Replacing a disc on a circular saw interskol

How to replace a disk?

When repairing, as a rule, several types of materials are used, which require not only cutting, but also milling. And different products need different attachments.

This moment leads to the need to replace the wheel with a cutter.

  • In order to perform this operation, you must first make sure that the device is disconnected from the mains. This point is critical to avoid serious injury. When replacing a circle, even an experienced craftsman can accidentally press the start button, and the health consequences will be dire. Therefore, when working with cutting electrical units, it is necessary to strictly observe all the rules of safe work..
  • Next, you need to prepare a hexagon. It unscrews almost all the bolts on circular saws, both foreign and domestic. Using this key, you need to unscrew the fastening bolt of the protective plastic casing, turn the guard up and tighten it again, but you can not tighten it tight.
  • Next, you need to insert the hexagon into the mounting bolt of the shaft on one side, and on the other, press the lock button of the same shaft. Then the bolt must be unscrewed, remove the washer-stopper and the disk behind it. It must be changed to a cutter and all the steps must be done again, only in the reverse order. First, a washer is placed on the nozzle, then the bolt in the center is manually screwed in and the structure is clamped with a hexagon when the shaft lock is pressed.

After fixing the cutter, you need to check the reliability of the fastening by small longitudinal staggering of the nozzle. If everything is securely fixed, then you can continue to work..

Makita Circular Saw Repair – How to Replace the Safety Cover

Thus, when choosing an attachment for a circular saw, it is necessary to start from the quality and properties of the material for cutting, as well as the technical characteristics of the saw and the saw blade itself. For low-power, mostly hand-held circular saws, you should not choose blades with too many teeth. This can lead to overheating of the engine and costly repairs..

In the next video, you will find an overview of discs – 24 and 60 teeth.

How to choose

Any tool can be divided into household, professional and industrial. Industrial equipment in the household is useless, but this cannot be said about professional equipment. Yes, it is more expensive than what belongs to the household class, but the characteristics and, more importantly, the working resource is incomparably greater. Therefore, if possible, try to choose an instrument of their professional series..

It should be comfortable for you to hold the tool in your hands: you will need to work with it and control its position

At a construction site, the quality of the cut and the speed with which the tool can cut is important to us. The speed and quality of work with a hand-held circular saw is influenced by the power of the motor, the speed of its rotation. The rotation speed can be about 1800 to 5000 rpm, the power is from 500 W to 2.5 kW. It is clear that the higher the speed and the more powerful the motor, the higher the cost of the saw will be. Since the power consumption is not very large, they are included in an ordinary household network of 220 V. However, when operating at maximum speed, significant differences can be felt.

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It is very good if the tool has the ability to adjust the speed. This will allow you to choose the best mode for each type of material. Electronic overload protection, which is usually implemented by the function of maintaining constant speed under load, will not be superfluous..

Recently, battery-powered circular hand saws have appeared on the market. They cost more than the same devices powered by the network, but this is the price for rechargeable batteries, and they need a lot of capacity..

By changing the angle of inclination of the platform, you can make not a perpendicular, but an oblique edge

In addition to electrical parameters, many little things are important, which, nevertheless, expand the capabilities of the instrument. It is so useful if the platform allows you to change the angle of inclination of the cut. You can make the edge at the desired angle. It is equally important that it be possible to adjust the cutting depth – this way it will be possible to work with materials of different thicknesses. In general, the cutting depth is also one of the key parameters that affects the choice. After all, it determines the maximum size that can be cut. Professionals prefer tools that can cut 100 mm or more. The minimum value is 40 mm – this parameter is for household models.

Sometimes attention is paid to the way the platform is made. There are stamped platforms, there are cast ones. The latter are considered more reliable. But this characteristic is not so important for home use: the load on the platform will not be so big.

What is not superfluous is the presence in the casing of a hole for the exit of sawdust and dust. To reduce the amount of dirt during work to a minimum, a hose from an industrial vacuum cleaner can be connected to it..

Choose not only electrical characteristics, but also the quality of workmanship of every detail

Circular saw Makita 5008MG (Makita)

Replacing a saw blade on a circular saw

When the word “saw”, most people who independently carry out repair work around the house have an image of a hacksaw. And this is true, because such works once began with her. However, progress has made great strides forward, and now the best assistant in repairs is the circular electric saw. It significantly reduces labor costs and increases the speed of work. With this tool, you can cut various surfaces and materials..

