Products made of plywood with your own hands with a jigsaw

Preparatory work

Before you begin sawing with a jigsaw, you need to decide what kind of pattern you want to create on plywood. To visualize the image, it is most convenient to transfer it to plain paper. If the item will be large (for example, a three-dimensional casket or shelf), you can’t do without an ordinary A4 sheet of paper. In such a case, you should take a cotton paper of format A1 or A0.

When the edges of the future work of art are outlined with a pen or a fine marker on paper, you can apply it to the plywood. To do this, it is enough to cut out a drawn figure, attach it to plywood and outline with a pencil. To be able to correct an unevenly traced outline, it is better to use a simple pencil and prepare an eraser just in case.

The outline should be applied to the back of the plywood, from which you plan to saw the figure. To prevent the design from moving during the transfer, you can attach it with tape or glue (provided the glue can be easily removed from the surface). For convenience, you can shade the entire inside of the future product, so as not to accidentally cut off more than necessary.

By the way, another way of transferring the pattern on the plywood is to use tracing paper. It should be put between the base and the paper layout (jigsaw template). After that, the only thing left to do is to trace all the scythe line again.

products, made, plywood, your, hands

There is also a variant of thermal application of the pattern to the wooden surface. For this purpose it is necessary to print the drawing on an inkjet printer. After that the printout is attached to the plywood with its front side and smoothed with a hot iron.

For a comfortable sawing it is also recommended to prepare a special table-machine. It is a construction that is attached to the work table. This device has a wedge-shaped cutout, similar to a dovetail or wooden clothespin. It is attached to the workbench or table with a clamp. The preparation process also includes the selection of a template for artistic sawing with a jigsaw.

Since jigsaws can have some differences, the process of selecting this tool is not so simple. Manual models with a frame made of sheet metal should not be taken. It is better to use a jigsaw made of a tube. This is the way to ensure the best possible tensioning of the blade without distortion. The manual jigsaw must also be supplied with nuts, also called “wing nuts”. The wing nuts are made of good steel.

Technology of the sawing process

After drawing on the plywood or wood workpiece, the sawing process takes place.

First of all the internal elements of the future product are processed and cut out, after that the sawing on the external contour is begun.

This procedure allows for an even mowing line, a neat cut, and provides a convenient attachment of the material.

The holes for the inner contour blade should be drilled in sharp places. This process requires careful handling and attention, because chipping may occur on the back side of the workpiece.

In order to avoid this, it is recommended to make the holes incompletely. And to limit the depth of the hole you can use masking tape, wrapping it around the drill.

products, made, plywood, your, hands

After drilling, the workpiece should be turned over and the holes should be treated with an awl. The last step is to grind the workpiece with a file or file, and small elements are handled delicately so as not to break them.

For example, a thin strip of sandpaper is cut off and then inserted into the jigsaw blade instead of the blade itself.

During work, the workpiece should be secured at chest level. this will ensure comfort during the process, and also allow you to closely monitor it.

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When using the jigsaw, be careful and practice smooth reciprocating movements, because the jigsaw blade is very fragile. It is recommended to avoid sudden movements, distortions and overheating of the blade during the process.

If you are using an electric jigsaw, then the work requires the workpieces to be securely fastened to the workbench. When working with this tool, you can handle material up to 5 centimeters thick.

I recommend the following video, in which the author tells about the tricks of independent sawing the product with a hand jigsaw:

Products made of plywood by our own hands with a jigsaw

As you can see, from the usual plywood or wood billet can independently make a large number of products, which include a vase for candy, lamp, basket, photo frame, card holder, hanger in the hallway, needle holder, panel, bakancanitsa, a stand for eggs or under the hot dishes, casket, candlestick and much more.

If you are just starting to carve, then first take simple drawings, diagrams, drawings or sketches for carving. Choose ideas for making wooden products with a hand jigsaw that will be pleasing to you in its appearance.

After you have mastered the techniques of sawing, you can lift the bar and begin to cut jewelry models with openwork fragments.

You can also use the jigsaw to make casings for the design of the house.

Using stencils for cutting, it is much easier and faster to make homemade products from wooden workpieces or plywood.

In doing so, handmade products will accentuate the style and complement the design of the room.

What kind of plywood you need for sawing with a jigsaw?

