Stihl 180 stalls when you press the gas

Saw stops after gas release,

Here you need to adjust the carburetor and check if there is a powerful air suction cup.

The most common chainsaw failures we’ve seen so far. It remains only nayedatsya that your saw will serve without interruption. But even reliable models like Shtil and Partner can sometimes fail.

Do not rush to immediately run to the service center, first use my advice to avoid large cash costs.

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Any tool can break and the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw is no exception. Today we will try to understand such issues as: why the chainsaw stalls when the speed increases, also at idle and at full speed. Consider the options for diagnosing and eliminating malfunctions associated with this behavior of the STIHL 180 chainsaw.

Air filter

On the pages of the world wide web, you can find information that the STIHL 180 chainsaw can stall due to a strong contamination of the air filter. I would like to refute this not entirely correct information, and report that the STIHL MC 180 carburetor is equipped with an expansion joint, which is designed and installed in order to take in the air necessary for the normal operation of the STIHL 180 chainsaw, bypassing the contaminated air filter. Of course, the power with a clogged air filter will drop a little, but it will definitely not stall. The power may also drop due to wear of the piston, here it will already be necessary to repair the STIHL MS 180 piston chainsaw.


Filter check

The first thing to check is the fuel filter.

In some cases, a filter clogged with dirt is unable to pass enough fuel mixture through it. Accordingly, a fuel shortage arises in the system, which leads to the fact that when you press the gas of the chainsaw, the fuel burns out, and the new one does not have time to enter yet, as a result of which the STIHL chainsaw stalls. Also, with a clogged fuel filter, there may be a noticeable drop in the power of the chainsaw at maximum speed, but this is with insignificant contamination.

STIHL 180. Classics of the genre. Doesn’t develop momentum

This is one of the problems why, the saw stalls when you press the gas.


Answer: STIHL MS180. began to stall under load

Of course, I don’t understand anything about chainsaws, and gasoline with oil for a two-stroke engine interfered for the last time in the pioneer age. But today’s automotive experience allows us to state that gasoline at different filling stations can be very different. And if a car 4-stroke computerized motor perfectly feels the different quality of gasoline, then what can we say about a small tyrchik. And low-quality gasoline has a higher proportion of light aromatic hydrocarbons. They are more volatile, have a higher octane number, but a lower heat of combustion, and most likely a different stoichiometric ratio, which will be critical for a motor with a simple carburetor. Alternatively, try to find a mixture quality screw and twist it, but such gasoline is better nafig. At least the very first thing to do to dispel all doubts is to refuel with proven gasoline. And by the way, yes, first of all, high-octane gasoline suffers, just from additives that increase the octane number. Take no higher than what is written in the manual. You can still smell the gasoline. It should smell like gasoline, not acetone.

STIHL 180 stalls at full throttle.

When disassembling the carburetor to change the gaskets, it is necessary to closely examine its needle valve, press down on the rocker arm and check its lifting. When, especially if the STIHL chainsaw has stood for a long period with fuel in the carburetor, the needle may burn to the carburetor body and not do its intended purpose. Simply put, the needle valve will not allow the fuel mixture to pass through. Under these circumstances, the saw does not work.

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So, remove the air filter. To do this, you need to remove the cover from the rear upper part of the chainsaw, which is fastened either with screws, or simply with some kind of lock that you just need to turn or snap off.

If the STIHL MC 180 chainsaw stalls at idle, does not gain power when you press the gas, or generally stalls at full speed, you need to diagnose the fuel accounting system and inspect the crankcase for tightness. To do this without the help of others, of course, but you need to have certain abilities. If you are practically unfamiliar with two-stroke saws, it is better to turn to specialists, since this technique is quite capricious and any mistakes are not cheap.


What is the difference between the drive and chain sprockets of a STIHL 180 chainsaw?

There is no difference between the “leading sprocket” and the “sprocket”, these are different names for one part.

I bought this chainsaw, I really liked it, but I would like to ask you if my saw can cut a thick tree?

Standard bus length. 35 cm, can be cut into a log. 70 cm in diameter, if the logs of such a diameter prevail, then you need a chainsaw of more power. The tool will cope, this, with the task at hand, will slowly and correctly cut our client logs of a huge diameter, but do not forget that by giving huge loads to a device that is not intended for this, you (most likely) reduce the resource of the chainsaw, in other words, bring its complete repair closer.

