Replacing the rotor on the Hitachi corner grinder. What is made of

We repair a corner grinder with our own hands quickly and easy

Along with the drill and an electric screwdriver, an angle grinding machine occupies an honorary place in the garage, which can be cut, saw, polished, polished and performing many more different actions, installing the appropriate nozzles in the tool spindle. However, no matter how high.quality the power tool is, it still comes the time when it becomes necessary to repair the corner grinder with your own hands. To repair the device, you will need to deal with its design and the principle of operation, which will independently identify the malfunctions and eliminate them.

Corner grinder or angle grinding machine is a special type of electric tool that is designed to facilitate the performance of work on cutting stone and metal, sawing wood materials, polishing and grinding surfaces, sharpening knives and various types of tools. This tool deserves the title of universal, since with its help you can even drill holes, having previously fixed the cartridge from the drill in the spindle, and installing the corresponding drill in it.

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Why is the corner grinder, the people are popularly called “corner grinding”, not many masters who have been using the tool for many years in a row know. The corner grinder received this name because even during the USSR, the production of such types of power tools was established in Bulgaria. precisely, grinder of the corner structure in the city of Plovdiv at the Eltos-Uglovaya Grindow plant were produced.

Many owners of angle grinders do not know their functionality, and use only for cutting metal or sharpening cutting tools. However, the corner grinder can be used to perform the following actions:

  • Cutting concrete, brick, reinforced concrete, cinder block, granite and other solid materials
  • Cutting off metal parts of different thicknesses
  • Sawing wood, plastic, drywall sheets and other similar materials
  • Grinding and polishing of steel and stone materials
  • Stripping the surface of parts from corrosion and rust
  • Sharpening of different manual tools and other products

All these actions can be performed by corner grinding, provided that the appropriate nozzles are placed in the spindle, which are abrasive circles, cutting discs, sandpaper, grinding and polishing nozzles, sandpaper, etc.P. The scope of the unit in question is only expanding every year, and it becomes possible due to manufacturers of different nozzles. over, the capabilities of the unit increase not only by manufacturers, but also by home masters who build different devices from the device, for example, circular and sharpening machines.

With frequent operation of the tool under consideration, various failures, defects and breakdowns occur. At one point, it still needs to be repairing a corner grinder with your own hands, which is not difficult to produce at home. To independently repair the tool with your own hands at home, you will need some knowledge.

Corner grinder as a tool works

Many have a corner grinder for several years in a row, but they have no idea how the tool works and due to which it works. To understand this, you need to consider the design of the corner grinding and its component parts. These parts include:

  • The electric motor is the main drive part of the unit, without which the operation of the device is simply impossible
  • Reducer node. consists of two braids of gears, due to which the rotating moment is transferred from the engine shaft to the unit spindle
  • The inclusion button is the device in which the contacts are closed, and the current is supplied to the electric motor
  • Spindle. part for fixing nozzles in the device
  • Power supply. connects to a outlet for voltage supply

These are the main details of the unit, but there are additional ones, which include sliding bearings, a handle for holding the tool during its operation, as well as regulators and other devices. Knowing the design of the device, it will not be difficult to repair a corner grinder with your own hands even a beginner.

You need to know the design of the tool in order to identify the malfunction when the corner grinding is broken, and eliminate it with your own hands. Any breakdown can be easily eliminated if you can correctly identify them.

The repaired breakdowns of the Bulgarians include the oxidation of contacts, the transmission of the wire or the decrease of the terminals, through which contact is lost. Nervous breakdowns include all other types of malfunctions that cannot be eliminated, and it is only necessary to change the part or part of the mechanism. By design, the electrical tool under consideration can be divided into the following parts:

  • Electric part. it includes an electric motor (consists of anchor and rotor), button, brushes, revolutions control and power cable
  • The mechanical part. consists of parts such as gearbox, bearings, spindle and cooler cooler
  • The case is the main part in which all the components of the elements are collected

It is possible to repair a corner grinder without disassembly only in one case, if the cause of the malfunction is a power cable. To repair other parts of the corner grinding, you will need to disassemble the case, which consists of two plastic parts, and proceed to the diagnosis of defects.

What are the reasons for the failure of the corner grinder

The grinding machine has a corner grinder has a mechanism that has the largest load. the rotor. It is also called an anchor. Damage to it, the most diverse. These are temperature loads, and electromagnetic, and, of course, mechanical problems.

As a result, do not be surprised that the angular grinder does not work precisely because of the rotor malfunction. The anchor winding overheats and blocks, this will cause a short circuit. So many owners of this tool often independently carry out all the repair work.

A worn collector affects the increase in vibration of parts such as brushes. They burn, as a result, the mechanism sags greatly. The main function of such brushes is the transfer of current to the collector.

