STIHL 180 does not start on hot for a reason

STIHL 180 chain saw does not start: Recommended causes

The performance of this saw is source of pride for the German manufacturer. In this case, the unit is a tool that is designed to perform a small amount of work. The tool is positioned for domestic use, which confirms the intensity of its operation, which should not exceed 20 hours per month. With such a unit at your disposal, it will not be difficult to keep order in your garden, to make firewood for the winter, as well as to clear areas. At the same time, it will be able to help you with other tasks, where there is no need to perform complex manipulations.

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Main features

The considered saw can be considered a compact version, because its weight is only 3.9 kg. At the same time it has a large capacity oil and fuel tank. A two-stroke engine assists the user in its work and is powerful enough for simple applications. This tool does not produce much noise during operation, the noise level does not exceed 98dB. For the sake of simplicity, it suffices to say that human speech emits a noise level of 76 dB.

  • The STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw has a power output of 2.6 watts. This is in principle sufficient, keeping in mind that we are talking about a tool for household use.
  • The oil tank capacity is 0.145 liters, the fuel tank capacity is 0.25 liters.
  • The bar is 350 mm long and has a pitch of 0.325 in.

winding motor

Similarly to other bandsaws, the carburetor performs the role of the starting device. Taking a closer look at the carburetor on the STIHL 180 chain saw, it is important to note that it has a single adjustment screw. In other words, it is a sort of idle speed regulation screw. The nozzle that is subjected to the full load is stationary at all times.

In other words the adjustment is inapplicable to it. In turn, there is no way to influence the full load. You should also pay attention to the factory settings, which cause the air-fuel mixture to be fed directly to the engine. This principle holds true under all operating conditions.

Chainsaw till MS 180 does not start. Washed the spark plug with acetone, sanded with fine sandpaper. Several months. the engine was not running, gasoline and oil were still in the tank, but it would start in the 50th time before. Tell me where to look and what to do. And please send me the instructions for repair if you have them.

Т.к. If you have gas in the tank, 80 percent of your carburetor needs to be cleaned, that’s number one. Second, the saw starts if there is fuel in the cylinder, there is a spark and compression. The lack of fuel supply can be seen by a dry spark plug (take apart and clean the carburettor, change the fuel filter, clean the impulse line).If there is no spark, then change the spark plug, if the change did not help, then you need to change the magneto. If there is no compression you need to replace the piston, cylinder and packings. First remove the muffler and check the condition of the piston (piston burrs, no burrs).

I have had the same saw for three years and it runs fine. If it started like that before, change the spark plug, you got a low-quality spark plug.

STIHL saw winding mechanism

The basis of starting this kind of model, and indeed, all other chainsaws is a carburetor. But since we are talking about the STIHL 180 today, it won’t change the subject. At. The carburetor in this model has a single tuning screw, that is a kind of adjustment screw of the idle stroke. While the full load nozzle is in the stationary position.

stihl, does, start, reason

STIHL 180 chain saw carburetor

In simple terms, we can say that it simply cannot be adjusted (see. here), while the full-load setting simply cannot be changed. It is important that the carburetor was set up at the factory so that regardless of what conditions are exploited directly in the chainsaw air-fuel mixture is supplied to the engine itself.


If the initial inspection didn’t yield anything or the faults were corrected and the chain saw won’t start, then you need to look for more serious reasons. Have this defect checked and repaired by a STIHL servicing dealer. But with experience it is also possible to find and repair them yourself. What to diagnose and check?

In the first case, checking the compression in the cylinder will clarify the state of the cylinder piston group (CPC) chainsaw does not want to start in the cold. For this you need a compressometer. The instrument is screwed in place of the spark plug and the engine is idled. Measuring the reading is a good indicator of the condition of the cylinder block. If you do not have a compression gauge, you can determine the compression in a cylinder at a glance as follows:

Putting a finger on the spark plug hole and jerking the starter, you can check the compression in the cylinder

If you feel the finger pulling strongly into the spark plug passage, there is nothing wrong with the compression. The lack of vacuum in the chamber, indicates the presence of malfunction. The cylinder piston group needs a more detailed inspection to show the condition of the piston and cylinder, piston rings, and bearings.

Not start the chainsaw in the cold can also due to lack of compression in the crankcase engine. The main reason for this is damage to the gasket placed between the cylinder and crankcase. Detecting lack of compression is quite easy:

  • Disconnect the upper tube from the carburetor;
  • Pour gasoline into the regular plug;
  • We dip the removed tube into the fuel;
  • Yank the starter a few times.

If the fuel from the cap sucks in when the chainsaw starter starts, there is nothing wrong with the compression. If not, check the gasket.

Why won’t my chainsaw Start. stihl 180

Starting the tool can be complicated by improper operation of the carburetor or its failure. It often happens that during sawing the fastening screws are loosened and air is sucked into the cylinder. Check that the carburetor is securely fastened. Inspect it for fuel leaks. There could be many reasons for the malfunction. You can accurately determine the problem, fix it and make fine adjustments to the carburetor only in the service center.

After having completed the step by step defektovku engine chainsaw, you can find faults, correct them yourself and successfully start your working tool. Don’t take on jobs you’re not sure about. Leave the troubleshooting to the specialists from the service center.