Petrol Trimmer Champion Which Is Better

Trimmers. ideal for small lawns

In addition to the well-known to the consumer and well-tried in business, lawn mowers running on a gasoline engine, the world’s leading brands today present to the market light, almost weightless electric scythes. Trimmers.

The main trump card of trimmers, of course, is their price. The design of an electric motor is so simple that it costs several times cheaper than a gasoline one, which significantly affects the price of lawn mowers.

The advantages of the electric trimmer include the lightness and strength of the structure, the absence of a heavy fuel tank and the constant need for refueling with gasoline and oil. As a result. quietness and environmental friendliness. The handle in the trimmers is predominantly D-shaped, which allows you to grip the lever tightly with your palm. Vibration in the electric motor Almost not felt. Curved bar, adjustable to the user’s height.

And also, the trimmer is very convenient. If a knapsack belt from a gasoline scythe rubs and cuts your shoulders, your hands cannot withstand vibrations, your head cannot withstand engine noise, and the smell of burning and oil inherent in internal combustion engines. Unbearable, light electric trimmer. just right for you.

Trimmer price and lawn mowers performance: their main advantages

The lawn mower is one of those tools whose sales volumes are gaining momentum every day. Banal envy of a neighbor, who easily brought his lawn or plot into the semblance of a picture from a landscape design magazine, becomes the driving force behind the popularity of lawn mowers. In addition, the recently developed lawn mower models are striking in their variety and design perfection.

All the cons of electric trimmers

But you need to take into account some of the features of the trimmers, which are often counted as disadvantages:

  • Mobility is limited to network cable. But for a small lawn, this is not a problem.
  • Engine power is lower than that of gasoline. In most cases the trimmer is equipped with a one- or two-kilowatt electric motor. Modern electric motors are reliably protected from overheating and from voltage drops in the network. Can work for a long time and efficiently without interruption.
  • The trimmer can only be operated with a line. That is, it is most effective for soft and succulent grass. If you attach a cutting knife or disc to the trimmers, the load on the engine will greatly increase, which may fail. And the connecting cable (in the curved rod) bursts right there. But a strong and well-tucked fishing line is not so bad: only with a fishing line you can accurately, almost jewelry mows the grass in hard-to-reach places: for example, cutting edges of curbs or trees (the line will NOT damage the trunk).

Petrol Lawn Mower vs. Electric Trimmer: Which Is Better? There are obstacles for the lawn mower cutting system in the garden

Decide if your territory is large and how often you cultivate it. This is the first thing. It is clear that for mowing tall and hard grass in large areas you need a powerful gasoline scythe, equipped with a robust engine and a good cutting system (metal disc or knife).

The second is the presence of a power grid in the area. If electricity is available at all, or there are frequent interruptions to it, then, naturally, a good gasoline lawn mower will suit you.

Engine noise, vibration, the smell of Burning Oil and Uncomfortable cutting belts are the most popular accusations that fly towards the gasoline spit. But modern technological advances make it possible to reduce these inconveniences to zero.

The Better Gasoline Lawn Mower

First, there are two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Existing two-stroke engines in leading world brands, such as Hyundai, Makita, Honda, are covered with a noise-reducing casing, they have an excellent carburetor, there is no “shock-recoil” effect when starting, vibration is almost imperceptible. The four-stroke engine makes virtually no noise and does NOT vibrate. He has a large motor resource. It is light, does not give off a burning and oil smell, since oil and gasoline do not mix in it. In the gearbox. Increased torque.

Secondly, all gasoline scythes in the kit have a cutting system. a metal knife (2-3 or 4-toothed), easily cutting off Tall or dead grass in the garden area. You can also use a saw blade of different diameters to cut shrubs and young trees.

Third, in gasoline-powered lawn mowers. Rigid, forged shaft (collapsible), which increases the reliability of the structure, which is easily adjustable for height and even facilitates mowing by setting the cutting equipment parallel to the ground.

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Fourth: the straps in the petrol braids are now comfortable, like a “knapsack”. They DO NOT bump into the shoulders and do NOT chafe, but rather the opposite. Relieve stress during work and DO NOT allow the spine to overwork.

