STIHL FS 55 lawnmower won’t start

Testimonial: STIHL FS 55 lawnmower. Lightweight, handy mower for all garden and garden maintenance work

The STIHL FS 55 is the lawn mower of choice when working in the garden or outdoors. This lawn mower is designed for mowing lawn grass, tall, thin stems (mixed grass) and small growth (not to be confused with thin dead wood). 1 l of engine power is powerful enough to. с. Enough for a lawn in the garden. The standard model usually has a 2 leaf blade. However, it is also available with 4 leaf and 8 teeth or a mowing head for cutting grass with a plastic string (safe for mowing around fences, curbs, trees, etc.). д.)Due to the fact that there is a gearbox (transmission) on the end of the shank.

STIHL 2-blade and 4-blade blades are sharpened on both sides for longer cutting time. Sharpened with flat files (fine-cut) at an angle of 30 degrees. For mowing meadow grass that is not high (for making grass for pets), it is better to use a four-leaf blade (does not shred the grass). To get the desired swathing effect, the brushcutter blade tilts slightly to the left (or right). The grass cuttings drop on the ground cover and are swung sideways by the brushcutter. For smaller shrubs (undergrowth). With an eight-toothed blade.

You should always operate your brushcutter with the throttle trigger depressed (maximum engine rpm) so that the brushcutter can cut grass much more easily. But this doesn’t mean you have to work at full throttle until the fuel in the tank is depleted. To mow your lawn the correct way: Push the gas pedal, mow one way and release the throttle until you’ve mowed your area. If you have an area overgrown with grass and you just want to mow everything that grows there, you can step on the gas and mow left and right with the brushcutter, but after 5 to 7 minutes of continuous work release the gas lever and let the engine idle for at least 30 seconds to cool the cylinder.

When starting the brushcutter while the engine is still cold, let the machine idle for 1-1.5 seconds to warm up. If you don’t let the brushcutter idle for a while and then pull the gas pedal immediately, the engine may stall or skip a few revolutions. Clean all the brushcutter components, air filter and cylinder fins. Depending on how often you use your brushcutter you may need to check the amount of gear lubricant left in the transmission. If you don’t have enough, you may use a special STIHL gear lubricant (80 ml tube) and squeeze 5 ml of lubricant into the hole in the gearbox.

Before long-term storage or winter storage, it is necessary to pour out the remaining fuel mixture from the fuel tank, start the engine and let it run for some time to work out the remaining fuel in the carburetor (usually this lasts 2-3 minutes, without pressing the gas). Before winter, you may oil the cylinder with engine oil (not more than 10 ml) through the spark plug hole, pour it in and pull the starter rope a few times to get the piston to lubricate the cylinder walls.

WHAT NOT TO DO? To mount a blade on a brushcutter that is not designed for use with this model even though it fits in the seat (three leaf blade, chisel blade, pointed blade). Why is it not recommended? The FS 55 brushcutter is equipped with a flexible drive shaft and a lowpowered engine (these cutting blades are designed for brushcutter models with rigid shafts and engine output greater than 1.4 L. с.).

These knives, in their weight, are heavier than two or four-leaf knives and therefore harder for the engine to spin them. besides, heavy discs are designed for cutting big weeds and working with these discs we put more load on the engine than it is necessary. In other words, the engine will run and the grasshopper will mow, but not for long. If you have to have your cylinder head serviced, it costs about 70-80% of a new brushcutter!

Other important things to do. When the flexible drive shaft unwinds heavy discs, it is twisted and then torn. So if your neighbor is running a flexible drive shaft with heavy cutting discs and says it’s all good mowing, let him, and you’ll be smarter than him and extend the life of your brushcutter!

It is also not advisable to run the engine under load for a long time (without partial breaks), as this could lead to overheating and engine wear. If you ever notice anything unusual about your brushcutter (a metallic noise, friction effect, unstable engine speed, loss of power, etc.), check that it is in good working order. д.). Have your STIHL machine checked by a STIHL servicing dealer. Do not let the brushcutter continue to run until it really jams or stops starting!

Before using a brushcutter, it is imperative that you carefully read the instruction manual. If you follow all the recommendations written there, your lawn mower will work for a long time, without going to the service. Do not use unapproved engine oils (not original equipment).

I can tell you from my own experience. In 90-95% of all STIHL tool users, the reason is improper use of the tool! If properly maintained and serviced, STIHL FS 55 brushcutters are serviced and repaired at least every 6 to 8 years!

