Review of Metabo metal installation saw.

TOP-10 best installation saws for metal: rating 2020-2021 and the main choice parameters

Installation (cut) saw is a practical and reliable device suitable for working with metal of any density. Easily cuts steel, copper, aluminum and other metals. With it, the cut is neat and most accurate.

When choosing a saw on metal, it is important to familiarize yourself with its main parameters and compare several options among themselves.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

When choosing a mounting saw, it is important to consider a number of parameters:

  • Reza depth. for home use, there is enough depth of up to 7 cm, in professional models the indicator is up to 20 cm;
  • Control automation. this system provides high accuracy and quality of processing, and also does not allow a decrease in the speed of rotation of the disk;
  • Smooth start. almost all modern devices are equipped with this option, its presence guarantees protection against voltage jumps;
  • Control overload. the presence of this element prevents overheating of equipment at high loads;
  • type of disk. the accuracy of the cut depends on its material and size.
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Bosch GCD 12 JL

Professional installation saw Bosch GCD 12 JL has a number of advantages that helped her win in our review. Powerful (2 kW) low.cost (1,500 rpm) engine allows you to easily cut thick.walled blanks. The laser guidance system is responsible for the accuracy of the cut. For the security of the operator, the manufacturer installed a sliding casing, which smoothly descends to the base. When using a disk with a diameter of 305 mm, the cut depth reaches 85 mm with a width of 158 mm. The landing size of the equipment should be 25 mm. The developers provided for the possibility of turning the cutting part by 45 degrees. Experts praised the quality of the assembly and the presence of smooth start.

Professional installers spoke flattering about the working qualities of the saw Bosch GCD 12 JL. The downside of the model is a high price.

The main features of installation structures

For which area is this or that model is intended by the weight of the device. If the mass of the device is up to 15 kg, then such a product can be used in the home and semi.professional sphere, since it is easy to move from the site to the site. During the construction of large facilities, most often use devices whose weight is located in the range from 15 to 30 kg. Often, a separate workplace is allocated for using such a design. Work with devices over 50 kg is possible only in large enterprises, where the employee needs to observe maximum accuracy.

The second feature lies in the kinematic scheme. Products can work not only with direct drive, belt transmission is also found. For an ordinary user, the most familiar first option, as it is used in all inexpensive devices. It is impossible to imagine machines without belt transmission in factories, as they provide excellent protection when increasing the load to the disk. If the circle is stuck, then the belt will only turn, which will save the engine in working condition and safely turn off the device. In addition, some products support the presence of several discs on one machine, which has become accessible due to the presence of step pulleys.

Metabo TS254 Site Saw | Toolstop Review

Saws are divided by the diameter of the installation hole, which are present in various cutting circles. One of the most popular species is a disc with 25.4 mm hole. If you buy a device with an unexplored diameter, then it will be harder for a person to find a suitable element that will create discomfort in the work.

Special abilities

Each manufacturer tries to somehow highlight their device, so the products sold often have a number of professional differences. However, there are only three main opportunities that will be very useful when working with such material.

First, a person should pay attention to the design of the table, where the saw operation occurs. The reliability and quality of the sawing depends on its resistance. Also, a pleasant bonus will be a guide rail with a rotary mechanism and the presence of quick fixation without the use of auxiliary elements that are present in standard models. The latter is useful for those who often perform corner cuts.

Another possibility that will be an additional advantage is the presence of electronic engine control. This makes it possible to increase the life of the device and significantly reduce the load on the electric network, which is especially useful for private workshops. Also a pleasant moment is the presence of an electronic stabilizer, which will provide the user with normal speed at any load.

Another important additional element is a lever-hinge. For greater convenience, it should be placed on special bearings, as well as have a mechanism for independent return. With frequent transportation of the product, the presence of such an element will quickly block the products in a specific position, which will affect the durability well. Cheap options do not have such a function, a standard chain is used to move them.

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Rating of the best budget saws


Great model that is suitable for home use. The maximum power is 1200 watts. There is one speed. Saw height. 50 mm. The speed of rotation reaches 5000 revolutions per minute, which is a good result for a home tool. Product dimensions. 260x390x260, with a weight of 6 kg. This plays a positive role for convenient transportation.

Read more rating of chains for chainsaws in quality and reliability: review of the best manufacturers and models

  • Famous brand;
  • Quality work;
  • Good power;
  • Reliability;
  • Compactness;
  • Even cut;
  • Good landing diameter.

Elitech PM 1218

A good option that is suitable for a country house or cottage. The power is the same as that of the previous model, it is possible to work with metal. The device provides a high.quality section of any material. The diameter of the landing hole is 22.2 mm, which is a universal solution. The maximum rotation frequency is 5000 revolutions. A long network cable can also include advantage. 3 meters. Dimensions. 34x33x20 cm, mass. 5.5. kg. The product is distributed by the annual warranty.

