Screwdriver bits how to choose

Bit sets

Bit sets are especially popular, since there is an opportunity to purchase products that are suitable for all occasions.

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If you want to be the best, bit sets will always help you out..

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When choosing, you need to focus on:

Kinds of bits included in the kit

They can be divided into 5 main types, each of which must be present in the set.

Some kits may contain highly specialized attachments, for example, star-shaped or with an anti-vandal slot.

The metal from which the bits are made

It must be of high quality.

Protective coating on every bit is encouraged.

This will allow you to use the product for a long time..

This is especially important for sets of professional attachments..

Brand reputation

That being said, remember that a good kit is never too cheap..

The use of quality bits for an electric screwdriver can be a guarantee of successful construction and repair work..

The correct choice of bits for a screwdriver should be based on the type of work required.

Bits for nuts and bolts

These bits have a non-standard shape.

Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they do not have a convex working part, but with a hole, while there are a large number of standard sizes.

It must be remembered that to tighten nuts and bolts with a large diameter of the head, you need to use a screwdriver with high power..

How to evaluate the quality of bits for a screwdriver

So that in the process of work there are no difficulties in the choice of consumables, you should approach responsibly.

Therefore, it is recommended to know in advance how to evaluate the quality of the bits before purchasing..

Spring and magnetic

Bits with a spring clip or a magnetic tip are designed for working on ceilings or other hard-to-reach places.

Retainers are designed to hold the bits in the adapter.

The magnetic tip allows you to securely fix the bit in the screw grooves.

It is also able to prevent the screwdriver nozzle from slipping during operation and allows you to screw the self-tapping screw deeper than a simple nozzle.

The spring attachment is a special.

It allows you to work with fasteners that are at different angles and in hard-to-reach places.

Most often it is a slot and a base, which are connected by a flexible spring for fastening: you need to fix the slot of such a nozzle manually, insert it into the notches on the self-tapping screws, while the spring can be bent at any angle, even more than 90 °.

Drywall Bits

Bit for drywall with a limiter is used when working only with gypsum board.

This is due to the fact that when fastening the sheets, you must not press hard on the self-tapping screw, and as soon as the limiter reaches the surface of the material, you must definitely stop working.

If this is not done, then the splines from the screw head will be cut off..

This can cause the drywall bit to wear out and clog the notches with metal filings..

How to choose bits for a screwdriver

To make it easy and convenient to work with a screwdriver, you just need to choose the right bits.

At the same time, it is desirable to choose high quality products, even if their cost may be a little overpriced..

Before buying, you should study the recommendations for choosing bits from specialists..

Standard equipment

There are several basic types of bits:

Slotted – classic, universal, for screw heads or screws, their cut is suitable for a flat screwdriver, may differ in tip width and cutting depth.

The most commonly used products are standard size..

Cross – consist of four ribs.

Hex – used for socket head screws.

Bolt and Nut Bits – Suitable for high load capacity external hex fasteners.

Star-shaped – most often chosen for work with automotive equipment.

Fork bits

It is a subspecies of anti-vandal slot.

For manufacturing, only high-quality steel is used, which allows it to be durable and serve for a long time.

Outwardly, it resembles a flat slotted bit, which has a slot in the middle.

May be with increased length and have increased strength.

Tri-wing slotted bits – three-bladed

The tri-wing bit is three-bladed, with the blades angled (as opposed to ribs in a cruciform nozzle).

Used in the assembly of household appliances and electronics.

Bits for straight slot

Such nozzles usually have a designation with a number about the width of the tip. They are divided into several types:

  • Classic bits with straight slot. Their surface is protected from rust.
  • Coated bits. They are distinguished by their golden color. They are coated with titanium nitride to protect against external influences and increase strength..
  • Extra long straight slotted bits. With their help, you can more accurately carry out work with fasteners. When using these bits, the tip is more firmly in the head of the screw or screw. Length can be 100mm.

