The Chainsaw Stalls At Full Speed

What to do if the chainsaw stalls at idle

The chainsaw stalls at idle speed: many owners of this tool face such a problem. By its structure, the saw was a rather simple tool. But there are times when it fails. The main problem in troubleshooting is determining the correct cause of the abnormal operation. Once the cause has been identified, fixing the defect is usually quite simple.

Chainsaw device diagram.

Help the chainsaw stall

There is a Partner 738 chainsaw, it worked without any problem the first couple of times, and after that the following began to happen to it, when you start it on a cold one, it immediately stalls, tightened the T bolt (idle), it starts up normally, BUT when it warms up, the chain starts to rotate even when I don’t take dust in my hand, at the same time you can hear that the revolutions in the saws are maximum))) Again I tightened the bolt T, reduced the speed of the XX, the saw idles for a couple of minutes and stalls, and does not start at all when cold.

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The Chainsaw Stalls At Full Speed

Checking the spark plug and ignition system

According to the manufacturers’ recommendations, the spark plug should be changed once a year, regardless of the intensity of the tool use. Failure to comply with THESE tips leads to a completely natural result: failures at idle speed, subsequent failure.

Typical defects in the ignition system are as follows:

Chainsaw stalls at idle

Filter check and repair

The engine may run intermittently or stall if there is insufficient fuel or air. The reasons. Clogged air or fuel filter. To check the fuel filter, it is necessary to remove the fuel line hose from the carburetor fitting and direct it to a container. Then press several times to pump fuel. If the fuel is pumped normally, in clearly defined doses, without dirt, then the fuel filter is in good working order. If the jet is weak or the fuel is NOT pumped at all. The filter needs to be replaced or cleaned if possible.

Fuel filter clogged with sawdust. One of the reasons for a chainsaw breakdown.

The device must be removed from the fuel tank (after draining all fuel from it). On most models, the fuel filter can be hooked out of the wire through the neck. If the filter design is collapsible and can be cleaned, it must be disassembled and washed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, change to a new filter.

Similar problems can arise when the air filter is clogged with dust, sawdust, or dirt. If the amount of air is insufficient, the fuel mixture will be enriched, the fuel combustion process becomes difficult.

To check, remove the filter. When working, you need to take precautions so that dust does not get into the carburetor. The device must be cleaned and rinsed in warm water with the addition of detergent. After drying, if possible, blow out with compressed air of low pressure, install in place. If the chainsaw works fine, then the cause has been eliminated, if not. Need to look further.

With constant use of the tool, it is recommended to replace the filters of the fuel and air systems after 3 months.

Possible reasons for failure

The power unit of all chainsaws is a single-cylinder internal combustion engine. Devices of this type are characterized by such malfunctions as a violation inside the CYLINDER compression, a change in the ratio of the fuel mixture, incorrect operation of the ignition, poor-quality fuels and lubricants. The main problems in the operation of the power unit are as follows:

  • The engine runs stably at minimum speed, but stalls with increasing speed
  • Start-up occurs normally, and idle speed is unstable, quickly stalls
  • DOES NOT start.

Chainsaw electronic ignition circuit.

Abnormal idling can be caused by various reasons. They can be divided into several positions:

  • Reduced throughput of filters (gasoline and air)
  • Abnormal operation of the ignition system:
  • Carburetor settings changed spontaneously
  • Malfunction of fuel line elements
  • Clogged exhaust ducts, muffler
  • Defects of the piston, cylinder, valves.

Repair should begin with an external inspection and checking the presence of fuel in the tank.


Recently, the chain in the chainsaw began to move at idle speed, and at first a little, now it is already quite fast. Then the throttle lever is released. What can be and how to treat this.

Quite calmly take the small screwdriver that was given to you with the saw and turn it down through the hole in the handle frame counterclockwise. This must be done on the warm up of the engine. B without subtracting very much. These engines like to idle higher.

Chainsaw stalls at idle speed

Cases are common when the chainsaw stalls at idle. First of all, you need to check the muffler, and, if it is dirty, clean it from the exhaust tar deposits. Also on carburetors of some models and others. There are bolts marked H and L. coarse and fine tuning respectively. By adjusting the bolt L during the operation of the chainsaw in such a way that its speed increases (the bolt is only turned half a turn), it is possible to eliminate this problem. Adjusting the carburetor requires an electronic tachometer and is a rather time-consuming process. That is why, in such cases, it is better to turn to professionals.