Detailed technical characteristics of powerful gasoline lawn mowers and light electric trimmers can be found on the website of the Internet hypermarket of garden equipment “S Torgom”.

Using a special lubricant

A cavity is provided for placing the lubricant in the gearbox, which is opened with a screw plug, and a portion of the lubricant is placed in the opened hole. It should be said about the composition of the trimmer lubricant, which consists of components that decompose after use and DO NOT bring harmful substances into the surrounding space.

The lubricant is changed after 50-55 hours of operation of the unit, this data can be found in more detail in the technical documents for the trimmer. The shaft of the unit is constantly in need of lubrication. Before starting work, after buying a new mower, be sure to thoroughly lubricate the shaft, if it has not been processed from the factory.

Manufacturers make sure that users of their products save on the purchase of lubricants for various parts of the mechanism and develop a universal version, which provides for interchangeability during maintenance.

Using the trimmer is convenient for all household people who want to keep lawns in the courtyard and adjacent areas in a neat and tidy condition. When buying, the question arises of how to choose the right motorized mower so that the price matches the quality, and you did not have to overpay for the extra engine power.

It is possible to use petrol trimmer in wet and rainy weather, but in accordance with safety requirements, electrical appliances cannot be used in wet conditions. Reviews suggest that gasoline engines differ from electric models with increased power, and make it possible for long-term operation without interruption.

The only advantage of electric mowers is their price, simple low-power models cost half the price of similar petrol trimmers. To ensure order on the lawn in a private house, you should choose gasoline-powered units of low weight and low power. They are equipped with one cutting tool, only for mowing the grass and its occasional mowing.

Bottom location

These trim tabs have the disadvantage that grass and dirt are constantly clogged in the engine part. Bottom-mounted mowers are not very powerful. Aggregates are usually purchased to periodically maintain an attractive lawn when only thin grass stems are mowed.

Equipped with a cutting edge

The controversy in cutting elements has been going on for quite some time. The following are used as cutting elements:

  • Fishing line;
  • Plastic or steel knife;
  • Saw blade;
  • Combined option.

The performance of any such device is characterized by the type of cutting part. It can be made in the form of one of the above options, and in some models they combine a fishing line and a knife, which change as needed. The width of the cut strip ranges from 25 to 50 centimeters.

One or another type of cutting element should be chosen depending on the direction of activity. If you are trimming overgrown grass in the backyard or on the lawn in front of the house, then the line will definitely do this job. She will cut thin grass or weeds without any problems, but you will have to fight with thickets of mature Burdocks with knives and saws.

Steel knives and circular saws will easily remove old weeds and fresh tree shoots from the path. The only drawback is that such mowing will require the trimmer to operate at maximum power and, therefore, an increase in material costs for gasoline fuel.

How to choose a trimmer by engine type?

Lawn mowers on the market today are offered in two types of engine:

  • Two-stroke;
  • Four-stroke.

Engine location

The placement of the engine in the unit is important and occurs:

  • Top;
  • Bottom.

Two-stroke engines

Gasoline mower units with this type of engine usually have a low price. We will NOT talk about the fundamental difference between the two types of engines from each other in terms of operation, we will only note the difference in maintenance and operation.

The advantage of trimmers on two-stroke engines is that they are small. The engines are unpretentious in relation to the quality of gasoline and have a simple mechanism. This is very important, as it allows inexperienced owners to fix small problems on the spot and DO NOT contact the workshop for various trifles. The owners of household plots consider the power of such units to be quite sufficient for work in everyday farming.

The disadvantage in the operation of a two-stroke engine is that it is necessary to constantly measure the required amount of oil for mixing when refueling gasoline. If this procedure is neglected, then problems in the operation of the piston system will be traced.

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Pay attention to the mower bar that you purchase. Most often, telescopic and curved rods work poorly and deteriorate. In this regard, it is better to buy mowers with straight rods, which are more durable in work.

It is irrational to buy a powerful model for preventive cutting of grass near the house, in addition, it should be remembered that each mower is in the hands for a certain period of time and has weight. This suggests that it is necessary to purchase units of low weight and such power, which is necessary in each specific case.

