Playing a champion trimmer after replacing a piston. If with electrical equipment…

Playing a trimmer for grass after replacing a piston

I and many people who understand how their technology works, are already accustomed to the fact that “Lukoil. The best oil ”,“ TTR does not break ”and other nonsense written by incompetent students who barely have enough brains and money for the contents of the Flintstone scooter.

But when they write that after replacing the piston rings, you do not need to run. It’s too much.

And the most common stupid argument: “Why run them? The engine is already working!””

Well, forget about humiliations and return to those who want to know how and how to do it. In fact, we again turn to my art of caves.

On the propeller engine, on the cylinder and on the piston rings, the so.called mirror is formed, that is, a perfectly smooth and, most importantly, dense contact surface. Hence the compression: when the rings and the cylinder are located close to each other, compression is as much as possible. This is logical.

But between the rings and the cylinder, a very thin oil film (shown in red). It should be evenly located, without gaps and, of course, should be stable. If you turn off the trimming on a promoted engine immediately after starting, the engine is actually a khan, because there is still no mirror between the rings and the cylinder, and the oil film will be unstable, and the clots will be distributed, because new parts (for example, rings, cylinders) have The smallest roughness. which, in fact, disappears during the rupture process, forming a mirror.

But this is on the new engine, but what to do after replacing the rings on the engine operating? Yes, in principle, the same thing, look at the picture.

In fact, the oil film on your cylinder will be distributed in such a way that it will be broken, erased, in general, your piston will be threshed with a huge disadvantage of oil or, more simply, dry.

This occurs at speeds above average, so when running is not recommended to go beyond 3 gears and ride mainly at idle: quietly, calmly, calmly, in the “pensioner” mode.

The rings themselves should be at least 10-15 hours. And better 20. Is it less possible? Of course! Just burn the ring and piston!

Bottom line: if you have a drop of mind, then run the rings correctly. Yes, it is terrible, but it is cheaper than changing the piston that will be healthy!

Run the trimmer for the grass after replacing the piston

Engine failure after replacing piston rings. Attention to details

You may have to face the engine after replacing the piston rings. Without this procedure, the repair will be useless, you just spend time and money. It should be understood that running. This is not a whim of locksmiths and engineers. This event is of practical importance, and also can significantly increase the service life of the engine. If errors occur during the process, you can get a number of serious problems. This is more difficult for those who come after independent repair. Motorists-garages rarely know how to perform the procedure correctly, so there are often situations when the driver has to repeat it shortly after repair. Let us consider in more detail the features of this process, as well as how not to be mistaken in its implementation.

Working in the engine after replacing piston rings, the process is not very difficult, but here you need to know how to do this work. Do not listen to the craftsmen who say that you can do without this action. Only the correct mileage will avoid problems in the future. It should also be borne in mind that the period and features do not depend on how much the specialist grows through during grinding. This indicator does not affect the process.

First, we will figure it out when it is necessary. Naturally, the answer will be. after replacing the piston rings, but not everything is so simple. Often people say that not in all cases you need to run on a motorcycle. For example, there is a rather firm opinion that if the grinding was not carried out, then the mileage is not required. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Let’s see why this is a false statement.

In any case, if you removed the piston, you did some work to replace the parts. In our case, we changed the piston rings. Accordingly, no matter how correct and you certainly installed them, they will first become a foreign body in the engine. This will happen until the rings are pressed to the piston and the cylinder. It must be understood that a breakdown is necessary in any case, when new components are installed in the engine.

You probably wonder why you need to weave the details, because they have standard sizes. True, the dimensions are standard, but this applies primarily to new engines. The fact is that the cylinders and pistons wear out differently during work, this is due to a number of technical features. Therefore, putting on new rings on the used engine, you are guaranteed to encounter a problem such as incomplete coordination of size, which leads to the need to install.

Traimmer repairs for grass: how to stop the lubricant leakage from the gearbox

Trimmer malfunction for grass: where is the lubricant from the gearbox of the trimmer for the grass (Chinese trimmer for grass, in the gearbox, the traffic jams screwed up the press oil and the syringe).