The chainsaw stalls immediately

What to do if the chainsaw stalls immediately after starting? First you need to check the presence of fuel in the gas tank. If its level is not enough, then it is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture in strict accordance with the ratio of gasoline and oil prescribed in the operating instructions. Gasoline must have the highest possible octane number, and the required brand of oil, as a rule, is indicated in the data sheet of the chainsaw.

Next, we check the spark plug, as well as the contact of its tip with the high-voltage wire. The gap between them should be no more than 0.5 mm. If necessary, the candle is cleaned of carbon deposits and dried. It is recommended to occasionally change the candle to a completely new one. The reasons for the tool stalling when you press the gas lie in the fuel filter or carburetor jet. Cleaning the gas filter will NOT take much time and effort, but it is better to entrust the disassembly and cleaning of the carburetor to the specialists of the service center.

Chainsaw stalls when tilted

When the chainsaw is in a horizontal position, the fuel pipe lies at the bottom of the gas tank, but when the tool is tilted, the pipe is above the fuel mixture, i.E. In the air. This is precisely the precondition that the chainsaw stalls on its side.

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The chainsaw starts and stalls. Why?

There are several simple rules for the operation and maintenance of a chainsaw, the observance of which will allow you to maximize its service life. Preparing the correct fuel mixture, regularly cleaning filters and periodically replacing parts will save you from having to repair your tool for a long time. If it was not possible to avoid the breakdown, then you can figure out its cause completely independently. This applies to any brands of chainsaws, ranging from the more complex models “Husqvarna” and “Stihl” and ending with the simplest models “Makita” and “Patriot”.

Chainsaw stalls under load

If the chainsaw stalls under load, then the fuel system or a dirty air filter may be a prerequisite for that. Replacing the fuel with the correct gasoline / oil ratio or cleaning the air filter are universal solutions. An improperly prepared mixture of low-quality gasoline and, for example, engine oil is the main reason for the malfunctioning of a chainsaw, including in the case when it heats up and stalls.

The chainsaw stalls at high speeds

In the event that the tool stalls at high rpm, there are three parts to check: the air filter, the fuel pump, and the gasoline filter. The air filter must be cleaned, you can even wash it under water and dry it thoroughly. Then it is enough to disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and see if fuel flows out of it or not. If it flows in full stream, the petrol filter need not be checked. If, on the contrary, the fault has been found. The breather can be cleaned with a regular needle, and the filter can be carefully disconnected from the suction hose, cleaned or replaced with a new one. The gasoline pump is checked for wear: if fuel does NOT seep through it, then everything is fine with it. If the problem that your tool stalls at full speed is due to some damage to the pump, then this part just needs to be replaced with a new one.

Why the chainsaw stalls, the main reasons. The main causes of chainsaw breakdown

Although the chainsaw is an uncomplicated device, from time to time there are malfunctions in its operation, which can only be eliminated by disassembly. The following malfunctions can be cited as examples:

  • The chainsaw is gaining momentum;
  • The chainsaw stops functioning in the cut;
  • The chainsaw starts and stalls;
  • The chainsaw loses its power;
  • The chainsaw stalls when pressed.

Most often, malfunctions are associated with interruptions in the operation of the engine, as well as with malfunctions of second systems and components. Proper handling of this technique is essential. When all the rules of use are followed, problems with a high probability lie in the Most obvious ones. When looking for the causes of problems, it is advisable to start by checking the simplest part of the chain saw and finish the most difficult.

For what reasons the Stihl 180 stalls at idle or full throttle

Any tool capable of Riot salesmen and the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is NOT an exception. Today we will try to figure out such questions as: why the chainsaw stalls when the speed increases, also at idle and at full speed. Consider the options for diagnosing and eliminating malfunctions associated with this behavior of the Stihl 180 chainsaw.

Filter check

The first thing to check is the fuel filter.

Sometimes, a filter clogged with dirt is unable to pass the fuel mixture through itself in sufficient quantities. Accordingly, a lack of fuel appears in the system, which leads to the fact that when you press the gas of the chainsaw, the fuel burns out, and the new one does not have time to enter under the influence of which the Stihl chainsaw stalls. Also, if the fuel filter is bruised, there may be a noticeable drop in the power of the chainsaw at the highest speed, but this is with little pollution.

