Screwdriver bit hexagon for furniture assembly

Some rare splines and bits





These bits are used in automobiles and household appliances. Marked with the letter “T”. The most popular sizes are from 8 to 40. However, there are even smaller sizes that are used to repair cell phones. But they are not designed for a screwdriver..

Screwdriver bits classification

Sectional views of bits for a screwdriver | THE ABC OF REPAIR | from A to Z

Once upon a time, everything was simple: a flathead screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver and a set of wrenches for a hex nut / bolt. And that’s it! Now looking at the sets of bits for the screwdriver eyes run up. However, despite the large selection, in everyday life the most common are still only a few types of bits..

There is a great variety of cross-sections for the heads of screws / screws / nuts, up to exotic, exclusive ones. which some manufacturers use in their products in order to make it difficult for “casual” craftsmen to access the insides of the product. Say, contact the service and they have the right tool for disassembling your device. Here we will not consider these types of sections, but talk about more or less serial and used ones, which are usually included in the standard bit sets. And there are probably only 5 main types of such: straight (flat) spline, cross Ph, cross Pz, internal hex, internal sprocket.

Flat slot; 2. Ph (Philips); 3. Pz (Pozidrive); 4. Hexagon (HEX); 5. Asterisk (TORX).

A straight slot is the most classic type: a notch in the head of a screw or screw for a flat screwdriver. They differ from each other only in the depth and width of the cut.

Next in terms of prevalence is the cross section of the Philips standard or by the name of the Ph mark. Naturally, especially from the Soviet past, there may be cross splines that are somewhat different from this standard, but you can choose the most suitable bit for almost any of them. According to the standard, Ph means a cross recess, at an angle to the apex of 55 degrees. The lateral working surface of the cross is not straight, but as if slightly tapering towards the end. In sets, they are usually marked as Ph2, Ph3, Ph4, which corresponds to their size.

Next comes the Pozidrive or Pz cross section, which resembles Ph, but has additional notches on the screw head and, accordingly, additional antennae on the forend of a screwdriver or bits. In addition, the side working surface of Pz, unlike Ph, has the same thickness along its entire length, and does not taper towards the end. The angle at the top also differs – it is 50 degrees. This type of cross-section has a weaker buoyancy moment than that of the Ph and allows you to apply more force and transmit more torque..

Of course, you can try to screw the Pz self-tapping screw with a Ph bit and even vice versa (which will be completely inconvenient), but with the slightest careless movement this will lead to the breakdown of the notches on the self-tapping screw and the rapid wear of the bit itself.

The next section is the internal hexagon (HEX), which is most often used in furniture screed screws. It is worth noting here that when using cheap bits and / or screws, the slightest discrepancy in size will either lead to the bit scrolling in the screw head, or to volume. that the bit just won’t fit into the screw. But not everything is so terrible, and here you can try to screw in a rebellious screed with the following type of section.

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Sprocket (TORX) cross-sections are most often used on screws or for high torque applications. But a couple of times it was these not often used bits that helped out in non-standard situations, as in the case with a hexagonal section described above..

Wrench bits are worth mentioning separately, but everything is quite simple here. Hexagonal bits of different sizes are most often used, but they are also found with quadrangular and even triangular sections. Designed for loosening-tightening nuts and bolts.

PZ cross-head bit with serrations and TIN coating

The protective coating of this nozzle is made on the basis of titanium nitride. It greatly improves the durability of the bit. This is also facilitated by the hardened steel used for its manufacture. All this together made it possible to create a nozzle with optimal hardness and endurance. There are three attachment sizes: PZ 1, PZ 2 and PZ 3.

Bit “Star” with a hole inside

This bit is often used in assembly plants. When tightening the fastener, the bit fits snugly into the fastener. As a result, the reliability of the twisting process is increased, for the implementation of which no special efforts are required. Bit sizes range from T10 to T40.

Long bit with four edges

This nozzle is not used very often. It is available in three sizes: No. 1,2 and 3 and can be from 50 to 70 mm long..

Long bit hexagon shape

This accessory is marked with the Nex- mark. It is rarely seen in work. Despite this, it has proven itself well, as it is practical and convenient. For the manufacture of this bit, high quality steel is used. Therefore, it has good strength. Its dimensions are in the range from 3 to 8 mm, and the length of such nozzles varies from 50 to 100 mm..

Impact screwdriver bits

There are also impact screwdrivers. It is necessary to insert special bits into them, since ordinary ones will not withstand shock loads. They must be strong and durable. If you will need to use a hammer bit intensively, it is best to choose a diamond bit. Such a bit will be distinguished by increased strength, as well as good adhesion, so it will not slip or grind off during work..