The reason for the trimmer malfunction for the grass: solidol under pressure pushed closed bearings of the gearbox. During operation, a watery burning grease, persecuting rapidly rotating conical gears (in a small volume of the gearbox) “flies out” either into a leash cartridge if the closed bearing rings on the driven shaft are sold, or up to the body of the pipe if the closed bearing rings are sold on the leading shaft gearbox. trimmer repairs: change bearings (or the entire gearbox) in the service center and use a special lubricant for the gearbox for grass in the upcoming one (for example, Husqvarna).

Tip: Chinese lawn mowers have a small hole to add grease in a gearbox, therefore it will be more convenient to lubricate from a corporate tube to pick up a honey syringe (without a needle), and already add a lubricant to the gearbox from it.

playing, trimmer, replacing, piston

Repair of a trimmer for grass Husqvarna 333r

Husqvarna 333R grass faults for 3.5 seasons of active commercial operation (they achieved substitution):

  • The gearbox of the Husqvarna grass is assembled: a piece of the duralumin case broke off after a strong blow about a piece of a metal pipe sticking out of the ground (I turned 180 with a benzocosa, and the iron knife Windsor 300-3 2 mm (1 ″) was bent “bowl”). What did: made a metal.temporal clamp metallic.
  • Duravy Motor Podder. both front.line mounts broke off. Such a trimmer malfunction for grass.
  • One bolt of the muffler mount (the edges of the Husqvarna bolt head smoothed out).
  • It is better to change the muffler (they are dented and slightly snuts “overgrown” by the halter). Or at least clean the sparking net if they were not removed first by the operation of a trimmer for grass.
  • The steering rack to the trimmer pipe for Husqvarna’s grass (one ear from 2) broke off.
  • A weak thread for a candle in the cylinder head (try not to twist the candle unnecessarily).
  • An axial free stroke of the crankshaft appeared.
  • Husqvarna lawn mower Zama C1Q gaskets for the Zama C1Q carburetor (made from a narrow paronite).
  • Still regarding the repair of a trimmer for grass: in the 2nd season (in some places after 170 burned out. gasoline) it was necessary to add paper to two long-term screws of the Zama C1q carburetor mount (in the intake plastic collector, the thread was smoothed out) to eliminate the air leakage leakage due to the weakened screws.
  • Also, in the 2nd season, the thread was disconnected-the “impatient” from the cork of the tank (the ball knot is weak).
  • The rear screw of fastening of the duralumin submarine trimmer for Husqvarna’s grass changed to a larger one (thread smoothed in a plastic case).
  • A plastic loop broke, for which trimmer for Husqvarna grass is hung on a hook of a strap. He made an iron loop.
  • Changed both side screws on the lid of the shock absorber of the trimmer for the Husqvarna 333R grass. the body was “sawn” in the duraluminated housing of the shock absorber (drilled both in the shock absorber and in the pipe).
  • Changed the screws fastening the wire on the ignition coil (the thread was smoothed in the duralumin case).

Note: I read in some places that the production of two-stroke engines for refusal is less than 500 hours, and I have burned in 3.5 seasons

370 l. gasoline, t.e. if 0.35 l. per hour, already the operating time is more than 1000 hours! Husqvarna 333r grass trimmer. a very reliable trimmer for grass (lawn mower).

Note: Please write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what you think about such a trammer repair for grass.

Starting the lawn mower for the first time or after a long downtime

The lawn mower differs from a trimmer for the grass in that a fishing line for a trimmer does not act as a cutter for grass, but a mechanical gearbox or a winch based on a gears equipped with a knife. The knife drive is much stronger than the forest mechanism. a strong lawn mower is also used when cutting the bushes. Both Chinese and European law mmores do not differ in anything special when the declared capacity is real.

To lubricate the gearboxes, the lilest or solidol is consumed. Having checked the gearbox, prepare for the work and the engine itself. according to the above annotation. If the start has failed, the problem is already in the engine.

How to start a trimmer motor for grass or lawn mower?

The new trimmer for the grass is simple in commissioning.

