Stihl 250 original and china differences

Carburetor adjustment

The fuel system of the new saw provides the engine with maximum traction parameters and economical fuel consumption in all modes. The need to additionally adjust the carburetor arises when there are sharp changes in air temperature, the use of fuel with a different octane number, with a pronounced instability of revolutions.

If the engine does not start, you should first make sure that there is fuel in the carburetor and that the spark plug is in good working order. The engine stalls when the gas is pressed. the reason is most likely a decrease in the performance of the main jet.

The fuel system is adjusted with the engine running after the cylinder has warmed up to operating temperature. By rotating the screws of quantity and quality, the power unit is brought to the optimal operating mode.

Disadvantages and malfunctions

Risks of failures and malfunctions are eliminated by timely maintenance and competent use.

In Moscow and adjacent regions According to experts, this indicator fully corresponds to the level of quality, productivity and durability of the tool.

The demand for used analogs is moderate, the owners are more interested in offers for the sale of branded spare parts. In particular, many owners of budget Chinese-made models prefer to use calm tires and chains.


The saw blade is removable. The headset is equipped with branded parts, a regular wear-resistant chain and a 16 ” tire with a standard 3/8 ” pitch.

The chain is lubricated and cooled with oil, which is supplied in a controlled dosage to the working area by the automatic Ematic system. Oil enters the dosing pump inlet from an internal 200 ml tank.

Pro Vs. Homeowner Stihl MS261c vs. MS250

The operational capabilities of the headset are expanded due to:

  • easy-to-use side placement of the chain tensioner;
  • the effectiveness and reliability of the inertial emergency brake, its design provides an instant stop of the chain in the event of traumatic and non-standard situations;
  • the possibility of installing tires of other sizes, corresponding to the complexity and volume of the planned work.

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Operational capabilities

The STIHL 250 saw is characterized by its versatility, economical use, stability of operating parameters throughout the overhaul and operating life.

  • The tool is equally successful in transverse, longitudinal and diagonal sawing of all types of wood, the length of the bar allows you to work with material with a diameter of up to 35 cm.
  • In the production of this model, modern materials and new technologies for their processing are involved. The assembly of the saw is carried out at a high technological level, which reduces the likelihood of failure or malfunction to a minimum.
  • Fine tuning of the fuel equipment allows you to use the traction and economical resources of the standard engine with maximum efficiency.
  • The instruction manual attached to the tool includes information on preparing the saw for operation, maintenance features, and finding and self-elimination of possible malfunctions.
  • The repair assortment is represented by a fairly wide selection that allows you to restore the performance of a worn-out unit or system with a minimum amount of time.
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Chainsaw STIHL MS 250. one of the best semi-professional models

The tool attracts potential buyers with modern functionality, maintainability, interchangeability of unified parts and consumable components with models from previous years.

Advantages of the MC-250 model

The indisputable advantages of the instrument:

  • a combination of modern characteristics with a moderate cost, an affordable price for spare parts and consumables components;
  • low-cost maintenance in terms of time and volume of work, convenient access to the air intake and control units;
  • comfortable level of vibration and background noise, safety of work in the event of non-standard situations;
  • a multifunctional lever that allows you to control the tool during the sawing process;
  • no cold start problems in winter.

The carburetor of this model is equipped with a compensation device to stabilize the operating modes of the power unit when the air intake filter is clogged.

Differences between the original and the Chinese version

The popular base model became the basis for the production of the substandard counterpart. Chinese STIHL with more or less success copies the appearance and structure of the proprietary instrument, but the technical and operational characteristics are significantly inferior to it.

For the most part counterfeits are presented in the assortment of small trade organizations. In order to avoid possible risks, it is better to buy the original from certified dealerships and sales representatives.

