Right Band Saw Sharpening Angle

Right Band Saw Sharpening Angle

The most important factor in the success of a sawmill business is which saws are used in production. The size of the saw, the material from which it is made, and the technology by which it is made, matters.

But even the use of saws of the optimum size, produced according to the most modern standards, will not allow you to get the profit you are counting on if these saws are not correctly sharpened and divorced. Improper saw blade sharpening and sharpening lead to defects on the lumber, which means that its cost drops significantly.

Particularly important is the correct sharpening and separation of saws when working on a tape sawmill. Unfortunately, in practice, many people even confuse the sequence of these procedures: first they make a saw, then they grind it. As a result, the saw tooth divorce “goes away”, and the saw needs to be raised again, or, if this is not done, the quality of the finished product will leave much to be desired.

If we talk about machines on which sharpening and sawing are performed, then every detail is really important here. The Emerald Forest company has contributed to the development of high-quality adjustable and sharpening devices.

The adjustable machine has the correct geometry: when installing the saw in the adjustable machine, the tooth root is between the cheeks that clamp the saw. In many other machines, including from a number of well-known manufacturers, this condition is not fulfilled. Therefore, when bending the tooth, both the tooth and the saw body deviate. Technically correct saw blade divisions imply something else: the pusher abuts 1/3 of the tooth and bends only its tip.
In the manufacture of the adjustable machine, two clamping stops are used, which, with light pressure on the handle, press the tooth against the indicator head. The pusher, not reaching the tip of the tooth, shows the actual divorce on the band saw. If it is insufficient, the operator presses the tooth until it is diluted to the required size. We consider it very important to pay attention to one point: a band saw tooth has a property such as metal memory. Because of it, under the influence of inertia, the tooth tends to return to its original position. Therefore, for proper wiring, it is not enough to make one click on each tooth: it is necessary to act on the tooth several times so that it remembers its position. If someone tells you that it is enough to click on each tooth once, know: you are misled.

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Two clamping stops with powerful springs used in the machine show the actual tooth tooth bend, which is very convenient: you do not need to unscrew the pusher endlessly and reconnect to find out how the tooth tooth has been retracted.

Another strength of the adjustable machine manufactured by the company is the ease and safety of the operator’s work: tooth extraction does not occur due to the operator pushing the pusher forward, as in a number of analogues, but due to the operator’s own weight and using an eccentric. As a result, the operator does not experience sprains.
So, high-quality adjustable and sharpening machines are what, undoubtedly, should be in the arsenal of each owner of the sawmill. But by themselves, they do not guarantee the quality of lumber, they will not allow the saw to serve for a long time if sawmills with serious technical flaws are used in production.
For example, if the rollers are made with a cone, or they became conical, because the saw has undermined them, then even with the correct sharpening and wiring, the saw begins to look for its place in the log. This will happen because the rollers are tilted. If the pulleys on the sawmill are divorced and are not in the same plane, then the saw is not flared clearly in the middle, but from the sides, and then the voltage goes to the edge of the tape blade. It also reduces the life of the saw.

So the role of the correct wiring and sharpening of the saw, of course, is great, but these factors do not determine 90% of quality sawing, as is commonly believed. It’s just that the saw itself will not be able to cut perfectly evenly and will not fail for a long time if, for example, a hard tension is used on the sawmill.

If you are just starting your business and have not yet had time to get acquainted with all these nuances, we recommend that you contact those who have been working in the market for more than a year. Phone number of the central office of the Emerald Forest company in Novosibirsk: 8 (383) 249-43-21. Contact us and we will advise you on the choice of equipment based on your needs and your budget.