The Bosch Hob Does Not Turn On

The hob does not turn on; possible causes and their elimination
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Induction hob

Old and simple equipment is being replaced by modern high-tech models. First of all, these include models that work on induction. But even they are not immune from various malfunctions and breakdowns. Some of them can be easily and quickly fixed on their own at home. Among them:

  1. The hob will no longer turn on. Also, consumers are faced with the problem that the equipment turns off abruptly after starting work. If a person uses an induction hob for the first time, then he may simply not know some of the features of this equipment. It does not turn on or turns off quickly due to a protective function that is triggered if unsuitable dishes are placed on the surface. This applies to both its size and material. That is, this is not a breakdown or malfunction, but simply a distinctive feature of this type of equipment. In addition, the equipment will automatically turn off if the dishes are removed from its surface.
  2. The stove does not heat up very well, or this process takes too long. First of all, you should check if the dishes are correctly selected. An induction hob in 90% of cases does not work well for this reason.

The surface does not heat up

the bosch hob does not turn on

The hob switches itself on

The hob does not turn on – possible causes and remedies

The hob has long been an integral part of any kitchen. It takes up much less space than a stove, but at the same time is endowed with a large number of convenient functions and options. But any, even the most reliable and high-quality, equipment can fail sooner or later. For example, the Lg or Bosch hob does not turn on. If this happened during the warranty period, then you need to call the master from the service center or take the technician for repair yourself. If a malfunction is detected after this period, you can try to reanimate it yourself, before contacting qualified specialists, whose repair services will be very expensive.

What to do if a breakdown occurs in the electric hob?

    Check the voltage at the outlet. In some cases, heavy loads on the contacts can occur here, which leads to their burnout.

There are several basic faults on electric hobs that are easy to fix on your own at home. These include:

Burner failure

Problem with correct sensor operation

In addition, the electric hob could fail as a result of mechanical damage. Most often this happens with a glass-ceramic surface, which is considered one of the most fragile and sensitive to external influences. In order to disable the equipment, it is enough to drop an object weighing over 2 kg or a sharp knife on it.

Hob burners

The heating elements of the hob are hidden under the glass-ceramic surface. They are of the following types:

  • Spiral – the principle of operation resembles a conventional heating element;
  • Corrugated tapes are modified filaments;
  • Halogen or infrared lamps – this technology is called HaloLight;
  • Induction coils that only heat the cookware.

Various designs of thermoelectric burners

The first three types are capable of converting electric current into heat. The repair of the hob burners depends on the type of burner that is installed in your appliance. Thermoelectric heaters have a corrugation laid in a heat-resistant material and heating sensors. These sensors are presented in the form of a bimetallic plate, which is located on the mowing line of the radius or diameter of the burner. When heated, the bimetallic plate expands and acts on the contacts.

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This is what the hob looks like

Depending on the design, the contacts of the temperature sensor can be power, signal, or included in the electronic control circuit. Malfunctioning sensors (thermostats) can cause the hob to not switch on.

Repairing an induction hob

If your induction hob does not work, then there may be several reasons for the breakdown. Now we will tell you how to repair induction hobs:

  • The stove turns off and does not turn on. If this device is modern, then it is possible that there is a turn-on protection on it. In this case, the power may be cut off as the diameter of the pan does not fit. Also, you do not need to worry if the surface does not heat up, but only the dishes are heated.

The induction hob only heats the cookware

  • Heats up for a long time or weakly. If the dishes are slowly heating up, then it may be the reason. In order for the dishes to heat up quickly, its bottom must be flat. Otherwise, the hob will simply not notice the dishes.

The instructions for the hob usually indicate which cookware works best.

  • It turns on independently and without dishes. The malfunction may be that there is a metal object on the hob that triggers the operation. In addition, salt that remains on the surface can be the cause.
  • Doesn’t work at all. If your device does not work completely, then you will have to disassemble the equipment and check the entire circuit. Usually, repairs boil down to the fact that you need to replace the fuse.

Below you can study all the features and causes of breakdown of induction hobs.

Electric hob repair

First, you need to learn how to repair your electric hob. Most often, owners may encounter problems that the hob does not work. Also, you may face the problem that none of the burners heats up when the power is connected.

Electric hob appearance

If you have such a panel, then the repair of the ariston hob can be reduced to the following steps:

  • First, you need to check that there is power in the outlet. Perhaps this point is out of order. When repairing the iron, you should also check the condition of the outlet.
  • If this reason is not justified, then you need to inspect the cord and plug for mechanical damage. Most often, repairs are completed at this stage.
  • If all else fails, you can proceed to dismantling the hob. To do this, you need to unscrew all the fasteners.

Removing the hob

  • You need to check the thermal fuse. This can be done with a multimeter. If there is no resistance or it differs from the nominal, then it is necessary to replace this device.
  • Now you should check all the wire connections. Make sure there is no open circuit. Conduct a visual inspection of all items. To do this, you need to "ring" all sections of the electrical circuit.

