The better to cut plexiglass at home

Plexiglass cutting on an industrial scale

In production, the most common method is cutting plexiglass with a laser beam. Of course, it is faster and more convenient than other methods. The laser cuts the sheet along a perfectly flat mowing line, the cuts remain slightly rough and require little effort to polish, and there is practically no waste. There are a couple of drawbacks to this method. not everyone has acquired a laser device yet. This is the main disadvantage. And even when cutting with a laser, an internal stress appears in the material at the level of atoms and molecules. this is the second drawback. It’s just that the sheets of plexiglass after laser processing are not recommended to be connected with glue. the connection will not be strong.

We cut at home

To begin with, we note that plexiglass has a very low thermal conductivity, and therefore it is recommended to cut sheets at home with its minimum possible thickness and maximum speed in order to avoid accidents, since the cut point heats up instantly. If a milling machine or circular saw is used, then the plexiglass will most likely smoke and foam during cutting, so you need to think about cooling in advance. with water or a strong stream of air. So, how to cut plexiglass at home, the most famous ways:

How to Easily Cut Plexiglass and Acrylic Sheets

better, plexiglass, home

When all the necessary pieces are cut off, you should use a cutter to remove the excess in the unsuccessful cuts, and then start cleaning them with a joiner jointer. And then, if necessary, you can polish with sandpaper.

It turns out that plexiglass can be processed at home, there would be a desire, but our imagination is already over the edge. How grandma liked our amateur performances, after all, we made decorations in her house from what was left, we got carried away. Now rest, and don’t wake me up, even if suddenly the sky decides to collapse to the ground.

How and what to cut plexiglass

Grannies have become modern. ours, for example, called early in the morning and said: “I want a gazebo in a garden with a transparent roof, right under a spreading apple tree, and a new greenhouse.” No, what a habit of waking good people up at dawn? She herself gets up with the roosters, and wakes us up! She figured out the touchscreen phone and wakes up, she’s bored, you see, she also came up with something

We will build the gazebo itself, but what kind of roof to make, not glass, in fact, to put. Although why not. “plexiglass” is possible! Plexiglas is light, transparent, durable, perfect for a gazebo, and for a greenhouse too. And you can cut it yourself if it does not fit in size. Do you know how to cut plexiglass and how to do it correctly? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

DIY Plexiglass Cutting Tools

Since plexiglass is a thermoplastic transparent plastic (it can also be called acrylic, plexiglass, acrylic glass, etc.), in principle it will not be difficult to cut it at home, only ordinary tools are needed. Often, an ordinary metal hand saw, circular saw, cutter, milling machine and others are used for this. If the thickness of the sheet is not more than 2mm, then it can be easily cut with a simple clerical knife. Thus, the cutting tool must be selected based on the thickness of the sheet.

When self-cutting plexiglass, the edges of the sheet remain sharp, so they need additional grinding and polishing. And this is necessary regardless of whether you have chosen a milling machine, circular saw or other tool. That is, as the cooks “bring to taste” the finished dish, so the cut plexiglass needs to be “brought to the form”.

How to bend plexiglass

Step by step instructions for bending plexiglass. Our experts reveal the secrets of this technology and.

How to cut plexiglass with a simple, dust-free angle grinder

When using an angle grinder as an improvised tool, where a special circle is used as a cutter, there are consequences due to friction in the form of dust from particles that appear during the cutting process. Especially a lot of dust is generated when cutting materials such as stone, plexiglass and concrete. There are at least two ways to help get rid of dust when cutting plexiglass with a disc designed for processing stone or plexiglass.

Cutting plexiglass at home: methods and recommendations

It would seem, why such a skill as cutting plexiglass can be useful, let the professionals do it, their business is after all. Only on the eve of the holidays, the question arises of what surprises and gifts to prepare for your loved ones. I want to be original, to do something special. Shops represent a standard set of things that can be found in every second house. It remains to make a gift with your own hands. The material is obvious. it is organic glass. Why? From it you can easily make a wonderful photo frame, an unusual lamp or an aquarium. How nice it will then be to hear the gratitude of loved ones and the praise of friends. Remember that cutting organic glass at home requires preparation and care. We will tell you in detail how and what to do.