If you have any questions or need advice, please send me your questions.

A little about the manufacturer

STIHL is the name of a group of companies that develops, builds and markets power tools for agriculture, forestry and construction. VIKING is one of these companies that builds garden tools. Founded in 1926 in Weiblingen-Neustadt, Germany.

The products are sold through our own sales and service network of 32 distribution and marketing subsidiaries and approx. 35,000 STIHL dealers in all continents, except in Antwerp, Belgium and Germany. of dealerships all over the world. In 1971 STIHL saws were the best-selling chainsaws in the world. All continents, with the exception of Antarctica, have sales offices. STIHL is always focused on the customer, and this has ensured the success of its products in the long term. Company motto “A chain saw is only as good as its service” was expressed by the company founder Andreas STIHL.

Made by STIHL” on the product assures customers of reliability and service. The company holds a leading position among manufacturers of similar equipment in many developments. All innovations are aimed at improving comfort, safety, functionality and environmental friendliness of products made under this brand. It is recognized by consumers in more than 160 countries.

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Grass cutting equipment

Many different tools are available for working on grass areas. Choosing such equipment, you need to familiarize yourself with the range of products. STIHL has the following types of gasoline-powered machines:

  • FS 38, FS 45 C-E, FS 50 C-E, FS55, FS55, FS.
  • Powerful models FS 70 C-E, FS 94 RC-E, FS 100, FS 120, FS 130, FS.
  • battery-powered grass scythes.
  • Power tools.
  • Shrub shears.
  • Grass cutter.

Gasoline grass trimmers of this brand are very popular. When choosing your equipment, you need to know all the features of a specific model.

How to choose

According to current statistics, petrol grasshopper models are in the highest demand. A major part of the reason for this is their mobility and functionality. However, when selecting a particular sample of equipment, it is necessary to consider a number of other parameters. In such situations, it is not unreasonable to compare brushcutters with other types of trimmers.

Electric devices are connected to the domestic network with a voltage of 220 V. Such machines do not pollute the air due to the absence of exhaust gases. No less important are minimal noise and comparatively low weight. At the same time, the processed area is significantly limited by the length of the used carry.

Battery-powered models are currently the least common grass trimmers. The electric motor of these mowers is not powered by the mains, but by the battery, which provides maximum mobility. However, the operating time of the technique is limited by the battery charge and averages 35-45 minutes. The further advantage of these cordless models is their comparatively high price.

Choosing a particular model of gasoline grass trimmer, it is necessary to take into account its technical characteristics. Thus, low-power devices are equipped with spools of fishing line. On higher-power models, knives and cutters can be used as cutting elements.

Operating conditions are another important factor. Don’t forget the cost of the mowers.

Instructions for use

Particular attention should be paid to how to properly implement the first start-up and running-in of the gasoline mower. Proper actions will maximize the life of the grass trimmer and reduce the cost of its maintenance and repair. Before you can start the machine for the first time, there are a few preparatory steps you need to take. These include a visual assessment of the gearbox and the preparation of a quality fuel mixture, taking into account what kind of oil should be filled according to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

Unfortunately, even competent and careful use of high-quality gasoline lawnmowers does not completely eliminate the risk of breakdowns. Let’s take a look at the most common problems.

  • The engine does not start. The spark plug may have malfunctioned or the carburetor is not receiving fuel.
  • Unstable operation of the engine at idle speed. One of the most common causes in such situations is improper carburetor adjustment.
  • The grass trimmer does not develop revolutions and does not provide enough power. Such situations are caused by the need for cleaning or replacing the air filter and spark plug, as well as adjusting the carburetor and removing sludge from the muffler.
  • The engine is overheating, which may be caused by using a low-quality fuel mixture.

Owners of gasoline mowers quite often have to deal with situations when they stall on the gas. The most common cause is a leaking carburetor that needs adjustment. Most often this happens after long storage of the device or as a result of its use in difficult conditions.

Engine stopping when adding gas can be caused by a clogged fuel valve, which will need to be loosened slightly to resume normal gasoline flow. it is not unusual to encounter a clogged breather, that is, a check valve, located in the fuel tank. Among other things, the reasons that the engine trimmer for grass stalls, can be a slack cable in the carburetor and stretching the fuel hose.

Gasoline grass trimmer FS 55

This is a lightweight model of the line This grass trimmer is well worth the price, especially if you use the knives with a solder. Performance is so high that you can run out of fuel after only an hour of work. Everything in the trimmer has been thought out to the finest detail and is as balanced as possible. This explains its popularity among customers in many countries. Reliable and rugged internal combustion engine with 27.2 cubic centimetres of displacement. Special chrome plating inside for enhanced durability. The result is a longer life for the product.