Very often we wear bearings in the rotor. If you do not make timely diagnosis and prevention of bearings, they are completely destroyed. If during the operation of the corner grinder you hear a noise that was not there before, be sure to check the condition of the bearings.

The stator is a fixed component in the electric motor, on it is the winding. Directly due to the stator, the corner grinder is very rarely broken.

The gearbox is responsible for the rotation of the transmission. It needs to be cleaned and lubricated in time.

Most often, brushes change in a grinding machine, because the basis of their manufacture is graphite. Replacing these details has no complexity.

Repair Corner Grindmine Hitachi

Hitachi corner grinders have gained particular popularity among consumers. All this is natural. There are practically no artisanal fakes Hitachi in the economic market. Simplicity of the design allows you to easily carry out repair of various difficulties.

Hitachi corner grinder of Hitachi has increased reliability do not often get on the repairman’s table. The main reason for the Hinachi angular grinding grinder is a breakdown of the gearbox, specifically speaking, the production of gears of gears.

Reasons why brushes sparkle

Very often you can see how the brushes sparkle on the corner grinder. Signs of sparking through ventilation holes in the power tool case are found. Masters are interested in why the brushes on the corner grinder sparkle, even after their direct replacement. There are many reasons for this, and in order to understand this, you must have an idea of ​​the device of the power tool. If you know how the angle.grinding machine is arranged, then understand why the brushes skeve strongly, it will not be difficult.

The reasons for the strong sparkle of brushes on the grinds are the following factors:

  • Malfunctions of the anchor winding. If there is a violation of the insulation of the anchor winding, then in the end this contributes to the development of inter.flip circuit, as well as the closure on the core. In addition, a break in the winding may occur, which will eventually cause an increase in the load. A characteristic sign of a malfunction of the anchor winding is a reduction in revolutions, an increase in noise and a drop in power
  • The brushes are poorly pressed against the collector. A spring is responsible for the clamp of the main part, which over time of operation loses its original springy properties
  • The rotor winding broke off from the copper plate of the collector. this phenomenon is extremely rare, but when the power tool is overloaded, it may well occur
  • The centering of the anchor of the electric motor is violated, which ultimately contributes to a strong sincerity of the brush on the corner grinder
  • The form of the collector is broken. The collector, consisting of copper lamellas, has a cylindrical shape, which can be disturbed during the rewind of the rotor. With the slightest deformation of the shape of the collector, sparking of brushes will occur
  • Insulation violation between the collector lamps. Each collector plate is isolated by each other, and in case of violation of the mycanite insulating layer, sparking occurs. Isolation between the plates can also be disturbed due to the settlement of the graphite layer in grooves
  • With wear of the anchor bearings. If the bearings are faulty, then a beating of a rotating anchor occurs, and as a result, signs of sparking arise
  • The curvature of the rotor shaft. It is difficult to bend it, but if this happens, then the engine begins to work with a load. So that the tool does not fail, it is recommended to replace the rotor
  • When improperly soldering the ends of the anchor wraps to the copper plates of the collector. Such errors are not made at the factory, but they can allow the winding that rewall the anchor of the power tool
  • Non.suitable composition of graphite brushes. The parts under consideration are made from coal and graphite, while adding different types of impurities. This is done for a reason, and in order to use the brushes depending on the voltage and the speed of rotation of the shaft. Graphite is soft and hard. The lower the supply voltage, the softer the grade of graphite is chosen. For high.voltage power tools, it is necessary to take hard brushes, which do not have copper
  • Lamelian deformation due to their heating. If the corner grinder experiences excessive loads, then a deformation of one or more collector lamellas may occur. The plates are lifted relative to the rest, as a result of which the contact is violated. Such a malfunction causes strong sparking of brushes during the operation of the power tool
  • Bad contact at the connection of the brush. If the terminal is not released with the device, then the result of such a violation of contact can manifest itself in the form of excessive sparking
  • The presence of soot on copper plates is periodically or regularly recommended to clean the surface of copper lamelons from soot. Narar usually manifests itself due to the wear of the brushes, therefore, when blackening is found on the surface of the collector, it should be wiped with alcohol

Often masters, after they change the brushes on the corner grinder, observe the phenomenon of excessive spark. Based on the above factors, you can identify the cause, and eliminate it before the tool is out of order. The elements under consideration are inexpensive, however, due to their improper choice and application, the power tool may break. To find out what malfunction is the cause of severe sparking, you will need to disassemble the power tool, and make it inspection, as well as call the rotor winding.

Why brushes burn on the corner grinder

In addition to sparking, often the owners of the power tool are faced with the fact that the brushes on the corner grinder are burning. This phenomenon differs from sparking in that the rapid wear of the main part of the element occurs. Immediately after the installation of new elements, they are worn out immediately with the first use of the power tool. It is necessary to figure out why brushes on a corner grinder are burning.

