Professional Edging Trimmer Which is Better

Razor-trimmer. “Beard” for edging a beard and mustache. Razor for beard trim.
Thanks to the special design of the head, this razor is very simple to make a beard trim and correct the mustache. The photo shows that the lower part of the head is narrow and this allows the blade to protrude beyond the borders of the plate more than in an ordinary razor. A razor trimmer allows even very delicate and precise work to form a beard. Unlike shawlets, it is more familiar and more convenient to hold in your hand.

Professional Edging Trimmer Which is Better

In recent times, the growing and wearing of a beard is at the peak of popularity among males. This can explain the prevalence of fashionable barber shops-hairdressers for beards, the services of which not everyone can use. It is worth noting that wearing a beard provides for constant care for her, so it will be relevant to purchase a high-quality tool for edging it. Quality care can be at home. Maintaining a beard in a neat form makes the appearance of a man more brutal, well-groomed and expensive.

The article will discuss how to make a beard contour yourself, how to maintain a mustache and beard in perfect condition, as well as the best and rating tools that help give a beard a presentable condition.

1. How to make a beard trim
To carry out this procedure, you will need not only tools for trimming, but also the following attributes:
comb (comb with wide apart teeth);
Before you start shaving, you should determine the shape of the beard, its fishing lines. When choosing a model, it is necessary to take into account factors such as face shape, stiffness of the bristles, growth rate, density of the bristles. To do this, you can resort to the help of templates that can be found on the Internet. Particular attention should be paid to the whiskers and the area with bristles, which is located on the cheeks.
Important. If the vegetation on the cheeks rises very high to the eyes, then you should not leave it, but if the bristles are located in the area of ​​the cheekbones, you can only give it a clearer look.
In any case, everything will depend on the template and the wishes of what form the beard will be.
Since the hair on the face and neck is more stiff, it is necessary to steam the face a little before starting work. To do this, you can attach a towel soaked in fairly warm water.
Tip. In the water in which the towel will be wetted, you can add a shaving agent, so the bristles soften even more and become more supple.
After this, you should comb the bristles with a comb with wide teeth, so that all the hairs are aligned, straightened and lay in one direction.
The next step is to align the overall length of the hair. If a trimmer is used, nozzle No. 3 is selected.
After the excess length is removed. You can start shaving with nozzle No1. It allows you to make the area where the bristles are not needed, smooth. The direction of shaving is from the base of the neck to the chin.
For the subsequent design of the beard, it is necessary to choose one thin blade, so the movements will be more correct. You should move your hand smoothly, this will help to avoid the appearance of curves, inaccurate lines in the work.
After work, a cool towel can be applied to the surface of the face and neck to relieve irritation and soothe the skin.
For general recommendations, regardless of the type and shape of the beard is the correct and harmonious definition of mowing line in the neck. It should not be too high, then the beard will look kutse. Also, the mowing line should be very accurate, if you design the beard office in the neck area carelessly, then its very appearance will look messy.
To create a beautiful beard, it is important to choose high-quality tools for this purpose.

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2. Overview of beard trim tools
Conventionally, all tools are divided into three types:
hair clipper;
2.1 Scissors
For care of the beard, it is better to choose straight scissors, they are suitable for cutting hair, mustache and beard. Scissors are classic beard edging tools. But it is worth noting that you can give a fashionable shape only when there is already a certain experience. If before that there was no need to trim the beard, then it is better to choose from other options.
2.2 Razor
This tool can also be attributed to the classic version. Shavers are divided into two types: dangerous and safe.
The former have a thin, open and sharp blade. Work with such a razor should be extremely careful and accurate. Care for the dangerous blade should be thorough (rinse, dry and store in a special case).
Safe blades have restrictions near the blade of the knife, thereby preventing injury to the skin during sharp and strong movement. But the difference between the second type of razor and the first is that the dangerous ones are used to create a clearer beard contour, while the safe ones are used where it is necessary to give the skin surface smoothness, that is, simply shave off unnecessary bristles.
2.3 Machine
Hair clippers are divided into two types: electric and manual. The first type is more popular because of its ease of use. If the machine is purchased only for edging a beard, then you can give preference to the battery type. Over time, the blade needs sharpening. To do this, seek the help of a professional.
2.4 trimmer
The most popular are trimmers. Their principle of operation is similar to a typewriter, but the trimmer is much smaller, which makes its operation very simple. In addition, with trimmers, the kit includes a variety of nozzles that allow you to give an original and trendy shape to a beard and mustache, as well as trim the length. They are universal, therefore suitable for absolutely everyone. Trimmers are divided into two types:
for home use. The first option is equipped with a larger set of nozzles, but it should be noted that only a trained person can use them. Also, professional trimmers are quite expensive and require service only in special centers.
The second version of the trimmer will be a great option for those who want to engage in the design of a beard and mustache on their own. Such devices are inexpensive, but at the same time they are as good as tools for shaving workshops. Their kit includes the basic composition of the nozzles, but this is enough to give the contours of the beard a neat and fashionable look.
3 Review of the best trimmers
When choosing a trimmer, you need to pay attention to the following:
how he lies in his hand (voluminous / heavy / slides);
are there any necessary nozzles in the kit;
what blades (they should be of different lengths);
what type of charging (the best option for purchase will be the battery type);
if it is a battery type, then how long it can work without a charger and works autonomously.

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Video: Professional Edging Trimmer Which is Better

3.1 For beard trim is very well suited. trimmer “Beard”. She very conveniently lays down in a hand and the movements turn out exact and confident. The bottom has a more narrowed shape, which allows you to make the mowing line of the beard more clear. In addition, “Beard” is unpretentious in leaving. After each use, it must be washed under running water and wiped dry. The blades remain perfectly sharp for a very long time. Trimmer “Beard” is the perfect solution at an affordable price. Due to its small size, it is convenient to take it with you, it does not take up much space. This trimmer is very functional. it allows you to remove unnecessary vegetation in the nose, ears. In addition, it is almost silent, which makes it very comfortable to use.

3.2 Babyliss E835E
This model is completely waterproof. A very convenient stand for the device, which is also a charger. But the trimmer may not work for long, and it takes more than 15 hours to charge. This trimmer is able to trim and shape the beard and mustache, as well as remove unwanted hair from the ears and nose.
3.3 Philips QG 3335
A good universal model, 6 nozzles are a part. It is waterproof. It charges about 10 hours, autonomously capable of working for about 50.60 minutes. It can be used to cut hair on the body and head. The blades have the ability to sharpen themselves, they are coated with a titanium coating, which minimizes the appearance of irritation.
3.4 Wahl 9818-116
Very multi-functional model. It can perform the functions of cutting hair, beard and mustache, as well as remove hair from unwanted places on the body. The battery charges for a long time, autonomously withstands up to 3-4 hours of continuous operation.
3.5 Remington MB4130
The result of this trimmer can be compared with the work of a professional master. The material from which the blades are made is titanium, self-sharpening. To clean them simply rinse under running water. Universal model, has about 10 positions, with which you can independently choose the length of the beard.
Fast charge, ability to work independently for about an hour.
3.6 Panasonic ER-GB37
An ideal model for creating model-style haircuts. It is convenient to change positions, modes. The material from which the blades are made is steel. It can be used together with a shaving agent. It takes a long time to charge.
3.7 Braun BT 5030
The trimmer boasts all the necessary blades for cutting, beard trimming, hair removal. Rinse the nozzles and blades in running water. Comes with a double battery. Charges about 7-8 hours, without charging it can work for about an hour.
3.8 Philips QT4015
Universal, compact model. There is a nozzle “three-day stubble.” It is very convenient to change positions, titanium blades, which for a very long time do not need sharpening. Safe use due to rounded ends. It charges quickly, without a charger, it works for about two hours.
3.9 Philips B T7210 Series 7000
This model has a built-in vacuum system that collects the removed hair immediately, I do not let them fall. The materials of which the blades are made is stainless steel. They do not need to be specially sharpened. The kit contains all the necessary nozzles that allow you to style your beard and mustache, cut your hair and remove unnecessary ones. Charges quickly and holds battery charge for a long time.