Tools for working with mastic and marzipan

Tools for modeling

The aesthetic appearance of desserts is the key to their success with consumers, so it is important for every confectioner to learn how to create spectacular décor. And to ensure that the results of painstaking decoration work are always successful, you’ll need tools for mastic and marzipan. With their help it is not difficult to implement even very ambitious ideas.

Today the most popular decorating materials are chocolate, fondant and marzipan. Therefore, many manufacturers offer to buy pastry tools for mastic and other products, using which it is realistic to perform even very complex manipulations directly related to the creation of luxurious decorations. It is recommended to have the following items in your arsenal:

  • – Stacks for mastic, you can buy them with a spherical tip, they are indispensable when sculpting florets and petals, as well as other products in the shape of a ball;
  • – Pips, these original stacks will help refine the edges of the mastic decoration, they are used for frills, leaves and flowers, will make the edges wavy, elegant;
  • – sprockets. Tools used to carve the center of small-sized flowers, and to apply star-shaped patterns;
  • – cones, used to create a heart and deep recesses with cone-shaped shapes;
  • – Cutter with wheels is indispensable for cutting out small parts with shaped beautiful edges.

This is not the whole selection of relevant items, and the right decision would be to buy tools for cake decorating with mastic to buy in sets. This will allow you to get all the necessary accessories at once, and then successfully apply them in practice.

Buy pastry tools with delivery

Online store “Confectioner’s World” offers original, impeccable quality products and products to create original desserts. Taking care of every customer, selling tools for mastic can be bought quite inexpensive and with fast delivery to any region of Ukraine.

In online catalogs you can find multifaceted sets, ergonomic rollers for marzipan and dough, comfortable mats for modeling decorations and many other options for accessories and equipment for confectioners. Perfect quality of our products is the guarantee of comfortable work, as well as durability and safety of operation.

Mastic cutters. the easy way to accurate elements

One of the most popular accessories are fondant cutters. They come in plastic and metal, but the only differences between them are the thickness of the edges and the cost. They are as easy to use as cookie cutters: just gently press the imprint onto the surface of the mastic or marzipan.

Masticating cutouts are also available in sets that are used to create a variety of intricate patterns. Most often, they are used to make flowers or simply ruffles.

Mastic Cutters

Weiners or imprints give texture

There are special imprints for fondant, which can be used to give leaves a natural texture. They are put on, slightly pressed, and veins are formed on the surface, very much resembling a real leaf. Fondant liners give the possibility of making the cake decoration more “alive.

Tools for working with mastic

Online store of products for confectioners ”Farina” offers a wide range of tools for mastic. Any confectioner knows that without special rollers, dies, plungers, rolling pins and other implements, working with mastic would be a rather labor-intensive and sometimes exhausting process. These tools for mastic allow you to quickly roll, divide, cut, extrude, imprint the elastic food product, creating flat or zigzag strips or figures of various shapes in the form of stars, flowers, hearts, patterns. Wide assortment of the store offers 183 items for the most demanding choice of the buyer.

Tools for mastic to buy Ukraine in the Internet-shop “Farina” not difficult, and frankly speaking a tangible financial cost. Managers-consultants of online store will offer the best and highest quality option without going out of your budget. For wholesale buyers works flexible system of discounts on sales price. Product catalog on the site provides the necessary amount of information on each item. The customer can choose the tool piece by piece or a set to work with mastic.

You can order any amount of the goods on the site by filling in special form. It does not matter where you live or where you are, all to work with mastic is delivered by transport carriers to any region of Ukraine. For example, any wholesaler or retail buyer will be able to buy tools for mastic in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava, Nikolaev and other cities and towns.

Tools for working with mastic and marzipan in Kiev, Kharkov

So, you can find everything that a pastry chef working on decorating can need at CakeDel. Here you can buy tools for mastic of these kinds:

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The problem of creating straight lines, processing the sides of cakes, or making straight and uneven decorative ribbons can be solved with mastic-making tools such as rollers. Before this, the material is processed with a rolling pin, which is rolled out. This tool allows you to create an even surface of the desired thickness. By the way, there are texture rolling pins in the assortment, giving you the opportunity to create beautiful symmetrical patterns without much effort.