Why does a chainsaw stall when you press the accelerator. Summing up

When making an upgrade for the reasons why the saw stalls after you press the gas, you need to take stock of all sorts of reasons and their elimination. The reasons can be conditionally divided into two parts. simple and complex. You need to start troubleshooting with simple reasons, and end with more complex ones.

Definitely, you need to start checking from the tank, and not from the carburetor, but from the gas tank. And make sure that you use a properly prepared mixture. Next, you need to check the serviceability of the muffler and the presence of carbon deposits on the spark plug. After that, you will already have an idea of ​​in which part of the tool you need to look for a breakdown. Perhaps a breakdown is. What you need will simply increase the maximum speed, for which the carburetor is tuned. If this does not solve the problem, then you should check the air filter and clean it.

Pay special attention to the carburetor, after cleaning and possibly repairing which the chainsaw should work like new. If even after this the problem remains, then DO NOT be too lazy to check the compression value. Perhaps the engine has a strong performance and needs to be replaced.

This completes the upgrade to restore the tool’s performance, and it is worth noting one more point, such as the use of fuel that has been stored for a long time. Many people dilute gasoline with oil, and store the mixture for months, and sometimes for six months. This cannot be done in any way, since the mixture has the properties of aging, and therefore, after its preparation, it must be used within 1-2 weeks. If you do not follow this recommendation, then you will need to frequently change Not only the fuel filters, but also cleans the carburetor, but the worst thing is that it contributes to accelerated wear of the CPG.

Why does a chainsaw stall under load

Sometimes the chainsaw is unable to function properly under load. This is most often caused by improper adjustment or leaking carburetor. In addition, a prerequisite for this problem may be air leaks through the carburetor gasket or crankshaft oil seals. A tool that is unable to function under load also cannot maintain idle speed with confidence.

Diagnostics begins with checking the carburetor and crankcase for leaks. If air leaks through the crankshaft oil seals, they must be replaced. If air leakage into the carburetor is detected, the installation of a repair kit of gaskets is required to solve the problem.

If these actions did not lead to the desired result and the crankcase with the carburetor is sealed, then you need to adjust the carburetor.

If a Husqvarna chainsaw stalls under load, then for any deviations in the functioning of the engine, you should first of all check the impulse hose, since this is the most common prerequisite for the breakdown of chainsaws of this brand.

Air filter

On the Internet page, you can easily find information that the Stihl 180 chainsaw can stall due to strong contamination of the air filter. I would like to refute this NOT correct information, and say that the Stihl MC 180 carburetor is equipped with an expansion joint, which is designed and installed in order to take in the air necessary for the normal operation of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, bypassing the dirty air filter. This power with a clogged air filter will fall off slightly, but it will definitely not stall. The power can also fall due to wear of the piston, here it will already be necessary to repair the piston Stihl MS 180 chainsaw.

Why stalls at full speed

We often hear the question why the chainsaw stalls at full speed. You will like several circumstances. First, it is necessary to consider how the saw stalled. Suppose the tool worked normally and suddenly, without any visible circumstances, it suddenly stalled and with all this the starter does not turn. Under these circumstances, there is an option to be 100% sure that the chainsaw is jammed and you need to start serious repairs.

The second situation is when the Stihl 180 chainsaw worked normally, then evenly lost power in a short time and stalled, in this case, the cylinder overheats. Under such circumstances, most likely the reason is air leaks under the rubber pipe connecting the carburetor to the cylinder or its rupture. The mixture became lean and overheated as a result. There is an option to remove the cause by changing the pipe.

When you press the gas, the chainsaw starts to stall. causes and solutions to the problem

The chainsaw is a highly efficient tool for working with wood. However, the high-speed motor of this tool can be used for a variety of other tasks, which is achieved by means of special attachments. Sometimes a malfunction such as the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, which can be triggered by some factors. In order not to have to disassemble the tool completely, we will consider all sorts of reasons for this problem with a detailed description of how to fix them.