  • Check the type of device motor. Trammers for grass are equipped with a 2- or 4-stroke engine.
  • Buy oil for this type of motor. Gasoline for a trimmer for grass-AI-92/93/98, is sold at all gas stations.
  • Mix oil with gasoline. Mineral oil is mixed in a ratio of 1: 34 with gasoline, synthetics. in 1: 50. Follow the tips of the trimmer manufacturer for the grass for the viscosity of the oil (see. label on the flask). often use all-season oil 5W-30. Do not use unverified car.
  • Pour a small amount (for example, 0.5 liters) of the resulting fuel in the tank.
  • Close the air conditioning by shifting the suitable lever (see. annotation).
  • Turn the ignition key (or handle) to the “inclusive” position. without this Trimmer for grass Will not start. Newcomers often make such a mistake.
  • Skip a little fuel in a carburetor. if there is a manual “rocking” with a separate button or lever (see. annotation). We need 4-7 presses.
  • Install a trimmer for grass on a flat surface.
  • Carefully pull the starting cord until you feel its brake. Then abruptly pull it out, but not quite. Repeat this movement before 4 times.
  • If the engine does not start, open the air damper again, it will flood the candles with a different gasoline during subsequent movements of the cord. Make 2-3 samples to start an open handbrake motor.
  • If the motor does not start, close the damper and make a few more attempts to start it.
  • After starting the engine, click on the gas lever, turning on the idle.

Oil and gasoline proportion

Most high.quality European and Japanese brands of gasoline equipment require the proportion of gasoline and special oil for two.stroke engines 50: 1. At the same time, the instructions are emphasized that the ratio is constant and does not require changes in the initial period of operation of a two.stroke internal combustion engine.

Many Chinese saws function with a recommended proportion of 40 to 1. Some outdated models require only 25 parts of gasoline per part of the oil. And if in the first proportion of the oil you can slightly overflow, then in the second case it is already a lot. It should be remembered: an excessive increase in the fuel of the oil in the fuel mixture will lead to increased smoke formation, the deposition of soot in the muffler, as well as the formation of a soil inside the cylinder and on the piston.


Why cannot be drove at idle

There are many videos on the Internet, entitled as a “proper saw”, where you can see the assigned unit, quietly rumbling at idle, removed from different angles. You can’t do this!

While working at idle, the engine operates at the lowest revolutions, but long-term work in this mode is destructive for the cylinder-piston group. The fact is that the fuel does not burn out completely, part of it settles on the walls of the cylinder and the bottom of the piston in the form of a carrier, interferes with the work of compression rings, works as an abrasive.

In addition, with the clutch turned off, the flywheel, on which the card of the crankcase is mounted, rotates slowly and does not provide proper cooling. As a result, the motor overheats, bulletin appears on the piston and cylinder, which leads to decompression, the saw loses power and stalls periodically.

Preparation of the correct fuel mixture

Before starting to run the new engine of the lawn mower, you must also prepare the fuel mixture correctly. As you know for two.stroke engines, it is prepared from special two.stroke oil and gasoline, taken in certain ratios. You can find out proportions from the instructions attached to the tool, or on the labeling label. From the instructions you will also learn the recommended type of fuel, as well as the recommended type of motor oil.

Cook fuel in small quantities sufficient for one mowing grass. Use special canists made of plastic for fuel, or a separate glass or metal dishes. It is best to type oil with a medical syringe.

Having gathered to run into a new lawn mower, many are faced with the problem in the preparation of the fuel mixture. And the reason for this is the disagreement in the instructions of the tool manufacturer and in the instructions of the manufacturer of motor oils. The first recommend a 1:25 proportion. The latter recommend 1:50. Who to believe? How to proceed?

According to experts, if in the instructions for a motorcycle, manufacturers write a proportion of 1:25 or 1:30, then it is most likely a cheap tool with poor cooling, or the manufacturer does not know what kind of oil will be added to the consumer. But here it must be understood that the excess of lubricant does not affect the performance of a trimmer for grass in the best way. Excess oil does not completely burn out when operating the engine. It cokes, clogs a cylinder and piston.

What to do in this situation when running in a new tool? An ideal option would be to purchase exactly the oil that the manufacturer of the lawn mower recommends. In the case of engines, when it is not possible to purchase the recommended oil, it is best to purchase a good Husqvarna two.stroke oil for the same gas tool. It costs not cheap, but there is enough it for a long time. It is necessary to interfere with it as it is written in the instructions on the bank.

