The Stihl 180 Chainsaw Does Not Start On A Cold

Gasoline is NOT supplied. an independent solution to the problem

The reason for this lies in a malfunctioning carburetor. To repair the unit, it will need to be dismantled. However, before disassembling the carburetor on the Stihl 180 chainsaw, do not forget to disconnect the throttle rod and ignition wire from it. Further actions are as follows:

  • The carburetor device is attached to the saw structure with 4 screws. Unscrew them and pull the assembly out of the chainsaw. Be sure to wear gloves before removing the carburetor to avoid getting your hands dirty with oil;
  • Before you clean the carburetor, you will need to apply a household degreaser to its walls. Wait 5 minutes and start wiping the sides of the knot;
  • Remove the starter cover and Remove the 4 screws;
  • Examine the parts responsible for spark formation. If they are clean, then make sure the clearance between the magnets and the flywheel is correct. A gap of 0.4 mm will be considered optimal.

In order not to resort to regular carburetor repair, try to use high-quality fuel and oil from trusted manufacturers.

NO oil is supplied to the chainsaw chain

If you notice this malfunction, then the first thing to do is adjust the oil supply. The oil supply to the chain is adjusted as follows:

  • Find the adjustment screw on the bottom of the chainsaw next to the sprocket;
  • To increase the oil supply, the screw will need to be returned to the side “”;

How to break-in the new Stihl 180 chainsaw?

Starting using the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, most tool owners do not know how to properly roll-in purchased dust. To do this, you must act in this order:

  • Check for the presence of oil for the chain. for this, you need to put the dust on the old newspaper and start the tool. If there is oil, traces of it will appear on the paper;
  • Next, turn off the inertial brake;
  • After that start the chainsaw and leave it to idle for 20 minutes. In this case, every minute you need to do short pressing on the gas trigger;
  • After 20 minutes, start sawing thin branches, gradually increasing the density and diameter of the wood.

How to dilute gasoline for a Stihl 180 chainsaw?

The chainsaw motor must operate on a properly prepared mixture of gasoline and oil. The higher the quality of the two THESE components, the longer your garden tool will last. The proportion of oil and gasoline is also important.

Features of the operation of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw

This model of the chainsaw, as well as its modification. the Stihl MS 180 C BE chainsaws, is not difficult to use. Below, study the basic rules of operation, which will save the main parts and mechanisms of the chainsaw from premature wear.

Stihl MC 180 chainsaw device. model components

The design of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is quite difficult to call simple. this is due to the peculiarities of the operation of this model. The Stihl 180 chainsaw device consists of the following components:

The manufacturer took into account the possibility of regular operation of the chainsaw at low temperatures, which resulted in the presence of a proprietary system for a smoother and faster engine start.

Chainsaw Will Not Start. Reasons and Repair

If you notice that your saw has stopped starting, this may indicate that engine oil is flooding the tool spark plug. To inspect the candle, you need to pull out the rubber cap on the body and use a candle wrench to Unscrew the part. If you see large spots of oil on the candle, it means that the cause of the breakdown lies precisely in this.

Chainsaw Stihl 180. malfunctions and repairs

In the case of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, malfunctions and methods of their elimination may be different. In order to be able to independently repair the breakdowns of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, study the most common causes of breakdowns and methods of eliminating them on your own.

Chainsaw does not start well. looking for reasons

If your saw Fails to cold start, the first thing to do is inspect the tool pistons. The piston group of the Stihl MS 180 saw is highly reliable, however, due to a lack of engine oil or mechanical shock, an immediate piston replacement may be required. Before changing the piston, we advise you to study the specified algorithm:

  • Remove the saw top cover and Unscrew the candle;
  • Remove the stoppers from the shock absorbers, the drive sprocket and the starter;
  • Next, the flywheel, worm drive and victorious chain are removed;
  • Then remove the ignition coil and muffler;
  • At the end, the piston group of the chainsaw is dismantled.

Defective crankshaft bearings

If the Stihl 180 does not start and the fuel is supplied correctly, you will have to look further, namely into the crankshaft. Its bearing tends to wear out, which causes backlash and an attempt to shake the flywheel. The fact is that in the presence of play, the flywheel magnets are attracted to the ignition coil, or rather to its contacts.

