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STIHL Fs 38 Lawn Mower How to Fill a Fishing Line

STIHL makes all sorts of cutting tools with both gasoline and electric motors: chain saws and chainsaws, brushcutters, grass cutters, lawn mowers, and of course boring tools, cleaners, sprayers and more. Based in Germany and with worldwide consulates in more than 160 countries.

STIHL lawn mowers are available in different capacities and purposes: from a light grass trimmer for lawn smoothing to a large, solid professional tool. Here are a few of our favorite STIHL ride-on mowers.

Lightweight STIHL fs 38 lawn mower type portable grass trimmer is suitable for lawn care and mowing grass in small areas.

  • power. 0,9 l. с.,
  • engine capacity 27.2.7 cc. see,
  • 2-stroke engine,
  • weight. 4,1 kg,
  • tank size. 0.33 l,
  • working part. AutoCut C5-2 head,
  • sweeping width. 255 mm,
  • easy start system,
  • primer.

The boom is curved and there is also a D-shaped handle that is easy to adjust and set in a sensible position. Included. goggles.

The STIHL fs 55 lawnmower is well suited for domestic tasks in the countryside: mowing grass around trees, trimming lawns, fighting weeds with snowballs. It can mow old tough grass, nettles, rushes, thin bushes.

  • STIHL FS 55 power output. 1 liter.с.
  • motor volume 27,4.5 cc. see,
  • 2-stroke engine,
  • 5 kg weight,
  • tank size. 0.33 l,
  • Working parts. blade and line,
  • Working width: 420 mm for the line and 255 mm for the blade,
  • primer that pumps fuel into the carburetor for a quick start after an idle time.
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How to correctly change the #cord (line) on your trimmer \

Included are a two-shoulder strap, goggles to protect the operator’s eyes. The boom is straight, the handle is bicycle and adjustable with a screw.

STIHL FS 130 is equipped with a 4-stroke 1.9 HP STIHL 4-MIX engine with a displacement of 36.3 cm, which of course fill the consistency of petrol and oil, as well as two-stroke engines. The engine emits less emissions than a two-stroke engine, but is quieter than a two-stroke. Air filter with a long-life cardboard filter element requires no frequent maintenance.

Weight of the machine is 5.9 kg, mowing is carried out by the line or otherwise by a knife. Cutting width with blade 23 cm, width of line 41 cm. the STIHL FS 130 mower has a straight bar and a bicycle handle, which can be simply swivelled for storage and height adjustment by loosening the central screw. Comes with a double shoulder strap and goggles to protect the eyes.

STIHL fs 250 is a powerful, semi-professional lawn mower for cutting dry and stubborn grass, very thickets, copes also with bushes and small trees.

  • power. 1,6 kW
  • motor volume. 40.3.2 cube. see,
  • 2-stroke motor,
  • weight. 6,3 kg,
  • tank size. 0,64 l,
  • the tool. the blade mowing the grass at 255 mm, there is an option to install the head of 2.7 strings,
  • Elastostart system for easy starting,
  • primer to charge the carburettor with fuel injector enables the lawnmower to be started quickly even after a long period of standstill.

STIHL FS-38 widespread disease

Includes shoulder strap and goggles to protect the eyes, detachable bike handle that can be turned parallel to the boom for storage, the boom is flat. Height adjustment of the handle is carried out without tools, just unscrew the screw. Our customer stays controls are next to each other. on the handlebar.

As the main advantage of gasoline mower STIHL FS 250 users say the higher power and its ability to mow virtually anything. Disadvantages are the awkward hanging eye, high line consumption and strong vibrations.

STIHL FR 131 T petrol grass mower is a professional tool suitable for inaccessible areas and places where the terrain is difficult. Shoulder strap simplifies carrying the unit, in particular a long, and greatly simplifies the work, because the tool itself is quite heavy. 9.6 kg.

  • 4-stroke 4-MIX engine,
  • power. 1.4 kW
  • 36.3 cc engine displacement,
  • fuel tank. 0,71 l,
  • cutting element. a metal blade with a cross section of 230 mm,
  • primer of course,
  • Easy start system ErgoStart,
  • cardboard filter,
  • automatic decompression system,
  • anti-vibration system,
  • radial handle allows mowing in hard-to-reach places.
  • The STIHL FR 131 T can be easily stowed in a storage bag thanks to its demountable mower bar.

