Snowmobile attachment to the power tiller with your own hands

Further tips

Before making a crawler drive for a power tiller, it is necessary to make drawings and determine dimensions. This is done in order that in the case of making a very high homemade crawler for power tillers it will be necessary to change the center of gravity of power tillers. This will inevitably cause problems when turning, as the equipment will be tipped sideways. To avoid this, the second driven axle must be made longer.

In addition to the rules about the power of the engine, look at the cooling system:

  • Air cooling is ineffective at significant overloading, which will destroy the motor.
  • It is correct to use water cooling, which has proven to be stable.

Fixed attachments to the motoblock allow you to seriously improve the data of the passability of the technique. Therefore, you can diversify the range of feasible operations, with which the homemade machine can cope. To put it another way, the base created in some situations wins over standard wheels. However, the remaking of motor-block machinery may not suit the owners of these technoblocks. There are special requirements for the engine.

The motor is suitable with good traction. Homemade is suitable for garage work. That’s why the unit created in the garage is an excellent substitute for the tracked monoblocks that are on the market.

So which console to choose?

Thus, when buying such an accessory, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • To which specific power tillers the drive fits. You can find this out, for example, from the data sheet of the device.
  • On the brand of the manufacturer.
  • On the type of the outline.
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Of course, sometimes one of the determining factors in choosing a tracked attachment to a power tiller may be the price of this product. The cost of drives of this type on the modern market can range from 25-35 thousand to 35 thousand rubles. р.

Other options for a tracked snowmobile from a power tiller

The example shows a snowmobile on a single wide track. This model is considered the best cross-country ability in deep snow and difficult terrain. However, there are other caterpillar homemade snowmobiles from power tillers, which are assembled with their own hands from tractor tires and other materials.

The snowmobile can be made with two tracks

Models with two tracks, where the same conveyor belt is used, are no less popular. It is used to make the base itself and the tracks. To do this, they cut strips, attach them to the base with bolts or rivets.

If the tractor tire tread is cut out, the finished ring will perform the role of a caterpillar. The wheels are used as the running gear of the snowmobile. They are put on a single-axle tractor from a passenger car. The wheels are treaded from the tire.


To make your own snowmobile attachment to your power tiller, you will need the following set of tools:

  • “angle grinder”, electric jigsaw.
  • Set of wrenches.
  • Nuts and washers and bolts.
  • Welding machine.
  • Screwdriver set.
  • Shoemaker.
  • Chains, wire, grinding equipment.
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From a truck tire

A caterpillar attachment for a power tiller out of a truck or tractor tire is an easy thing to make with your own hands. You will need two identical tires with a pronounced tread, a sharp knife and an electric jigsaw. When choosing the material for the track, keep in mind that the inner diameter of the tires must clearly match the coverage of the wheelbase. After selecting materials and preparing the right tools, you can get to work:

  • Use an electric jigsaw or a knife soaked in soapy water to cut off the sides of the tire;
  • then it is necessary to grind the inside of the tire from the hard protrusions;

Such tracks can be mounted directly on the tires of the wheels

Choice of power tiller model

Snowmobilers can be equipped with quite different. Some of those who have independently assembled this type of winter transport, put even motor blocks with 2-stroke engines. Reviews of folk craftsmen claim that the advantage of such motors is their high repairability.

In our country, the single-axle tractor Neva is widely used. Depending on the modification (there are 8 different models). Neva has a gasoline engine with capacity from 6.0 liters.with up to 9.0 liters.With four speeds switched by a chain reducer. The volume of the fuel tank in each modification is also different and varies from 3 to 5 liters.

As you can see, the Neva single-axle tractor is perfectly suited to be converted to a real snowmobile. The strength of such a machine will be enough to transport several people in addition with a sufficient volume and weight of cargo. And the speed that this machine can reach can reach 60-80 km/h. to the menu

Homemade sidecar

Self-made motobucket, made from improvised materials, differs by the lower cost of operation and more powerful specifications, compared with similar bought models.

Successful manufacture of a motor-scooter with his own hands involves several stages at once. Among them:

  • Selection of the main elements of the design with the necessary parameters.
  • Study of drawings, diagrams and video instructions, which helps to avoid mistakes during assembly.
  • Directly manufacturing followed by testing.

This makes it possible to make necessary changes in the design and achieve the desired operating parameters, such as lower fuel consumption or increased speed. If desired, you can implement additional compartments for various useful tools, gears and other equipment.

Making the basic elements of the construction

There are several elements that should be prepared in advance for the successful self-assembly of such a mechanism. This is a power unit, which has enough power to perform this kind of tasks. For this purpose, gasoline-type motors equipped with 1 cylinder are used.

Other elements also deserve mentioning:

Each of these components requires careful attention, and therefore it is advisable to study them in detail. As the engine is universally used models of Japanese manufacturers, such as Yamaha or Honda, as well as budget Chinese counterparts. It is allowed to use motors from power tillers, chainsaws and other improvised devices.