Remember, it is best to use the proportion that the oil manufacturer gives. But is that proportion that is written on a spit is better to find out by experiment. If, with a trimmer recommended by the manufacturer for grass, the proportion of the engine sniffs with oil and the subteids are visible on it, then the proportion must be increased.

How to start a motorcycle

The peculiarity of any technique with a two.stroke engine is a hard algorithm of cold launch, which must be strictly observed.Good afternoon, dear subscribers and guests of the channel.

The other day, a man asked me to see his mower.

The complaint was that the tool would not start. The client said that he bought a mower recently, worked only once. An attempt to start a motorcycle for a second time was unsuccessful.

Such leaks indicate that the mower shifts fuel, but the user practically did not work, and as I later found out from the client, they appeared during an unsuccessful launch.

Now everything fell into place. This lawn mower is completely serviceable, but the client would not be bad to read the instructions, especially the section in which the process of “cold” launch is described.

Use fuel with additives

Many people are used to work with a benzoca gasoline, having additives and additives. In order for the device to work properly, you should choose a fuel that has no additives. Otherwise, such fuel will negatively affect the seals. Details will acquire softness and begin to pass air particles.

As a conclusion, you can indicate another popular mistake that many users make. During the restoration of the lawn mower, you cannot sharply press the gas key due to jamming the needle on the surface of the carburetor. It should be remembered that the gas key also needs to be wiped for good, long service, in particular, like all the mechanics. The gas key should be pressed smoothly and completely. As a result of such cautious movements, the needle in the carburetor, like all mechanics will be rubbed smoothly.

We proceed to running the lawn mower

After starting, do not rush to immediately run the trimmer for the grass. Let the engine idle for 5 minutes. While heating is going on, adjust the air supply to the air damper with a lever so that the rogue with a fishing line or with a knife does not rotate. As soon as the tool warmed up, we completely open the air supply to the corresponding lever to the “ON” position and squeeze the gas trigger for 1/2 and hold the seconds of seconds 30. Then we drop the gas, let the trimmer work on xx 30.40 seconds. In this mode we continue 10 minutes 15. Then we mock and let it rest for 15 20 minutes.

Having cooled the lawn mower, we continue to run the engine according to the previous scheme. Start a hot, a trimmer for grass should already be with an open air damper. Try not to hold the gas for a long time, since the movable details of the tool only rubbing each other. And do not let the engine work at idle for a long time as it can overheat.

The next stage is the a gas reducer gearbox for grass. To do this, select a plot with soft young grass. Kosim 5 10 minutes with 1/2 2/3 from full gas. After we take a break for 20 25 minutes. Repeat the cycle 3 4 times.

In general, therapist for the lawn mowing according to the described algorithm is carried out until the fuel mixture in the tank is fully generated. After which the tool is ready for long.term work. In the process, follow the temperature regime of the gearbox and the motor. They should not overheat.


It should be noted that a gasoline braid for grass is controlled very simply. It is enough to see how other users use this unit to start using it fully. The performance of the main technical functions is intuitive and does not require any difficulties in practice. Correctly driving a gasoline trimmer for grass is also not difficult. over, there is almost no difference between devices of household and professional categories.

The key difference is the type of motor. On technology for professionals, it is more powerful and gives more revolutions. A two.stroke engine is more often used in household models. Four.stroke units are more reliable and give out a greater effort, so they are suitable for special conditions, difficult and overgrown sites.

In addition, we must consider whether there is a cutting device in the supply set.

The first trigger

When everything is checked and the prepared fuel mixture is filled in the tank, the moment of the first launch of the trimmer for the grass until it is launched. To do this, follow the following manipulations:

  • Place the brush on a flat horizontal surface;
  • Transfer the throttle lever to a closed position;
  • We inject several fuel shocks for beginners in a carburetor;
  • Turn on the ignition;
  • Gently pull the starter cord until you feel resistance;
  • Then make a cord 3. 4 sharp jerks until the brush begins;
  • After starting, open the air damper.

