Poor Starts Stihl 180 Reasons

Today, many manufacturers are engaged in the production of aggregates for agricultural and construction works, among which the most popular is the equipment manufactured by Stihl. A high level of quality is not the only reason why products from this manufacturer are popular in the market. The democratic price and optimal power, which the models of this brand have, also contributed to this.

It seems that many had to use a chainsaw of a similar brand. over, it is not easy to use, but to regularly perform a wide variety of work and make sure of the high performance characteristics of this tool. This distribution of these products is no coincidence, given that in addition to power, this tool stands out with its graceful design. However, it must be remembered that this is still a technique in which the resource of work is limited. Therefore, each owner of such a unit at some point is faced with the need for repair. Next, we will talk about the features of repairing a Stihl 180 chainsaw.

General information

The characteristics of this saw are the reason for the pride of the German manufacturer. At the same time, the unit is a tool that is designed to perform a small amount of work. The tool is positioned for domestic use, which confirms the intensity of its operation, which should not exceed 20 hours per month. Having such a unit at your disposal, it will not be difficult for you to maintain order in your garden, to prepare firewood for the winter, as well as to clear the sites. However, he will be able to help you in solving other problems where there is no need to perform complex manipulations.

Main characteristics

Poor Starts Stihl 180 Reasons

The saw in question can be considered a compact option, because its weight is only 3.9 kg. At the same time, it has a large capacity oil and fuel tank. The two-stroke engine, whose power is enough to solve simple problems, helps the device to perform its working functions. In addition to this, during operation this instrument does not generate strong noise whose level does not exceed 98 dB. For ease of understanding, it is enough to say that human speech creates noise at the level of 76 dB.

  • The Stihl 180 chainsaw has a power of 2.6 watts. In principle, this is enough, remembering that we are talking about a tool for domestic use.
  • The capacity of the oil tank is 0.145 liters, fuel. 0.25 liters.
  • The tire provided by the design has dimensions of 350 mm, with a pitch of 0.325 inches.

Clockwork device

As in the case with other saws, the carburetor plays the role of the main device that provides starting. Considering in more detail the carburetor that the Stihl 180 chainsaw is equipped with, it should be noted that it has a single tuning screw. In other words, it is a kind of idle adjustment screw. At the same time, the jet, which has a full load, is stationary all the time.

In other words, the adjustment in relation to him is not applicable. In turn, there is no way to influence the full load in any way. You also need to pay attention to the factory settings, because of which the supply of the air-fuel mixture is carried out directly to the engine. over, this principle is maintained regardless of the operating conditions of the tool.

The saw does not start: causes and solutions

  • Speaking of saw 180, it must be said that this tool has many advantages. At the same time, this unit is not without its drawbacks. They will be given attention.
  • A common situation in which many owners find themselves when the Stihl chainsaw and floods a candle. This is usually associated with the formation of a leak of oil used to lubricate the chain. The same thing happens for the reason that over time, the area on which the hose of the oil pump and the oil tank is joined, loses its former tightness.
  • In principle, this problem is solvable, however, in order to do everything correctly, you need to consider the design of the chainsaw in question. This process in itself provides for certain nuances, first of all, it is necessary to disassemble the unit, and without this it will be impossible to get to the required place.
  • For many owners of this saw, the question is why the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start? Experts give the following recommendation on this subject: the first thing to do for those who are faced with a similar problem is to open and then close the lid located on the gas tank. There is another solution. you need to pull out the candle and let it dry. You can also create the effect of artificial ventilation for the combustion chamber. Most often, these recommendations are enough to bring the device back to working condition. However, this does not always help restore the operation of the Stihl chainsaw.
  • If there is a spark, but attempts to start a chainsaw do not lead to anything, then in this case check gas supply, air filter, after which make sure the spark plug is in working condition. Such manipulations must be done for the reason that most often such malfunctions are caused by contamination of the breather. And if a plug forms in it, then, naturally, a vacuum medium will be created in the gas tank, because of which fuel will not come. A similar problem can be solved quite simply, for which it is enough to remove dirt using a needle.
  • Some owners encounter this problem when the saw itself starts up, but immediately starts to stall. Look for the reason that the saw does not start should be in the carburetor. Most likely, he managed to clog and therefore does not allow the tool to work properly.
  • To make sure that the cause of the malfunction is not the breather, and it is in working condition, you must first disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor, and then find out if there is a fuel leak.
  • Keep in mind that for a normally working chainsaw a natural occurrence is dense and stable stream of gasoline. In addition, it is often possible to observe a situation when the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start up hot and immediately stalls at the same moment or after a while. Typically, such a malfunction is associated with a silencer. Most likely, it accumulated a lot of deposits associated with the long-term operation of the tool, which is usually accompanied by the formation of exhausts.
  • At the same time, the saw may stop starting if the tool chain is poorly lubricated. Channels having a plug can contribute to this, or the reason is to look for an oil pipe that has a leak.
  • A serious problem can be leaks in the connecting pipes or at the installation site of the oil pump fittings.
  • There are cases when the Stihl 180 chainsaw begins to stall due to a failed cylinder. To make sure whether this is really so, it is enough to conduct an inspection. If as a result of the examination you find irregularities and chips, then this is a clear sign of damage.

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Bad candle: troubleshooting methods

  • Sometimes during the check it is possible to find out that the problem is a faulty candle. In this case it is removed, then allowed to dry. Some owners may try to ignite it, but this should not be done, because otherwise this element will be damaged and after that it will only be thrown away. During troubleshooting, you will have to remove excess fuel by draining it through a special hole.
  • You also need to keep in mind that the drying time should be at least half an hour. After completing such an operation, you can return it to its place, and then test it in practice.
  • In some cases, the candle may fail due to working out your resource. Usually, when this is confirmed, the only solution to this problem remains. the search for a replacement for it. In this case, it does not hurt to have a spare candle, and even better when you have at your fingertips a whole set of such elements. In this case, you can always put a new candle in place of the existing one and see if the broken candle is the cause of the breakdown.
  • At the same time, the inability to start a chainsaw may be caused by poor contact, provided by a high-voltage wire and the end of a candle. The problem with starting a chainsaw may be due to failure of the ignition unit. In such situations, the only solution to the problem is to replace the failed unit, since it is not repairable.

Other malfunctions

  • The issue regarding many owners is relevant correct idling after emptying fuel from gas tanks. According to experts, this is not worth worrying about. However, if you often encounter a similar problem, then it is enough to manipulate the carburetor, reducing the engine speed to restore the normal operation of the tool.
  • In some cases, the owner may need to clean the muffler, as this part may cause malfunction. Performing this operation is quite simple. It must be remembered that many owners are faced with the problematic operation of a chainsaw due to a faulty carburetor.
  • Although in some cases, troubleshooting can be quite simple, it is most preferable if specialists repair this equipment. After all, not every one of us has the necessary knowledge and skills, and this is fraught with the fact that during the independent elimination of a malfunction there is a risk of completely disabling the tool.


A chainsaw simplifies many operations. However, for a long time she cannot demonstrate her initial level of work. Therefore, problems may occur at some point. Naturally, the owner can fix some malfunctions on his own, but in any case there is a risk that he will not correctly identify them, and this is fraught with the fact that by his actions he can completely disable the tool. therefore it is advisable not to take the initiative, and entrust this work to a specialist.