The drawing of the frame of the power tiller

The selection of suitable tracks should also be given due attention, since they come not only as specialized, but also as universal, designed for snowmobiles and other machinery. It is believed that the best option will be the tracks, not less than 50 cm wide, as they will make the device stable, maneuverable.

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Planning to implement the transmission, it is necessary to note the possibility of choosing between mechanical, automatic gearbox and variable. Despite the accelerated wear and tear of parts, the automatic transmission is considered preferable, because it allows you to significantly increase traction. As a budget option, it is allowed to use a gearbox, for example, from VAZ.

On the strength of the frame of the unit directly depends on its reliability, so it is advisable to make it with their own hands, using a welding machine. Tubes no less than 3 mm thick are suitable for this purpose, avoiding deformation under severe loads.

Wanting to make a snowmobile from the Buran or other mechanisms will need:

  • Install the engine on the frame.
  • Perform the installation of the running gear, making the front, rear axle.
  • Connect it to the gearbox.
  • To mount tracks, controls, etc.

Suspension of the device can be rolled or skid, depending on the season of intended use. The first option is suitable for use in the summer, fall or spring, and the second. exclusively for the winter period.

Winter Tugger

Guided by the diagrams, drawings and video-instructions it is enough to assemble the design from pre-selected elements, which will allow you to quickly make a sidecar. For a winter motobucket it is advisable to use a ski module for the driver’s platform, as well as the roller type of suspension. Otherwise the design is completely identical to the standard one.

How to make a snowmobile from a power tiller

For our country, the snowmobile is the best vehicle in the winter. It has a high cross-country ability in snow drifts, as well as good maneuverability. In addition, it has minimal fuel consumption.

On the market you can find snowmobiles from different manufacturers, but they are not cheap, and not everyone can buy them. Skilled craftsmen learned how to make a snowmobile from the power tiller with their own hands. This requires appropriate tools, parts, time and a little ingenuity. The standard set to build a snowmobile are:

The steering system of this vehicle is in the front. It is controlled by the skis.

Consider how to make a snowmobile on the basis of the motor block Neva. In order to assemble such a machine, first of all you need a single-axle tractor. It acts as an engine. In our country the single-axle tractor Neva with a Japanese engine and air cooling is very popular. In total, there are 8 models of this brand. The motor runs on gasoline, the capacity of which, depending on the model varies from 6 to 9 liters.с. Speeds are switched by a chain reducer. There are only four of them. Fuel tank capacity varies from 3 to 5 liters.

In terms of its power, the single-axle tractor Neva is ideal for remaking under the snowmobile. It is versatile, as the engine power is enough to transport bulk cargo or several people. The single-axle tractor can reach speeds of up to 60-80 km / h. A tracked attachment to the Neva unit is available for sale, which is easy to assemble and install.

Let’s understand how to make a snowmobile for a power tiller with our own hands. To begin with, you need to develop a plan of remodeling and clearly imagine what you have to do. It is ideal to make a drawing, from which you can calculate accurately. If you are bad with drawing, you can find ready-made drawings of previously made snowmobiles, and picking up a more suitable version, start assembling.

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For beginners in this business, it is recommended to create a small model, which can be made from ordinary cardboard. It would be a good idea to look at other people’s already made models to get a better idea of the work to be done. There are a lot of self-made prototypes of snowmobiles on the Internet.

The next step is to make a list of necessary materials, parts and tools needed for the snowmobile. After you have purchased everything you need it is safe to proceed to the assembly. In general, it is better to divide the assembly of the motoblock into several stages, so it will be easier to cope with the task at hand. The sequence of work looks something like this:

VST Shakti 130 DI Use In Row Making by Power Tiller Attachments #PowerTillerAttachments #vst #kmw

  • Making the frame. The optimal solution is a ready frame from a motorcycle. If there is none, then sturdy pipes are used. Using a pipe bender you can get a platform of the desired shape, and using a welder connect the ends.
  • Assembling parts. A support (bracket) is welded to the frame, to which the single-axle tractor will be attached. Next is the installation of the motor block, the seat and various parts: steering columns, shock absorber, skids, etc.

You need to be very attentive and pay special attention to the dimensions of parts. They must be executed clearly according to the scheme, otherwise the snowmobile attachment to the motoblock will be subject to rework due to inaccuracies.

Snowmobile from a power tiller with his own hands the best homemade devices and mechanisms. 110 photos and videos of snowmobile construction

Without power tillers in the present few gardeners and gardeners do. In the warm season is very often and densely used such equipment in the normal daily routine and never idle. But in the winter period it is quite difficult to find a suitable application for the snowmobile, and it means that the machine will simply stand idle.

Masters of home remodeling invented the use for a power tiller and in the cold. You do not want to move on your own in the snow, especially since in some places the snow reaches impassable volumes.

That’s why a snowmobile is made into a power tiller for winter. It is a benefit both for the owner and for the equipment itself, as a single-axle tractor is not idle.

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In the photo of a snowmobile from a motorblock, made with his own hands, it is well seen that everyone makes such a model, as he wants. For those who have decided to create such a useful machine will need to choose which option is closer to him.

In our article we will consider some important points for making a snowmobile.