The Stihl 180 Chainsaw Does Not Start On A Cold

To repair and replace bearings, it is required to disassemble the motor, so this work is performed only by craftsmen or people with experience. Do NOT disassemble the engine if this is your first time.

No spark

If the chainsaw does not start, and you have NOT experienced any particular difficulties before, the first thing to do is check the spark plug. There may simply not be a spark between its electrodes; this can be determined only after removing the candle. We check its performance, for this we plug the candle into the cap of the high-voltage wire, put the candle on the metal side of the cylinder (or other metal object). Now we do several manipulations with the starter, and if during them a spark is not observed, the problem is precisely in the spark plug.

Attention: be sure to make sure that the ignition is on, otherwise the spark plug will NOT show a spark in any case. Also, to make sure that the plug is faulty, and not the ignition coil, take a similar plug and check the spark on it. If there is one, the problem is solved by a simple replacement.

Stihl 180 chainsaw will not start: reasons and repairs

And the world-famous Stihl company produces a huge range of high-quality chainsaws. For domestic purposes and simple work, the Stihl 180 chainsaw was created, which showed excellent performance and reliability. All the best practices of the German company were used here, with a weight of 3.9 kg the chainsaw easily performed work in the garden. She can easily cut small trees, branches, you can even prepare firewood. But any even the highest-quality technique has the property of a Riot of salesmen, and it so happens that the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start or starts with great difficulty. We tried to collect all the reasons and methods of repairing the German Stihl 180.

Fuel supply to the chainsaw

If the Stihl 180 does not start, there is a spark, then the first thing we do is check the presence of fuel in the chainsaw tank. Of course, the problem is funny, but quite common. Next, we check if fuel is entering the carburetor, for this you can disconnect the gasoline hose from the carburetor and pump in gasoline. After several manipulations, gasoline should flow from the hose, but not in a large stream, but in small jerks. If gasoline is not running or running poorly, the problem may be as follows:

Clogged fuel supply channel;

With ABIT directly fuel filter.

As unusual as it sounds, even a too full fuel tank can be the cause. If the pressure is high, the fuel hose may be squeezed out or the required vacuum may not be created. Be sure to monitor the quality of the fuel used, for proper operation, never leave the chainsaw with gasoline for more than 2 weeks. Long storage of fuel in the tank contributes to the creation of resins and the process of polymerisation of components.

Malfunction of ignition coil

Fills the spark plug

In some cases, the Stihl 180 starts up and stalls or does not start at all. Then we check the condition of the candle, it can be flooded. There can be two reasons for this “overflow”. improper starting of the engine on a cold one and a malfunction of the carburetor. We try to solve the problem with the following actions:

Remove the spark plug;

Turning the chainsaw over the other side and wait until excess fuel flows out;

For better confidence, pulling the starter several times, so the gasoline will surely come out of the cylinder;

Returning the candle to its place, Install the cap and try to start the engine again with a starter.

Other reasons and solutions

If the chainsaw still does not start and the reason is not in the above details, you need to look deeper. Other common problems include:

Breakdown of the fuel pump;

In the absence of an impulse in the channel of the branch pipe from the engine crankcase;

There is no fuel supply from the carburetor;

Rupture of the membrane on the fuel pump;

The repair of the above faults is carried out either independently, but of course it is better to give the chainsaw to the master, you can make the diagnosis yourself. Also, when diagnosing, the following indicators should be checked:

Correct operation of the carburetor;

Optimum compression in the cylinder;

Compression in the crankcase.

Compression is checked both using a special device and manually. To “by eye” make sure that there is compression, it is enough to remove the candle and insert a finger into the cylinder bore. After several times, rotate the starter and if the finger pulls into the hole. there is compression.

Chainsaw won’t start

Every person who is familiar with the Gasoline-powered tool knows that sometimes the equipment works intermittently, and maybe at one moment it will stall and will not start again. There are a lot of reasons why the chainsaw does not start, we will try to consider the most common of them.

Why does a chainsaw start badly

  • Fuel and air filters;
  • Reduced compression;
  • Carburetor adjustment;
  • Spark plug;
  • Ignition coil;
  • The gap between the ignition coil and the flywheel;

Let’s consider each reason in more detail.

