Stihl 180 Carburetor Assembly

Country affairs. Chainsaw Stihl 180 oil supply repair

Chainsaw STIHL MS 180. An indispensable tool for harvesting wood and other construction work from wood. It is one of the most acclaimed gardening devices and comes with multifunctional features.

The tool weighs about 4 kg. The power reaches 1.5 kW and the busbar length is 35 cm.

Note that from a semi-professional device for this model of the saw got electronic ignition and a fairly fast chain tension. In addition, the STIHL MS 180 saw has 2 tanks for gasoline and an oil mixture.

Reduced vibration is one of the main features.

This result is achieved thanks to 4 shock absorbers. It’s no secret that high depreciation has a detrimental effect on human health and in Europe they have been struggling with it for a long time.

It should be noted that it is NOT advisable to disassemble this dust on your own without special instruction, in this case it is better to entrust the device to the masters.

Carburetor STIHL MS-180

The STIHL MS-180 carburetor is equipped with one idle adjustment screw. Full load jet is NOT adjustable, i.e. cannot be changed.

You need to know the basic rules for adjusting the idle speed:

1) check the air filter, if necessary, change it;

2) check the spark arresting grille, if necessary, change or clean it. Then you can turn on the engine and then warm it up.

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Construction and Dacha in plain language

Oil supply repair

STIHL MS 180 oil supply repair

The owners of this model of the tool should be prepared for the fact that they may face such an unpleasant moment as oil leakage for lubricating the chain. Oil can leak out while working with the tool and even when just lying down without action.

What is the reason for this phenomenon? The fact is that oil leaks due to leakage in the area where the hose from the oil tank and pump is connected.

In order to solve the STIHL MS 180 oil supply problem, it is advisable to disassemble the device.

Solution to the problem:

  • Check the hose, if it is damaged, then replace it with another one. Or try to degrease the hose and rinse, and put on a sealant, everything should work.
  • Check the filter oil for breakage, clean it (if you filled in the waste)
  • There may also be a clogged zapune, this creates a vacuum in the fuel tank and affects the fuel supply. The problem may be in the adjustment of the carburetor and there may be clogged channels, well, or the air filter, you need to thoroughly clean the filter and carburetor channels.

In general, the main problem is due to poor oil.

It is not recommended to pour oil into a chainsaw which is not intended!

Stihl 180 Carburetor Assembly

Removing and disassembling the motor

The engine is held back by 4 screws installed on the bottom of the Stihl 180 chainsaw. To remove them, you need to unscrew them, then carefully pull the engine out of the landing site and the rubber pipe of the carburetor.

To disassemble the motor, 4 crankcase screws are unscrewed, and it is removed, then there is an option to pull out the crankshaft assembly with oil seals, bearings and piston rings.

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Removing bearings and seals usually does not ask for additional tools, if the bearings were pressed onto the shaft with force, then a special puller is useful for dismantling.

To remove the piston from the connecting rod, you will need to pull the retaining ring out of the seat using a thin screwdriver, then the piston pin is squeezed out from the back side, after which the piston is retracted to the side.

Stihl 180 saw assembly and disassembly.

  • Chain step. 3/8 inch;
  • Groove width. 1.3 cm;
  • Manufactured material high-carbon steel, shiny steel, victorious brazing.

Working mechanism, saw headset, includes bar, sprocket and automatic lubrication system.

The chain tensioning system is located on the side, which is comfortable. Chain brake foreseen.

Based on the length of the tire and the modernization of the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw, there are a number of modifications. Saws with a saber length of 35 cm refer to models marked with 14 x length in inches. 14 The same equipment in terms of the engine and its characteristics, however, with a tire length of 40 cm, is called MC 180 16. Chainsaw Stihl mc 180 С-BE a tool of a higher class. Here there is a tire bed with a length of 40 cm, and a system of easy starting, and a system of Frisky chain tension. Easier access to the air intake filter, a condition where tool life is extended.

Stihl 180 chainsaw assembly diagram

Chainsaw Stihl mc 180. A tool designed for cutting wood species across. The equipment belongs to the state of the art for domestic use. The model differs from professional tools by the material of the working bodies and is designed for use at times, and not more than 40 minutes per work cycle.

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Removing the starter

Next, the upper housing cover is removed and the 4 starter mounting screws are unscrewed, after which you need to remove the oil tank and fuel barrel covers. The starter can be removed quite easily and problems will not appear.

After removing the starter, the opened inner cavity of the chainsaw needs to be cleaned, because usually there are a lot of compressed small sawdust on the body under the starter.

Disassembly and assembly of Stihl МС 180

Stihl MS 180. The tool is reliable and unpretentious, but sometimes it requires repair, like any other technique. In this article, we will consider how the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is disassembled, which is necessary in the event of an engine overhaul.

Removing the flywheel

The flywheel of the Stihl 180 chainsaw is twisted with great effort; to remove it, you will need a head with an iron knob. The nut holding the flywheel is unscrewed by the head by 13.

To block the crankshaft from turning, it is necessary to Unscrew the spark plug and install the piston stopper through the spark plug hole, if it is not there, use an old cord from the starter, with knots imposed there and immersed in the cylinder through the plug hole.

It is strictly forbidden to hold the flywheel from turning by setting the boundaries with its ribs and the body of a power screwdriver and other tools, with this method of blocking from turning, the flywheel blades are NOT able to withstand the load and break off.