Given many years of experience, the carburetor was redesigned to prevent clogging of the tubes. Hand-operated pump for easy dispensing during cold start.

Electronic ignition system in a sealed casing ensures that the grass trimmer starts instantly in all, even the most difficult circumstances. Use of overvoltage support made it possible to get a spark quickly and prolong its combustion, which reduced the amount of exhaust emitted into the atmosphere.

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The STIHL FS 55 brushcutter has been designed with effective cushioning for more working comfort. It absorbs engine vibrations even when mowing sloping terrain.

High-quality, durable materials are used for all parts. Straight bar is made of forged steel. The handlebar has a large carrying capacity and maintains a consistently high blade or line speed. The grass trimmer is equipped with an ergonomic bicycle handle for maximum precision and performance when mowing. It has anti-slip rubber handles for convenience. One of the two hands is the control center with switches to control operation. You can use the brushcutter with one hand so it is easy to work with just one hand.

The popularity of the grass trimmer of this model is due to its versatility and convenience:

  • Engine output 1 hp.
  • Tank capacity 0.33 liters.
  • The maximum width of the mowing band 0.4 meters.
  • Grass trimmer length 1.7 meters.
  • Weighs 5 kg.
  • Noise levels as low as 90 dB.

Despite its relatively high power, fuel consumption is only 150 milliliters per hour. Even at maximum capacity, it is the grass trimmer that leads the class.

The STIHL FS 55 can mow smaller and medium-sized lawns in the garden or around the house. Young wild weeds can be taken care of too. Small size allows this trimmer to handle grass in tight spaces: around fences, on walkways, around landscape plants and in other hard-to-reach places.

Large sales are due not only to the technical characteristics and versatility It is necessary to note the accessories, which are in the set of delivery of the unit:

  • Proprietary AutoCut head. It uses a heavy-duty trimmer line.
  • Forged steel knives.
  • Plastic safety glasses.
  • Comfortable carrying and mowing with a shoulder strap.
  • Set of tools for maintenance.

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For mowing dry grass up to 0.25 m high and weeds with hard trunks, you can buy a double-blade blade.

Instructions for the user

Every petrol-powered tool requires a running-in period before use. During this time, the moving parts are lapped to reduce resistance. Since this stage takes place at low speeds, it is easier for a beginner to master such equipment.

Before starting the work, the mixture must be prepared. Its parameters and materials used are specified in the technical documentation for the product. It looks something like this: Mix 2.5 liters of 95-grade gasoline with 100 grams of STIHL oil from the red oil pack. This procedure should be carried out in a container resistant to aggressive liquids. A simple metal canister will not do because of the rusty areas that can not be detected inside. Corrosion particles, getting into the carburetor, clog it, which leads to the failure of the part.

Run-in the brushcutter for 3 to 4 hours, with no-load operation for no more than 15 minutes. Periodically, you need to accelerate for about 20-30 seconds. At this time, you can load the grass trimmer with uncomplicated work.

During the warranty period the lawnmower needs service and adjustment of the carburettor. Have this work done by an authorized service center.

How to adjust the carburetor on a ride-on lawnmower

Before adjustment, the filters must be thoroughly cleaned according to the maintenance manual.

The adjustment of the lawnmower carburetor with your own hands is done by adjusting the adjustment screws. There are three in total:

The right-hand (L) setting is for adjusting the fuel consistency for low revs.

It is necessary to find the greatest revolutions at idle speed. To do this turn slowly the screw (L) to the right and to the left.

To adjust the motor, turn it a quarter of a turn anti-clockwise.

Lower (T) is responsible for adjusting engine at idle.

For the correct adjustment of the idle stroke specifically, it is typical:

  • stable operation of the cool motor;
  • Not over-running the hot motor revolutions;
  • For the trimmer head a big stock of revolutions;
  • stable operation of the engine when changing a position (sudden raising or lowering of the blade).

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stihl, lawnmower, start

Left (H). consistency control at high rpm. (the screw should be adjusted last).

The left screw (H) affects the general regulation of the highest revolutions, engine power, temperature and gasoline consumption.

