Replacing the Oleo-Mac Lawnmower Oil

The Italian company Oleo-Mac is a well-known manufacturer of mechanized equipment for gardening: chain saws, trimmers, gas mowers, tractors, gas cutters, lawn mowers. Oleo-Mac lawnmowers will be discussed in this review.

Replacing the Oleo-Mac Lawnmower Oil

Oleo-Mac Lawn Mowers Features

Oleo-Mac pays great attention to the comfort of use and design of its mowers, as well as their reliability. Gasoline models are equipped with their own Emak engine or engines of other well-known manufacturers. Many models have a grass catcher fill indicator, which saves time. Also, this manufacturer is distinguished by a wide range of lawn mowers in a wide price and technical range.

Range of Oleo-Mac Lawnmowers

The line of Oleo-Mac lawn care units contains two categories. with electric and gas engine drives.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers Oleo-Mac are designed for mowing areas up to 800 square meters. All of them are non-self-propelled, which made it possible to achieve compact dimensions and light weight.

  • G 38 P Li-ion is the only cordless lawn mower for small (up to 300 sq. M) sections, the battery lasts up to one and a half hours.
  • K 35 P. a machine with a plastic case, suitable for lawns up to 300 square meters. m
  • K 40 P is an enlarged copy of the previous model, but the engine is more powerful, due to this a wider beveled strip is intended for areas within 550 square meters. m
  • A series of electric lawn mowers is completed by the G 44 PE COMFORT PLUS and G 48 PE COMFORT PLUS models with a steel casing, designed to work in areas up to 800 sq. M. m. In the 48 model, the engine is more powerful, due to this the width of the strip of mowed grass is increased to 46 cm.
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Video: Replacing the Oleo-Mac Lawnmower Oil

On a note! In the battery class, Oleo-Mac also produces trimmers, lawn mowers and chain saws.

Gas mowers

For plots over 1000 square meters, the use of an electric drive is impractical. Therefore, in this class there is no alternative to the Oleo-Mac gasoline lawn mower.

    The series is launched by the pushed models G 44 PK COMFORT PLUS and G 44 PB COMFORT PLUS with approximately the same parameters, but equipped with engines from Emak and Briggs & Stratton respectively. These units with a steel casing will allow you to process plots within 1000 square meters. m


Mowers of the ALLROAD PLUS 4 series


Important! The volume of the gas tank of carburetor models of lawn mowers is determined by the maximum continuous operation time of the unit. At least 30 minutes must be maintained before refueling to cool the engine.

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Benefits of the Oleo-Mac Lawnmower

  • high reliability;
  • comfort;
  • wide service network;
  • spacious grass catcher;
  • ample opportunities for adjustment;
  • powerful engine.

Typical malfunctions and their elimination at home

Lawn Mower Repair Oleo-Mac

During operation, the Oleo-Mac lawn mower must undergo periodic maintenance, which includes:

  • checking the oil level; if necessary, top-up;
  • cleaning the entire machine from contamination;
  • check sharpening knives;
  • inspection and cleaning of the air filter;
  • checking the condition of belts;
  • transmission cleaning;
  • lubrication of wheel bearings.

In a home workshop, you can also perform minor and ongoing repairs: replacing candles, knives, belts, etc. For more serious repairs, it is recommended that you contact a specialist workshop authorized by the manufacturer. With proper and timely maintenance, the Oleo-Mac mowers will last a very long time.

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