The Screwdriver Scrolls At First Speed

How to repair a screwdriver The device and principle of operation of a screwdriver. Major malfunctions and their causes. Repair of a screwdriver in general, button repair, gear repair.

How to repair a button on a device?

When everything is in order with the battery and charging goes without problems, but the tool refuses to be activated, it will check the health of the device button. To do this, you will have to disassemble the device and at its terminals coming from the button, you should measure the voltage with a multimeter, which comes at the input of the button. It is necessary to carry out the operation with an active battery. If there is a signal, then the battery must be removed and its contacts must be short-circuited using the clamps. On the multimeter, you must switch to Ohm mode. The screwdriver button is clamped all the way and measures the output voltage. If the value of resistance readings on the device tends to zero, then the button works properly. This means that the problem should be looked for in brushes or other modules of the electric motor. If a signal break is detected, the button is recommended to be repaired, thereby returning the screwdriver to the working order of the tools.

Quite often, problems with buttons are associated with poor contact at the terminals. You can simply perform the procedure for cleaning the contacts with sandpaper and the problem will be solved. The main thing is to do everything carefully in the process of disassembling and assembling the device, without losing parts.

The main malfunctions of screwdrivers and their causes

If at some point you find that your screwdriver does not turn on, then most likely it has some kind of malfunction. Practical experience shows that the inoperability of a tool can be observed for two reasons:

  • The breakdown is associated with the electronics of the device;
  • The breakdown may be mechanical.

Understanding the objective causes of electrical breakdown, one can note its characteristic signs:

  • The product stops responding to switching on;
  • The device has ceased to regulate the speed;
  • The reverse operation failed.

Mechanical problems with a screwdriver include problems with wear of internal parts, for example, a characteristic ratchet of the mechanism is heard. As a rule, a faulty screwdriver will begin to make characteristic sounds, where, for example, bushings have been worn out or a bearing has collapsed. This often happens on a hummer instrument.

How to repair a screwdriver with your own hands?

For example, if the tool stops turning on, then initially you need to check the health of the battery. If, when basing the device for charging, the breakdown has not disappeared, then you will have to arm yourself with a multimeter and start scanning the device in search of the root cause. First of all, take a look at the voltage value indicated on the device case and compare it with the measurements on the battery. The data should be approximately the same. If the voltage is too low, then most likely the problem is hidden in the charger or battery pack.

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For example, the charger can be checked with a multimeter, plugging it into the network, and taking measurements at the device terminals at idle. It is important that the voltage criterion is slightly higher than the nominal. In a situation where there is no voltage, then, unambiguously, the culprit of the breakdown is the charging unit. Interskol screwdrivers suffer from this rather frequent problem. In general, fixing a defect will require specific knowledge of electronics or a new unit will need to be purchased.

If you find a battery problem, for example, with a Makita screwdriver, you can open this block with your own hands, where the power elements are located. As a result of opening, research of the connecting wires should be carried out to ensure the quality of the soldering. If no visible defects are found, then using a scanner, you should measure the voltage in each element. Values ​​should indicate 0.9 1V power voltage. If a block with a low voltage indicator is found in a row, then it must be replaced.

Cordless drill / driver Interskol

Makita cordless drill

Cordless drill-driver SPETS

Bosch GSR 18

This model has an engine slightly more powerful than 63 Nm, but the weight of the device is noticeably higher. The set also includes 2 batteries for 18 V with a capacity of 2 Ah. Of the minuses, users note the tendency of the chuck to self-unscrew.

Which screwdriver is best for an ice screw: 6 reliable models

the screwdriver scrolls at first speed

Winter ice fishing is both active outdoor recreation and a serious hobby that requires skills and good equipment. Along with fishing rods and a tackle box, an ice drill is needed. A screwdriver will make it easier to drill holes.

Many winter fishing enthusiasts pay attention to more advanced anglers who use unusual devices for drilling holes, which allow using a screwdriver to significantly speed up the ice drilling process. Thus, two tasks are solved at once: facilitating the very laborious process of drilling and increasing productivity in this matter. But which screwdriver should you choose for drilling ice?

Seasoned fishermen often treat such innovations with fair criticism. Real winter fishing is a kind of sport for men of all ages. Try it, walk 1-2 km in full ammunition along a frozen reservoir or river to a suitable fishing point, and then do a decent job with your hands and body, manually storm 5-10 holes. This is a really decent load for the body.