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One of the reasons why the chainsaw develops speed when the gas is pressed, but on the contrary stalls, is a malfunction of the carburetor. Let’s say the Stihl 180 saw worked properly, and then it was put on for a long time and did NOT use it. After it was started, and at idle it works well, and when you press the gas it can stall. Why stalls? The reason is a sticky carburetor injector valve. Of course, this is not 100%, but the probability of such a malfunction is high. We recommend reading an article about the device and repair of the Stihl 180 carburetor.

In order to check the nozzle, it is necessary to remove the carburetor and disassemble it. To remove, it is necessary to Unscrew the two nuts securing the air filter and carburetor, then remove the air filter and the engine control lever, while disconnecting the choke control rod from the carburetor. Next, you need to pull the carburetor slightly towards you, and disconnect the fuel supply hose.

Having removed the carburetor, it must be blown out and cleaned of dirt, only after that the carburetor can be unscrewed.

It is necessary to unscrew the cover of the main chamber of the carburetor, this and on which the compensator is installed on top. Further, using a bolt of 8 mm and a length of at least 50 mm. Knock out the valve.

After the nozzle is removed, you can blow it out with a compressor. The valve should only let air through in one direction, if the valve can be freely blown in both directions, then it is defective and must be replaced with a new one. Collect the chainsaw after the valve has been repaired, it is necessary to follow the reverse sequence of disassembly.

To see clearly how the carburetor is being repaired, or rather, how to properly knock out the injector valve from the carburetor body, you can look.

Another common reason a saw can stall when revving up is air leaks into the carburetor. It is possible to check this only with a special tool, but it is worth noting that if preventive work on the carburetor has not been carried out for a long time, then a new set of gaskets can be installed in the carburetor. In some cases, this helps to solve the problem with its depressurization.

When disassembling the carburetor to replace the gaskets, you need to carefully inspect its needle valve, press the rocker arm and check its lifting. Sometimes, especially after the Stihl chainsaw has stood for a long time with fuel in the carburetor, the needle may burn to the carburetor body and NOT perform its functions. Simply put, the needle valve will not allow the fuel mixture to pass through. In this case, the saw will not work.

Why stalls at full speed

Very often you can hear the question why the chainsaw stalls at full speed. There may be several reasons. First, you need to consider how the saw stalled. Suppose the tool worked normally and suddenly, for no apparent reason, it suddenly stalled and the starter did not turn. In such a situation, you can be 100% sure that the chainsaw is jammed and you need to start its overhaul.

The second situation is when the Stihl 180 chainsaw worked normally, then gradually lost power for a short time and stalled, while the cylinder overheated. In this case, most likely the reason is air leaks under the rubber pipe connecting the carburetor to the cylinder or its rupture. The mixture was depleted, resulting in overheating. You can eliminate the cause by changing the pipe.

Air filter

On the pages of the world wide web, you can find information that the Stihl 180 chainsaw may stall due to strong contamination of the air filter. I would like to refute this Not entirely correct information, and inform that the Stihl MC 180 carburetor is equipped with an compensator, which is designed and installed in order to take in the air necessary for the normal operation of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, bypassing the contaminated air filter. Of course, the power with a clogged air filter will drop a little, but it will definitely not stall. The power may also drop due to wear of the piston, here it will already be necessary to repair the piston Stihl MS 180 chainsaw.

Why does the chainsaw stall when you press the gas

Let’s say the chainsaw works normally at idle, but when the gas is pressed sharply, it stalls. What could be the reason? It is immediately clear that the matter is not about the ignition (no spark), since if the ignition is faulty and there is no spark, the tool would simply not start. Means the fuel system remains.

There are a lot of malfunctions in the fuel system, and to determine the exact reason why the Stihl 180 chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, you need to carry out a complete diagnosis. We recommend reading about common malfunctions of the Stihl 180 chainsaw and their elimination.

For what reasons the Stihl 180 stalls at idle or full throttle

Any tool capable of Riot salesmen and the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is NOT an exception. Today we will try to figure out such questions as: why the chainsaw stalls when the speed increases, also at idle and at full speed. Consider the options for diagnosing and eliminating malfunctions associated with this behavior of the Stihl 180 chainsaw.

Filter check

The first thing to check is the fuel filter.

In some cases, a filter clogged with dirt is unable to pass enough fuel mixture through it. Accordingly, a fuel shortage arises in the system, which leads to the fact that when you press the gas of the chainsaw, the fuel burns out, and the new one does not have time to enter, as a result of which the Stihl chainsaw stalls. Also, if the fuel filter is bruised, there may be a noticeable drop in the power of the chainsaw at maximum speed, but this is with little pollution.

Why stalls at idle

The first and most common cause of this malfunction is improper carburetor adjustment. You can adjust the idle speed yourself, for this you need to have a Stihl adjusting screwdriver, which is supplied with the unit. The adjustment hole is located on the right side of the Stihl 180 saw on the handle and is marked with “-” and “”.

If the Stihl chainsaw DOES NOT keep the speed and stalls at idle, you can be almost 90% sure that it has irregularities in the fuel pump operation system, as a rule, it is air leaks into the crankcase through the oil pan gasket, or, much more often, through the oil seals crankshaft. Air leaks Reduces or completely stops the impulse, which is supplied through special channels to the fuel pump of the chainsaw. As a result, the Stihl 180 chainsaw does NOT receive the required amount of fuel and stalls at idle speed.

Diagnostics can be carried out using a special device, which is called a vacuum gauge.

The second way to check the performance of the oil seals is to pour gasoline into the crankcase and look at them, if the oil seals let gasoline pass, then they cannot provide normal pressure in the crankcase, which will make idle work impossible. And when operating at high speeds, with leaking oil seals, there is a possibility of seizure of the crankshaft bearings.

The algorithm for checking the crankcase and Stihl 180 oil seals for leaks is as follows:

  • The top cover is removed.
  • Dismantle the air filter housing and carburetor.
  • The handle of the chainsaw is removed.
  • The starter spins and retracts.
  • On the opposite side from the starter, the side cover and the drive sprocket are removed.
  • A piston stopper is installed in the spark plug hole or a string from the old starter with knots imposed on it is stuffed into the cylinder.
  • The flywheel and clutch are unscrewed, after which the parts are removed. It is worth knowing that the chainsaw clutch has a left-hand thread and unscrews clockwise.
  • The gear wheel of the drive of the oil pump is removed.

Having disassembled the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, you can see the oil seals, then you need to fill the crankcase with gasoline and check the leakage. The crankcase can be filled through the fuel window in the cylinder; for this, the piston must be raised as high as possible. If leaks are found, it is necessary to replace the defective oil seals, or re-seal the pallet. You can collect Stihl 180 following the reverse sequence of the algorithm.

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If the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw stalls at idle, and does not gain power when you press the gas or even stalls at full speed, it is necessary to diagnose the fuel system and check the crankcase for leaks. You can do it yourself, but you need to have certain skills. If you are not familiar with two-stroke saws, it is better to turn to specialists, since this technique is quite capricious and any mistakes are expensive.

There is no spark and the chainsaw is gaining momentum

The chainsaw stalls when you press the gas due to the fact that there is no spark. This can happen when there is no good contact between the tip of the candle and the wire (high voltage). However, if this kind of connection works correctly, but there is still no spark, then the entire prerequisite is the ignition unit (electronic). It is important to note that parts of this kind cannot be repaired, so they can only be replaced.

Do not forget that by examining the spark plug, you will be able to Get Significant information regarding the breakdown of the chainsaw. Since if its surface is dry, then a prerequisite for this is a cylinder, which is NOT directly supplied with fuel. That is why you will have to check the entire range of its presentation step by step. If the candle is covered with black carbon, then this means that the carburetor is not working properly, that is, it either supplies a lot of fuel or pours oil directly into gasoline.

Why does the chainsaw immediately stall and thrash when the gas is pressed

Chainsaws are fairly reliable and simple designs. Therefore, if you properly care for them and handle them Based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, then they fail very rarely and various types of breakdowns are quickly eliminated. But if you are faced with this situation and want to personally repair your tool, and not resorting to the help of professionals, then delve into the information provided below.

In fact, it is unambiguously and precisely impossible to determine the reason why the tool does not start or stalls when you press the gas, since there are a lot of factors affecting this. But do not forget that, starting from the fact that the chainsaw is equipped with a simple two-stroke engine, conditions such as lubrication, fuel, spark and air are important for its effective performance.

Consequently, the carburetor is directly involved in the preparation of the fuel-air mixture, the filter cleans the air from dust, the ignition unit and the spark plug create a spark, and the gasoline contains grease.