The main reason is not hidden in the brushes themselves, but in the collector. If lamellas fall on the collectors or abrasion, then this leads to an increase in the load. This load is experienced by graphite elements, which, when the angular grinder is turned on, begin to wear out quickly. this process of accelerated wear is called combustion. Elements literally burn due to a large current passage. Many call this process abrasion, but in reality the brush can quickly erase from mechanical exposure. The cause of combustion is severe sparking, as a result of which graphite is literally burning.

The reasons why the brushes on the corner grinder burn are as follows:

    LASTING or wear of the Copper Lambels of the collector. What the wear of the collector lamella looks like, shown in the video. The material also shows how to try to eliminate such a malfunction

There is also such a thing as a circular fire. This phenomenon arises with large shocks of the anchor current, for example, during overloads, short circuits, as well as with a decrease in the network voltage. Circular fire manifests itself with re.ignition of the arc. Increasing the load and even short circuit occurs when using a corner grinder for sawing wood. When processing wood, a cutting of the cutting disk occurs, thereby the current increases 15-25 times from the value. Most often, the causes of combustion of elements are a collector, so if 2-3 pairs of brushes have to be changed in a month, then it is time to diagnose the power tool.

Mechanical breakdowns and their elimination

The corner grinder to mechanical breakdowns, the following can be attributed.

  • Wear of the engine anchor bearings. Usually, with the wear of the bearings, you can feel strong vibration during the operation of the apparatus. In addition, the rattle and other noises can be heard. Sooner or later, the bearing will nevertheless collapse, and the poured balls will fall on the gear of the gearbox. If this happens, then except the bearing, you will have to change the gear. Of course, it is better not to wait for this trouble, and at the first signs of the bearing malfunction, replace it. How to get to this part of the corner grinding of.
  • Wear of the ball.bearing or gearbox bearing. As in the previous case, when the device is turned on, vibration will be felt and noise, unusual work, corner grinder unusual work will be heard. To prevent further breakdown of the gearbox, it is necessary to replace the faulty part.
  • Wear of the gear of the gearbox. Gears wear out quickly due to insufficient lubrication. For the same reason, the gearbox is warmed up. It is necessary to monitor the state of lubrication inside the gearbox and, if necessary, change it. How to disassemble the gearbox, was described above. The lubricant must be used by a corner grinder specially designed for gearboxes, and you can buy it at the points where this tool is sold. If for any reason the teeth of at least one gear broke, then you need to change the whole set of gears (pair).

Mechanical malfunctions include a breakdown of the shaft lock. In order to replace the latch, it will require disassembly of the gearbox and the removal of a large gear.

Features of the repair of Bulgarians of various brands

This article offers methods for finding defects in grinder of different models is not repairs angular grinding grinding (angular grinding machine) with your own hands. Here you can find answers to questions about the procedure for disassembling gearboxes of the Bulgarians of the most popular models, replacing gear gears, bearings and their repair. Recommendations are given on the procedure for pressing and issuing gears and bearings, methods of repair and adaptation.

Along with common malfunctions, the angle grinding machines of various brands have their own characteristics. This occurs not only from differences in the structures of the Bulgarians, but also from the materials used and components.

It is also important who made the tool. Knowing the features in the design of the Bulgarians allows you to repair the angular grinder with your own hands with high quality. The information proposed below will help to repair the angle grinding machine of any brand.

Along with original tools, cheap fakes flooded the construction market. And do not think that fakes are made exclusively in China. The power tools of Chinese manufacturers in quality are in no way inferior to manufacturers from European countries or countries of Southeast Asia.

High.quality tools of Chinese manufacturers for the European consumer are held several stages of input control. For third countries, Chinese manufacturers do not carry out tool control. But tools are produced on the same lines, the same factories, the same people. That is why such a difference in price.

In order to repair the corner grinder with your own hands, you need to have a diagram of a given corner grinder and understand it. Repair of Bosch corner grinder differs from the repair of the angular grinder Interskol. And there is also a corner grinder under the brands Makita, Hitachi, Metabo.

Several general useful tips for organizing corner grinding

Before starting the repair of corner grinders, we will consider several useful tips:

  • Before you start disassembling the corner grinder, carefully read its description, assembly scheme and the procedure for performing work.
  • Be sure to follow the sequence of technological operations.
  • Strictly observe safety precautions.

The most common reason for the breakdown of the corner grinder is a wire cliff near the handle. First you need to check the presence of a voltage on a button, it is done by a regular voltage tester. Then we check the button itself for performance.

How to disassemble a corner grinder and dismantle the bearings. Phased steps

Having dismantled this device, you can replace the broken bearings, re.grease all the details, make the dismantling of spoiled brushes and mount new.