Four-stroke engines

If we talk about experienced gardeners, then they prefer this particular type of engine. Technical systems and components in such units are much more complicated and they are always repaired in workshops, but these trimmers are distinguished by greater power and the ability to work for a long time at low speeds. Such technical characteristics make it possible to cut not only thin grass, but also old thick grass stems and even some young growth of trees.

Trimmer components

The device of mowers of various modifications cannot be classified as complex mechanisms. The unit includes:

  • A pen;
  • Barbell;
  • Engine;
  • Head with installed cutting elements;
  • Gasoline tank;
  • T-shirt;
  • Nozzles.

The attachments are used to increase the functionality of the device, with their use the trimmer is used for snow removal, cultivation, pruning of bushes and young trees.

Makita EBH253U

We continue our review of the best gasoline trimmers and the third place in our rating. It is a powerful, reliable, easy-to-use lawn mower with minimal noise and vibration. Engine start on this trimmer is improved by a rubber primer, with which you can pump gasoline into the carburetor.

The bar in this model is slightly longer than on standard trimmers, so it is much more convenient to work with it. The balanced design improves the comfort of use. All parts are securely fitted and made of high quality materials.

The trimmer is equipped with a knapsack belt, so your back does not get tired even during prolonged work. It is also worth noting economical fuel consumption, quick start from half a turn, high level of ergonomics, rich equipment.

Main characteristics
Engine Four-stroke, gasoline
power 1 hp.
Fuel tank volume for 0.5 l
Weight 5.9 kg

Hammer MTK25B

An inexpensive, good gasoline trimmer and also quite light. only 5.6 kg. The width of the strip processed in one pass is 38 cm.The lawn mower is ideal for both small work, for example, trimming the lawn, and for long-term operation in large areas.

The trimmer handle is D-shaped and adjusts to different angles. Due to its low weight, good balance and a comfortable shoulder strap, fatigue from working with the tool is minimized.

The trimmer is equipped with special rubber buffers, which reduce vibration from the engine. It is quite simple to start a lawn mower. you only need to pump gasoline into the carburetor 3-4 times, and then pull the starter.

Top 6 best gasoline trimmers

To deal with excess, chaotically growing vegetation in the yard, in the personal plot or in the garden, you can use an ordinary hand scythe. But in the courtyard there is an age of high technologies and a modern summer resident has long switched to a more mechanized tool. a trimmer (lawn mower).

This device allows you to mow grass, weeds and even small bushes (especially in the corners where you DO NOT crawl with a scythe), leaving behind a smooth, neat surface. There are two types of grass trimmers: electric and gasoline. The most common option is with a gasoline engine, since it is much more powerful and allows you to work over a wider area.

  • Petrol trimmer rating 2019
  • 6. Hammer MTK25B
  • 5. Hitachi CG 40 EY. T
  • 4. Makita EBH253U
  • 3. ECHO SRM-2305SI
  • 2. Husqvarna 133R
  • 1. KRÜGER GTK 52-7

Husqvarna 133R

In our ranking of lawn mowers, it is rightfully ranked second for reliability, high performance, ease of use and maintenance.

Even novice users who have never held anything like this in their hands can work with the trimmer. The unit starts up very easily thanks to a primer for pumping gasoline into the carburetor and an easy start system.

Optimized gearbox, forged crankshaft and connecting rod increase trimmer life and efficiency. The mower handle resembles a bicycle handlebar and provides a high level of comfort while working. Even after prolonged use, the back and arms do not fatigue thanks to the backpack straps and the asymmetrical design for optimal machine position.


The rating of gasoline trimmers 2019 continues lawn mowers, with a metal crankcase, a well-thought-out vibration damping system, a forged connecting rod and crankshaft, an additional fuel pump for easier engine starting.

The manufacturer took care of safety, comForte and maximum control over the operation of the unit. For example, the trimmer muffler is protected by a special cover that prevents accidental burns. The cover protects your feet from debris and grass, and its surface prevents the crop from sticking. The comfortable grip is equipped with all the necessary controls, in particular, the ignition switch, the speed lock button, and the speed regulator.