If you decide to buy tools for marzipan in Kiev, it is worth buying special mats. Thanks to them, the material does not stick to the table. For a more accurate work does not interfere with the marking. During the cake covering a pastry iron is indispensable, providing a perfect smoothness of the confectionery product.

To cut the mastic and cut out parts, you need to buy tools for mastic and marzipan in Ukraine in the form of rubber knives. They come in different sizes and each has its own purpose. For example, large knives are convenient for global work, while small knives are ideal for detail work.

Buy tools for mastic and marzipan Ukraine

To create a variety of ornaments, both small and not very small, are essential tools for marzipan. To buy these tools it is necessary to cut notches (they are also notches) and plungers. They are made either of plastic or metal. The basic difference of the plunger from a notch is presence of a special ejector which facilitates work above a decorative element.

We look forward to seeing you in store “Cake Design”! Here you can buy tools to work with marzipan in Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities of Ukraine. If you want to make your work easier and more enjoyable, then do not delay in buying!

Our online store offers a wide range of products for confectioners and housewives. Only quality ingredients at an affordable price, also with pastry bags in our online store Cake.

Tools for working with mastic and marzipan

Confectioner’s profession. complex and interesting at the same time. With ordinary ingredients you need to create a delicious and beautiful product in the form of a cartoon story or 3D artwork. All sweet décor is handmade by skilled confectioners. Therefore, to make the work of craftsmen a little easier, the online store “BASE” sells quality tools for working with cream and mastic.

Candy tools in the BEZE online store

The assortment of tools for mastic and cream at BEZE online store is large and diverse. In order to understand what you need a tool for, you can contact us for advice or read the following information:

Tools for modeling and modeling (stacks for fondant). Plastic or metal sticks with shaped tips that allow the confectioner to model sugar shapes, make different indentations, notches, and patterns. You can use stacks to model human figures, create cake borders, and more. Using tools for mastic and marzipan expands the creative possibilities of the confectioner and greatly reduces the time spent on making the confectionery.

Mastic rollers are also suitable for working with marzipan and dough. They are made of acrylic or silicone and are smooth and flat; some of them have special removable stops (rings) which help you to regulate the thickness and diameter of the pasta being rolled out. Silicon rolling pins are much more comfortable than wooden ones, they are heavier and do not leave burrs on mastic.

Flatters for working with mastic. plastic tools for smoothing the surfaces of a pastry. There are flat irons for every taste: classic (with a round edge), rectangular, with a rim, with a marking, with large handles and with small ones. A masticating iron. truly indispensable pastry tools. If you can try to replace the sticks for mastic with toothpicks, tubes, caps, or other improvised means, it is impossible to replace the flatiron.

Confectionery spatulas are divided into several types, depending on the material they are made of and their shape: metal (stainless steel) and plastic, for smoothing and creating texture patterns. Quality spatulas, used for applying cream on confectionery, for cake decorating, perfect alignment of the corners of the cake.

Fondant tongs. A unique tool that can be used to turn an ordinary cake covered with mastic into a real sweet masterpiece decorated with different patterns. The most interesting thing is that the pattern created with tongs looks professional, and not only pastry chef, but also an ordinary hostess can make such a pattern. The tongs are available in a set (3 pcs. Or 10 pieces.). Tweezers for mastic should be in the arsenal of every pastry chef.

Roller knives for fondant (Rollers). Pastry tools made of food plastic, with which you can not only cut the mastic, but also create texture patterns in the form of machine stitches or other stitches. Roller knives. A convenient and accessible tool that greatly facilitates the work of confectioners.

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Ruler for pastry. A very interesting tool, designed for drawing markings on the surface of cakes. For example, to cut a biscuit into several layers, you need to adjust the prongs of the ruler to the desired height and twist the ruler around the biscuit. If you need to make ruffles on the side of the cake or the effect of “fish scales”, the ruler will help to make such a decoration perfectly smooth.