In order to disconnect the rotary and stator housings, the preliminary removal of the handle body in the machine is required. This is done so that it is possible to remove coal brushes. They hold a rotary manifold.

The second step will be the twisting of the four screws that attach both cases. rotary and stator.

Take out the gearbox with the starter, start to disassemble it. The gearboxes also have screws that need to be removed. There are four of them in total. This procedure will require some efforts from you, since the factory assembly provides for the use of sealant.

corner grinders of different models have different types of gears. In models with low power. the use of straight.toothed gears. With a capacity of more than a thousand watts. the use of braids.

When you remove the gearbox, the possibility of removing the node in which the scobilo is located is located. To remove it, apply a press or puller.

Replacing the bearing in the angular grinder Hitachi G 13ss2

To do this, you will have to apply special thin tubes. For this reason, using the puller will be inconvenient.

Before removing the gear, it is necessary to check the backlash in the gear connection. Also check if all teeth are holistic. And the contact spot is checked.

If you have determined such signs in the bearing that is on the spindle shaft:

If all of these signs are available, it is necessary to replace the old detail with a new. For this, the bearing must be dismantled. How to do it?

First of all, take off the gear along with the stop ring. After that, you easily delete the worn element. When you dismantle the rotary shaft knot, the bearing may remain in the gearbox, inside the case. In this case, use the hammer, on top of a soft instruction.

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To remove the lead gear in the corner grinder, do this:

After checking the appearance of the gear, decide whether to replace this part. Keep in mind that you need to change both gears at the same time.

Corner grinding machines with small power are equipped with a needle bearing, it serves as a supporting bearing.

Dismant this detail only when it is completely destroyed. There is a proven way, how the destroyed clip is pulled out.

one.Choose a larger tap diameter than the inner diameter in the clip.

2.Put and fix it in a cartridge of electric screwdriver. Gradually, with small turns, twist into a clip. Когда произойдет попадание метчика на корпусное дно в редукторе, обойма будет подниматься.

The rotary shaft has two more bearings, in addition to needle. To disconnect from the rotor, I would recommend applying the puller.

A bearing attached to the collector is quite simple to remove. The impeller is also equipped with a bearing, the removal of which will take a little more time and skill. Both bearings are closed to protect with special rubber nozzles.

To remove and replace these details, nuts are removed, a straight.toothed gear is removed, as well as protection from plastic. Now you will freely remove the bearing from the rotary shaft using the puller.

If there is no puller in the set of tools, there is one method, take it note. Remove the bearing with a vice along with two metal stripes, and a hammer on which a special metal margin.

Successfully perform work on the repair of bearing units will help compliance with the following recommendations.

  • You need to know the design of the operated angular grinder. You should study the technical documentation attached to the corner grinder. Knowledge of the location of the nodes and parts will help to correctly disassemble and assemble the corner grinder during the repair.
  • The presence of the required tools required for this will help to perform work on replacing bearings. This instrument is not difficult and almost always available in the arsenal of home masters: screwdrivers, wrench, hammers, set of pullers or other manual devices (vice, extensions, pierces of various designs) for fixing and removing bearings.
  • When repairing the Bulgarians, there is a certain procedure for the work. You should adhere to it, given some differences associated with the features of a particular model.
  • The replacement of bearings should be carried out with even a small shaft beam, since the destroyed bearing can completely disable the entire power tool.
  • Before the repair work, it is necessary to make sure that the power tool is disconnected from the power outlet.

Hammer bearing open for angular grinder. Photo 220 volts

The tool used should be in good condition:

  • structural elements of pullers (paws, traction, stops, screw devices) correspond to technical documentation;
  • The screwdrivers have even side faces, the straight rod is securely fixed in the handle;
  • The sponges of the wrench are parallel, do not have cracks and sickness;
  • Hammers are reliably planted on the handles.

Compliance with these recommendations will allow you to correctly and safely disassemble the angular grinder, replace defective bearings, reduce all the parts and collect an angular grinder for its further operation.


One of the Makita models describes the process of replacing bearings without the use of special tools, any available improvised means. As basic surfaces, wooden bars made of hard rocks are used, which perceive the load when performing various technological operations using force exposure.

As equipment, metal sheets and end heads suitable in thickness are used (you can use suitable pipe size) when knocking out bearings. The central holes of the shaft serve as a base for a pointed rod (in the video it is a modified old screwdriver), with which the shaft itself is released itself. The only tool for industrial production is a puller for stopping rings, although without it you can figure out how to remove them with the help of improvised means.

Several general useful tips for organizing corner grinding

Before starting the repair of corner grinders, we will consider several useful tips:

  • Before you start disassembling the corner grinder, carefully read its description, assembly scheme and the procedure for performing work.
  • Be sure to follow the sequence of technological operations.
  • Strictly observe safety precautions.