Adjustment of the lawnmower carburetor with the last screw is as follows:

stihl, lawnmower, start
  • Open throttle to full, with full throttle. Turn the screw clockwise until the revolutions (in this case, oriented by ear).
  • Turn the screw as slowly as possible counterclockwise until the motor is uneven.
  • Then turn back quite a bit, just a little hear a measured, smooth operation.
  • For a more enjoyable implementation of the abilities more convenient to see the work of an experienced user:

Curiously, based on the beliefs of the creator of the video, setting (its correctness) determined by the color of the candle, not only the revolutions and motor stability.

The correct setting of the carburetor with their own hands in this case. the combustion of fuel consistency without residue, the color of the candle should be light brown.

STIHL Fs 55 lawn mower Carburetor adjustment

lawn mowers or brush cutters with their own hands. How to adjust the gasoline trimmer for the grass 55, 250, 45 and other models

The introduction of lawn mowers in the work with landscaping involves the presence of wear and tear, and sometimes breakdowns of its devices. But since this tool can not be attributed to the complex household devices, all the faults are only mechanical in nature, which can be corrected with your own hands

In some cases, it is enough to carry out adjustment work that returns the tool to normal working condition. One such operation is the adjustment of the carburetor of the lawnmower in manual mode. The carburetor’s job is to mix air with fuel before it enters the engine. And if the proportions do not match, there will be visible failures in the operation of the grass trimmer:

The whole process of adjusting the carburetor of a brushcutter

of the brand involves only adjusting the position of the three screws: L. adjustment of gasoline supply in the scythe at low rpm, H. adjustment of high rpm and fuel consumption, T. debugging the idle speed. So, if it is necessary to adjust the carburetor of a gasoline mower for grass line of the brand 55 or other types of this series, the following steps are performed:

  • The engine warms up (10 minutes of idling is enough).
  • Adjust the H screw by turning to the left/right until the maximum idle speed is reached.
  • From the point found, turn counterclockwise ¼ turn, which will set the desired operating position.
  • To adjust the mower carburettor you need to turn counterclockwise (decreasing the working RPM) and clockwise (increasing the working RPM). Maximum engine stability achieved with different positions.
  • Screw L is adjusted the same way, with small rotations up to the maximum value.

The whole process is carried out by ear, so, for a more successful work is worth to get a tanometer. Maximum precision to perform maintenance of the tool you can have at the masters “Grasshopper Motors”, as well as buy oil for the compressor and buy all necessary spare parts and components for timely maintenance.

STIHL Fs 55 lawnmower carburettor adjustment

Lawn mower or brush cutter with their own hands. How to perform the adjustment of gasoline grass trimmer 55, 250, 45 and other models

Introduction of a lawnmower in the work with landscaping involves the presence of wear and sometimes breakage of its devices. But since this tool can not be attributed to complex household devices, all the breakdowns are only mechanical nature, which can be corrected with your own hands

In some cases, it is sufficient to carry out adjustment work that returns the tool to normal working condition. One such operation is to adjust the carburetor of a lawn mower in manual mode. The carburetor’s job is to mix air with fuel before it enters the engine. And if the proportions do not match, there will be visible failures in the work of the grass trimmer:

The entire process of adjusting a brushcutter carburetor

The brand provides only for debugging the position of the three screws: L. adjustment of gasoline supply in the mower at low rpm, H. adjustment of high rpm and fuel consumption, T. adjustment of idle speed. So, if it is necessary to adjust the carburetor of the gasoline grass trimmer line 55 or other types of this series, the following steps are performed:

  • Warm up the engine (10 minutes of idling is enough).
  • Adjust the H screw by turning it to the left/right until the maximum idle RPM is reached.
  • From the point found, turn counterclockwise in ¼ of a turn, which will set the desired operating position.
  • Setting the idle speed of the gasoline mower carburetor is similar, turning counterclockwise (reducing revolutions) and clockwise (increasing revolutions). You will reach the maximum stability of the motor in different positions.
  • Adjust the screw L in the same way, with small turns up to the maximum value.

The whole process is carried out by ear, so it is worth getting a tachometer for more successful work. Maximum precision to perform maintenance of the tool you can at the masters of “grass trimmer Motors”, as well as buy oil for the compressor and buy all the necessary spare parts and components for timely maintenance.

Why you need a carburetor 55 adjustment

Work with gasoline trimmers series foreshadows their active use, as the performance of this unit is not limited to leveling lawns. As a consequence, there are miscalculations in the work of the engine, and adjustment of the carburetor 55 with the performance of simple manipulations is required. Failures that arise are unpleasant and bode ill for incomplete performance or wasted fuel eaten in large quantities. You should think about adjusting the grass trimmer carburetor in cases where:

  • Unexplained stops of the engine after its start are observed;
  • During operation, the 250 Series grasshopper engine through an unadjusted mixture mechanism “sobs” at loads.
  • Operation is accompanied by an increased amount of exhaust gases.