Screwdriver attachment for self-tapping screws

For mounting bolts or screws in hard-to-reach places, elongated bits are used. Their length can be 300 mm. These flexible extensions make it easier to install in difficult places.

Drywall bit for screwdriver

Such nozzles are distinguished by the presence of a limiter, which does not allow the screw to be tightened deeper than necessary. When screwing the fasteners into the wall, the stopper rests against the drywall, which will allow the self-tapping screw to be screwed into the sheet to the required depth. Due to this, the speed of installation of drywall is significantly increased..

Marking bits for screwdrivers

As noted, there are two commonly used bit types – Ph and Pz. The first variety is universal. The apex angle is 55 °. The most commonly used bit is Ph2.

The Pz nozzle is more convenient, but it can only be used for self-tapping screws. She, in addition to the four main diagonal ribs, has four smaller ribs that increase the area of ​​engagement with the self-tapping screw. The apex angle of such nozzles is 50 °.

There are bits that replace flathead screwdrivers. They are labeled as S or Sl. T-bits are used for star-section mounting.

The toughest screwdriver bits

In order to choose the strongest bits, you need to pay attention to the material from which they are made. If the packing is made of an alloy of molybdenum and chromium, vanadium and chromium, or molybdenum and vanadium, it will last a long time. Silicon-magnesium attachments are distinguished by their durability.

Magnetic screwdriver bit

According to the method of fastening in the cartridge, they are distinguished:

beyond by BLACK+DECKER 4V MAX Hex Driver – Easy to Use Cordless Power Tool – review

  • Magnetic bits. They are attached to the chuck by the magnetic field of the extension glass.
  • Spring loaded. They are rigidly fixed in the chuck.

The convenience of magnetic bits is that they are very easy to replace. However, this does not affect the work – during operation, they do not slip and do not fall out of the cartridge if they are inserted correctly into it..

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Screwdriver bits

Nowadays, the use of nails is less and less common in the construction business. Screws and self-tapping screws are much easier to drive into wood or metal using a screwdriver. It is used both in large-scale construction and for domestic needs..

To securely fasten the elements with self-tapping screws, you need to choose the right bit for the screwdriver. What are they and how to choose them correctly? The answers to these questions are given in this article..

Cross bit for screwdriver

There are two types of them:

  • Ph (Phillips Slotted Mount). A simple slot designed for tightening self-tapping screws that do not have additional notches.
  • Pz (fasteners with Pozidriv slot). An improved version that is used for self-tapping screws with additional notches.

Screwdriver bits: small, ergonomic and easy to use

This is not to say that the time of screwdrivers has passed, but instead of their specialists increasingly began to use practical, ergonomic and easy-to-use screwdriver bits..

What is a screwdriver bit? This is a hexagonal nozzle, which is fixed in a screwdriver with one side (the so-called shank). The other side is a mini screwdriver for tightening a bolt, screw or self-tapping screw. The working side has different types for better performance of certain types of work.

Although the benefit from purchasing an “auxiliary” tool is not only the presence of many positive qualities, but also the opportunity to save money on the absence of the need to buy a new screwdriver when the old one breaks down. But this often happens with the active and systematic use of the device. Another factor that makes using screwdriver bits profitable is saving space in your work drawer. Screwdrivers, due to their long handles, require more space than compact bits. In addition, using a screwdriver, you can do the planned work much faster..

The main types of bits for a screwdriver

To figure out which bits are right for you, let’s study what types of these bits exist and what they are used for..

  • Pozidrive bits are marked with the letters PZ. At the heart of the slots. double cross, the main one is similar to the PH attachments, the second is small, offset by 45 degrees. They have the same dimensions as the PH. Used for yellow self-tapping;
  • nozzles. asterisks, marked with the letters TORX. They are used in the repair of household appliances and cars. Very small ones are used to repair cell phones. They are used both in screwdrivers and for hand tightening. Nozzles. stars come with and without an inner hole.

During operation, the attachments experience a rather strong physical impact. Therefore, the materials from which really good bits are made are of paramount importance. Reliable manufacturers use the following metal alloys:

  • chromium and molybdenum,
  • chrome and vanadium,
  • tungsten and molybdenum.

In high-quality nozzles, not only the working part, but also the body is made of these materials.

To increase wear resistance, some bits are coated with a special TIN coating – titanium nitrite. Such attachments for screwdrivers are manufactured by Bosch. They are also called “golden” because of the specific color of the coating..

In addition to the types of attachments listed above, there are also:

  • hexagonal bits for a screwdriver. Used to work with parts with an internal hexagon. Indispensable in the furniture assembly process. Suitable for self-tapping furniture (confirmations);
  • attachments for nuts and bolts. Designed for self-tapping with external hexagon. These bits are available with and without a magnet. It is more convenient to work with a magnet, because in this case the self-tapping does not fall out when screwing;
  • bits are flat or slotted, marked with the letters SL. They are used when working with screws and screws;
  • combined. Such attachments have a cross on one side and a flat side on the other;
  • double pin. They look like flat (slotted), but have a slot in the middle;
  • triangular bits have three edges, they can be easily confused with cross.
  • torq-set are also similar to the cross, but the cross is slightly offset from the axis. They are used extremely rarely in the repair of some types of equipment..

Bits for drywall have a special limiter, which allows you not to spoil the appearance of the material and significantly save time during work.

screwdriver, hexagon, furniture, assembly

If you need to use several types of attachments for work, consider purchasing an adapter for bits, which will allow you to change the attachment without spinning the screwdriver chuck. A properly selected nozzle should sit tightly in the screw. This will extend its service life..

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Screwdriver bits

Screwdriver bits: advantages of use

  • functionality – a set of bits for a screwdriver can replace a whole arsenal of tools for you;
  • ergonomics, practicality, ease of use – you only need to make a few movements to replace the old screwdriver bit with a new one;
  • in some cases, the absence of bits makes it impossible to perform a particular type of work. So, without a special tool, you simply will not be able to tighten the threaded connections;
  • bits for a screwdriver are useful when carrying out repair work on household appliances – the tool is able to cope with screws that differ in tricky types of slots;
  • Save money – Throw away old broken screwdriver handles and buy new, durable screwdriver bits that will last you for years.


  • Feature: Impact Bits
  • Shanks: Hex. 1/4 “
  • Product class: Ultimate


S-B (IF)

  • Feature: Drywall Nozzles
  • Groove: PH2
  • Length: 25mm

Bits for screwdrivers

Long and short bits and screwdriver bit sets

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S-BS (T)

  • Feature: Hex Shank Bits
  • Shanks: Hex. 1/4 “
  • Product class: Premium


  • Feature: Standard Bits
  • Groove: TX40
  • Length: 25mm
  • Feature: Hex Shank Bits
  • Shanks: Hex. 1/4 “
  • Product class: Premium

S-BS (S)

  • Feature: Standard Bits
  • Slot: TX10, TX15, 3xTX20, 3xTX25, 2xTX30, 2xTX40, 2xPH1, 5xPH2, 2xPH3, 2xPZ1, 5xPZ2, 2xPZ3, NS8, NS10, NS12, NS3 / 8, NS13
  • Length: 25mm

S-B (T) HF

  • Feature: Hex Shank Bits
  • Shanks: Hex. 1/4 “
  • Product class: Premium

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Hex key for confirmation

Initially, the key may be needed to carefully tighten the confirmations. You can practice it a little, and then you will use a special bit for a confirmation with a screwdriver.


You will need drills with a diameter

screwdriver, hexagon, furniture, assembly
  • 4.5 mm;
  • 7.5 mm;
  • 10 mm.


With its help, we will tighten screws and confirmations, as well as fix furniture fittings. Of course, it would be possible to do with an electric drill, but this will cause certain inconveniences: you will often need to monitor the length of the wire, as well as change nozzles and bits for screws and confirmations.

If you decide to assemble just one table or wardrobe for yourself, then an inexpensive screwdriver is quite suitable, but if you decide to seriously engage in the furniture business, then take the expensive one right away (you can use the manufacturer Makita). Although it is much more expensive, it can replace 2-3 cheaper tools for you.

But don’t chase the brand. Here are the indicators that you should pay attention to when choosing a screwdriver:

  • High quality charger. The so-called “hourly charge” will kill your screwdriver in a couple of months, the optimal recharging time is about 6 hours;
  • At least 8 power modes and a separate mode for drilling;
  • Heavy but comfortable to use;
  • Keyless chuck and smooth running.


It will be needed when marking fiberboard and chipboard, as well as to maintain an angle of 90 degrees when attaching perpendicular fasteners.

DIY furniture making tool


It will be needed for marking, it is better to use a pencil of medium hardness (HB).


It is better to immediately take a reverse screwdriver with replaceable nozzles. It is useful not only for assembling furniture, but also for household chores. Take the money, take a high-quality screwdriver right away.