The most common reason for the breakdown of the corner grinder is a wire cliff near the handle. First you need to check the presence of a voltage on a button, it is done by a regular voltage tester. Then we check the button itself for performance.

How to remove the gear gearbox of corner grinder

The analysis of the corner grinder does not require special locksmith skills, it does not cause serious difficulties. However, the work must be done very carefully not with maximum attentiveness. How. Read on the pages of the Internet. Some sites show a video with a detailed technological process. It is necessary to disassemble the corner grinder, not only when the oil was out of order, it was not necessary to replace any part, this must be done to clean the instrument from dirt.

, The beginning of everything should be disassembled not to clean it well, in the bulk, the tool begins to work.

For this reason, the actions that are necessary in order to disassemble the corner grinder should know who, who owns such an instrument does not want it to work for a long time not qualitatively. The stores present a large assortment of this mechanism made by ambiguous companies. They differ:

However, the models of any manufacturer have the same technological assembly. Our client remains

Corner grinder are equipped with the same set of details.

The main modules used

  • Case, usually made of special shock.resistant plastic.
  • Powerful electric engine.
  • High.quality gearbox.
  • .
  • The electric motor switch.
  • SJS system. The presence of an accounting system provides the tool to work smoothly without jumps. Already today, like oil, it turns off the corner grinder if the passing of the disk jacket, maximally reduces vibration. How oil saves the operator from serious injuries.
  • Protective casing.
  • Additional handle. With its help, you can hold an angular grinder in the work. Such a handle is of course to establish various provisions, which gives the tool universality.

How to independently repair corner grinders

One of the most common household appliances for repair and construction work is the angular grinder, or an angular grinding machine (corner grinder). When operating the machine, cases of strong loads and careless treatment are not uncommon, which leads to wear of parts and breakdown. But the repair of the corner grinder can be done independently. To do this, you should see how to make the repair of a corner grinder with your own hands on the video. The device of the corner grinder

  • The anchor of the corner grinder (rotor) is the most overstrown element of the mechanism angular grinder. It is subjected to temperature, electromagnetic and mechanical damage, so its failure is not surprising. The anchor winding when heated can burn out, which will lead to a short circuit. Therefore, the repair of the anchor of the corner grinding of with your own hands is a common practice.
  • When the collector is out of order, during operation from strong vibration of the brushes, they are burned, so a very noticeable sparking appears. Brushes conduct current to the collector.
  • Subject to severe wear and bearings on the shaft of the rotor, which can completely collapse with untimely replacement. They need to be checked in the event of extraneous noise from the car of the machine.
  • The motionless part of the angular grinder electric motor is the stator that contains the winding. The stator itself is quite rarely the cause of a breakdown of corner grinder.
  • Reducer is a mechanism for transmitting rotation, which needs timely cleaning and lubrication.
  • The easiest way to replace the brushes on a corner grinder, but this is the most common procedure in the repair, They are made on the basis of graphite.

Recommendations before the repair

It is worth considering that the renovation technology angular grinding of different models and manufacturers may differ. So, the repair of the angular grinder Interskol with your own hands varies from repairing the malfunctions of the machine Bosch.

That is, it is important to know the features of your corner grinder and have a circuit from it in your hands, then it is possible to repair a corner grinder with your own hands easily and efficiently. corner grinder repair

Only after familiarizing the detailed description and the angular grinder circuit, you can proceed to its disassembly. The repair must have a certain sequence of actions. And most importantly. observance of safety precautions.

Power cable

The rupture of the electrical wire at the handle is the most common problem of the refusal of the device to work. To make sure of this malfunction on the button, you need to use the standard voltage tester. Only after that check if the button itself works.

Replacement of the bearing

If you notice an increase in the backlash of the spindle shaft, then you need to replace the needle bearing. By the way, he is not in all models angular grinder. To dismantle it, disassemble the case and get the shaft of a large gear.

Using a machine tap, gets an internal clip located in a damaged bearing.

The tap must be closed into the cartridge of an electrical screwdriver and screwed into the cage of the bearing. When the bottom of the case is achieved, you need to continue slow screwing so that the clip rises along the thread.

Dismantling of the braids

Due to the damage to the braids of the gear, the gearbox breakdown occurs. Often, a small whirling gear is replaced, attached to the shaft shaft, which is attached in two ways:

The driven large gear can also be attached using a key connection, but also by repressing the shaft.

Differences in the repair of the corner grinder Interskol

Subject to the correct operating conditions, the repair of the angular grinder of Interskol with your own hands can be carried out very rarely.

In order to replace the gear of the gearbox, its body is disassembled, and the lid is released. Since the driven gear is attached by transfers, it must be removed using the press. Next, remove the bearing with a puller.

If the stator burned, you need to calculate how many turns the wire is, and what is its cross.section.

It will not be superfluous to see the repair of the angular grinder Interskol with your own hands on the video.

Features of repair Corner grinder Bosch

The design of all Bosch models has an identical scheme. corner grinder repair is usually reduced to the replacement of bearings.

The shaft of the spindle is attached to the driven gear. It is kept on a needle bearing in the gearbox case, which, when wear, leaves only a clip inside. The lead gear is attached to the shaft of the rotor with the left thread, and then fixed with a nut.

Repair Corner grinder Makita

The angular grinder of Makita is distinguished by its protective case, which can be quickly removed. This can be called a plus, The corner grinder of this company is most often susceptible to breakdowns. This applies mainly to fakes that has flooded the domestic market.

The real angle.grinding machine of the company Makita is famous for its durability and reliability. Despite whether a fake or a real angular grinder fell into your hands, the most common cause of breakdown will still be a gearbox and its gear.

This becomes noticeable when the sloping gear appears, the gearbox jamming and the increase in the backlash of the shaft.

During the repair, the angular grinder is first disassembled. The gearbox is disconnected from the stator case, for this the brushes are released and the screws are removed. Next, the screws holding the rotor lid are removed.

The driven gear can be removed by the press, and the host is attached by a keyword with a fixing nut. Rotor shaft bearings are removed with pullers.

Thus, no matter what angular grinder you have, when studying the problem, you can fix the main malfunctions yourself. The main thing is to correctly understand the scheme and have the inventory necessary for repair.

Despite this, the corner grinder is a complex mechanical power tool, and cases of damage to more inaccessible components of the mechanism are not uncommon. In this case, if you have not previously encountered such breakdowns, it will be more effective to consult with specialists first on your problem.

What repair of corner grinding grinding can do a user with your own hands

Although the corner grinder is not an instrument of special complexity, the user may not carry out repair work on all nodes.

Along with a simple replacement of bearings or gears of the gearbox, there are such malfunctions that cannot be made without special equipment or devices.

  • To extinguish the driven gear, you will need a press. It will not be possible to wrap the rotor without devices.
  • Such malfunctions include failure of the rotor. For a simple consumer, such a malfunction ends with going to the service center.
  • Advanced users can revive a burned rotor, having certain skills and concepts. But sometimes it’s easier to buy a new one than to rewind.

For most users, the repair of corner grinding grounds with their own hands is limited to a certain circle of malfunctions.

Systematization of malfunctions of the electric part angular grinder

  • The simplest malfunction along which the angular grinder does not turn on is the wire of the power supply. Most often, a break in the power cord near the fork or at the entrance to the tool. The malfunction is easily eliminated by replacing the power cord or removing a ragged piece of wire.
  • Strengthening heating in the area of ​​the installation of coal brushes. Most often, such a malfunction appears due to shortening of coal brushes less than a nominal size. The length of coal brushes cannot be shorter than 8 mm.
  • Wantle the button for turning on the corner grinder. The malfunction is related to the burnout of internal contacts in the button. Eliminated by the complete replacement of the circuit breaker with a new.
  • In some models, an angular grinder is used, which allows to smoothly adjust the rotation of the angular grinder. Turnover controller angular grinder improves the smoothness of turning on the corner grinder and prevents the bite of the working body. Repair of a revolution regulator angular grinding grinding is to completely replace it.

Grouping malfunctions according to the mechanical part angular grinder

  • The appearance of extraneous noise in the gearbox of the corner grinder, heating the gearbox. The malfunction is associated with the destruction of the supporting bearing, the wear of the teeth of the gear of the gearbox, drying out the lubricant. Eliminated by replacing the gears with high tooth wear. With a slight wear of the teeth of the gears, you can try to fix it. The tooth profile is corrected manually by drinking with a round suprafil and drill. The lubricant is replaced by a new one for each repair of the gearbox. New grease is applied to carefully washed parts.
  • The replacement of the bearing is required when it is destroyed or the appearance of a large backlash. In some models, the bearing is planted on a spindle with an interference. Replacement requires special equipment, in particular, the press. Details must be cooled or heated.
  • Replacing bearings on the rotor is required when a large beating appears. The presence of an increased beating is easy to see on the rotor collector and the intensity of the wear of coal brushes.

Simple malfunctions and methods of diagnosis and elimination with your own hands

If when you press the “Start” button, the angular grinder does not turn on, then the check starts with the inspection of the cable at the entrance to the tool.

Unscrew the lid of the corner grinder and check the integrity of the power cord using a tester or phase. Strictly follow the safety rules.

If the power cord is intact, and the angular grinder does not turn on, replace the “Start” button.

If when installing the new button, the angular grinder did not work, check the quality of fastening of coal brushes and their dense fit to the rotor manifold.

Complex malfunctions and repairs angular grinder with your own hands

The types of breakdowns below require certain knowledge and skills to eliminate them:

  • Jamming or destruction of bearings.
  • Licking or destruction of the teeth of the gears of the gearbox.
  • Cliff or short circuit in the rotor or stature.
  • Failure of the details of the control circuits.
  • Destruction of the gearbox.

Rearing sliding bearings

The most important “vulnerability” of the corner grinder are the bearings are considered to be precisely. And although there are only three of them in the entire structure, it is these elements that often determine mechanical breakdowns. So, the bearings have a negative impact:

  • use in maximum mode;
  • too fast rotation;
  • insufficient volume of lubricant fluid;
  • getting particles of dirt and dust;
  • untimely/incorrect replacement of coal brushes or their deformation.

The design of any variety of Bulgarians provides for the operational replacement of bearings.

Malfunctions related to deformation or wear of this element imply the occurrence of extraneous noise.

Damage is detected by checking the backlash of the shaft, that is, by means of swaying to the sides when installing the tool. If there is a backlash, then a sliding bearing must be urgently changed.

In order to repair the bearing, it must be pulled out of the case and removed from the gearbox.

This detail should be dismantled using a special puller. The bearing can be removed from the rotor using the folk methodology. To do this, you need to insert metal strips or keys in the vice. The bearings should be laid on them and with the help of a massive hammer and metal instructions to be bred from the shaft axis.

Repair: elimination of isolation breakdown

If the breakdown of the insulation was small and you found it, you need to clean this place from the carbon fiber and check the resistance. If its value is normal, insulate the wires asbestos. Drill on top with a rapidly.drying glue type “supermument”. He leaks through asbestos and insulates the wire well.

If you have not found a breakdown of isolation, then try to carefully soak the winding with impregnation with electric insulation varnish. Paned and impenetrated isolation is saturated with this varnish and will become stronger. Dry the anchor in the gas oven at a temperature of about 150 degrees. If this does not help, try to rewind the winding or change the anchor.

Soldering of the collector plates

Lamellas are installed on the plastic base. They can be erased to the very base. Only the edges remain, to which the brushes do not reach.

Such a collector can be restored by soldering.

  • From a copper pipe or plate, cut the required amount of lamellas in size.
  • After we cleaned the anchor from the remnants of copper, solder with ordinary tin with soldering acid.
  • When all the lamellas are soldered, make grinding and polishing. If there is no turning machine, use a drill or a screwdriver. Insert the anchor shaft into the cartridge. First polish the file. Then polish with zero sandpaper. Do not forget to clean the grooves between the lamellas and measure the resistance.
  • There are not completely damaged lamellas. To restore them, it is necessary to conduct more thorough preparation. Power the collector slightly to clean the plates.

The most common breakdowns

Malfunctions of the corner grinder happen quite often. Everyone who works with this tool knows about it. What is out of order most often?

Only one awkward press on the spindle fixation button, when the disk is rotated, leads to its breakdown. Sometimes it can be broken if it is used to remove the jammed disk. To prevent this from happening, you need to use an rye key inserted into special holes near the location of the disk.

It mainly arises when jamming occurs. If a roar is heard in the gearbox, this is a sign of just such a malfunction. Когда у шестёренки сломано больше одного зубчика, то угловая шлифмашинка не сможет резать необходимый материал.

In order for the tool to continue work, it is necessary to change the gears, and everything, and even the conical wheel. Before going to the store for spare parts, remember the manufacturer’s company, model and power of the product.

This type of breakdown happens with an angular grinder that work in places where there is a lot of dust, and when they are given rest, they are left on the ground. The dust that gets inside spoils the winding. Large loads, especially for the low power of the corner grinder, turn out to break off the motor.

If the corner grinder is used to cut materials that create a lot of dust, then it is recommended to cover the places of ventilation holes with something.

The weakest link, and not only the Bulgarians, are bearings. A large speed of rotation quickly wear out the mechanism. One thing pleases that changing the bearing is easy. Replacing a sprinkled bearing at the corner grinder should be done on time so that there is no breakdown that can no longer be fixed.

This breakdown is easy to determine when the angular grinder turned on, but the disk turns are too intense and differ from normal work. which means that in the stature there is a turning point on the winding. The breakdown of the stator is considered the most serious, special skills are needed to eliminate it. When there are doubts in your abilities, it is better to turn to professionals, so that later you do not have to buy a new tool.

If the decision to fix it independently, it begins with cutting the frontal parts of the winding, the remains are all removed. The next step is a new winding on the template. It should be identical in the number of turns, with the same density and from the wire of the same thickness as the previous one.