Star-shaped attachments

All such attachments have a number indicating the distance between the beams of the asterisk, indicating the size. They are divided into several types:

  • Classic attachments. In European countries and the USA, they are used most often due to their high productivity. They have six faces. Due to the design features of the attachments, you do not need to exert great physical effort to work with fasteners. The most common types are parts ranging from T8 to T40.
  • Torx Plus screwdriver bits have less sharp beams and are shorter. They are usually used for work in which the person requires increased accuracy. They range in size from T10 to T40. They are made of high strength metal.
  • Coated sprockets. They have increased strength and a rough surface. As a result, they adhere well to steel fasteners. Such products are made of durable material, therefore they are durable..
  • Bits with a hole inside. During use, they fit tightly into the fasteners, so less effort is needed to scroll.
  • Extended nozzles are used if standard fasteners cannot be tightened due to inconvenient location.
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When choosing products of this shape, it is especially important to purchase exactly those parts that have a protective coating, since the sprockets are crumpled or cracked under heavy load.

Products with a square slot and “Fork” bits

Bits of this type can be classified as specialized, since they are rarely used. All products with this shape are designated by the letter R. Classic, with four sides, are often used in furniture assembly.

There are also elongated square-slotted nozzles. They can be from 5 to 10 cm in length..

Higher quality steel is used to create fork-type products. They resemble flat nozzles, but have a slot in the middle. They are available in 4 sizes. Extended versions of such attachments are also created..

Screwdriver bits

When choosing bits for a screwdriver, you can find many products of various shapes that allow you to work with various fasteners. To understand all the variety of such products, it is worth familiarizing yourself with their types..

Three- and four-blade bits

Three-blade models are often used in the assembly of household appliances. Several types of such nozzles are used in the aerospace industry. Four-blade screwdriver bits are rarely used and can range in size from 4 to 10.

To choose the right attachments for a drill-driver, you need to learn about the main characteristics of the described products.


These bits are divided into several types:

  • Standard products are created in several sizes. Larger ones are usually used less frequently. Products with a size of 2 are often used.
  • Coated nozzles. Titanium nitride is used to create a protective layer. All of these bits are golden in color and are divided into three types..
  • Elongated models. They are designed for tightening fasteners in hard-to-reach places..
  • Pozidriv bits were created in 1699 and were designed to work with materials that have a heterogeneous structure..
  • Models with grooves are characterized by increased strength and are divided into 3 types.
  • Titanium coated bits. They have optimal hardness and endurance.

Hexagonal bits

Classic hexagonal screwdriver bits are very convenient to work with, as they have a large contact area with fasteners. It is due to the presence of six faces that they are securely installed in the recess of the fastener and do not turn during tightening..

Models with a hole inside and elongated nozzles are also often used. The last named bits can be from 50 to 100 mm in length. The sizes of the nozzles vary from 3 to 8 mm.

Drywall Bits

Drywall is a soft material, so it is very easy to drive fasteners too hard into it. For this reason, drywall bits have a stop that will prevent you from screwing the mount too deep..

Screwdriver bits. Classification, characteristics, bit types

Bits for a screwdriver are a must for everyone who is involved in construction or repair. At every construction site and in the workshop, you need to screw in self-tapping screws, screws and other fasteners. The screwdriver helps a lot when twisting and unscrewing a large number of fasteners, but its effectiveness directly depends on whether the consumable was selected correctly.

Magnetic and spring

Magnetic bits are very useful when working at heights or in hard-to-reach places. Retainers keep the bit in the adapter, do not let it fall out. In addition, the nozzle is protected from slipping during operation..

Spring nozzles make it possible to work with fasteners at an angle and in hard-to-reach places. The spring bends at different angles, even more straight. At the same time, rotation is well transmitted from the screwdriver to the fasteners.

Fork bits

This is a kind of anti-vandal attachments. They are made of very strong steel and have a long service life. These bits are similar to simple slotted bits, but have a slot. There is also a slotted consumable with three blades. This slot is called a tri-wing. Its main purpose is to work with household appliances and appliances..

Bit classification by material and coating

For the production of bits, both soft and hard metals are used. Their quality and service life directly depends on this. The following alloys are considered the strongest and highest quality:

  • molybdenum and chromium;
  • vanadium and chromium;
  • molybdenum and vanadium;
  • silicon-fired sinter.

In the case of steel bits, the strength is increased by titanium coating. It is followed by diamond, nickel or tungsten-nickel coatings in terms of strength. At the same time, tungsten provides a margin of safety, and nickel protects against corrosion..

Screwdriver bit classifications

Bits can differ in several ways, mainly in shape, size and material from which they are made. Each bit is like a metal hex bar. One side is working, it is needed to work with fasteners, and the other is inserted into the chuck and is called a shank.