Now many companies are engaged in the production of organic glass items. Of course, the quality of the cut will differ significantly from what you do with your own hands. Processing specialists use a special laser that cuts organic glass without the slightest errors and inaccuracies. All is well, only such services are very expensive. On top of that, an outsider will not be able to carry out your entire plan. No matter how detailed explanations he was informed.

So, the process of cutting plexiglass at home is the same school labor lessons. Correct drawing, selected tools, perseverance, attentiveness, and the result will not be long in coming. To cut in a straight line with your mowing line, you will need a regular jigsaw or a special cutter. First, clean the organic glass sheet. Even dust can make cutting difficult. After cleaning, place a sheet of material on a horizontal surface. It must be flat and stable. Failure to do so may result in injury and material damage. Be sure to secure the plexiglass before starting work. Using a ruler, trace the lines you want to use with a dark marker. It is clearly visible and washed off in one motion. Without removing the ruler, take a knife and slide it with effort over the plexiglass.

This should be done until the sheet is cut. Do not overdo it with the force of pressing, because organic glass is weak by strength. This method is convenient because you do not have to process the edges additionally.

Sometimes it is necessary, after cutting, to drill holes in the plexiglass for fastening parts, hanging, etc. This can also be easily done at home. You will need an ordinary drill, which is used in everyday life. To avoid jamming, you need to fix the material well. Further, depending on the thickness of the material. Drills that have an angle of sharpening of 45 degrees are suitable for thin plexiglass. Tolstoy. 60 degrees. Large holes are drilled with a 70 degree angle. Pay attention to the angle of rise (should be 17 degrees) and the angle of back sharpening (should be between 4 and 8 degrees). Try to avoid overheating of the material that occurs during prolonged drilling. To do this, turn off the drill every 2 minutes. During breaks, you can remove the formed shavings or cut the edges of the sheet.

To glue the cut pieces of plexiglass, you will need to degrease them, clean them and make the necessary adjustments. Apply the glue evenly on each part. This will make the fixation clearer and more durable. Please note that when joining glass overlapping, you need to use a lot of glue.

Choose the most convenient way and proceed. Make your home special by filling it with interesting organic glass items. They will not only delight the eyes of the hosts, but also all the guests. How nice it will be to hear the praise of friends. You don’t have to be an interior designer or have a laser to cut plexiglass at home. A little imagination, a little effort and a little tools will help you in the implementation of the most daring and unusual ideas.

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Milling cutting

The milling method is used to process the edges after previous mechanical operations: drilling, cutting with guillotine shears or cutting. Fillets and curved contours are also shaped using milling. Any milling machines are used as equipment. End mills are selected, one- or two-edged, small diameters.

To perform artistic engraving work, engraving, top or reverse cutters are used. They can be controlled either manually or electronically.

Plexiglas (acrylic) laser cutting

This cutting method is one of the most advanced. With the help of equipment for laser cutting of plexiglass, you can cut the most complex contours. The processing speed depends on the power of the laser beam. The sheet feed is adjusted according to the quality (gloss) requirement of the edge. The thicker the sheet, the lower the feed rate of the material and vice versa. A feed that is too slow will produce a dull cut, and too high a feed will cause grooves and streaks. Such a result may also be due to incorrect focusing of the laser: it must be focused strictly on the average line of the sheet thickness.

Band saws

Band saws, which are commonly used for metal and wood cutting, are often used for trimming the edge of molded plexiglass and contour cutting of organic glass. As a result of the use of band saws, the cutting line turns out to be rather rough, therefore, additional processing is required in the future. Depending on the cutting contour, the width of the saw is selected in the range of 3. 13mm. The number of teeth is from 3 to 8 pcs. one centimeter of blade length.

Cutting or sawing

Saws are mainly used to perform this operation:

Method one

In order that during cutting, when the circle contacts the plexiglass, there was as little dust as possible during cutting, you can use the wetting of the working surface with ordinary water. To perform cutting work, it is advisable to have a container with water and a sprayer with you, with which to spray the required amount of water from time to time.

When trimming plexiglass using an angle grinder, ideally, the work should be done by two workers, one of whom should monitor the movement of the cutting wheel, and the other should be engaged in watering the treated surface.

Plexiglas is one of the synthetic compounds that is considered harmful in its properties to the human body. If it enters the respiratory tract, the substance can clog and destabilize the respiratory system.

Another danger that Plexiglas dust conceals in itself is its negative effect when the substance enters the organs of vision. Given the properties that a synthetic compound possesses, when it comes into contact with the mucous membrane of the eyeball, the substance can destabilize the functioning of the organ.

Method one. hacksaw for metal

Surely almost every home craftsman has such a hacksaw in the toolbox. It is quite simple to work with it, your actions should be exactly the same as when cutting metal or wood. In advance, on a sheet of material, it is necessary to mark the cutting line of the cut, after which you can proceed. In the process, control the evenness of the hacksaw and do not be too zealous so that the material does not start to melt, otherwise you will get an uneven and melted cut.

After you have cut off the necessary elements, pay attention to the cut. It turns out to be rough. Additional resurfacing will be required. You can use a file or sandpaper.

How to cut plexiglass

Cutting plexiglass at home is an activity that the average person rarely encounters. Despite this, from time to time the question arises. how to cut plexiglass? But those people who like to craft with their own hands and use this unique material in their works are very often faced with such a task. to quickly cut acrylic into the necessary elements. In production conditions, some methods of cutting this material are used, at home it is more convenient and more practical to use other methods. Below we will consider what methods are used not in production.

How to Cut Plexiglass Without Chipping

Cutting plexiglass at home

If you need to cut a sheet of plexiglass into certain elements, you can use one of the following methods:

Method two. cutter

If the thickness of the material is not large, even a regular stationery knife will suit you. So, before you cut the required elements, you need to prepare. In order for the line of the cut to be even, such as you need, prepare a ruler. It is better if it is metal, if such is not found, any other will do. Place the ruler along the intended mowing line of the cut, and then, with neat but confident movements, slide the cutter along the ruler. It can be multiple movements. The sheet thickness must be cut by 50%. Now, with a neat but precise movement, break the sheet. the cut line will also not turn out perfectly flat, additional grinding will be required.

If necessary, you can make the cutter yourself. Some home craftsmen use an ordinary piece of glass, having previously secured the place where they hold with their hand.

Method three. circular saw or cutter for metal

Cutting plexiglass with your own hands can also be done using a circular saw or a cutter for metal. If you choose a cutter, please note that its thickness should be no more than one millimeter. In the process of work, the cutter is very quickly triggered.

When cutting plexiglass with this method, it is necessary to take into account that a lot of smoke will be emitted, and the material will warm up rather quickly, possibly foaming at the processing site. To avoid possible consequences, you should take care of cooling the material with water in advance. Cooling can be organized in this way: take a regular bottle and fill it with water, fix it near the cutter and supply water to the work surface using a plastic hose. If you use a hose with a thickness of 2.5 mm, about one liter of water will flow out per hour. By establishing this cooling method, you will be able to get a neat and transparent cut.

  • You can build a tool to cut this material. You will need a nichrome thread. As a result of heating, it will be able to cut the plexiglass due to melting. To build such a tool, take a nichrome thread, a transformer whose power is 24 V. Connect the thread to the transformer, having previously fixed it on both sides or attaching a handle on one side, and hang a weight on the other. When the filament is hot, you can cut the acrylic along the intended mowing line.
  • Slotted screwdriver. Press the screwdriver against the sheet of material, hold it by the edge of the handle. Heat the tool blade with a soldering iron. When the sheet of material begins to melt, you can cut it by moving the tool with your hand. Use a metal ruler to get a straight line. After running the mowing line over the acrylic surface, it can be easily broken in the right place.