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But for its functioning, nozzles are vital, without which cutting is impossible. These attachments are called saw blades..

Reviews Makita 5008MG (Makita)

Good saw. Lightweight, quiet, reliable, no vibration. With her help he built and decorated the house.

Ideal for boards no thicker than 50 mm. Has been working for 2 years. Everything is fine, only the hole for the sawdust removal is clogged.

A good tool, lightweight, you can work with one hand, the assembly is good, the disc included is excellent, thin. But it burned out after a year of easy operation, that is, it is not for professional use.


A distinctive feature of monolithic discs is the large number of teeth. Working with such a blade, it is much easier to get a clean cut. But it is worth noting the poor ability of these cutting wheels to keep sharpening and the need for periodic divorcing of the teeth..

Sharpening metal is not difficult, but a large number of blades slows down the process.

Skil Circular Saw Repair – How to Replace the Worm Gear Set


Carbide teeth are considered more reliable because they are stronger and do not require constant sharpening and patching. These scoring discs have the widest range of options and help you save time thanks to their reliability. However, a significant drawback is the large number of low-grade fakes, even of famous brands. In such a product, the soldered ends quickly fly off. After 5 minutes of cutting the cross cuts, only a few remaining blades on the disc can be seen..

But counterfeit can also be successfully combated if you pay closer attention to the correct spelling of the brand, as well as the high quality and durability of the paint with which the marking is made..

If the technical specifications are printed on stickers or the ink begins to creep when touched, you should not take such a product, it is a fake. In addition, branded wheels with carbide teeth are quite expensive, which cannot be said about handicraft (clandestine) products..

Review and comparison of models

ModelInterskol DP-190/1600 MMakita 5704 RBosch GKS 190AEG KS 66-2
Power, W1600120014001600
Cutting depth, mm63667064
Bus worksthere isnotnotthere is
Weight, kg5.
Dimensions, mm420300300400280270460360300440280300
Price, rub4984689078828699

Interskol DP-190/1600 M Makita 5704 R Bosch GKS 190 AEG KS 66-2

Overload protection system

Practice shows that most often, overheating of the motor of an electric tool is not allowed by beginners, but by masters with extensive experience, who, due to haste or for some other reason, stop “listening” to the state of the engine. In this case, the safety of the windings and their protection from overheating is taken over by the motor overload protection system, which monitors the level of energy consumption and turns off the power when there is a sharp jump in the load on the network..

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Spring loaded casing

In addition to the main upper (metal or composite) casing, which covers the disc from above, models can also be equipped with a lower casing – it is movably mounted on a spring and slightly opens the cutting surface as it deepens into the material surface. This ensures greater worker safety both during sawing and when the saw is switched off, eliminating the possibility of contact with the disc..

Circular saws by type of electricity supply

Here you need to very carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each of the types of tools:

Network. The main mass of circular saws is made with a power supply from a 220 (household hand-held) or 380 Volt (stationary professional) network. They have only two drawbacks: the need for an electrical network and the ability to get tangled in the wire..

Rechargeable. For such a saw, you also need an outlet, but only in order to charge the battery. Then it works completely offline, though only for 30-50 minutes, depending on the capacity of the battery. The main disadvantage of such devices is the battery charging time, which is 5-8 times longer than the battery life..

As a result, given the high cost, it makes sense to purchase cordless tools only for frequent short-term work in hard-to-reach places, it is much easier to take a cordless saw than to lead a temporary power cable. For example, it can be roofing or similar work at high altitudes, where you have to constantly move with the tool..

Protection against accidental activation

Taking into account that the circular saw belongs to devices of increased trauma, in order to exclude the possibility of its unintentional start, a two-key mechanism is installed on most models. The device will be turned on only if the operator presses both keys at the same time.

Soft start system

The importance and usefulness of this function does not have to be proven, especially considering the average speed of rotation of the electric motor shaft:

  • The service life of the electric motor is increased, since when it starts up, excessive inrush currents do not occur in the winding.
  • If, for some reason, the saw is started already in a partially cut groove, then the possibility of cutting the saw teeth into the material and the accompanying sharp jerks of the tool is excluded..
  • When used in the design of a gearbox, the soft start system significantly brightens up his life, which otherwise would surely be spoiled by sharp jerks at the start.
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