Sheet Metal Drill Attachment

What are the tips for a screwdriver and their direction of use

What are the nozzles for a drill for cutting?

There is a nozzle "Turbo scissors", which is driven by a rotating chuck on a drill or drill / driver and operates on the principle of scissors without leaving chips, the cut is quite smooth. It is mainly used for cutting thin sheet metal.

Sheet Metal Drill Attachment

There is also a nozzle for a drill that works on the principle of a chisel, i.e. cuts down the material, leaving a notch.

In general, there are many variations from different manufacturers of such nozzles, but the principle of operation is the same for everyone.

There are nozzles for cutting the cable, they are made in the form of scissors.

There are nozzles that work on the principle of a saw, with their help you can cut round holes in wood, metal, plastic and other non-concrete materials of a certain diameter.

Before you talk about nozzles for a drill for cutting, you probably need to remind you that you should not do them yourself, since sufficient safety precautions will not be followed, which will lead sooner or later to injury.

As for professional nozzles, here you can distinguish a whole family under the same name Turboshear. With the help of such nozzles, metal up to 1.5 mm thick is easily cut, as well as thick plastic.
The nozzle easily attaches to both the cordless screwdriver and the cordless drill.
Everything in it is beautiful, but the price still bites, it costs from 4000 to 7000 rubles.

Video: Sheet Metal Drill Attachment

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MALCO Professional Hand Tools for Sheet Metal Cutting

What are the tips for a screwdriver and their direction of use

Designed to work with cordless and conventional drill (from 1200 rpm.) Effective in cutting sheet metal, wire mesh, plastic. The maximum thickness of galvanized steel is 1.0 mm.

Watch videos about the MALCO hand tool (USA)

MALCO hand tools video at work: drill head for metal cutting

Tools for sale. drill head

Turbo scissors for thick steel Malco

Scope of application:

  • smooth sheet
  • composite tile

Purpose and advantages:

  • Turbo scissors represent a nozzle on a drill for quick and convenient cutting of sheet and shaped metal.
  • The cutting mechanism of the nozzle is arranged according to the guillotine principle, cutting occurs without chip formation.
  • Easy one-handed operation. Cuts right and left, allows you to make circular and square cuts.
  • Makes quick cuts of metal up to 1.32 mm thick.
  • Multi-toothed protective chuck, provides access for clamping or removing the hexagonal shaft shank.
  • The shank is suitable for all popular drill models (from ¼ to ½).
  • It has a telescopic clip for mounting on a large and small drill body.

Drill bits

The tool will need to be adjusted in the transition from very thin to thick materials and vice versa. The gap between the cutting knives is adjustable in order to achieve an optimal cut depending on the thickness of the material. To adjust, find the set screw near the jaws and turn it clockwise to tighten the knife gap for thin material or counterclockwise to make the knife gap larger for thicker material.

Warranty: 1 year


  • Thicknesses of processed metals:
  • Galvanized steel. up to 1.32 mm;
  • Stainless steel. up to 0.82 mm;
  • Copper. up to 2.55 mm,
  • Aluminum. up to 2 mm.
  • Weight 1.18 kg.