In addition to the listed methods, plexiglass at home can be cut using other tools, it can be a jigsaw (you need to choose the right mode) or a glass cutter. Each master, by trial and error, selects his own, suitable method for him. After studying the proposed information, it became clear that cutting Plexiglas products is not such a complicated process as it might seem at first glance.

We cut plexiglass with a cutter

The methods for cutting plexiglass at home can be very different. Someone uses a hacksaw for metal, and someone uses a cutter. Basically, this tool is a saw with just one tooth. To cut the plexiglass, you need a metal ruler of a certain length. This tool must be placed on the sheet of material where you want to split it. After that, you need to draw a cutter along the ruler.

When the cut reaches ½ the thickness of the sheet, you can stop and then gently break the material. If defects have appeared, then they can be smoothed out. To do this, sand the edge of the plexiglass with sandpaper. If desired, the cutter can be made independently from an emery cloth. Some experienced craftsmen use pieces of glass to cut plexiglass. This method requires reliable hand protection.

A hacksaw for metal will help out

If you need to cut plexiglass at home, you can use a metal hacksaw. This is the most affordable tool. However, this method has a serious drawback: the cut site remains rough and rough. To eliminate such a defect, additional processing is required. To smooth the cut point, sandpaper or a file is usually used.

Plexiglas laser cutting

How are plexiglass products made in production? Typically, a laser is used to cut this material. This is the most convenient method. However, it is simply impossible to apply it at home. Thanks to the thin laser, a precise incision can be made. In this way, even small details of future products are usually cut out. However, this cutting method has certain limitations: the laser beam creates a high stress on the material. In the future, it is simply impossible to glue the individual parts together.

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Plexiglass products can only be cut in an industrial environment. If necessary, you should seek help from the appropriate organization. The main thing. make all the drawings in advance. It is also worth picking up an experienced master.

Material features

Not everyone knows what plexiglass is. How to cut it at home and what features does it have? First of all, plexiglass has the performance characteristics of durable plastic, and also looks like ordinary glass. This material is transparent. However, unlike glass, it does not break.

Thanks to these properties, plexiglass has become popular. How to cut it in everyday life? In this case, not everything is so simple. The material itself is strong enough. Plexiglas is widely used. Indeed, in some cases, using ordinary glass is dangerous and problematic. The material can be processed by almost all available methods. However, there are some nuances that should be considered when working with plexiglass.

Plexiglass: what to cut?

In some cases, the use of a saw is allowed. It can be tape or disk. The last type of saw is designed for straight cuts. At the same time, the seam is neat and clear. As for the band saw, it is suitable for making blanks. Cutting clear edges with such a tool is unlikely to work. To make the surface smoother, it is recommended to use a cutter.

It is worth noting that this method of cutting plexiglass can be used not only in production, but also at home.

Special equipment

Plexiglas products are cut with a high-speed tool. This allows you to get an even and high-quality seam. The speed of such equipment can be up to 4 thousand revolutions per minute. After that, the plexiglass undergoes additional mechanical processing.

However, do not forget that this material has a low thermal conductivity. Cutting at high speed can quickly heat up the edges. Some tools have a Plexiglas mode.

Plexiglass: how to cut at home

At home, cutting plexiglass is rarely required. Typically, this work is carried out by specialists in the workshops. However, this skill can be useful in everyday life. After all, sometimes there is a desire to make a vase, an aquarium or a small decorative table with your own hands. So, the subject of our review. plexiglass. How to cut such material?

Using simple tools

If cutting plexiglass with a laser. is an expensive pleasure for you, then you can cut the material with scrap materials. Very often, a nichrome thread is used for such work. Before starting cutting, it must be heated. This will require a transformer with a power of 24 W.

As a result of simple manipulations, you can carefully cut the plexiglass. The heated nichrome thread simply melts the material. This allows you not only to cut plexiglass, but also to cut curly details.

Also, some craftsmen use a slotted screwdriver. This option is suitable for cutting plexiglass at home. A screwdriver is usually pressed against the material with the butt end. In this case, the tool must be held by the very edge of the handle. After that, the screwdriver blade is heated with a soldering iron, the power of which is 25 W.

The plexiglass should start melting. With the tip of a screwdriver, simply draw the line in the place where the cut should be. After that, the plexiglass breaks easily. To get a straight line, you can use a metal ruler or a hacksaw blade without teeth.

In addition to the above methods, you can cut plexiglass with a cutter or circular saw. The blade thickness in this case should be no more than 1 mm. It is worth considering that smoke may appear during the cutting process. In this case, the edges of the material often foam due to the increase in temperature as a result of friction. This can be avoided. It is necessary to cool the working surface of the tool.


On the Internet, new ways are constantly appearing on how to cut plexiglass at home. Masters advise using a jigsaw. The main condition is the presence of a function for monitoring the number of revolutions.

For sawing, files are used that are designed specifically for this material. If they are not at hand, you can take wood saws. They will also cope with the task of how to cut plexiglass at home.

Plexiglas is cut at minimum speed. Take the files themselves with the smallest teeth. If you increase the speed, the plexiglass will start to melt in the cut area, the color of the seams will turn white. In some blanks, this is unacceptable.

How to cut plexiglass?

One of the advantages of plexiglass, or, as it is also called, plexiglass, is the ease of machining with a sufficiently high strength of the material. However, despite the existing advantages, there are certain inconveniences. The thing is that plexiglass melts very easily, and when working with it, this can cause some difficulties. As a result, the question of how to cut plexiglass in order to avoid them will be quite reasonable.

Hacksaw for metal work

One of the most affordable options is to use a hacksaw. A good alternative than sawing plexiglass at home.

It is convenient to mark with a marker, it leaves a bright and noticeable mark. cutting line is well applied with a knife, nail.

At the same time, a hacksaw is an option for how to cut plexiglass at home, only if you have to cut it along a straight mowing line. It will not be possible to make curved cuts well.

Good to know. When the blade gets stuck while working, add some water. So it will be possible to cool the cutting line.

Hand cutter

Another option, than to cut plexiglass at home, is to make an improvised tool from a cloth for a hacksaw. Take a canvas (even if it is used) and a file.

On the forums, it is advised to make a sharp nose on a grinding wheel. To work conveniently, the handle should be wrapped with something. For example, duct tape. All work will take a few minutes.

If you are looking for how to cut the plexiglass in half, then it is enough to make only a few cuts, and then break the material. You don’t need to cut through to the end.

Mechanical processing methods

Plexiglass can be sharpened, drilled, milled and processed in many other ways. There are even special machines for these purposes, although sometimes conventional equipment is enough. So, in large industries, plexiglass is cut using lasers, but this is impossible at home. So how can ordinary craftsmen cut plexiglass? For this they use:

  • special cutters;
  • heated nichrome wire;
  • saws.

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Nichrome spiral

If you are deciding how to cut curved plexiglass at home, it is recommended to try this spiral.

The main thing is not to forget that plexigilas melts at about 160 degrees. Nichrome spiral is an excellent tool for cutting plexiglass. But keep in mind that it can heat up to 6 times higher. To control and regulate this process, have a rheostat on hand.

Otherwise, this is a good option than you can cut the plexiglass. The main thing is to adhere to the recommendations.

Acrylic can burn. Therefore, when working with a spiral, give an allowance of 0.2 to 0.5 mm.

With the help of this device, you will solve the question of how to cut plexiglass at home. You can bring the workpiece to mind with a sandpaper. The material lends itself to such processing.

When figuring out how to cut plexiglass with a nichrome spiral, keep in mind that there are 2 methods of using it. The horizontal cut should only be straight, and the vertical cut should be curved.