Ignition coil

The reason that a new chainsaw does NOT start, or does not start well, may be the ignition coil. Modern chainsaws are equipped with electronic ignition coils. This part cannot be repaired, and, as a rule, if there is a defect, it changes completely.

Fuel and air filter

Contamination of the main filter elements of the chainsaw, negatively affects its operation.

For example, a dirty air filter will not fully supply air to the carburetor, which will affect the quality of the air-fuel mixture and normal engine starting. Contamination of the fuel filter will make it difficult or even cut off the supply of gas to the carburetor and make the engine impossible to operate.

Malfunctions in the ignition system

If, when inspecting the spark plug, it is found that it is wet and sparking on the contacts does not occur, this means that the problem should be looked for in the ignition system, inspect the coil, check the gap between the flywheel and the coil contacts. You can also check how tightly the cap of the high-voltage wire sits on the candle, and the candle itself. Try to replace it with a new one.

The gap between the ignition coil and the flywheel

An incorrectly set gap between the flywheel and the contacts of the ignition coil affects the quality of sparking, which in turn is responsible for normal start-up and stable operation of the engine.

Fuel problems

As with the difficult hot start option, problems in the fuel system can affect a cold start or inability to start. Adjustment of the carburetor, contamination of the fuel filter and the line, all these are the reasons that cause difficulties when starting.

Diagnose the fuel system, this is the first thing you need if it is difficult to start on a cold.

It is worth paying attention to the quality of fuel as when using a mixture of gasoline and oil, in which there is a small amount of water, starting may be significantly difficult or impossible.

Reduced compression

One of the frequent cases of difficult starting of a chainsaw is wear of the CPG (cylinder-piston group).

As you know, for the normal start of a chainsaw, compression must be present in its engine. It is necessary for the normal compression of the fuel mixture in the engine cylinder, it also affects the operation of the fuel pump.

The reasons for the lack of compression, or its reduction, may be natural, because the engine wears out during operation. Also, problems can be caused by a serious breakdown, for example, a scuffed CPG, or a broken piston ring.

A sign of reduced compression is a weak resistance of the starter when starting. With reduced compression, a decrease in the power of the chainsaw is observed, which negatively affects its performance. The problem is eliminated by replacing the piston rings, or completely by the CPG.

Engine jammed

Quite often, there is a situation when the saw worked and stalled abruptly, the prerequisite for which was the engine jamming, which in turn occurred as a result of a broken piston skirt, destruction of the crankshaft bearing, protruding piston pin cork rings or spilling the piston ring.

A jammed motor can be easily identified by pulling on the cord. In the case when the starter does not turn, most likely, it has jammed, and further repairs are possible only in a service center.

Algorithm for checking for lack of fuel supply

  • Unscrew the candle;
  • Using a syringe, pour 1-2 cubes of the fuel mixture into the candle hole;
  • Install the candle and put on the high-voltage wire cap;
  • Set the engine control lever to the hot start position;
  • Pull the starter several times.

If, after several movements with the starter, the Stihl 180 chainsaw started up and immediately stalled, then the suspicions of the lack of fuel supply were confirmed and you can proceed to further diagnostics of the fuel line.

How to identify and fix a defect in the crankshaft bearings

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw may not start if there are defects in the crankshaft bearings. If they are present, there is a backlash in the crankshaft, which can be detected by staggering from side to side of the flywheel. There are magnets on this element. And if the flywheel is in a movable state, it starts to come into contact with the contacts of the ignition module. This becomes the prerequisite for the absence of a spark.

You can only replace bearings yourself if you have experience. In the absence of such, it is recommended to contact the service center.

Stihl saw winding device

The basis of the plant of this kind of model, as well as all other chainsaws, is the carburetor. But since we are talking today in the Stihl 180 Chainsaw, there will NOT be a departure from the topic. So. The carburetor in this model has a single tuning screw, that is, it is a kind of idle travel adjustment screw. While the fully loaded jet is stationary.

In simple terms, we can say that it simply cannot be adjusted (see here), while the full load setting simply cannot be changed. It is important that the carburetor itself at the factory was tuned in such a way that regardless of the actual conditions under which the chainsaw is operated directly, the air-fuel mixture is supplied to the engine itself.

