Protective Equipment When Working With a Petrol Trimmer

Protective Equipment When Working With a Petrol Trimmer

Instruction manual
on labor protection when working with a manual trimmer

  • in explosive and fire hazardous areas of the institution;
  • in a state of physical fatigue, illness, as well as being under the influence of AL-KOgol or drugs;
  • on the premises of an institution with an inclination angle of more than 20 degrees (for a lawn mower);
  • during thunderstorms and rain;
  • on wet grass;
  • in low light conditions.

1.4. In the process of mowing grass, it is strictly forbidden to smoke and use open flame.
1.5. An employee of the institution should be provided with overalls and safety shoes when working with hand-held petrol and power tools, as well as use safety glasses or a shield.
1.6. To work with the trimmer, only those fuels and lubricants that are indicated in the instrument passport should be used.
1.7. The tool may only be used with standard work tools.

  • transfer the trimmer to others;
  • independently repair the tool;
  • touch the rotating parts of the petrol and power tool;
  • touch those parts of the trimmer that heat up during operation (silencer, cylinder).
  • moving parts of trimmers, small objects (wood chips, stones) flying out from under the cutting knife during the operation of the trimmer;
  • sharp edges, burrs and roughness on the surfaces of tools and equipment;
  • increased or decreased air temperature of the working area;
  • high humidity of the working area;
  • increased or decreased temperature of equipment surfaces, materials;
  • increased noise in the workplace;
  • increased level of vibration;
  • increased dust and gas contamination of the air of the working area;
  • insufficient lighting of the working area;
  • the possibility of fire in connection with the use of fuel
  • flammable liquid;
  • increased air mobility;
  • increased level of infrared and ultraviolet radiation;
  • increased voltage in an electrical circuit, the closure of which can occur through the human body;
  • neuropsychic overload (monotony of labor).

Under the influence of these factors, under certain conditions, an employee of the institution performing work on mowing the grass may get a mechanical injury or thermal burn.
1.10. To exclude the action of dangerous and harmful factors, the employee must observe personal hygiene measures and use personal protective equipment when working.
1.11. When performing work, it is necessary to adhere to the accepted technology and rules. Prevent the use of methods that accelerate the execution of operations, but lead to a violation of labor safety requirements.

  • device and principle of operation of the trimmer;
  • basic types and principles of malfunctions of this equipment, and methods for their elimination;
  • safe tricks when working with a trimmer.
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1.13. During work, you need to be careful not to be distracted by extraneous matters and conversations and not to distract others.
1.14. It is not allowed to perform work while in a state of AL-KO intoxication or in a condition caused by the use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic, toxic or other intoxicating substances, as well as to drink alcohol, use narcotic drugs, psychotropic, toxic or other intoxicating substances in the workplace or in the territory.
1.15. An employee of an educational institution who uses a gas and electric power tool is liable for violation of the requirements of this instruction in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

  • chain brake; chain brake handle;
  • throttle lock lever;
  • chain catcher;
  • vibration suppression system;
  • trimmer silencer;
  • protective element of the right hand;
  • cutting mechanism;
  • protective shield of the trimmer fishing line.

2.8. It is necessary to fill the fuel tank of the working tool with gasoline and tighten the cap securely.
2.9. A petrol powered tool should be fueled in such a way that its level is 1 cm below the lower edge of the filler neck only in the open air, with the engine turned off and cooled. Before mowing, the trimmer needs to idle for 2-3 minutes. The load must be increased gradually, gradually increasing the engine speed.
2.10. It is necessary to examine the area of ​​the institution where the grass will be mowed using a trimmer. All items that may be caught and discarded by the tool (stones, branches, etc.) should be removed.
2.11. You should check the absence of strangers and animals within a radius of 15 meters from the place of work of the trimmer.
2.12. It is necessary to check the integrity and reliable connection of the power supply cable of the electric trim tab.
2.13. Use the working tool only for its intended purpose.
2.14. Trimmer must be started no closer than 3 meters from the place of fueling.

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3. Labor protection requirements when working with a trimmer.
3.1. Starting the engine of a petrol and power tool should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions for its operation and labor protection requirements when working with a trimmer.
3.2. It is strictly forbidden to work with the trimmer in bad weather conditions, such as: heavy fog, heavy rain, harsh wind, cold, etc.
3.3. Particular care must be taken when performing work on slippery ground.
3.4. In the process, hold the tool by the front and rear handles.
3.5. It is necessary to stop the trimmer engine during the transition to another part of the territory.
3.6. It is necessary to carry out work in one mode. You should stand steadily with your feet at a distance from each other. After performing the return movement, you should move forward and again stand in a stable position.

  • always carry out work at full speed of gas;
  • Do not trim with trimmed grass when returning.
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3.8. Before you begin to collect the cut grass, you should stop the engine of the tool and remove the strap.
3.9. When using the trimmer, hold the tool head directly above the ground at an angle. The work should be done with the end of the string, without pressing it to the mowed area.
3.10. In the process of cutting grass, in order to prevent damage and wear of the trimmer head, one should not allow permanent contact of the tool head with the ground.
3.11. Before completing work, it is necessary to turn off the trimmer motor and wait for the cutting part to stop completely.
3.12. It is not allowed to carry out work with petrol and power tools with protective devices removed.
3.13. It is not recommended that the trimmer motor be overloaded.
3.14. Before refueling the tool, turn off the engine.
3.15. During the execution of the work, it is necessary to maintain a stable balance and reliable support of the legs.
3.16. During work, it is not allowed to violate these instructions, other labor protection instructions when performing work and working with equipment, use a mobile phone directly during work.
3.17. In the event of malfunctions in the operation of the equipment, a dangerous or emergency situation, stop the work and inform the deputy director of administrative and economic work (administrative department) or other official of the educational institution about this.

  • increased gas contamination in the premises where the trimmer is being repaired;
  • injury by an employee in case of departure of objects from under the cutting part of the tool;
  • electrical injuries;
  • ignition of the working tool.
  • stop the work;
  • switch off the engine of the working tool;
  • warn nearby employees about the danger;
  • report a malfunction or emergency situation directly to the deputy director of administrative work.
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4.3. In the event of injury, the employee is obliged to stop work, call for help, use a first-aid kit, notify the school principal (in the absence of another official) and contact a medical center. If injured by another employee, it is necessary to provide him first aid. If necessary, call an ambulance by phone 03 (103) and report the incident to the director of the educational institution. To ensure the safety of the situation at the scene of the incident before the start of the investigation, and if this is not possible (there is a threat to the life and health of others), the situation should be recorded by drawing up a diagram, protocol, photographing or other method.
4.4. The employee is obliged to notify directly the director of the educational institution (in the absence of another official) about any situation that threatens the life and health of students and school employees, malfunctioning of equipment, inventory, fire extinguishing equipment, as well as violation of this instruction.
4.5. In the event of a threat or occurrence of source of dangerous technological impact, a threat or the execution of a terrorist act, one should be guided by the relevant instructions and the Evacuation Plan.

5. Labor protection requirements at the end of work.

  • with the engine running;
  • with connected power;
  • with a key in the ignition switch or with a safety key in the engine.
  • move the throttle to the “low speed” position;
  • release the safety bracket, while after a while after that the engine and the cutting blade of the trimmer will stop;
  • disconnect power to the tool;
  • remove the key from the ignition or safety key from the engine of the tool;
  • remove the high-voltage wire from the spark plug;
  • to clear the crushed grass from the working tool.

5.3. Before placing the trimmer for storage in a closed room, you should wait until its engine has completely cooled.
5.4. It is necessary to remove and tidy up the overalls and safety shoes used during operation.
5.5. Wash your face and hands with warm water and soap.
5.6. All deficiencies and malfunctions identified during operation should be reported to your immediate supervisor.

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