“How to cut plexiglass, acrylic at home?”. Yandex.Connoisseurs

Hello, we answer your question

Cutting plexiglass at home is not an easy task. With an apparent prostate material, lightness and plasticity, acrylic sheet is a brittle plastic. In case of incorrect actions of the cutter, cracks and chips may appear. We will tell you about the process of work in more detail, we will figure out what materials and the best way to cut, consider cutting in everyday life and at work. First you need to figure out what kind of material you are going to cut. There are many analogues of plexiglass, for example; PET, polystyrene, monolithic polycarbonate. All these plastics differ in composition and strength, but are similar to acrylic in weight and transparency, monolithic polycarbonate is inferior to organic glass by only 10%, while the material is twenty-five times stronger than acrylic. This result is achieved due to special additives of plasticizers.

We offer you to get acquainted with the various ways of cutting plexiglass, the main ones can be called mechanical, laser, milling and of course manual. Let’s start with the fun part of hand cutting with a regular clerical knife. We choose a clerical knife with a blade width of 10-14mm. Usually on knives of this type (sharp ends of new blades) there is a recess with which we will cut plexiglass. Turn the blade over with the right side (hook down) and install it in the knife. We prepare a flat surface, for example a table. It is necessary to lay a protective material between the table and the acrylic with a protrusion from the part on the sides of 15-20 centimeters. We mark the required size with a pen, apply a straight ruler. We are ready to start cutting acrylic; take a knife, crochet a thin line along the ruler. The first pass should be done slowly, with slight pressure on the blade. This operation should be carried out with the subsequent increase in pressure on the blade until a slit appears at half the thickness of the material. Then we make a few additional movements along the edges of the cutting line of the cut. We apply plexiglass along the cutting line of the cut to the edge of the table, while securely fixing the necessary piece to the table using clamps and breaking the hanging part down from the mowing line. In this way, you can cut rectangular pieces of plexiglass no more than 5 mm thick. Plastic with a thickness of more than 5mm can be cut with a jigsaw, we will talk about this method a little below. The cutting of thick acrylic should be trusted by the specialists of the Bagira SPb company, we carry out complex cutting of sheets up to 2800x1600mm in size. Laser cutting of plexiglass allows the company’s clients to receive products of complex shapes in a short time at an affordable cost. Laser cutting machines carry out engraving work on the surface of the material. The accuracy of copying parts produced by this method is 0.1mm.

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Monolithic polycarbonate is a modern material, the leader among plastics in terms of strength. It is 25 times stronger than plexiglass, transparency is 88%, light impact-resistant material is usually used for protective purposes. Products such as polycarbonate are produced; protective covers for machine tools and industrial lines, glasses for hockey and motorcycle helmets, fences and awnings, visors. The material can be cut in the same way using a regular jigsaw, and processed in a dignified manner with a sandpaper. Modern technologies have stepped far forward, at the moment there are many organizations performing figured cutting of monolithic polycarbonate on milling equipment. The specialists of such enterprises guarantee high quality and precision of work. The cost of cutting monolithic polycarbonate depends on the thickness of the plastic you need and the size of the part, the perimeter of the cut.

Tools for cutting plexiglass at home

How to cut plexiglass at home, how to bend it is not very difficult, however, you should remember about several rules that will not only show you how to behave correctly with a sheet of organic glass, but significantly speed up the task and choose the right tool.

At home, plexiglass can be cut using the following tools:

  • hand saw for metal;
  • a circular saw;
  • cutter;
  • milling machine;
  • ordinary office knife (provided that the thickness of the plexiglass sheet is no more than 2 mm).

Plexiglass cutting procedure: tips

Plexiglas is a material characterized by low electrical conductivity. In other words, when cutting with any of the above tools, there is a danger of getting burned, because it heats up very quickly. At home, it is recommended to work with thin sheets that can be cut in no time.

Just in case, stock up on cold water for instant cooling, especially if you use a circular saw or milling machine. Put a sheet of plexiglass on the work table, use a steel ruler to find the place that you will cut, draw the tool along the ruler. In the case when you need to cut curly holes from the sheet, you can use a nichrome thread.

Remember that after cutting the plexiglass at home, the edges at the joints become very sharp. Therefore, after completing the cutting procedure, it is necessary to grind and polish the sheet.

How to cut plexiglass at home?