By their functionality, bits can be divided into 3 types:

  • Basic. They have only one working part, for example, a cross head. This is the most common consumable option..
  • Combined. They have a double working part. They can be turned over – in this case, the unused working part acts as a shank.
  • Special. Rare bits for highly specialized work, which are sold by the piece only.

If we talk about the types of consumables, there are several more varieties that are heard by anyone who works with the tool:

  • flat – used for working with screws and screws;
  • hexagonal – find their application in furniture production;
  • for bolts – needed when working with tiles or corrugated board;
  • for drywall – have a limiter that does not allow you to tighten the fasteners more than necessary;
  • triangular bits.

Bits for nuts and bolts

These bits have a non-standard shape. The main difference is that the working part does not have a convex, but a convex working part. They literally put on the fasteners and remove them clasping from the outside. To work with fasteners with a large diameter, you need to use sufficiently powerful screwdrivers.

Bit marking

Here are the most popular screwdriver bit markings:

  • Slot – simple flat slot model.
  • PH – cross. The letters are marked with a diameter from 0 to 4. The bits that are best suited for domestic use are marked PH2.
  • PZ – bits for working with wood and metal. Its feature is additional ribs for fasteners with a cross notch.
  • H – hex bits. Have a size from 1.5 to 10, which is indicated in the marking.
  • R – square spline.
  • T – star-shaped nozzle.
  • SP – anti-vandal slot.
  • Gr – three-blade nozzle.


Such a tip resembles a six-rayed star in shape. These bits are used in the repair of cars and foreign household appliances.

The tips are available in sizes from T8 to T40, indicated in millimeters. Sizes below the T8 value are produced by manufacturers for highly specialized screwdrivers used in microelectronic technology. Star-shaped nozzles also have a second marking – TX. The number in the marking indicates the distance between the rays of the star.

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The six-beam insert creates a secure grip on the bit to the bolt without excessive force. This shape minimizes the risk of screwdriver slipping and bit wear.

Torx hole campaign bits come in two flavors: hollow and solid. This point should be considered when buying.


Hex head fastening material is secured with hexagonal bits. Such screws are used in the assembly of heavy furniture, repair of large equipment. A special feature of hex fasteners is the slight deformation of the bolt head. This should be taken into account when twisting the clamps..

Bits are divided into sizes from 6 to 13 mm. The most common bit in everyday life is 8 mm. It is convenient for them to tighten screws and carry out roofing work. Some bits are specially magnetized with metal hardware. Because of this, magnetic bits are one and a half times more expensive than conventional ones, but at the same time they greatly facilitate and speed up the work with fasteners..

Sets rating

There is no universal answer to the question of which bits are better, but preference should still be given to proven brands. Cheap products not only will not allow you to perform the task at a high quality, but will also damage the tool.

German companies supply the market with a huge number of products, good both in price and quality..

Manufacturers and characteristics of the kits:

  • Bosch 2607017164 – quality material, durability;
  • KRAFTOOL 26154-H42 – adequate price in relation to product quality;
  • HITACHI 754000 – multifunctional set of 100 pieces;
  • Metabo 626704000 – the best tooling quality;
  • Milwaukee Shockwave – High Reliability
  • Makita B-36170 – running bits with manual screwdriver, high quality;
  • Bosch X-Pro 2607017037 – ease of use;
  • Metabo 630454000 – increased safety margin of the tooling;
  • Ryobi 5132002257 – large set in mini-case (40 pcs.);
  • Belzer 52H TiN-2 PH-2 – medium wear of elements;
  • DeWALT PH2 Extreme DT7349 – high durability.

Straight spline

These bits are found in all bit sets, as they are used in almost any job. Bits for a straight slot appeared first, today such nozzles are used when working with screws and screws, the head of which has a straight section.

Equipment for a flat slot is marked S (slot), after which there is a number indicating the slot width, the size range is from 3 to 9 mm. All nibs have a standard thickness of 0.5-1.6 mm and are not labeled. The tail indicates the material from which the nozzle was made. All elements have increased erosion protection and hardness.

Titanium slotted bits are incredibly durable. Gold plating is swept away with the letters TIN, indicating that the tip is made of titanium nitride. These tips are wider than standard – up to 6.5 mm, and slightly thinner – up to 1.2 mm.

Slotted nozzles are often reversible, in combination with a cruciform tip. This is due to the versatility and frequent demand for the product. The thickness of a flat bit is usually not indicated, since it has an internationally accepted standard from 0.5 to 1.6 mm.

Some rigs are available in an extended version. Due to the length, the possibility of tight contact between the screw and the nozzle is achieved, which improves the quality and accuracy of work.


Each nozzle is distinguished by the geometric shape of the working surface. On these grounds, the following categories are distinguished.

  • Standard. They are bits for bolts, straight handpieces, Phillips and hexagonal screws for screws, star-shaped.
  • Special. Equipped with various springs with a limit stop, used for fixing drywall sheets. Have a triangular shape.
  • Combined. These are reversible attachments.

Extension cords are available in two varieties:

  • a spring – a nozzle inserted into a bit, as a rule, lends itself to rigid fixation;
  • magnet – fixes the tip with a magnetic field.

Features of the

A bit is a rod that is attached to the chuck of a power tool, and the selected drill is already inserted into it. The working surface of the nozzle is a hexagon. Each bit corresponds to the type of fastener.

Tool accessories consist of:

  • drill;
  • magnetic / regular bit and holder (extension cord).

Bits for a screwdriver must be selected for the size of the fastener head and the characteristics of the nozzle itself. Taking into account all these criteria, the sets are made up of common in practice nozzles from 2 to 9 mm.

Each element has its own place in the suitcase. Its size is also indicated there, which simplifies storage and use of the tool.

How to choose?

If you buy a product by the piece, it is important to select models with:

  • the presence of a protective coating;
  • high impact resistance.

When purchasing a set, you should pay attention to slightly different parameters..

  • The material from which the bits are made. The better it is, the fewer problems will occur in the work..
  • The way the item is processed. There are two types of processing. Milling is the least durable option due to the removal of the surface layer of the material. Forging is a homogeneous structure. Heat treatment of bits allows them to be used in various modes with increased load.
  • Profiling. Designed to ease handling of tough fasteners.

Such bits should not be used on anti-corrosion, chrome-plated, brass screws, due to the possibility of damage to the working surface of the element..

  • Micro-roughness. Bits with rough edges, coated with titanium nitrides, are used to secure fasteners with a special coating.
  • Hardness. The standard value for most attachments is around 58-60 HRC. Bits are divided into soft and hard. Hard bits are fragile, but they are more durable. They are used for low torque fasteners. Soft, on the other hand, are designed for hard mounts.
  • Design. Metal tips should not be used in work where shavings from the same material are present. This will complicate the fixing process and lead to wear on the workpiece..

Classification and features of the choice of bits for a screwdriver

  • Features of the
  • Varieties
  • Straight spline
  • Cross
  • Hexagonal
  • Star-shaped
  • Non-standard forms
  • Classification by material and coating
  • Sets rating
  • Which is better in operation?
  • How to choose?
  • Tips for use

Understanding Basic Screw Bit Types

For repair work, assembly or dismantling of the retaining elements, power tools are used to facilitate the process of fastening and removing the retainers. Screwdrivers and drills can fail due to an incorrectly selected nozzle, therefore, for confident and high-quality multidimensional work, craftsmen use bits. Let’s take a closer look at the modern types of bits, what they are, and how to use them..

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty

American company, founded in 1924, and distinguished by innovative ideas in the field of power tools and accessories to it. He has over 300 personal patents and is actively applying new technologies. Her top line of bits, the Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty, achieved the highest rating in tests with 6,088 screws per attachment. Here are the features and technological solutions of this line.

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Bits from this series became TOP winners both in the experiments of Russian and foreign specialists. All models in the series are torsion bar and are designed for impact tools. Shockwave denotes a special treatment of the tip, giving precise positioning on the fastener and reducing resonance oscillation. The bit material is resistant to heat during intensive use.

This model is available in structural steel with a forged tip. The body has a red torsion bar. Sold individually or in sets. There are all types of attachments:

  • TX with a diameter of 1.0-5.0 mm and a length of 25-90 mm;
  • SL with flat slot the choice is not large – the thickness of the tip is from 0.6 to 1.2 mm and the width is 4.5-5.5 mm;
  • The reinforced PZ has a diameter of 1 to 3 and a length of 25 to 90 mm;
  • PH without amplification with the same dimensions;
  • Hex with an edge size from 2.5 to 12 mm and a length of 25 mm.

What affects the durability of the bits

To choose quality tips, it is not enough just to remember the name of the recommended manufacturer. Even one company has products of different quality, which will affect the usability and service life of the tooling. Here are two key factors affecting bit longevity to consider when buying.

The best models of bits for a screwdriver

Having considered two key factors affecting tool life, we turn to specific manufacturers and models, which will help you choose the right attachments for different activities. The following is a rating of bits for a screwdriver based on tests, in descending order. Hence, the best ones are at the top. At the same time, their price is different, so those that are lower may sometimes turn out to be more expensive than those that are higher..

Construction or what are torsion bits

In addition to the material, the design of the tooling affects the service life of the tooling. It is of two types: rigid and flexible. Outwardly, the bits look almost the same – the difference can only be in the color insert on the leg of the latter. But now they are producing products without it..

A hard bit is simply a piece of metal in a certain shape. It transfers torque from the gearbox to the fasteners. When a self-tapping screw stops abruptly in a solid material, a strong blow occurs, which leads to knocking down the edges in the head and nozzle or breakage of the bit.

The torsion bit is equipped with a flexible insert – a shaft capable of twisting and unwinding along the axis. Such bits are well suited for impact screwdrivers, when you need to screw a long self-tapping screw into a dense material or, on the contrary, unscrew old fasteners. The bit transmits well the tangential impact from the power tool, and instead of slipping out of the grooves, it acts on the slots in the head, providing rotation. Impact bats last much longer than normal ones.

Torsion bit.

Manufacturing material

Since the splines of the nozzle are subjected to the highest stress, the material from which they are made is one of the important factors affecting the durability..

The most common materials for making screwdriver bits are:

  • Steel R7-R12 – the cheapest, suitable only for screwing self-tapping screws into soft materials (wood, plastic).
  • Tungsten-molybdenum is a stronger and more versatile material.
  • Chromium-vanadium is the most common tool alloy that can withstand high loads. Can be used for frequent metalworking.
  • Chromium-Molybdenum is the hardest alloy for long tip life.

The service life of the bit material is also affected by whether it has been hardened. Heat treatment contributes to the hardening of the tool end, which more effectively resists deformation from loading.

In addition to the material of the bit itself, its coverage is important. It is designed to either protect steel from corrosion or increase its strength. Low-cost options include a chromium vanadium coating that allows the tip to resist corrosion despite exposure to moisture. But with intensive use of the tool, it quickly erases.

Chrome Vanadium Plated Bits.

More reliable is titanium nitride or pure titanium coating, which can be recognized by its characteristic golden color. The coating effectively protects against rust and increases the strength of the tooling.

Titanium nitroite coated bits.

The tungsten coating is also equal in terms of the degree of impact..

The diamond coating is the leader in the stability of the outer layer. It significantly increases the working life of the bit, eliminates the slipping of the splines from the fastener grooves and increases the speed of monotonous processes..

Diamond bit.

Best screwdriver bits based on tests

Screwdriver bits ensure that the fastener is held firmly and screwed into the material to the desired level. The most common problem with this attachment is the loss of the shape of the splines (licking), after which the attachment becomes useless..

We analyzed the results of numerous tests that were published both on the Russian Internet and on foreign resources, and made a rating of nozzles and their manufacturers. Thanks to this, you will find out which bits for screwdrivers are the best, which will help you choose the right tooling that can last for many years and not waste your money..

DeWALT FlexTorq

Another American brand that has long gained popularity in Europe. The DeWALT FlexTorq series is a recent innovation, marketed as the most geometrically correct bits. During the bit tests, it was found that one bit is enough to screw up to 2592 screws.

The attachments are made from forged blued steel with subsequent machining. Due to this, the shape of the tip especially closely follows the cutouts on the fastener heads, which reduces backlash and increases the contact area. The torsion core is capable of unscrewing along the axis by 15 degrees, which protects against a sudden stop of the self-tapping screw.

The series includes conventional and reinforced cruciform nozzles in sizes from 0 to 3 and lengths of 25 or 57 mm. A large selection of sprockets in sizes from 10 to 40 and lengths of 25 and 57 mm. Among the flat bits, there are only two options with a blade width of 6 or 8 mm.