Stacks, rolling pins, irons and silicone mats can be tried to replace the usual improvised means. But, if you want your cake to look perfectly flat, smooth and professional. Contact the online store “BESE” and our team will find for you the most necessary and high-quality pastry tools!

Tools necessary for working with mastic.

A silicone mat for rolling out fondant. It is a very useful and convenient thing, because when you roll it out on a mat, mastic does not stick at all.

Rolling pin for fondant. It is convenient for rolling out fondant, as fondant does not stick to it at all. Comes in different diameters and lengths.

A spatula for smoothing the cream. The fondant needs to be smoothed out very well. then the fondant will be perfectly smooth. You can do it with such a spatula or a long knife.

A fondant iron. The flatiron is very convenient for smoothing fondant. It turns out perfectly flat and without bumps (provided that the cream under the mastic is well smoothed).

A set of tools for working with mastic. Such tools allow for modeling and rolling out the edges of the mastic, making hollows, etc. The most frequently used tool is the one with the ball on the end. Use it to roll the edges of products so they are wavy.

Wheel-cutter. With such wheels it is very convenient to cut mastic into strips, pieces. There are wheels with serrated and wavy edges. Used to apply patterns on fondant.

A set of brushes. A very useful thing, especially if you need to paint faces or paint pechwork.

Mastic tweezers. Used to decorate the sides of a cake beautifully. You just need to pinch the mastic!

Candurin food coloring. Candurin does not give much color, but just adds a shine to the products. If you want to make something in gold, for example, or in silver, use candurin.

Texture mats and texture rolling pads. Use to apply texture to the cake. If it is a mat then put it on mastic and press, if it is a rolling pin. simply roll it over the mastic and a beautiful pattern is ready!!

Rollers. Also used to add texture to the mastic.

Notches. Available in plastic and metal. Their huge variety allows you to create a lot of decorations, the main ones are flowers.

Plungers. Same notches. Only a lot of upgrading. The plunger has a button on top, which allows you to effortlessly pull the mastic out of the punching still and imprints remain on it (veins on leaves, patterns on the wings of butterflies).

Weiners. Weiners are needed to give the right texture to the leaves. It is very convenient: put a leaf, pressed and the veins turned out. Very natural.

Stamens. Stamens are not edible!! But very handy when making flowers.

Molds. Thanks to molds you can make different decorations without assembling (the same roses, the faces of people, or various compositions). You just need to put a piece of mastic in the mold, press well, take it out and paint the finished product.

Pechwork. Pechwork is designed for beautiful and original design of cakes. Simply use a cookie cutter to make a print, cut it out and then paint.

Extruder. Extruder is used to make a variety of delicate threads, which can be used for dolls’ hair, for mastic grass. You just need to put mastic in the extruder and squeeze it out through the nozzle, and you get a perfectly smooth flagellum.

Cake Decorating. Tools for working with sugar paste (mastic) MiniMake molds with your own hands.

Hi all! Today I will touch on a delicious and beautiful theme of cake decoration.For those who did not make it with plasticine as a child and simply like sweets, this theme should be of interest.Beware, there are cakes under the cat))

This review is writing not only for the esteemed readers, but also for myself to some extent.So that everything was in one place and I did not have to scour the Internet in search of information. I will begin, perhaps, with the definition of mastic and, of course, with the recipe.

(Wikipedia) The obligatory component of mastic is powdered sugar with starch or milk powder. The binding agent may be gelatin, glucose (condensed milk, marshmallow (chewy marshmallow), chocolate, honey) Of all the recipes I’ve tried, I liked the mastic from marshmallow. It is elastic, not very fast drying (like with gelatin for example), but at the same time holds shape well (which I could not achieve with milk mastic) Here is the recipe for mastic from marshmallow (video from the Internet)

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I personally used this recipe.I replaced the glucose with honey.I like this recipe better. And even simpler:200g marshmallows2tbsp. Spoonfuls of water. 400 grams of powdered sugar.It’s not bad either.

