start a woman. It creates high torque and allows the Makita PLM5120N2 to handle all types of vegetation, be it tall or thick grass.
  • Small weight and compact dimensions contribute to ease of transport and simplify storage. These advantages are well influenced by the quick-release handles of the lawn mower. They can be easily folded in a short time, without resorting to special tools.
  • The cutting width of 51 centimetres, optimally matched to the power of the motor and the volume of the collector, allows you to mow the area in a short time at high speed.
  • Lawn mower Makita PLM5120N2 has good performance in terms of noise and vibration, does not spoil the environment and does not pollute your lungs, it is easy to use, has low weight, is easily controlled by both men and the weaker floor, comfortable and has an impressive resource of durability.
  • Makita gives a company guarantee for this product and responsibly promises that with proper and proper use while observing the elementary operating rules and rules for maintenance and care, the Makita PLM5120N2 gasoline mower is capable of pleasing you with its flawless work for many years.