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But sometimes it is drilling that becomes too burdensome, especially for the elderly, when fishing has to do more than 10 holes to find fish. And if the ice rises over 600 mm or has water layers, then the task becomes difficult even for very high-quality drills. The question arises, which screwdriver to choose for an ice screw?

That is why (and of course, for those who do not really want to sweat in the icy wind), many users began to use automation using a screwdriver. But not everything is as easy with these autonomous electric assistants as it seems. Here are just a few of the features that light drilling enthusiasts have to face.

Makita DHP458RFE

This model differs from the 481RTE version in its ability to hammer very quickly, which will be very useful for home repairs, but not for fishing. Despite the similar price of about 20,000 rubles, this screwdriver’s torque value is significantly lower than 91 Nm, and the battery capacity is only 3 Ah.

Conversion of a screwdriver from battery to mains supply

  • Battery Disadvantages
  • The way out is a rework of the screwdriver in the network
  • External power supply
  • Battery case power supply
  • DIY screwdriver alteration
  • Using a power supply from a personal computer
  • Using a car battery charger
  • Making a homemade power supply
  • AC adapter for screwdriver in battery housing
  • We build in a ready-made power supply
  • Homemade power scheme

Those who have used a cordless screwdriver have appreciated its convenience. At any time, without getting tangled in the wires, you can crawl into hard-to-reach niches. Until the battery runs out.

External power supply

The idea is not as absurd as it might seem. Even a large and heavy buck rectifier can just stand near the outlet.

You are equally tied to the power supply, and to the stuck mains plug. And the low-voltage cord can be made of any length.

IMPORTANT! Ohm’s law says at the same power, by decreasing the voltage, we increase the current strength! Accordingly, the 12-19 volt supply cord should have a larger cross section than 220 volts.

Battery case power supply

Mobility remains, you are limited only by the length of the network cable. The only problem is how to squeeze a sufficiently powerful transformer into a small case.

We recall Ohm’s law again, and understand that a powerful 220 volt electric motor can be compact.

Repair screwdriver Caliber

The screwdriver Caliber DA-14.4 / 2 was originally purchased by me four years ago as the cheapest option of fourteen-volt and two-battery units for purely domestic needs.

During his life, he coped with dignity with three hundred-meter roofs of country houses and a lot of small and varied non-professional work.

Here it is, crossover.

Until recently, no serious complaints about the shura have arisen, except that it has become very weak and one of the batteries began to hold a charge poorly, that is, it self-discharges one day after being fully charged.
However, the second battery works like a beast and charges in less than an hour, so there is no serious inconvenience.

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But then one day a problem arose: the first speed began to scroll.

Symptoms look like this: at the first (slow and powerful) speed, the cartridge rotates idle with a motor, but it can be stopped even by hand.
At the second (fast and low-power) speed, the chuck rotates normally to the full power rating for this speed.

An autopsy and a cursory inspection of the gearbox did not reveal any visible problems: all metal gears of the three-stage planetary gearbox are absolutely intact.

However, a closer inspection revealed the following:
On one of the plastic parts of the gearbox housing (hereinafter we will call it THAT THE MOST PART No. 7), in which the first and second stages are located, 10 teeth are erased, which keep the ring gear of the second stage from turning.

The repair solution is obvious: restore the teeth in the housing.

Algorithm for implementing the idea:

  1. We disassemble the screwdriver.
    I see no point in describing this procedure, since people who do not know how to hold a screwdriver should immediately stop reading this article and call the appropriate service center for the repair of the power tool.

  • We clamp THIS PART No. 7 in a vice and a 2 mm drill. And drill holes exactly in the center of each former accessible tooth.
    In this case, only 6 teeth will be available, but in my opinion, this will be enough.
    This work requires precision and it is forbidden to perform it with tremors of the hands and a stale head!
  • We screw M2.5 screws into each of the holes obtained.
    Important: the screws must be screwed in so that the part protruding from the plastic has a gap with the gear ring gear of 0.1-0.2 mm. Those. Protruded from the plastic by about 1.5-2mm.

In the near future, I have to deal with the second battery by replacing the elements in it. What will come of it, read the next article.

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