In any case, each of the reasons is to mix air and gasoline, where the implementation of the carburetor adjustment model 130 will avoid unexpected stoppages of the motor in the middle of work. Professional Gasoline 130 Grass Trimmer System with a rigid drive shaft provides a fast wood cut that will turn off the engine when there is a shortage of air in the fuel. On the other hand, a tuned 38 line or model line 450 grass trimmer mixer will keep gasoline from spitting out when loads are applied, when there’s often a shortage of air in the carburetor. In you can buy all the accessories for the Mototrimmer, find information about tuning, as well as buy a spark plug wrench and other spare parts for successful repairs.

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Electric grass trimmer vibrates

Many users of mowers noticed that after a while after the start of the device, it begins to vibrate strongly. On some trimmers, mainly in the models of more expensive, installed anti-vibration system in the form of shock absorbers, placed between the engine and the boom. But in some cases even this does not save you from strong vibrations. The reason why strong vibrations appear in the trimmer may be due to little or no grease on the rigid or flexible shaft, located inside the boom of the device.

To replace the grease on the stiff shaft, proceed as follows

  • apply a small amount of grease to the shaft and spread it evenly over the entire length of the part, including the splines on the ends of the rod (if they have worked off, the shaft will have to be replaced);
  • After lubricating the shaft, reinsert it into the shaft and put the gearbox back in its place.

Lubricate the flexible shaft as follows:

  • Unscrew and remove the mowing head;
  • Remove the rod from the motor by unscrewing a couple of bolts;
  • pull the flex cable out of the boom;
  • Lubricate and grease the entire length of the cable.

To do this: First lubricate the end of the cable and then insert it into the shaft, then apply lubricant to the part and spread it evenly as you move it inside the tube. Then insert the rod with the flexible shaft into the electric motor and fix it.

If lubrication does not help and the vibrations keep coming back, the flexible shaft must be replaced.

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Gasoline grass trimmers are absolutely indispensable for eliminating overgrown weeds in the backyard, as well as in the preparation of hay. Yes, as the grandfather’s “litovka” they also proved to be indispensable helpers. Here’s just one problem: even vintage grass trimmers had to be repaired after the season.

What to do in the case when the gasoline grass trimmer broke? Repair in a service center is not a cheap treatment. Is there any way to remedy the situation on your own??

Possible faults, troubleshooting, repair

The great advantage of STIHL brushcutters is their simple design, robustness, durability. Efficient operation of the grass trimmer largely depends on the owner. The manufacturer would like to warn you that you should follow the rules of safe and correct use of the machines:

  • Installation of special guards on the cutting attachments.
  • Use all cutting attachments. mowing heads, metal and plastic blades. only for their intended purpose.
  • Increased danger of kickback if the saw blade is working in the black area.
  • Safety precautions when working with brushcutters. safe distance from trees to be cut.
  • The saw blades should hover approx. 20 cm above the ground.
  • To respect the operation mode: for electric models and home petrol models work/rest 20 minutes, for professional models work 50 minutes./Rest 10 min.
  • Before leaving the STIHL lawnmower for an extended period of time or storing it, drain all the fuel from the tank to avoid damage.

After running the STIHL hand-held lawnmower at full load for a long time, it is advisable to let the engine idle for a few minutes. This measure will help avoid stagnant heat in the carburetor and ignition system, reducing the load on the drive parts, as excessive heat will be dissipated by the air flow.

The most common malfunctions during operation owners can fix themselves:

  • Motor stops at idle speed. Adjust idle speed setting as usual.
  • Cutting tool is idling. turn the idle speed screw counterclockwise until the tool stops, then turn in the same direction about 1/2 to 1 more turn.
  • Frequently stalls engine. check and clean the fuel line.
  • When operating STIHL hedgetrimmers in cold weather remember to switch to winter mode: Preheat the hedgetrimmer kit.
  • If the engine does not run satisfactorily with a properly adjusted carburetor and a cleaned air filter, you should send the muffler to be checked for corking.

“I was trying to decide between a STIHL 55 and 120 chain saw. Decided I’d rather add more money and get a more powerful version. The 120 is still a universal lawnmower, has a rigid shaft, power of 1.3 kW”.