Hob connection point

In addition, we decided to tell you why the electrolux hob may stop working. If necessary, you can read about the reasons for the breakdown of the TV remote control. In order that you do not have to repair the hob with your own hands, you need to know for what reasons a malfunction may occur:

  • A fuse can break due to high voltage surges. Replacing it is not difficult, as this device has a low price. To protect your equipment from malfunction, you need to install an RCD.
  • If the burner does not work, then the circuit on the heating element may have been broken. If the wiring is simply unsoldered, then you can repair it with a soldering iron. If the heating element is burnt out, then it must be replaced. Also try to check the control unit or contacts.
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Checking the hotplate with a multimeter

  • Sensor does not work. The touch-sensitive hob will be difficult to repair with your own hands. First you need to "ring" the sensor. If you cannot find the commonplace cause of the breakdown, then it is better to hand over the device for repair. If you washed the panel and it does not turn on, then the control unit may have burned out.

Hob control unit

  • The hob does not heat up or does not heat well. In this case, check the heating element. The repair of the hob will consist precisely in it. If the hob gets too hot, then the thermostat may have blown.
  • The glass cracked. Repairing a glass-ceramic hob in this case will consist in replacing the surface. Replacing glass on the hob is an expensive pleasure and therefore it is better to avoid this breakdown.

Replacing glass on the hob

  • Sometimes the cause of this breakdown can be a poor-quality manufacturer. Some damage may result from improper handling. If the breakdown is your fault, then repairing the hob will be costly.

Electrical surface

First, let’s talk about how to repair an electric hob and what kind of malfunctions this version of the stove may have. Most often, owners are faced with a situation when the hob does not work or one of the burners does not heat up when the power is connected.

In this case, the repair is reduced to the following steps:

  1. Check the voltage at the outlet, because perhaps it was this electrical point that failed, as a result of which there is no power.
  2. Carefully inspect the cord and plug for mechanical damage. Sometimes this is where the repair ends – you just need to replace the electrical plug or cord.
  3. Remove the hob from the worktop by disconnecting all wires and unscrewing the fastening strips.
  4. Use a multimeter to check the thermal fuse (pictured below) and the transformer. If there is no resistance or differs from the nominal, you need to replace the circuit elements with new ones.
  5. Check all wire connections (on the control unit, switches, thermostat, burners) and make sure there is no trivial open circuit. First, try to visually find the malfunction, and then use a multimeter to ring all sections of the circuit according to the diagram.

Often, finding a breakdown of an electric hob with your own hands is not difficult if you know how to handle a multimeter. In the absence of this device, you can use an indicator screwdriver, which will show the presence of voltage in a certain section of the circuit.

In addition, I would like to tell you why the hob may stop working, so that you know the cause of the malfunctions and how to repair each. So, among the main breakdowns, the following are most common:

  • Fuse blown due to power surge. Replacement is not difficult, besides, the cost of the fuse is scanty. To protect the equipment from such a malfunction, it is recommended to install a network surge protection device.
  • The burner does not work (one or several at once). Most likely there was an open circuit on the heating element. If this wiring is sealed off, DIY repair will not be difficult if you have a soldering iron. If the heating element burns out, it must be replaced with a new one. The heating element rang, but is it intact? Check the control unit, sometimes a contact break occurs on the switch, which needs to be either repaired or replaced.
  • Sensor does not work. Here things are already more serious, tk. The touch-sensitive hob will be difficult to repair for a novice electrician. First, as in the previous cases, ring the sensor. If you cannot find the commonplace cause of the malfunction, you will have to either replace the touch panel or hand it over for repair. Usually, failure of this circuit element is extremely rare and is caused by improper operation of equipment. If you find that the sensor does not turn on after washing, it means that the control unit simply burned out from the saline solution, which some would-be advisers on the forums recommend to wash the surface.
  • Does not heat up or heats up slightly. Again, ring the heating element, thermostat, temperature controller. The opposite situation may arise when the electric hob gets very hot and does not turn off. In this case, with a probability of 95%, we can say that the cause of overheating is the failure of the thermostat, which does not turn off the power when the burners are sufficiently heated. The thermostat is not repaired and must be replaced.
  • Cracked surface. The rarest of cases that can happen with a glass ceramic hob. If you see that a web of cracks has formed on the surface, and at the same time you are 100% sure that no one from the family dropped heavy dishes on it, there may be two reasons.
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Immediately we recommend that you look at the visual instruction, which shows how to properly repair the electrical surface:

We repair the hob – malfunctions of various models

Induction cooker

If your induction hob does not work, there may also be several reasons for the malfunction. For your attention, an overview of the main faults and methods of repair on your own:

  1. The stove turns off and does not turn on. If the model of technology is modern, then you should not worry – it’s about a special protective function. The power will turn off if the diameter or material of the cookware is not suitable for heating. In addition, the lack of heating can be caused by the fact that you have removed the dishes from the hotplate (switching on occurs automatically only if there is a container on the heating surface). By the way, do not worry if the hob does not heat up by itself, because according to the principle of operation, the device heats only the dishes.
  2. Long and weak heats. In this case, most likely the reason is unsuitable dishes, so there is no need for repairs. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for the selection of containers. In order for the heating to be fast and normal, the bottom must be flat, and the container material itself must be metal. Otherwise, a situation may occur when the induction hob does not see the cookware and therefore does not turn on.
  3. It turns on independently when there are no dishes on the burner. Here the malfunction lies in the fact that, most likely, there is a metal object on the burner that triggers the operation. In addition, the reason may be salt that remains on the surface after washing or a malfunction in the control unit, which will need to be repaired.
  4. Doesn’t work at all. As we said earlier, you need to disassemble the technique and ring all the elements of the circuit. Usually, repairs boil down to the fact that you need to replace the fuse yourself.

Induction hob repair instructions are provided at: