Tiller 4×4 all-wheel drive with your own hands

Bison NT-135

Also, good results can be achieved by re-equipping the Zubr NT-135 tiller, which has similar characteristics as the previous version.

  • the type of engine used. 4-stroke, diesel;
  • maximum power. 9 hp;
  • fuel tank capacity. 5.5 liters;
  • rotation frequency. 3600 rpm;
  • type of cooling. air;
  • engine displacement. 406 cm3.

At the same time, the final price for a finished homemade mini tractor will be formed based on the cost of the necessary materials. In particular, we are talking about the following components:

  • Hydraulic system. In principle, you can take it from old agricultural equipment.
  • Wheelset. taken from old domestic cars.
  • Steering wheel and braking system.

I sum up all the costs, the total.

How to do it

Perhaps the most interesting option for self-assembly is the breakage mini-tractor 4×4 homemade,

which is made on the basis of the tiller. In general, this is a fairly common method of assembling a mini tractor, which proves its effectiveness and efficiency during operation.

The video shows a homemade mini tractor with a tiller engine.

Outwardly, such a structure looks rather cumbersome, but the inner one is completely proportional, i.e. every detail is in its place, precisely tailored to the dimensions and parameters. Let’s consider the design features in more detail:

Photo of drawings of nodes

tiller, all-wheel, drive, hands
  • The frame structure will consist of two components. spars and traverses. The spars are made of three components. The front part will be made of channel 0, the latter will be made of steel pipe with parameters 8 × 8 cm.
  • The rear traverse will be made from channel 6, and the front one from channel. The cross members are made in the same way. In principle, all four-wheel drive homemade mini tractors have a similar frame design, with the same technical parameters.
  • As an engine, you can use almost any power unit, the power of which will be enough to carry out agricultural work. The ideal option, in this case, would be to use a 4-stroke water-cooled diesel engine.
  • The gearbox and the power take-off shaft transfer case can be taken from the GAZ-53 car. The clutch will fit from the GAZ-52.
  • Certain problems can arise when connecting the clutch and engine. We’ll have to re-make the engine flywheel, as well as make a new clutch basket cover to fit it to the engine. The flywheel is grinded on a lathe, cutting off the back area, as well as turning an additional span in the middle.
  • In general, homemade mini-tractor imply adjustment for certain parts, so you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to turn to a turner to grind some components.
  • The bridge is installed into the structure practically unchanged. It is attached to the frame with four ladders.
  • As wheels, you can use similar ones taken from cars.
  • But there is one important caveat: the front wheels should be about 14 inches, which is the optimal value for the front axle wheels.

    • An important stage in the work will be the location of the driver’s seat. It must be positioned in such a way that the steering wheel does not rest on the driver’s knees, i.e. did not interfere with the free control of the device.
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    Homemade mini tractor fractures have a very important advantage. they have very good indicators of maneuverability. Of course, this assembly method is a little more complicated than the alternatives, but it is definitely worth the effort.

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    In general, in this assembly method, a lot of components are taken from old domestic cars. For example, the steering rack can be borrowed from old “Zhiguli”, the same can be said about the drum brake. it can also be taken from a supported car.

    I made myself an all-terrain vehicle from a Tiller with my own hands

    For a villager, all-terrain vehicles are a must. After a good snowfall or lingering rains, leaving the village is already problematic. After a little reflection, I decided to make a universal all-terrain vehicle from a tiller.

    Means about everything in order. There is a tiller “Neva” on the farm, I decided to borrow an engine and a gearbox from it, install it on a homemade product.

    From pipes, I welded a frame, installed an engine, a gearbox, a 4-speed gearbox from the “Zhiguli” on it.

    He took the steering rack from the VAZ. Made homemade suspension arms, put shock absorbers.

    The all-terrain vehicle has 4×4 all-wheel drive, which is very important. Torque is transmitted from the engine to the gearbox, then to the gearbox and along the chain drive to the front and rear shafts.

    The clutch is belt, a small pulley is installed on the engine shaft, a large pulley is installed on the gearbox shaft. Installed two belts and a pressure roller.

    The wheels are homemade, made from rims, cameras are taken from a tractor cart.

    Front and rear wheel drive. no differential. An axle with a sprocket is mounted on the bearings, to which the chain from the gearbox goes. Brakes made from motorcycle rear drum.

    From the checkpoint to the gearbox, there is a chain drive.

    As you can see in the photo, there is a belt clutch, the tension of the belts is regulated by a pressure roller.

    Additionally installed a generator and headlights.

    The front axle of the all-terrain vehicle, assembled from the chassis from the “nine”, the shortened axle shafts are welded into one shaft, and standard hubs for fastening the wheels.

    The speed of the all-terrain vehicle is about 20 km / h, but this is quite enough. The car can drive in deep snow up to half a meter deep.

    First and second gears for off-road, and third and fourth if driving in a straight line.

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    Over time, I purchased a Champion G390HK-II engine with a capacity of 13 l / s. The new motor pulls better.

    Made another trailer, ride passengers. Here is such an all-terrain vehicle from a Tiller, we drive it mainly in winter and in the off-season.


    Centaur 2090D

    For example, take the tiller Centaur 2090D, from which you can safely make a future mini tractor. The whole list of works boils down to the fact that you need to make a frame structure from a metal profile, as well as supplement the device with a seat and a second wheelset.

    • the type of engine used. 4-stroke, diesel;
    • maximum power. 9 hp;
    • fuel tank capacity. 5.5 liters;
    • rotation frequency. 3 thousand revolutions per minute;
    • type of cooling. air;
    • engine displacement. 418 cm3.

    , then the final.

    Four-wheel drive tiller 4×4: a mini-tractor from the Niva with a do-it-yourself engine

    The specifics of life in rural areas presupposes the availability of certain means of small-scale mechanization that help the summer resident in his daily work. Especially, this applies to farmers who have large enough holdings, the processing of which is simply impossible by hand.

    In such cases, homemade mini-tractor of rural craftsmen are becoming more and more relevant and worthy of attention. This is fully justified, because this approach to business allows you to significantly save on the purchase of the unit itself, which is the main reason for such homemade products.

    It can also be interesting because the assembly process itself can be quite fun, especially for those people who are partial to technology.

    For more information about the homemade mini tractor, see


    Such homemade products in the countryside, such as a mini tractor, are distinguished by a rather simple constructive device, which gives certain advantages to the person who will carry out the assembly process. For a skilled owner, it will not be difficult to assemble a homemade tractor with your own hands at home.

    Conventionally, you can divide a homemade mini tractor into several working units:

    • Frame construction. This is perhaps the most important part of the mini-tractor device, because the stability and performance of the entire unit will depend on the strength of the frame.
    • Transmission. This device can be taken from old Soviet cars, which are quite suitable for these purposes.
    • Reducer.
    • Wheelbase. For this purpose, you can use wheels from old technology. the same domestic cars.
    • Power unit. In a homemade mini tractor, you can use the tiller as the main driving force. Therefore, the engine will be used the same as on the tiller, but this is not a strict recommendation (see how to make a tractor from a tiller with your own hands).
    • For these purposes, you can use another engine, preferably a diesel engine, with a decent power (at least 9 hp).
    • Steering.
    • Other components. This includes the clutch, driver’s seat, etc.

    china four wheel drive rear suspension tiller

    As we can see, most of the components will be borrowed from old, outdated equipment, so manufacturing costs are minimal. The only thing you will have to do a little work with welding the frame and adjusting the controls, but for a rural craftsman, this is a familiar thing that does not cause any particular problems.

    Application area

    Of course, they will differ in the power of the engine used, but the very specifics of the work performed by them will be similar. In principle, the idea of ​​assembling a homemade unit was to carry out that list of agricultural work typical for a mini tractor.

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    Probably, its main purpose is direct work “in the field”. We are talking about plowing land holdings, removing weeds so that the cultivated soil is suitable for the subsequent planting of potatoes and other vegetables and grain crops on it.

    In addition, a homemade mini tractor can be used for the following purposes:

    • transportation of various goods;
    • cleaning of construction and household waste;
    • cleaning of adjacent territories from snow masses;
    • for cutting grass for the subsequent preparation of hay for livestock.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of all kinds of drawings on the Internet indicating the exact dimensions and parameters, which is quite enough for any rural foreman.

    In general, homemade products are used mainly at the household level, which is understandable, because large farms and agro-industrial complexes are able to purchase more than one mini-tractor, so they do not need to resort to self-assembly of these units.

    But this does not mean that homemade mini tractors will be very inferior in performance to purchased options. If this is still the case, then this lag is not critical, and at the everyday level it will not be noticed at all.

    Top Models

    A homemade mini tractor from a tiller is a fairly common method of making a mini tractor at home. In general, good units come from the following tiller brands:

    Homemade mini tractor fracture 4×4: assembly photo with description

    A breakage 4×4 minitractor with an engine from a Ural motorcycle: a photo of a step-by-step tractor assembly with a description.

    In this homemade product, a break-type frame is used, this design makes the motor vehicle more maneuverable and convenient to control.

    Further, the author provided photos with a description of the tractor, made by hand.

    • Engine and gearbox from the Ural motorcycle.
    • The second gearbox with a shortened output shaft from the 412th Muscovite.
    • Four-wheel drive.
    • Frame. breaking.
    • Bridges and cardan shafts from VAZ. 2103.
    • Manual lifting of attachments.
    • Length. 2000 mm.
    • Width 950 mm.

    3 speed and reverse go kart gearbox home made

    The process of making homemade products.

    Two parts of the frame are welded from a profile tube with a section of 100 x 40 mm.

    Fitting bridges and cardan shafts.


    Swivel unit welded to frames.

    The frame is installed on wheels, VAZ disks, tires from Moskvich.

    Installing the gearbox.

    The engine of the Ural motorcycle was purchased at the scrap metal collection point.

    This is how the engine looked after it was put in order.

    Fitting and installing the engine.

    Chain drive to propeller shaft.

    Ignition taken from VAZ 2108 and modified.

    Since the motorcycle engine is air-cooled, two electric motors with fans from the VAZ stove are installed on the sides to blow the fins.

    Under the hood of the tractor.


    Mount for hinged.

    Homemade tractor after cladding with sheet metal.

    We recommend that you read an article with a detailed step-by-step photo instructions for making a tractor fracture with a Lifan engine.