STIHL also supplies electronic and cordless grasscutters, accessories and cutting attachments, personal protective equipment.

Mowing machines are attractive because of their mobility. they are independent of the outlet, they can take on their own, even in places where there is no electricity, although this type also has its own difficulties shortcomings. STIHL chain saws are easy to find the right model for different applications.

How to adjust the carburettor on a STIHL Fs 38 mower

Lawn mowers, just like all gasoline garden tools, is not a difficult technique to maintain. Fixing, adjusting without the help of others can and should be. For example, adjusting the lawnmower carburetor yourself. a matter of 5 minutes.

Lawnmower carburetor is a part of the power system. In a personal computer, as well as all carburetors, there is a process of mixing air and fuel (gasoline) for the upcoming supply to the engine cylinders.

In this process, the main thing is the right proportion of fuel and air, and for this purpose regulate the carburetor.

A strainer. With this element most often there are two difficulties:

To feel that find out the cause of the breakdown unscrew the fuel filter cap to remove the strainer. If it simply accumulated dirt, it can be washed in gasoline or purged.

If the strainer is damaged, it is absolutely necessary to buy a new one. Also there will be a damage on the fuel supply pipe (when making repairs, check this element).

The carburetor starter almost always malfunctions because of clogs. Use acetone or the same gasoline for flushing.

Blowing out parts of a clogged carburetor with compressed air is an acceptable and comfortable repair practice.

Throttle body, carburetor parts ligament places, the inlet or otherwise the outlet pipe. our client remains the listed parts are subject to depressurization. Probably check with a simple method. spread soapy foam on the problem area.

The base of the lawn mower carburetor is the duralumin housing. The diffuser (orifice with internal circuits) is located there. Air is blown through this hole. The flow rate of oxygen (air) depends on the cross-section (orifice) of the diffuser.

The diffuser is equipped with fuel channels. Fuel is drawn in by the air flow.

The throttle valve determines the amount of air to be supplied, and for this reason, the power of the engine depends directly.

The fuel is sucked into the carburetor system by the pump (its diaphragm). Then flows through a nozzle in the carburetor. The fluid then moves through the inlet and outlet valves of the pump. Is filtered out by a strainer. Gasoline flows through the needle valve into the diaphragm chamber.

  • Air flow through the tube with an air baffle (damper). Baffle plate controls the intensity of the air flow.
  • The fuel system is necessarily narrowed by the mixer to increase the flow rate.
  • Gasoline flows through the float chamber and restrictor nozzle. The float chamber regulates the temporary volume of gasoline. In the float chamber, the pressure level is neutral; in the tube with constriction, the pressure level is already low. Because of the pressure drop, fuel leaks through the nozzle.
  • Acceleration of the air flow promotes the transfer of the fuel (gasoline) and its atomization. The air-fuel mixture of the required proportion or density appears as a result.
  • The air-fuel mixture is leaking into the engine cylinder through the fuel pipe.

The area of the open air damper determines the level of air density in the system. The wider the choke is open, the worse the fuel consumption and the more difficult the output can be.

Simply put, adjusting the carburetor on a chainsaw is about creating a good fuel consistency by properly feeding air.

Before adjusting, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the filters according to the maintenance manual.

STIHL FS-38 widespread fault

The adjustment of the lawnmower’s carburettor by yourself is done with the adjusting screws. There are three of them in total:

Right (L). adjustment of fuel consistency for low revs.

It is necessary to find the greatest revolutions at idle speed. To do this, slowly turn the screw (L) to the right and left.

To adjust, turn the screw a quarter of a turn anti-clockwise.

the lower one (T) is responsible for adjustment of the engine at idle speed.

To properly adjust specifically the idle speed is typical:

  • stable operation of a cool motor;
  • not too high revolutions of a hot motor;
  • for the trimmer head high RPM reserve;
  • stable operation of the motor when changing the position (a sharp rise as it is also called the descent of the blade).

left (H). adjustment of consistency at high revs. (Adjust propeller last).

The left screw (H) determines the general adjustment of the highest revolutions, motor power, temperature and gasoline consumption.

Adjusting the lawnmower carburetor with the last screw is as follows:

  • Open the throttle at full throttle and give out full throttle. Turn the screw clockwise until the revolutions fall off (in this case, guided by hearing).
  • Turn the screw most slowly counterclockwise until the engine is uneven.
  • Then turn back quite a little, just a little hear a measured, smooth operation.
  • For a more enjoyable implementation of the abilities more convenient to see the work of an experienced user:

Curiously, the creator of the video, setting (its correctness) determine by the color of the spark plug, not only the speed and stability of the engine.

Adjusting the carburetor on the STIHL FS 55 lawnmower

Proper carburetor adjustment at home in our example. the combustion of fuel consistency without residue, the color of the candle must be light brown.

Advance preparation

First of all, to wind the fishing line requires removing the spool (bobbin, bobbin) from the grass trimmer. specific actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of the product itself:

  • Small electric grass trimmers with the working position of the engine and spool in the lower part, as a rule, have on both sides of the reel side keys. By simultaneously pressing them, the upper part of the spool with the internal contents for winding the line is detached, while the lower part remains on the trimmer. Disassemble the bobbin, it is desirable to perform on a flat smooth place, so that the spring included in the design does not pop out and not lost;
  • electric and gasoline grass trimmers with a curved boom without the possibility of installing a knife, as a rule, have a spool with a special wing nut: in such designs, one hand should hold the bobbin in a stationary position, and the other counterclockwise rotate the fixing bobbin on the boom nut. After disconnecting the nut, the entire bobbin is removed.
  • Electric and petrol grass trimmers with the possibility of installing a blade on a straight boom (e.g. STIHL grass trimmers) have a hole under the reel. To immobilize the power bar, a screwdriver or other suitable object is inserted into the hole and slowly rotated so that the screwdriver fits through the hole and the bobbin is locked in place. After that, the spool housing is scrolled clockwise (at left-hand thread) and removed from the grass trimmer.

For the second and third case, the coils, depending on the design, are disassembled in different ways. On spools with wing bolts the wing bolts are unscrewed and on spools with clevis bolts the clevis bolts are pressed and one part of the spool is released from the other part. If the bobbin halves are connected by thread, it is enough to turn them by hand in opposite directions until complete loosening.

Disassembling clutch and oil pump drive

Before you can disassemble the clutch, you must remove the drive sprocket. To do this, carefully remove the lock washer from the slots on the shaft and remove the sprocket and needle bearing.

Using the high head for 19, you need to unscrew the clutch. It has a left-hand thread, so it unscrews toward the bar and not toward the rear of the STIHL 180.

Stihl FS38 How To Refill Trimmer Line Spool // Trick To Make It Easier

Unscrewing and removing the clutch, you must immediately remove the deflector plate and the oil pump drive, it’s easy to do this, t. к. they are placed on the shaft without any fastener.

How to properly charge a trimmer for grass STIHL

About one year ago the author of these lines bought a STIHL brushcutter (STIHL, as they say in common people) FS 38.

That cord, which was in the grass trimmer when I bought it, was enough for about a year, the last remnants were torn out when in the grass was not spotted dry tree branch. That’s not the point.

The replacement line was also bought, along with the brushcutter (trimmer ). But when the question of how to replace it came up, it caused difficulty. Searches on the Internet on how to change the line STIHL did not lead to immediate results. To be more exact the author of these lines has come across a question about the change of the fishing line, asked by a user to a specialist and the answer: it is impossible to explain this, go to the dealer, he will show you.

Well, went to the dealer, the dealer showed him (the author of this entry), came home, the line pulled out and put back in front of the camera. So that if you need to remember, you can show it to others. To those who are worried about beauty in the house or garden.

So see How to change the brushcutter line on a STIHL brushcutter.


After the publication of the video was found a way even easier and a new video was made. At the end of the video there is a bonus tip on how to quickly adjust the length of the line.

New Video

An old video (you don’t have to watch it, except out of curiosity)

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Hello, dear readers!

It’s been 5 years now, as I am the happy owner of a budget brushcutter STIHL FS38. Until this year, kept his dacha plot in order and no problems arose, and here I delayed my vacation and got to his native village, only in mid-July. And this was the sight that presented itself to my eyes:

I tried to mow with a regular 2mm line, but immediately realized that neither me nor the grass trimmer will not last that long. 38-th “STIHL” is a light, simple model of economy class, without a gearbox, respectively, and the usual disc or cutter can not put there. I was not going to buy a powerful 20-60 thousand pole mower just to mow a small area a few times a year?

I started to look on the Internet, and it turned out that it is in the form of a mowing head PolyCut 7-3.

When I got back to town, I rushed to the only brand-name store and bought this miracle, proudly labeled “Made in USA” on the box. A small thing, but nice

For 1110 we get the mowing head, 6 plastic blades, a metal locking pin for easy installation and removal, and a quick start guide.

The PolyCut 7-3 trimmer head fits the following STIHL models:

FS38, FS40, FS45, FS46, FS50, FSB-KM.

As for knives it is necessary to make a small digression.

The thing is that they are orange in the package picture but I have them in the kit and in the store itself, only white from the previous model PolyCut 6-3. As I understand the original knives at the moment are in short supply, and neither at official dealers, nor at private dealers, they are not available. But as the vendors say, the knives are interchangeable and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Nothing new from the instruction, I have not learned, except one interesting point.

It turns out that if you soak plastic blades or trimmer line in plain cold water for 12 to 24 hours, it prolongs their life.

In addition to the knives in the spool there are holes for installing small pieces of line from 2 to 2.4mm. Why this is needed, I honestly do not understand. In my opinion, it’s easier to spend 2 minutes and move the usual head under the fishing line. Although as a way out of a situation where there is no at hand such a mowing head is probably the right to life.

The instructions are read, it’s time to go mowing.

We get a set of 3 plastic blades soaked in water out of a bucket.

Here it should be noted that I can reset the head on the mower in a matter of minutes. Very handy.

And here’s our test site. Three hundred yards of grass, which nobody touched from spring to midsummer.

Don’t be afraid, but do it with your hands. After half a day with a break, we got like this.

This is how an unassembled PolyCut 7-3 trimmer head looks like.

And now here are my impressions of mowing with the PolyCut 7-3.

  • It cuts grass up to 1 m if it’s not too long, in one pass. Mows normal grass from 30 cm upwards like butter. Faster than a fishing line by half.
  • No need to be distracted by letting go of the line.
  • Trims young growth, burdocks and other trunk-like plants without much effort. It’s not good for knife life, though.
  • No blades break on tree stumps, stones or mole holes.
  • It doesn’t shred grass like a fishing line, but lays it in rows like a tractor mower.

The first insignificant minus is probably the fact that it is quite inconvenient to mow the foundation of the house. because it is afraid of damaging the cutting tool. But in principle for that there is a head for the line.

The second insignificant minus. It is quite difficult to mow the grass straight to zero with knives, there is always a small “hedgehog” of 3-4 centimeters left.

The third is not a minus, but rather a remark. This head is generally useless for small grass and it’s worth buying if you can’t mow tall grass somewhere with a normal line, between 20 and 30 cm.

There are 12 blades or 4 sets in one package. One set was enough for me for 1.5-2 hundredweight of high, meter grass. burjana.

The original orange blades cost from 350 to 500, but in my city I could not find them in stock, alas.

A 60-meter STIHL Original 2mm line costs 550 and is also good for long grass.

According to my feeling the costs are about equal, but it is faster and more convenient to mow tall grass with the blades.

stihl, grass, trimmer, line, change

I would definitely recommend the PolyCut 7-3 trimmer head if:

1) You need to regularly or periodically mow the grass from 30cm and above. There, where the fishing line is very difficult to cope with.

2) You don’t want to buy a more powerful and expensive mower just for infrequent mowing of tall grass on a small area.

While I was writing this review, the grass on the property dried out, I removed it, and this is the end result. Personally, I am completely satisfied with it.

Thank you if you have read my review to the end. I’m happy to answer any questions and wish you less tall grass, stumps and rocks in your life path!