Examination and lubrication of the gearbox

Before starting the gas trimmer for the grass, it is necessary to regularly check the gearbox. The lack of oil or its small amount increases the friction of the gearbox operating at fairly high speeds. This leads to overheating and transmission. Gearbox Grand Lawn Model. Prevents such damage during operation and helps regular inspection.

If an insufficient amount or lack of fat is found before starting a gas braid in a gearbox, Litol is inserted into the case. To do this, unscrew the screw on the bend of the gearbox body and the Litol syringe in the amount of 1-2 ml.

playing, trimmer, replacing, piston

High.quality gasoline trimmers for grass and countries manufacturers

The modern consumer market is overloaded with a large number of models from different brands. When choosing a gasoline braid for grass, special attention should be paid attention to Japanese, German and Chinese brands.

In good demand, gasoline hand mowing from Germany is in good demand. They are reliable and convenient during operation. Trade brands are not behind them. Every day they confidently win the new expanses of the consumer market.

Getting acquainted with the device of the mowing, it is worth highlighting its main nodes:

  • the engine (2-stroke is cheaper, but it is complicated in maintenance (it works exclusively on the fuel mixture, which is prepared for certain proportions, a 4-stamped lawn mower is more expensive, but in maintenance it is simple);
  • barbell;
  • drive unit;
  • cutting element (head with fishing line, special knife).

These are the main nodes that consists of a modern gasoline braid for grass.

Playing Chinese lawn mower and operation issues. Practice

In this video, we will indicate the most all.produced error when running in gasosos and chainsaws. Buy spare parts.

Playing Chinese lawn mower and operation issues. Practice

I continue to share the first impressions of the Tatra motorcycle. In this video I will briefly tell about the first start.

The first launch and run-in Motokos Tatra BCU-73

how to run the lawn mowers and chainsaws correctly.

mechanical. to defend and store gasoline for work not in metal containers and not longer than 1 (one) month, otherwise it oxidizes and loses its properties;

chemical. impurities and additives should not be present (they have different speed, degree and temperature of combustion). Old gasoline turns yellow or reddish, and impurities have pungent smells of bitterness (for example, creosot) or acid (for example, methyl alcohol).

The proportion of the fuel mixture is 1:50 (2%) or 20 ml/cm3 of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. For example, pour half a gasoline measure into a transparent plastic bottle (1 l), then administer a two.stroke oil with a medical syringe (20 ml/cm3) and mix, add gasoline and mix thoroughly. If the quality of gasoline is doubtful or the working conditions are difficult, then the amount of oil can be increased to 22-25 ml/cm3. Before each refueling, shake the mixture! Store the resulting fuel for no more than two weeks! If the color of the mixture has changed (from the color of the sea wave, for example, brown), then it is not recommended to use it!

We proceed to running the lawn mower

After starting, do not rush to immediately run the trimmer for the grass. Let the engine idle for 5 minutes. While heating is going on, adjust the air supply to the air damper with a lever so that the rogue with a fishing line or with a knife does not rotate. As soon as the tool warmed up, we completely open the air supply to the corresponding lever to the “ON” position and squeeze the gas trigger for 1/2 and hold the seconds of seconds 30. Then we drop the gas, let the trimmer work on xx 3040 seconds. In this mode we continue 10 minutes 15. Then we mock and let it rest for 15 20 minutes.

Will a Car Muffler Make a Generator Quiet?

Having cooled the lawn mower, we continue to run the engine according to the previous scheme. Start a hot, a trimmer for grass should already be with an open air damper. Try not to hold the gas for a long time, since the movable details of the tool only rubbing each other. And do not let the engine work at idle for a long time as it can overheat.

The next stage is the a gas reducer gearbox for grass. To do this, select a plot with soft young grass. Kosim 5 10 minutes with 1/2 2/3 from full gas. After we take a break for 20 25 minutes. Repeat the cycle 3 4 times.

In general, therapist for the lawn mowing according to the described algorithm is carried out until the fuel mixture in the tank is fully generated. After which the tool is ready for long.term work. In the process, follow the temperature regime of the gearbox and the motor. They should not overheat.