Briefly about the main

This model is the pride of the German manufacturer and is a direct tool designed for a minor level of work. It can be used for no more than twenty hours a month. This wonderful device will easily help you cope with the care of your garden, prepare firewood for the winter period of time (see How to cut a tree), make cleared areas, and will also be an indispensable assistant in other areas, let’s say, simple manipulations.

We can say that these mini-model of chainsaws, since it has a low weight, which is 3.9 kg, it does NOT have a large mass of both oil and fuel tanks. The manufacturer has equipped this device with a two-stroke engine with enough power for light work.

over, it is quite quiet as during operation the noise level does NOT exceed 98 dB. So that you better understand the level of loudness itself, just compare its noise with spoken speech, which has an indicator of 76 dB.

The power of this model is equal to 2.6 W. It is worth noting that this is a sufficiently Substantial level of strength, taking into account that She is not a professional chainsaw. The oil tank has a volume of only 0.145 liters, and the fuel tank. 0.25 liters. The tire measures 350 mm and has a pitch of 0.325 inches.

Fuel line diagnostics

Typically, the diagnosis of the fuel supply system begins with checking the condition of the fuel filter. To do this, unscrew the tank cap and using an aluminum wire bent at the end, remove the fuel hose from the tank, with a filter at the end.

Having taken out and dismantled the filter, you can try to blow into it, if the air does NOT flow, then the problem has been found. If everything is in order, then you need to check the system for clogging.

To check the fuel supply hose, you must disconnect it in the place where it connects to the carburetor, and then blow into it. The clogged hose can be mechanically cleaned, if this is not possible, replace with a new one.

In the event that the supply hose and the fuel filter are normal, and the fuel supply is not observed, the reason may be hidden in a malfunction of the air pulse to the fuel pump.

Ignition coil problems. Fuel pump

The main element of the fuel pump is a special membrane that moves in the pump housing. When it breaks, the fuel supply to the carburetor and the engine of the Stihl 180 chainsaw stops. The integrity of the membrane can be checked visually with the fuel pump cover removed, if there are any defects (tears, cracks), it can be replaced using a carburetor repair kit.

If your Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start, and you have read the material, it is hard to understand what and how to do to find and fix the malfunction, do not immediately drop everything and write in the search engine: The reasons for the Stihl 180 chainsaw will not start. Below you will find instructions where the service center master tells in detail about the faults that DO NOT allow you to start the Stihl 180 chainsaw, and also explains why the saw does not start hot.

Checking the pulse from the engine crankcase

The fuel pump on the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is installed directly into the carburetor and operates under the influence of impulses from the engine crankcase of the Stihl 180 chainsaw. The impulse is transmitted through the impulse channel in the rubber pipe connecting the cylinder to the carburetor.

Clogging of the channel is fraught with the appearance of problems with the supply of fuel or its complete absence. To check the pipe, it is necessary to remove the air filter housing and the carburetor, then check the channel for clogging with a thin metal wire.

All rubber parts of the Stihl 180 chainsaw should be inspected periodically for cracks. If defects are found, defective elements must be replaced with new ones.

Another reason associated with the absence of an impulse in the pipe channel is the depressurization of the engine crankcase, which results in air leakage from it and a decrease or complete cessation of its supply to the fuel pump. Depressurization results in a partial or complete loss of the fuel pump’s performance. To check the tightness of the crankshaft oil seals, and indeed the crankcase of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, a special vacuum gauge is used, and since it is a special-purpose tool, it is mainly available only in service centers. The question arises, what to do?

You can check the impulse supply using a syringe on the engine with the carburetor removed. You will need to draw a little oil into the syringe to lubricate the engine and squeeze it out into the impulse channel of the pipe, then pull the starter. If the impulse does not pass, the oil will remain in the channel and you should look for the cause deeper, disassemble the engine and check the oil seals. If the oil is squeezed out of the channel, then the problem may be hidden in the fuel pump itself.

Fuel is NOT supplied

This type of malfunction, like the others, has its own characteristic symptom. It consists in the fact that the working spark plug, on which there is a spark, will be absolutely dry. You can check suspicions of lack of fuel supply using the following algorithm.