The differences between the Chinese counterfeit and the branded instrument are noticeable even upon a superficial examination. First of all, these are:

  • low quality and rough texture of the body plastic;
  • custom logos and stickers;
  • lack of serial numbers and equipment of engines with simplified non-compensating carburetors;
  • the presence of spark plugs with calm symbols, the production of which the company is not engaged in.

A significant part of the repair range in the domestic market is represented by low-quality and short-lived spare parts and consumables made in China. Practice shows that the service life of these products is less than half the resource of branded counterparts.

Range of application

The saw is positioned by the manufacturer as a versatile, easy-to-maintain and durable tool.

The scope of its application extends to a wide range of chores related to:

  • with sawing fuel wood;
  • caring for ornamental and fruit trees;
  • construction of wooden structures and structures;
  • decoration of original architectural and landscape design.

Штиль MS-250 vs MS-251


If outwardly it is difficult to determine the originality of the chainsaw, then you should carefully examine the components.

  • If there is a branded instruction, well translated into Russian, then this is most likely the original.
  • If the tire has holes for sprocket lubrication, it is definitely a fake.
  • If there are company logos on the protective case and packaging of the chain, then you probably have an original saw in front of you.
  • If a plastic canister comes with the saw, then it is 100% fake. The original tool is completed only with a screwdriver and a “candle” key with the company’s engraving.

In addition, you are unlikely to find the inscription “Made in China” on a fake.

Should I buy a fake

Perhaps the only thing that could be more stupid than buying a fake STIHL chainsaw is to take it to a repair shop. But such a day will clearly come: scuffs in the cylinder, which are a mandatory option, constantly decreasing power, a chain that cannot be adjusted

Should you buy a fake for which there are no spare parts? Is it worth buying a fake, getting it out of which I’m not sure whether it will start this time or not? Is it worth buying a fake in order to go very soon and choose a new chainsaw?

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Как отличить копию STIHL 180 от ОРИГИНАЛА

Of course, there are exceptions to any rule. Small, but still, there is a possibility that it is not clear where and by whom the saw produced will last a long time.

How to distinguish the original STIHL 180 from a Chinese counterfeit is described in the following

Where to find a German STIHL chainsaw

“Purebred” STIHL, with the coveted inscription “Made in Germany”, can be purchased only from the official representatives of the company.

Original STIHL chainsaws made in China

Initially, chainsaws of this brand were produced only at factories in Germany. But modern realities are such that almost all global companies began to partially or completely manufacture their products in China for economic reasons. In order to reduce costs in 2012, part of the production of STIHL was relocated to the Chinese city of Qingdao. Initially, the MS 170 household models with tires of 30 and 35 cm were produced there, but over time the range has increased significantly.

Currently, almost all models of STIHL gasoline saws, just like other tools of this company, are produced in China.

The quality of the Chinese-made STIHL chainsaw: is there a difference from the German

The build quality of Chinese STIHL saws practically does not differ from German ones. This is due to strict adherence to production technology and meticulous output control.

On the crankcase of Chinese chainsaws, as well as on German ones, there is a small stamp “TR” or the letters “QC” are applied, denoting a factory test (Test Run) or confirming quality control (Quality Control).

Chinese knockoffs STIHL

There is a lot of interest in any good product on the part of buyers to increase the production of counterfeit products. Russian branded service centers and ordinary repair shops refuse to repair fake chainsaws on a daily basis.

Service and repair

Buy an original STIHL chainsaw here

Free service includes:

  • Checking components, saw design, cutting elements.
  • Sharpening the installed chain.
  • Checking the brake system and controls.
  • Filling the oil tank with branded oil.

In some cases, you can handle the repair yourself. For more complex questions, it is recommended to contact service specialists. Convenience lies in the fact that it is not difficult to purchase as original spare parts for a STIHL chainsaw. and cheaper analogs.

Possible malfunctions and solutions

To extend the service life and correct operation of the chainsaw, it is important to follow the recommendations:

  • Use of fresh, high-quality AI 92 gasoline and original STIHL oil.
  • Timely check and replacement of filters.
  • Saw head health monitoring.
  • Careful attitude during the work and storage of the tool.