  • A great option for cutting pipes;
  • Each element is made neatly;
  • Small price;
  • Compactness;
  • Engine power.

Gardenlux MC355

Home device that guarantees the user an even cut for a long period. Equipment capacity is 2500 watts, the maximum cut depth is 125 mm. The speed is 4000 rpmers per minute. The mass of the device. 15 kg. The kit has instructions and keys to ensure tight fixation of elements.


Metabo KGS 305M ending. the main advantages and disadvantages:


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Reviews of the owners of the end of the Metabo saw

Alexey Terpilin, 37 years old, Leningrad region:

Metabo KS 216 M Topping Daws. The wife gave it for birthday. I am very pleased with the tool. I use it for different household needs, recently in the bath the Paul Paul. without ending at all. In general, I received a very cool tool, and its cost is very funny, as for such a well.known brand. I recently bought myself an electric screwdriver Metabo. it also works without complaints.

Mikhail Potapiev, 54 years old, Vladivostok:

I have a rather large carpentry workshop, where my sons and I are engaged in the production of doors, windows, beds, and other wood products. In 2016, I purchased the Metabo KGS 315 Plus ending and Metabo KSU 401. For everything I gave more than 1,100, but the tools worked out my cost. The saw was collected in Germany, but there are just claims to it. Firstly, the dust system is designed in such a way that the dust remains on the bed, rises up-it is impossible to do without a respirator. Secondly, there are questions about the laser work-after three months he began to blink. And then completely turned off. They did everything in the service. I worked for six months and died. There are no complaints about the stand under the end of the end.

Advantages: high.quality workbench, reliable engine, clean and accurate cut, the presence of a broach;

review, metabo, metal, installation

Disadvantages: price, laser pointer does not work, dust from the working area is not removed.


Unpacking and overview of the METABO KS 216M ending saw:


METABO KS 216M end. how to correctly adjust the cut angle:


What are they talking about on the forums: Owners reviews

Ivan Lukashov, 47 years old, Novgorod region:

A small workshop at home. I mainly work with wood, although sometimes I have to process blanks from non.ferrous metals. For wood and aluminum, I use the Metabo KS 216M LASERCUT ending. the benefit of cutting circles for metal to the desired size in stores a large selection. For three years of using the saw, nothing has broken and fell off, the accuracy is quite acceptable to my purposes (I am engaged in doors, windows and their installation). Engine power is enough. You can’t find it better for that kind of money.

Sergey Mikhaltsev, 29 years old, Voronezh region:

For a year now I have acquired Metabo KS 216M and now I can say-you still need to take a end saw with a length-this function is not enough for this function. But in the rest of the parameters there are no special complaints. Unless immediately after the purchase had to tinker with the setting of the laser. he showed half a million to the side. In terms of accuracy of tuning the corners, no complaints, all the latches are reliably held, there is nothing backlash, drank accurate and clean. Drank a beam 50150. the engine copes with a bang.

The advantages of the Metabo KS 216M ended saw: price, high.quality assembly, productive engine, the presence of backlight and laser pointer;

Disadvantages: there is no broach, no function “smooth start”.

Reviews Metabo CS 23-355

I work for two weeks. In the reviews I saw complaints about the discrepancy between degrees in the production of cutting. I DON’T UNDERSTAND! Everything is regulated by the square. 90 degrees were set from the plant. I did not set anything. They want to buy cheaper and demand as serious equipment. Cooked two gates and a lot of little things. Everything suits me. Success in work and observe safety precautions.

Lack of a normal security cover, when replacing a disk. Ordinary guide bolts, angle of cut, in a vice. Could put, penny. a unit of a smooth start, although there is no direct need for this, it starts smoothly.Disk, included, for ejection.

I reviewed a lot of reviews on installation saws, everyone said a curve cut. the bed was shown, in this model, for stiffness. I must say right away that the disk is in the kit, if 40x20x1.5 I still cut very crookedly under 45, on the profile of 60x60x2 I just started to slip through the metal and extinguish the engine power. Replaced with Makita B-14510-5, and no problems, a cut is very accurate. What is under 90, what is under 45, again with the normal fixation of the profile in the plane of the bed, if you want the ideal of the tape.saw machine or the Makita LC 1230 you to help you).At least excrete power (just do not need to crush with crazy power with a cut) even on the profile of 120x120x8 and a square of 80×80 under 90 degrees. For 9800 this is just a gift

Reliable. Performs its functions for the optimal price for the third year in a home workshop. There is a smooth start and it works fine.There is a lock in the lower position of the engine and a handle for carrying. Horizontal handle gives a convenient grip in work. Good balance of engine weight and the efforts of the return spring. The rubber power cable will not crack in the cold. The vice is convenient, and with the correct selection of the tightening force of the cutting of the angle of the angle of the cut, you can change the angle of the vice in work without a wrench.

The sparking is small. Need to be finalized, but this is not a problem. Short power cord (1.5 meters in fact).No leirrel extension cords. Noisy. No backlight and laser sight. Sometimes they are missing. If you press hard, then the disk can take away. But this is the problem of cutting discs. If you put a carbide, probably this problem will not be.

Great addition to the park corner grinding in a home workshop. In the case of the manufacture of more or less complex metal structures in which the accuracy of the cutting angles (furniture, garden buildings, etc.) is important in the case of manufacturing of more or less complex metal structures. Disks worked out to a diameter of 230 mm are not suitable for the 230s angular grindow due to the diameter of the planting hole at the mounting saw more by 3 mm compared to the angular grinder.

Price from 16420.00 to 16420.00 in 1 stores

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Chips on the choice

When choosing a end saw, you should decide on a number of parameters that will be convenient for the user. Not everyone likes the endings with the cable, because during work it is necessary to monitor its integrity in order to avoid interruption. As well as one of the significant factors is the purpose of the technique. If it is planned to use a saw almost every day, you should look closely at the professional class options.

If the product does not operate daily, it makes no sense to buy an unit with great functionality. There will be enough device with a basic set of options. When choosing a particular product, you need to pay attention to its protective casing. This part of the end will ensure the safety of the user, closing the cutting disk.

In addition, the type of material for which the product is intended is important. It is important to understand that models with sharp and woods are different, in fact, saws are far from always universal units. Of course, you can choose a combined version with a length that can cut a tree and, for example, aluminum. When buying, you need to carefully study the technical characteristics in order not to wonder in the future why the unit quickly fails.

Choosing the desired option, taking into account your own requests, you can immediately look at the table for a specific model. In order to increase the user’s comfort, you can choose an option with a length that has a large width of the cut of the workpiece workpiece. But it is also important to note the size and weight parameters, because the stability of the technique and its functionality depends on it.

It is impossible not to take into account ergonomics, because convenience in work is one of the conditions of efficiency and a qualitative result.

When choosing, you need to proceed for security reasons, choosing the correct sizes of the saw disk. On average, the diameter should be at least 20 cm. As for the disk itself, it should be suitable for a specific model and its engine. Otherwise, the product will quickly fail. During the purchase, you need to inspect the geometry and sharpening of the dough of the disk. In addition, a visual inspection will exclude the presence of visible defects.

Operation and maintenance

The use of any ending begins with a careful study of safety rules described in the instructions for the use of end saws. Only after that can you proceed to a visual inspection, and before the unit is turned on. It is not recommended to use transitional plugs for an electric tool with protective grounding. If necessary, you can use the extension cord, but it must match the plug outlet.

You can not start work if the protective device is not installed. And it is also important to pay attention to the fact that only the materials for which it is intended for cutting the saw should be cut. During work, it is necessary to reliably hold the handle. This is especially important at the time of cutting the saw disk into a workpiece workpiece. Cut off thin and thin.walled parts disk with small teeth.

Several layers of material cannot be cut at the same time, since this leads to equipment wear.

In the process of cutting grooves, it is necessary to avoid lateral pressure on the working disk, it is important to use the clamping device. You can not overhabitant and the processed details themselves. If an uncharacteristic noise is noticeable when starting, it is worth stopping the unit, find and eliminate the cause of the malfunction.

Immediately after assembling and checking the product for the strength of the compounds, you can perform the so.called, which will allow you to extend the operational period of the product. However, before that it is important to properly set up equipment and adjust to specific tasks. During operation, the workpiece is pressed to the stop for the processed elements.

As for service, you need to get rid of sawdust in a timely manner both on the machine itself and on the stand. If the bearing is worn out, it must be removed and replaced with a new. If necessary, perform a proto of the anchor, periodically inspect the drive belt for wear. They also do with the brake, performing regular maintenance, since the working brake is the basis for the safe operation of the ending.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Super Sawzall Vs Metabo HPT MultiVolt 36-Volt Recip Saw & Dewalt FlexVolt 60-Volt

If the saw disk works incorrectly, you need to adjust its position, with its curvature, you need to replace the deformed element of the saw with a new.

Too small capacity of the saw, indicates a dull saw disk or that it is not suitable for these purposes. During the inspection, one must not forget about the constant check of the cable and the network plug. It is important to inspect all mobile details, evaluating the freedom of their movement in the entire range. It is also important to monitor the tension of the drive belt and check the threaded connections.