The Spark On The Chainsaw Was Gone

Chain brake

Chainsaw missing spark cause

We adjust the maximum number of revolutions

As mentioned earlier, the maximum RPM is set with the H screw, the RPM increases when it is turned clockwise, decreases when it is turned counterclockwise.

The highest speed of rotation of engines of gasoline chain saws is in the range of 11,500.15,000 revolutions per minute, depending on the model. Higher speeds are dangerous for the engine and will NOT allow it to start. Maximum rpm can be determined by misfiring. If there are any, turn the screw H counterclockwise.

Checking the muffler

Do NOT underestimate the breakdown of this chainsaw assembly. If the muffler clogs, the saw will lose power and of course it could not start. If the muffler is collapsible, then we disassemble it, conduct an inspection and remove all carbon deposits. In some models, the muffler will have to be Unscrewed, after washing the non-separable muffler should be dried with a hairdryer.

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Please note: carbon deposits contain carcinogens that are hazardous to human health, dry cleaning is unacceptable, as it can lead to inhalation of THESE harmful substances.

When we remove the muffler, plug the engine outlet with a clean rag. The reasons why the muffler can be forgotten are:

  • Using the wrong fuel mixture (too much oil)
  • Using the wrong oil (oil, not for two-stroke engines, or poor quality oil)

The Spark On The Chainsaw Was Gone

Check the chainsaw at idle speed again

Once we have adjusted acceleration and maximum RPM, we again check the engine idling. We will understand that we have adjusted the carburetor correctly if:

  • The chain does not move at idle
  • The engine is picking up speed
  • The sound of a running engine resembles the sound of a four-stroke internal combustion engine

If at least one of THESE conditions is not met, the adjustment should be repeated (excluding the basic stage).

Weak spark reasons

Weak spark on a chainsaw. The concept is relative. Most often, there is a spark, and the ignition is working properly, or there is none at all. In modern chainsaws with electronic ignition, the spark visually appears to be weak.

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On older models with a mechanical cam interrupter, the spark was large, with a strong blue color. On modern models with electronics, it is noticeably smaller and paler, more often yellowish. Therefore, when you need to make sure of its presence, it is better to do it in the shade. In direct sunlight, it is almost invisible.

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