Stihl Starts Up And Immediately Stalls

In operation chainsaw Stihl MC 180. The problem in the future. Before preservation for the winter, on the advice of mechanics, I dripped 4 drops of motor oil (Stihl) into the hole in the candle. twisted the candle. At the moment, I was going to go to the country, I decided to take a look at the saw. He pulled the starter, but he does not spin! Turned out a candle, it is in oil, rubbed it back. same. Turned out, scrolled the starter without a candle, everything is completely spinning. Spun back, the starter does not spin. What do you like more?

Rinse the chainsaw with spotless, undiluted gasoline, pour directly through the spark plug hole and slowly scroll the starter. Later merge fuel and the latest. After all these manipulations, dry the saw and candle and only then try to start it. Once they learned to preserve, then learn and re-preserve, and not just pulled and drove off.

Tell me, for what reason can the starter jam? Chain Saw Stihl 180 brand new.

You will not understand, you will not know. Maybe the launch cord does not fit well, or maybe somewhere the ebb interferes. Shtilevsky starters are rather reliable and durable. No diseases of the constructive plan are observed, for the most part either mud, or intensive exploitation. Once a brand new chainsaw, bring it to the warranty repair service.

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I’ve seen one feature of my own Stihl MS 180 chainsaw: when gas is running out in the tank, idle speed increases and the chain starts spinning even when the trigger is released. When you press the gas, the chainsaw stalls. This continues for a couple of 10 seconds, later the chainsaw stops. In automotive technology, I did not observe this phenomenon, so that with a shortage of fuel in the carburetor, the engine speed would increase. Why is this happening?

Stihl Starts Up And Immediately Stalls

Not starts up chainsaw Stihl 180 background.

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This is a common occurrence for two-stroke engines. With a decrease in the supply of gasoline to the carburetor, depletion of consistency occurs. Naturally. increase in speed, deterioration of acceleration. Short-term overheating of the CPG accompanies this. The engine will not fail, but it will not add health. The development of fuel from the tank to the end should be avoided.

There is a Stihl MS180 chainsaw, used in the summer season on the preparation of firewood. Now the reaction of the chain began to disappear when you press the gas, the chain does not spin in general, or in jerks. sawing is unrealistic. What do you like about breaking better?

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For a completely new chain and sprocket, the stretch can be exactly according to the annotation. so that the lower branch does not sag. and you could take out the upper fingers with the height of the leading link. Then the chain will walk quite freely on the bus. However, the gradual wear of the sprocket teeth reduces its pitch. A gradual extension of the chain increases its step. and the time comes when the steps of the same sprocket and chain cease to coincide to such an extent that the recommended stretch already causes difficulty in moving the chain. In this case, we advise you to slightly reduce the stretch. Right before the appearance of a certain sag or upper branch. When, for the same reason, it is recommended to use a pair on one sprocket, which saved three chains. In this case, wear is moderate and there will not even be accelerated wear of the newest chain on an old sprocket, which partially worked out.

Stihl 180 chainsaw after starting when you press the gas "grunts" and ate start sawing then stalls. But if you torment with gas for 30-40 seconds it starts to work normally. has developed 3 liters of gasoline, a spotless filter, oil from a dealer.

Stihl 180 chainsaw causes a bad start.

If this started not so long ago, then most likely something got into the carburetor with bad fuel. Must be cleaned.

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I wish to purchase this unit. Where should I pay attention during the examination?

We are not talking about the engine itself, since it is better to diagnose it in the service, you will see the rest and get a lot of information. Significant mileage will be indicated by: Dangling latch of the top cover. (Must be locked tightly not rotate from vibration). Brand new star on a battered chainsaw. With the cover removed, the movement of the motor relative to the body. Cut chain catcher and chain damage on sprocket cover. There is also the option to look closely at the carburetor on the left along the side. the place where the wire rod comes into the lever of the axis of the air damper. In a slightly working chain saw, it will be flat, oblong. The longer the saw has worked, the more difficult it will be to develop this hole. When rubbed through and through. Under no circumstances should you take a saw>