Please tell me if it is possible to use the 45 cm bar on the STIHL 180 chain saw?

On the chainsaw there is an option to put a tire of the greatest length 40 cm.

Where is the breather in the STIHL chainsaw ms 180?

The valve of the ventilation accounting system (“breather”) is located “on top” of the gas tank and oil tank. there what remains to be done for our client is closed by the starter housing.

The throttle button is horizontally stuck. What to do?

Most likely, the linkage-traction mechanism is faulty, when the unit is turned over, one of the levers “sinks”, as it is also called rods.

Why isn’t oil coming to lubricate the chainsaw tire? What is the problem?

Clogged oil filter. The channel in the chainsaw body is clogged. Clogged channel and tire groove. Defective oil pump drive (worm). Oil pump defective. The oil in the oil tank has run out.

Chain problems with the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw

The STIHL MS 180 chainsaw has some nuances that make owners nervous and wasted on expensive.

Why does a chainsaw stall when you press the gas

Let’s say the chainsaw works normally at idle, but when the gas is pressed sharply, it stalls. What is the reason perhaps? It is immediately clear that this is not about the ignition (no spark), because if the ignition is faulty and there is no spark, the tool would simply not start. Means the fuel system remains.

There are many defects in the fuel accounting system to determine a clear prerequisite, because of which the STIHL 180 chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, you need to carry out its full diagnostics. We advise you to read about the common malfunctions of the STIHL 180 chainsaw and the elimination of these defects.


stihl, stalls, press

When disassembling the carburetor to change the gaskets, it is necessary to closely examine its needle valve, press down on the rocker arm and check its lifting. When, especially if the STIHL chainsaw has stood for a long period with fuel in the carburetor, the needle may burn to the carburetor body and not do its intended purpose. Simply put, the needle valve will not allow the fuel mixture to pass through. Then the saw doesn’t work.

Air filter

On the World Wide Web, you can find information that Windshield 180 can be stunned due to severe air filter contamination. It would be desirable to refute this not entirely correct information and report that the Stil MS 180 carburetor is equipped with a compensator, which is designed and installed in order to take in the air necessary for the normal operation of the Rest Stainless 180 chainsaw, bypassing the contaminated air filter. Sure, power will drop a little with a clogged air filter, but of course it won’t stop. However, the power may drop due to piston wear; repairs to the STIHL MS 180 piston chainsaw are required.

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One of the reasons why the chainsaw does not develop speed when you press the gas, but rather stall, is a carburetor malfunction. Let’s say the STIHL 180 saw worked properly, and then it was put on for a long time and did not use it. After it was started, and at idle, it works well, and when you press the gas, it can stall. Why stalls? The reason is a sticky carburetor injector valve. Of course, this is not 100%, but the probability of such a malfunction is high. We recommend reading an article about the device and repair of the STIHL 180 carburetor.

In order to check the injector, it is necessary to remove the carburetor and disassemble it. To remove, it is necessary to unscrew the two nuts securing the air filter and the carburetor, then remove the air filter and the engine control lever, while disconnecting the choke control rod from the carburetor. Next, you need to pull the carburetor slightly towards you, and disconnect the fuel supply hose.

It is necessary to remove the fuel hose as carefully as possible, and prepare a plug for it in advance, since fuel should come from it.

Having removed the carburetor, it must be blown out and cleaned of dirt, only after that the carburetor can be unscrewed.

It is necessary to unscrew the cover of the main chamber of the carburetor, this is the one on which the compensator is installed on top. Further, using a bolt of 8 mm and a length of at least 50 mm. Knock out the valve.

It is necessary to knock out the valve by installing the carburetor on a wooden stand, this will ensure its protection from damage to the body.

After the nozzle is removed, you can blow it out with a compressor. The valve should only let air through in one direction, if the valve can be freely blown in both directions, then it is defective and must be replaced with a new one. Collect the chainsaw after the valve is repaired, it is necessary to follow the reverse sequence of disassembly.

You can clearly see how the carburetor is being repaired, or rather how to properly knock out the nozzle valve from the carburetor body by watching the video.