That is why it is necessary to search for the causes of this kind of failure in a sequential order, starting directly from the simple ones and gradually moving on to the complex ones. And this is an important factor in the correct repair, since that person is yaky, and did not think it over, begins to analyze the carburetor, brings it to hell. Since this kind of unit must be repaired or adjusted directly in Special Workshops (read about carburetor adjustment).

The main elements of chainsaws

Before starting to delve into the issues of breakdowns and repair of the tool, let’s first figure out what the chainsaw itself consists of. First of all, I would like to note that this tool belongs to the category of equipment, the operation of which directly depends directly on the internal combustion engine.

It is also important that chainsaws are equipped with an engine with one cylinder, and the work of which is carried out on such kind of fuel as gasoline. It is worth noting that, do not look at the similarity with other tools, it does not have a gearbox. And it is replaced by a kind of single-stage chain transmission, through which the movement of the chain itself (saw) is made.

In fact, a chainsaw is a fairly simple design, but this does NOT prevent it from being reliable, practically in and capable of completely providing direct uninterrupted and cyclical operation even in rather difficult conditions. This tool consists of a huge range of certain elements “vital” for its correct and productive work. This is a carburetor, a direct chain tensioner, a tire complete with a chain and other elements.

To simplify your choice, we have compiled for you a rating of chainsaws in terms of reliability.

If you are on a tight budget, read the article about Russian chainsaw manufacturers.

Silencer as the cause of the saw stalling under load

Here’s another reason why the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas. the muffler. It is this detail that can interfere with the full operation of the instrument in cases where it is directly contaminated with exhaust resinous deposits. To do this, you simply need to clean it.

Insufficient chain lubrication prevents starting and the saw DOES NOT develop speed

Many people ask the question: why does the chainsaw stall when I press the gas? The answer may also lie in insufficient chain lubrication (see Chainsaw chain oil), since the oil line may leak, or the direct channels may simply be clogged. That is why pay attention to the chain, because if it is dry, then, and not putting it off, start cleaning the channels that supply oil directly to the tool tire. After that, inspect in detail the parts where the oil pump fittings are connected to the pipes. But if you notice that the oil leaks at the joints, or found cracks on the pipes themselves, then in the first case, seal the leak points with a sealant, and the pipes will have to be replaced.

Filling the mixture when the mechanism is running

Also, a prerequisite for a breakdown can be the direct filling of the mixture with a candle at the moment when the mechanism is started. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to Unscrew and Dry the candle, but remember that it is impossible to ignite it in any case. Excess fuel must be drained through the hole (plug), wait 20-30 minutes, then reinstall it and try to start the tool again.

Why does the chainsaw stall when you give gas when pressed, And does not start under load at idle

There are often cases when the owners of chainsaws are faced with their breakdown and it does not matter which model of this kind of equipment, since the nature of the breakdowns is almost the same for everyone. Well, the chainsaw has stalled and what’s next? Undoubtedly, it is possible to refer the equipment to specialized services, which will repair your “iron friend” for a fee. But as they say: why pay more?

After all, you can personally disassemble the tool and repair it, since the breakdown may be insignificant, and in the service you will pay a lot for this. But naturally, in order to bring the instrument back to life yourself, you need to be able to understand the reasons for its breakdown and how to troubleshoot it. So let’s learn! In this article, you can find answers to questions regarding situations when the instrument simply stalls after directly pressing the gas. So let’s get started.

Cylinder-piston group

Quite often, the Partner chainsaw stalls when pressed and the prerequisite for this is the cylinder-piston group. Since by examining them, namely the piston and cylinder, you can easily determine the cause of the tool malfunction, directly by replacing them. You can also make a direct boring of the cylinder itself with the size of the new piston.

But if after inspection you find that both the piston and the cylinder have any damage, then the reason may lie directly in the rings (piston). For this kind of check, it is necessary to insert a piston into the cylinder and gently start swinging it by means of a connecting rod. If suddenly you feel a backlash then the rings need to be replaced, since they have already worn out.

Not enough fuel to feed and run the chainsaw at full power

If the chainsaw stalls when gas is added, it means that the fuel is not supplied in sufficient quantities for the full operation of the chainsaw. This prerequisite can be both clogging of the carburetor (its jet) and contamination of the filter itself (fuel). Remember that only professionals should check the first node, but you can clean the second one yourself.