Distinctive characteristics of plexiglass. Basically, the high demand for plexiglass was influenced by the set of unique characteristics that this synthetic source possesses. Imagine that you managed to create a reliable, strong, durable, resistant, inexpensive material that looks like fragile glass.

After all, each of us once had a favorite glass product that was broken, but it could have remained intact if plexiglass was taken as the basis for its production. This article will show you how you can cut organic glass at home. This is very important information, because you do not know when you will have to work with this material yourself.

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Shove these tips to the author where he came from! Plexiglas is sawn with an angle grinder, for example, it simply splits from a circular. And what kind of device is a “cutter”? I would very much like to see his performance characteristics, this is not by chance a Jedi sword?

How to cut plexiglass

Recently, plexiglass is often used in the manufacture of various products. It is one of the first composite materials that combines the properties of glass with high ductility. A fairly common question is how to cut the plexiglass. This is due to its high mechanical strength and some other properties. Plexiglass can be cut using a variety of methods, which we will talk about in more detail later.

Hacksaw for metal

A fairly common tool is a hacksaw for metal. It is easy to work with it, the steps for processing plexiglass are the same as in the case of metal or wood. Among the features of the use of a hacksaw for metal, we note the following points:

  • Cutting lines are applied to a sheet of paper, which greatly simplify the cutting process.
  • When cutting, attention is paid to the evenness of the hacksaw stroke, due to which a high-quality cut is formed.
  • Cutting too quickly is not recommended because the material may become hot. Deformation occurs in the plastic state.

The resulting cut is rough in almost all cases. That is why you have to carry out additional grinding.

Some features of the use of industrial equipment

All industrial equipment is characterized by the fact that it allows you to automate the process of cutting composite materials. Today, laser cutting is most often used. Among its features, we note the following points:

  • The machining accuracy is about 0.005 millimeters. This is achieved by forming a laser beam of 0.1 millimeters.
  • All the resulting edges are smooth and transparent, with virtually no waste.

Machine tools with circular and band saws are widely used. This is due to their relatively low cost. However, such equipment does not allow processing along a complex trajectory.

During machining, the tool and the material itself can become very hot. Plexiglas is less resistant to high temperatures, when heated, it begins to melt, a large amount of smoke is formed. Air flow or pure water can be used as cooling.

Cutting plexiglass at home

If necessary, you can carry out the processing of plexiglass at home. For this, the following tools can be used:

  • Hacksaw for metal with a small tooth pitch. It can be found in almost any garage. It is best to choose a blade made of hardened steel. She dulls at a slower rate.
  • Cutter for thin material.
  • A circular saw.

All of these tools are inexpensive. However, manual processing does not allow obtaining high-quality products in the shortest possible time.

Production methods of cutting

Plexiglas has become widespread due to its light weight and good flexibility. Today it is used to create greenhouses or gazebos. For the long-term use of the material, several methods of production processing have been developed:

  • Laser cutting.
  • Milling.
  • Band saw cutting.
  • Circular saw application.

Often, special milling machines are used, which are characterized by high productivity and versatility. Their high cost determines that the installation is carried out exclusively in mass production.

Circular saw or cutter for metal

Plexiglas can be cut using a metal cutter or circular saw. When choosing a cutter, preference should be given to options with a thickness of no more than one millimeter. It should be borne in mind that at the time of cutting, the cutting part wears out quickly.

A lot of smoke and heat is generated at the time of cutting with the router. Therefore, water should be used to cool the surface. Due to gradual cooling, you can get a high-quality cut.

The circular saw should have small teeth that are spaced closely together. Processing when using a saw with a large tooth pitch can lead to the appearance of cracks and many other mechanical defects on the surface.


  • A ruler is used to obtain an even cut. It can be made using wood. The ruler must be fixed to the work surface.
  • The sheet is cut in thickness by 50%, after which you can break the sheet with a slight movement.
  • Due to the use of a cutter, the cutting process is significantly accelerated, but the resulting cut will be of poor quality. That is why additional grinding is carried out.