The STIHL chainsaw is quite stable to use. Chainsaw malfunctions occur during natural wear and tear of components and its improper operation.

Buy an original STIHL chainsaw here

Standard complete set

  • The quickstop brake is a safety device during operation. It can be activated by pressing the front stop with your hand. With strong recoil, an automatic stop occurs.
  • Anti-vibration system. Designed to prevent chronic circulatory disorders in the hands.
  • Condenser for carburetor. A device that reduces exhaust and fuel consumption reduces the frequency of cleaning the air filter. The latter becomes necessary only with a significant decrease in power.
  • Single-lever control. Hot, cold start control. operation and shutdown by one lever.
  • The Ematic lubrication system is created thanks to the special design of the bar and chain. As a result, oil consumption is cut in half.

Some models are equipped with additional systems.

A complete review on the STIHL chainsaw: characteristics, model range, repair, how to distinguish a fake and price range

One of the leaders in the sawmill market is the STIHL chainsaw. Her firm position is fully justified. For a long time, she has been a reliable assistant to the owners of garden and summer cottages, timber procurers. The range has gradually expanded, improving systems that provide the most comfortable use.

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Carburetor adjustment

Buy an original STIHL chainsaw here

The factory setting of the carburetor provides for the supply of an optimal fuel-air mixture to the engine in all operating modes.

Carburetor adjustment for stable operation of your STIHL chainsaw:

  • Checking the air filter, if necessary. replacing it.
  • The idle speed is adjusted by turning the bolt counterclockwise until a snug fit is felt. After that, make two turns clockwise, since the standard is LD = 2.

How to adjust the idle carburetor:

  • Engine start warming up.
  • The idle speed is adjusted with a bolt. In this case, the chain should not move.

In the case when the number of revolutions of the engine is very low in idle mode, it is necessary to turn the bolt clockwise until the chain starts to move. After that, return the bolt half a turn back (counterclockwise).

If the chain moves at idle speed, then it is necessary to turn the bolt counterclockwise until the chain stops. Then return the bolt 1/2 turn back.

STIHL ms 362

  • The M-Tronic system allows you to monitor fuel consumption depending on the operating mode.
  • One lever for cold and hot start.
  • Air filter removes large particles to the outside.
  • The HD2 filter removes fine particles very well. At the same time, it is easy to care for and clean.
  • High noise level during operation.
  • High cost.
  • Lack of “smart” oil supply to the required place.

The chainsaw handles various types of forestry work. Do not cut trees with trunks larger than 0.3 m in diameter.Not relevant for small cuts.

External signs

Unfortunately, a reliable barcode and serial number do not give full confidence in purchasing genuine products. Therefore, you need to know how to distinguish an original STIHL chainsaw during an external examination.

The features that characterize a quality product should be evaluated:

  • These saws are distinguished by perfect execution, careful finishing of not only the main, but also the secondary parts, and characteristic smooth lines. Signs of unprofessional molding of plastic parts, mold remnants, burrs, sagging, scratches give away a fake product, which must be discarded.
  • The company logo appears on the muffler next to the serial number, on the fuel tank cap and on the screws on the inside.
  • The logo on the original is always engraved.
  • On a real saw, only star screws are used, so there are no hardware for a flat or Phillips screwdriver.
  • There is only one hole on the branded tire. No lubrication window.
  • The supplied chain has an “S” stamped on each intermediate link.
  • The two large nuts on the left side of the saw are marked with the letter “S”.
  • There is a serial number sticker on the back of the original.
  • The air filter is made of dense material and is painted white on the top and brown on the back.
  • The filter holder is engraved with the article number.
  • Original bright orange trigger cover.
  • The brake lever has a distinctive shape and is fixed on both sides.
  • Original fuel and oil tank caps are specially patented.