Practice shows that the best material for working with a hand jigsaw is birch plywood with a thickness of 2 to 8 mm. It is affordable, easy to handle, and highly durable.

To create small details or “dense” openwork pattern, it is more appropriate to use three-layer plywood up to 3 mm thick. It is easy to saw and at the same time it is quite strong. The likelihood that you will spoil the sawed curl with another jamming of the blade is significantly lower.

When choosing the material for the crafts, pay attention to the fact that the plywood was flat and without a large number of knots. Examine the end face for the presence of air chambers, their presence indicates an uneven application of glue. It is better to refuse from such low-grade plywood, otherwise you can not avoid a large number of chips, which will spoil the appearance of the product.

Specifics of the process

Leisure time is possible to spend with the benefit, available at any time and having uncomplicated materials and tools.

To make a handicraft you need to possess:

  • A drawing drawn up in advance;
  • Jigsaw;
  • A plywood sheet, the right size;
  • fastening bolts;
  • self-tapping;
  • screws;
  • corners;
  • with glue, as needed.

The easiest thing is to make a stool. Of the material you will need:

It is necessary to cut along the details for the legs to the thickness of the plywood to the center of the blanks and combine them. With the help of corners to attach the seat. That’s it, the stool is ready. The dimensions can be made to your liking.

You can make Christmas crafts from plywood with a hand jigsaw in images:

Products are often created for children, as a decoration of the house or garden area. It is good to work together with children.

Children will benefit from it, they will gain skills, while such an activity is interesting and fun. Handicrafts in this case, children can be proud to place on public display.

Plywood crafts with their own hands: unusual and original products for home, cottage, garden

Plywood is represented by a sheet of wood of different varieties. Consists of several glued layers of thin veneer. can be from any wood. But for plywood, beech, birch or pine is the right choice.

If you gather all the necessary tools, organize a comfortable workplace, draw or download the product scheme from the Internet, then plywood handicrafts are created without much trouble. Requires attention and a minimum of free time, because it is not necessary to complete the model in one approach. You can stretch the process and make the necessary changes.

What and how to cut plywood with a jigsaw

All kinds of articles of plywood and wood, made by skilled craftsmen masters, are very highly valued around the world, causing universal admiration. Undoubtedly, carving is creativity and art, but you will certainly be able to master it with effort and by constantly honing your skills. This optimum hobby related to wood and plywood will require from you not too much free time and equipment, not very expensive. Of course, we mean carving plywood with jigsaws!

It is rapidly gaining popularity: who doesn’t want to make an excellent decorative object with their own hands, decorating their home, furniture, creating an artistic entourage! Cut products of different thicknesses are optimally integrated into many existing styles of decoration, and we get, for example, frames for photo cards with ornaments, words, individual letters, shaped shelves, made by carving jigsaw on plywood. In addition, such creativity is an action that is available to anyone interested in the process, even a beginner. You just need to get an idea of “how it works”. And you can begin to create!

Scope and benefits of plywood sheets

There are many ways to use this material, in the general case we can highlight such ways to use plywood as:

  • floor paneling, and plywood can be used both for leveling and for floor insulation;
  • Wall cladding. unlike plasterboard, plywood sheets are much stronger, although they weigh more, and are susceptible to moisture;
  • Formwork for foundations or making concrete blocks;
  • The construction of a solid base for a soft roofing material, such as asphalt shingles;

The material is excellent even for shuttering

  • making all sorts of handicrafts, from simple figurines to complex mechanisms that even have moving parts made of plywood. In general, in the question of what can be made of plywood with a hand jigsaw, the only limitation. imagination and assiduity of man, so that the scope for creativity is simply limitless;
  • plywood can also be used to make full-fledged furniture, and its strength is in no way inferior to conventional wood.

This material also has a number of advantages:

  • Even the thin material has outstanding strength, this is due to the layered structure of the material. 6mm plywood sheet is composed of several layers of veneer, when glued, the fibers of each layer are placed at an angle to the previous, so that the bending of this sheet works just fine;

The photo shows the layered structure of the material

Note! For use inside the house should choose sheets marked FC, it means that the bonding used urea adhesive, which does not contain phenolic compounds, dangerous to human health.

  • You can buy a large sheet of plywood for about 500-700, which is enough for several dozen complex crafts. So the price can also be considered an advantage of this material.