Another common reason a saw can stall when revving up is air leaks into the carburetor. It is possible to check this only with a special tool, but it is worth noting that if preventive work on the carburetor has not been carried out for a long time, then a new set of gaskets can be installed in the carburetor. In some cases, this helps to solve the problem with its depressurization.

When disassembling the carburetor to replace the gaskets, you need to carefully inspect its needle valve, press the rocker arm and check its lifting. Sometimes, especially after the STIHL chainsaw has stood for a long time with fuel in the carburetor, the needle may burn to the carburetor body and not perform its functions. Simply put, the needle valve will not allow the fuel mixture to pass through. In this case, the saw will not work.

Repair STIHL MS 180 / disassembly and assembly of the carburetor / stalls at idle

The STIHL MS 180 chainsaw has certain aspects that make the owners worry, and is spent on expensive.

At the 180th calm, oil is supplied to the chain when the drive sprocket is spinning (in short, when the chain is spinning), however, it is not recommended to run in at idle.

Stihl ms 170 bogs down, stalls out when starting

On the MS 180 chainsaw, after using 1 tank of fuel, I have more than two halves of the oil tank left. The groove of the bar and the base of the chain, which is in the groove, are in oil. However, when checking, for some reason, oil does not sprinkle from the chain and the cutting teeth, in my opinion, remain dry when sawing. Wood deposits appear on the top of the cutting tooth. Oil enters, but leaves in the missing volume. Nothing could be hammered, the chainsaw was new, the hole was spotless. Defect of the manufacturer or so it should be done?

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I will not argue about the consumption of chain oil in calm weather, but 2-3 tanks of fuel per oil tank is not it a lot? I have less than a quarter of a tank of oil left after running out of a tank of gas.

When I start the tool with the chain brake off, it cuts itself in just when I pull the starter handle. Is it ok?

stihl, stalls, press

Бензопила глохнет при нажатии на газ.Stihl MS180, MS170. Stalls when you press the gas. Штиль 180.

This model is quite peculiar in starting up, there is no decompressor and / otherwise elastostart that compensate for the recoil, and it, not paying attention to such a small piston size, is still quite decent. For this reason, the saw must be started with a confident, smoothly engaging starter, pulling the starting cord sharply and moderately, it is worth at some point to loosen the grip or slow down the speed of the broach as the recoil will remind you of a nasty feeling.


Idling at the chainsaw STIHL MS 1800. The chainsaw stalls and you can not adjust the idling

What is the difference between the STIHL MS 180 chain saw with a 30cm bar. and with a tire 35 cm? That is, the distance from the bumper to the tip of the bar?

So this value changes during use. The more the chain stretches, the more difficult this distance is. The longer the bar, the not simply but possibly the difference in the lengths of the cuts with the newest and the stretched chain. The difference in the length of the cut between the completely new and stretched chain will be about 1 cm in some places. The tire does not lengthen, but simply its tip moves further away from the saw body, otherwise the chain will not be tensioned. The limit for the growth of the length of the cut is determined at this time by the length of the tensioner screw and where this screw was located the tensioner cracker during the installation of the newest chain. The further he was from the leading sprocket, the faster, with other equal criteria, the chain will become unusable due to excessive pulling. I am afraid that it is unlikely that it will be possible to buy a tire 1 cm longer than the standard one. Common tire lengths for household models. 12 “, 14”, 16 “and 18” for 3/8 “x 1.3 mm and 13” chains, 15 “and 18” for 0.325 “x 1.3 mm chains.

Is it possible to keep the brake off when starting, or the brake must certainly be on?

This makes it more convenient and safer for you. There are three main launch options. idling, half-throttle, full throttle. At the beginning, the chain is motionless after starting or may twitch a little. In the 2nd and 3rd cases. the chain is moving. Setting the brake to the working position in the first start option is a waste of time. It is very unlikely that the idle speed at one moment and without circumstances would have increased so that the chain would start moving. In the 2nd and 3rd cases, when starting with the brake activated, it is necessary to immediately release the brake after starting so as not to burn the clutch. When starting with the brake released after starting, it is necessary to press and release the throttle lever so that the saw engine goes into the mode idle move (in the 3rd case, at the time of start-up Such a lever has already been pressed, it is only necessary to release it).