Motokosa service (trimmer for grass)

Engine. The air filter should always be clean (without dirt or sawdust); foam filter must be wetted with oil. The fuel filter must be checked once a week, in the case of intensive use of the tool, if necessary, to replace it in time. Checking the tightening of nuts and screws. before starting work. Cleaning from a muffler carrier (or its grid) and candles. if necessary.

Cutting discs. The cutting faces should be well and properly sharpened using the necessary templates and files (emery), in compliance with the angles of the cutting parts depending on the brand of the disk. Double.sided disks regularly turn over 180 ° and wear out evenly. A dumb disk or a disk with poor or improper sharpening does not cut well, and thereby overloads the engine, which leads to an accelerated reduction in its motorcyclear.

playing, trimmer, replacing, piston

Trimmer fishing line and trimmer heads. Use only a special braid line for a trimmer. do not use wire or metal cables! Install a fishing line for a trimmer only of the diameter that is recommended by the manufacturer. Wind on the bobbin tightly, but do not cross the turns. Clean the mowing head from dirt and, if necessary, lubricate. A worn or deformed head can disable a gearbox and/or shaft motorcycles.

Corner gearbox. As necessary, cleaned of dirt (such a “fur coat” does not allow the gearbox to cool normally) and add a consistent lubricant of Husqvarna, or similar, for a reducer pair.

Protective covers. It is forbidden to work without a protective casing. this is dangerous for the life of the operator and others, and can also overload the motor motorcycles. For each type of cutting equipment, only its own protective casing, provided for by the manufacturer, should be used.

Independent repair of motorcycles

It should be noted that it is not always possible to independently repair motorcycles, but in most cases, small repairs are possible for everyone.

If a trimmer motor broke for grass, and you are not a car mechanic and not an electrician, it is better not to try to fix the mechanism. There is a chance that you cannot collect it back. There may be such problems: low compression in the engine, the engine jammed, the carburetor failed. If these phrases do not tell you about anything, then you should not repair the motorcycle for the picture and intuition.

It should be noted that the maintenance and repair of the chainsaws and motorcycles are largely similar.

playing, trimmer, replacing, piston

A trimmer for grass consists of a bar, a motor (happens from above or below), and a mowing head with knives, various additional elements. What can be repaired here yourself?

air damper; 2. handle; 3. engine stopping device; 4. throttle control lever;

5-bracket limiter; 6. bar; 7. protective device of cutting devices;

1) If the swallowed a toggle switch is turned on, and you are familiar with simple electrical circuits and are friends with a soldering iron, solder and rosin, then you can easily replace the toggle switch with a new. They are sold in electrical equipment and lighting stores.

2) if the wire limiter from the mowing head has disappeared, it can be wrapped with flexible copper or aluminum wire to the bar. You can also make a new mount from a strip of stainless steel.

3) If a fishing line for a trimmer was torn in the drum of a mowing head, there is nothing easier than replacing it on your own. You can, of course, just buy a head for motorcycles separately and replace it, but a fishing line for a trimmer will cost a hundred percent cheaper. The optimal material here is a fishing line for a trimmer from 0.9 to 1.5 mm, nylon or nylon. Measure the diameter of the used fishing line at once, before it ends completely. Thinner. can break, thicker. causes engine overheating and unnecessary vibration. You need to disassemble the drum and wind the fishing line for a trimmer manually, then collect the drum.

4) if the bar breaks, it can also be repaired by scraping and gluing to wooden rails or iron brackets.

5) If strong vibration has begun, and the engine began to work “unevenly”, perhaps a motorcycle has a lubricant. Any trimmer for grass is easily disassembled, it is recommended to lubricate it with technical oil at least once a year.

7) If the trimmer for grass is equipped with plastic knives, and they were deformed for some reason, there is a way to replace them with metal. To do this, you need to make several stainless steel knives. This is difficult at home, but a familiar turner operating in an industrial enterprise or factory will be able to save the situation. Knives are attached to the shaft using a sleeve with a puck. Such modernization will lead to the fact that a trimmer will become possible to mow grass of any stiffness. But caution when handling such a trimmer should increase.

8) the engine does not start? To start a braid, sometimes even hot, it is necessary to completely close the damper to enrich the mixture. Check the flow of gasoline, clean, if necessary, replace the glow of incandescent.