To work with mastic we need the following tools. I ordered them from different sellers at different times.Well, I will tell you about everything in order.

Figurative rolling pin with a monogram for 4.29 y.Material: ABS Plastic Color: Purple Size: Length 27.5cm Diameter 5.3cm Way to use: 1.Roll out the mastic 2.Starch on the rolling pin so it doesn’t stick 3.Go over the mastic with the rolling pin, pressing down firmly 4 Get a nice pattern)

I like this rolling pin.The patterns are crisp and deep.The only thing I expected for some reason was that it would be silicone and heavier.It’s made of ordinary plastic.But the result is no worse.

A small rolling pin with hearts, for 2.95 у.Material: plastic Weight: 35g Color: transparent Way to use: 1.Roll out the mastic 2.Sprinkle starch on the rolling pin to prevent it from sticking 3.Go over the mastic with the rolling pin, pressing down firmly 4 Get a nice pattern)

Also a good buy.It is above all a pleasure with its compactness.Leaves patterns that are not as deep as the first rolling pin.But it does what it’s supposed to do.Came wrapped in “bubble wrap”.Though it is made of plastic, but if it hits the floor, it can break.That is why you have to be careful with it.

Silicone molds are special forms with necessary structure for creation of figures and flowers of the necessary form for decoration of confectionery products. Suitable for working with mastic, marzipan, caramel, chocolate, sugar, gelatine and other products of your choice. Silicone molds are made of food grade silicone, have no smell, can easily withstand high temperatures. IMPORTANT TIPS FOR USING MOLDS. 1. Molds must be dry. Thoroughly sprinkle the mold with starch before filling it with mastic. 2. Fill the mold with mastic. If you use a 3D mould, which consists of two parts, then after filling you need to put some water in the mastic (only the connecting parts), put the mastic and squeeze. 3. Put it in the freezing chamber for 15-20 minutes. Hold solid molds in the freezer for a longer time. 4. Take out the figure carefully and slowly from the frozen mold. After you have taken out the figure, it is important to let it dry for a couple of hours, and then you can decorate it. You do not need to sprinkle starch on the top of the mold to pour the chocolate. The mold filled with liquid chocolate needs to be shaken very, very hard ( like a thermometer) to release the air bubbles. Shaking, unfortunately, is not always effective because the chocolate is quite thick. It is better to take a soaked stiff brush and remove bubbles from the inner cavities. If it is difficult to remove the figurine, you can freeze it to a lower temperature

Packaged in this way Silicone mold “Pearl”, for 3.87 yo.Material: Food grade silicone Weight: 60g Size: 15.7 cm 4.5 cm 1 cm Colour: pink Acceptable temperature of use: from.40 to 210 degrees Celsius How to use: 1 Press the mastic into the holes 2.Put the mold in the freezer for 5-10 minutes 3 Cut the excess mastic 4 Carefully take out the “chain” Items 3-4 can be interchanged Video-mc with a little different mold (from the internet)

Baby Holiday Mold, for 2.24 y.Material: food-grade silicone Weight: 70g Size: diameter 8 cm, thickness 1 cm Color: pink Permissible temperature when using: 40 to 210 degrees Celsius Method of use: 1 Press the mastic into the holes 2.Put mold in the freezer for 10-20 minutes 3 Cut the excess mastic 4 Carefully take out the figures Items 3-4 can be changed places

The “Infant” mold. for 2.85 u.е. Material: food grade silicone Weight: 80g Color: pink Permissible temperature of use: from.40 to 210 degrees Celsius Dimensions: Length 8cm Width 5cm Height 3cm Way to use: 1 Press the mastic into the hole 2.Put the mold in the freezer for 20-30 minutes 3 Cut off excess mastic 4 Gently remove the figure Items 3-4 can be interchanged Video-MC

On the whole, I liked all the molds.Soft, flexible, no jagged edges.The only thing is that the size is too small, as always. I’ve wanted to try making a mold myself for a long time.Sometimes you need some kind of figure, and there is none.So I tried to make homemade molds. Found a few “beauties” at home.And this is what we have got.