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Main characteristics
Engine Two-stroke, gasoline
Fuel tank volume 0.4 l
power 0.77 hp.
Weight 5.4 kg

Petrol trimmer rating 2019

Hitachi CG 40 EY. T

Powerful, comfortable and efficient petrol trimmer, suitable for a wide range of jobs. Trimmer heads can mow soft grass, attachments with special knives. hard grass and grass, and special knives allow you to work with small bushes.

The trimmer is designed in such a way that vibration from engine operation is minimal, and in fact it is. The T-handle is comfortable to use and allows you to handle large areas without stopping. The exhaust sound is much quieter compared to cheaper models. Special attention should be paid to the super-durable three-blade knife, which comes with a trimmer.


A lawn mower from a German manufacturer with a two-stroke engine with an increased power of 3 kW (4 hp). This is enough for periodic processing of a plot of up to 10 acres. The trimmer motor does NOT overheat: the air cooling system maintains operating temperature.

At idle, the Kruger Trimmer produces 2800 rpm, during operation. 9000 rpm. For mowing small grass, a fishing line with a working width of 40 cm is installed.To cut young trees or shrubs, the fishing line is replaced with a saw blade with sharp victorious teeth, which can easily cope with trunks up to 3-4 cm in diameter.

The Kruger Lawn Mower is equipped with a soft start system that makes starting the engine much easier. The set includes 5 metal knives and 2 spools with line. Thanks to its light weight and shoulder straps that redistribute the load from arms to shoulders, you can work as a lawn mower for a long time.

If you work quite often on your garden plot, then a trimmer will help you cope with the grass on its territory. This equipment helps mow lawns, trim the edge of the lawn and even remove weeds. However, before choosing such a device, it is important to take into account that areas can differ in the nature of vegetation and area, therefore, the tool should be selected for a specific task. The frequency of loads should also be taken into account.

Reviews about the features of T433S-2

This petrol trimmer model is highly durable. It is powered by a two-stroke engine, which is characterized by high performance and autonomy. Tough grass can be cut with a knife, just like weeds, but for soft grass, fishing line is perfect.

Petrol Trimmer Champion Which Is Better
  • Comfortable handle;
  • Special casing;
  • Rigid shaft;
  • Air cooling of the engine;
  • 2 cutting rigs;
  • Primer.

The sound pressure level is 120 dB. Consumers are advised to use personal protective equipment when using this model, which will exclude damage to the hearing organs. The equipment weighs 8 kg. Buyers emphasize that the weight of the unit can be impressive if you do not use a shoulder strap. Important Pay attention also to the capacity of the fuel tank, which provides the possibility of continuous operation without refueling. You can fill up at a time with 0.95 liters of gasoline.

Reviews about the features of the T433 model

Consumers love that you can disassemble the trimmer when needed, thanks to the split bar, allowing for compact storage. Among the additional advantages, buyers highlight the presence of two cutting equipment: a three-blade knife and a trimmer head. The design includes a primer. Hanging strap included.

Selection recommendations

If you plan to work with the trimmer for a short time, and the area of ​​your plot does NOT exceed 4 acres, then it is better to choose a battery or electric model. One of them is perfect for tidying up the front lawn, edging the area along the fence and trimming the mown lawn.

Electric trimmers are also called electric trimmers, they do NOT have a high performance, so they are not suitable for mowing tree growth. With the help of such a device, you can work with hard and soft grass, weeds and grass.

If you want to become the owner of a more mobile unit, then you should purchase a battery model. It is not as efficient and therefore NOT designed for continuous use. To operate, the battery will have to be charged periodically, so with an impressive amount of work, it is recommended to stock up on an additional battery.

Reviews about the main features of ET1200A

Consumers love the ability to cut raw grass. This is made possible by the overhead engine. Buyers quite often choose this model also for the reason that it has a good degree of protection, realized by a flap that covers the cutting element. Departures of cut grass to the operator are excluded. The person will be reliably protected from injuries that could occur during operation during contact with a fishing line or knife.