Corner grinder, whose power is less than 1100 watts are usually equipped with straight.toothed gears. They are on the stature. Bulgarians with greater power have a scooter gear. Each of the options has a cone.shaped shape, the rod of the gearbox of the corner grinder crosses with the shaft of the stator at an angle.

Repair of the gearbox of the corner grinder mainly consists in replacing the gears. In the case of a breakup of a disc toothed wheel, it is difficult to replace it, because it is very firmly fixed. It is easy to disassemble the gearbox:

  • It is necessary to unscrew the nut on his part;
  • Gently take the rotor housing in the vice and knock out the gearbox body with light blows;
  • change the position of a clamped rotor and knock out a bearing through a wooden board;
  • unscrew the gear from the shaft.

The speed regulator is not present in all Bulgarian models. When the corner grinder is used for cutting, it, in principle, is not needed, but if you grind it, it is simply necessary. If suddenly he stopped working, then most likely, a fee that needs to be removed and buy the same in the store of power tools for further replacement. of corner grinding grounds is not always carried out. If suddenly something does not come out or not everything is clear, it is better to contact the service center.

replacing, rotor, hitachi, corner, grinder

Before completely broken, the angle grinding machine gives signals about the beginning of problems.

Pay attention to the work of your assistant: you should alert if:

  • The brushes began to spark too much;
  • During operation, a corner grinding grip is heated;
  • The motor is buzzing inside the case when the tool turns on;
  • The vibration of the case has become much larger when performing work;
  • The gearbox of the corner grinder cracks inside;
  • The sound of the creak of bearings is heard during promotion or periodic shade when the rotor shaft rotates;
  • The corner grinder smoke, or an uncharacteristic smell of combustion comes from it.

In order not to buy a new angular grinder, you need to carefully treat the tool. In the case of any deviations from the usual work, start diagnostics of malfunctions, determine the cause and repair the power tool.

The service life of a grinding machine directly depends on the departure of the owner for it. Each tool needs good care, then it will work regularly for a long time.

Any corner grinder will heat up during work, but in order to postpone the corner grinder for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to some rules in the work:

  • Do not overload the tool to avoid overheating and smoke.
  • Do not put pressure on it during work.
  • Clean and lubricate the necessary parts inside the case in time.
  • With noticeable improper work, stop the operation and conduct an inspection for the presence of problems.
  • Replace fast.intelligent parts in a timely manner.
  • If the corner grinder smokes, urgently stop working and no longer turn on.
  • Do not use the tool when processing wood.type material.
  • Hold the corner grinder tightly in the process of work, so as not to drop and not damage.

Adhering to the listed simple recommendations and rules in working with a tool called an angular grinder, it is possible to extend its period of work longer than a warranty period.

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Hitachi G12SR3 angular grinder gearbox. What’s inside and how to disassemble.

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Hitachi G12SR3 angular grinder gearbox. What’s inside and how to disassemble

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Among the manual power tool, angular grinding grinding (corner grinder) is a rather popular multifunctional tool. Using a corner grinder with various disks, you can grind, clean the surface, cut off the metal, saw wood, tiles, concrete, brick, cinder blocks, etc.D. A reliable angle grinding machine is always a good assistant in any repair. In this video review, my personal experience (review) of operation corner grinding grinder Hitachi, personal opinion about the quality and reason for choosing an angular grinding grinder Metabo. Both corner grinders for a disk 125 mm. Among The hand Tool Angle Grinders (Bulgarian) Is Quite A Popular Multi. Purpose Tool. USing The Bolgar with Different Disss Can Be Carried Out Grinding, Surface Striping, Cut Metal, Saw Wood, Concrete, Brick, Cinder Blocks, ETC. Reliable Angle Grinder Is Always a Good Assistant in Any Repair. In this video My Personal Experience (Opinion) The Operation of Grinders Hitachi Angle Grinders, Personal Opinion ABOUT THE QULETY AND Reason OF GRINDERS METABO ANGLE GRINDERS. Both Bulgarians on a Disk of 125 Mm. corner grinders should be repaired with great caution and without haste. The negative consequences of manipulations with a power and/or electronic unit can lead to the transformation of minor breakdown into a complete rejection of the grinder, and then even a professional master will not save it.

The corner grinding machine is called the “corner grinding” only on the repair spaces of the former USSR for prosaic reason-the Eltos-Uglovaya Schilifmashinka plant was single-handedly engaged in its production in g. Pilaf. The high.speed cut circle is an indispensable assistant in the processing of the most durable metal, when arranging siding on the ceiling. with cutting reinforcement, sheets, profiles and many other repair operations. The grinding capabilities of the Bulgarians are no less popular. they allow to eliminate burrs, roughness from both metal and from stone or marble.