Trimmer Coil Does Not Rotate

How to cut grass with a trimmer head (trimmer coil, cutterhead, trimmer spool)

  • First, go around the entire area where you are going to mow the grass: determine the areas to be cut with the trimmer head and pick up wires, bottles, debris, etc.
  • Then screw on the trimmer output shaft an implement, which is called the trimmer head, trimmer spool, trimmer spool or mowing head, and fasten an additional guard.
  • Put on clothes “what not a complaint” and goggles or a visor on your face (plant sap splashes heavily during mowing).
  • Keep the trimmer head (trimmer coil) slightly at an angle while working, but do not “dig” the ground.
  • When mowing the grass with the trimmer, look at the end of the string (it is he who does the job).
  • While trimming, listen to the string: let it run at its own speed.
  • DO NOT slip or trip!
  • See what you mow and where you mow (remember that you are always watched!).
  • String consumption and wear on the trimmer head (mowing head, trimmer coil) increases among stones, bricks, concrete, metal fences, etc.
  • To cut the grass with a trimmer and NOT damage the bark of trees and bushes, you can release a little gas or work with a string shortened to 10-12 cm.
  • Wrap the fishing line on the trimmer head drum tightly and evenly (so that there are no vibrations).
  • Immediately after you have finished mowing the grass with the trimmer head: Thoroughly clean the plastic guard and additional guard with a screwdriver. And also wash the sight with warm water and a brush, the trimmer head itself and the entire lawn mower outside, until the acid of the plant sap has corroded the paint and dried.
  • If we slant the grass on the lawn, keep the trimmer head string horizontally low above the ground, And do not cling to the ground, as you can spoil the smoothness of the mowing, the lawn itself and so as not to damage the trimmer.

Trimmer Coil Does Not Rotate

Purpose of the trimmer head (trimmer spool, mowing head, trimmer spool)

  • To remove all unwanted vegetation under walls, along fences, curbs, around trees, poles, bushes, between tree stumps and other obstacles.
  • To mow the lawn out of reach of the lawnmower.
  • To selectively cut thin grass and weeds before mowing a plot for hay.
  • To cut the weeds between the plants.
  • To chop the tops of potatoes in the garden before digging.
  • To completely remove grass and weeds, for example from paths.
  • To sweep (creates an air vortex from high rpm of the trimmer line).

Warnings how to use the trimmer

A trimmer, like a wood chopper, chainsaw or garden tractor, is unwise to use for what it is not intended for.

Keep the trimmer away from you to avoid cutting off your toes or legs.

Do not mow in water or wet grass with the trimmer. If you have an electric trimmer, you can get an electric shock. If you have a gasoline trimmer, you can contaminate water and grass with fuel and exhaust fumes.

Before mowing the grass, we find out the parameters of the site

(To know which knives to take, how much fuel and time you need)

  • The density of the grass;
  • The hardness of the grass;
  • Lodging grass;
  • Grass entanglement;
  • (The height and thickness of the grass are not important)
  • Plot boundaries;
  • What irregularities (how it goes)
  • Hidden obstacles (remember)
  • What NOT to cut (bushes, flowers, seedlings).

Mows the grass in summer. This is a disaster, not just homework how to use the trimmer. If your yard or area is heavily overgrown with grass, you may be intimidated, but this part of the article will help you figure out how to mow the grass with a trimmer easier and less annoying.

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How to properly mow the grass with a trimmer (more about the Mowing technique)

The engine speed during trimming is set depending on the engine load. The thicker the grass and, naturally, the heavier the engine, the bolder you need to open the “hole” (throttle valve in the carburetor diffuser).

Try to keep the engine operating speed constant (slightly above average) while mowing with the trimmer. or less gas. Only depending on the total engine load. It is not necessary to completely release the throttle (and immediately accelerate again) with each sweep of the streamer. So the clutch will not “burn” for a long time, and the edges on the drive shaft can “overtake”, and the overall wear of the trimmer (lawn mowers) increases dramatically.

How to cut grass with a metal trimmer

  • Before mowing the grass, walk around the site, a) to find:. the boundaries of the site on which the grass is oblique;. where there are plants in the grass that cannot be cut (flowers, bushes, seedlings) b) to determine the starting point (You need to start mowing with a trimmer from the lightest area, in order to create an open space so that when moving into the larger grass it is better to see the cutting area) c) to determine the direction of the cutting (depending on the presence of ditches, slopes and slopes of the grass) d) to determine the methods of cutting grass:. in folds, if the area is flat with flat grass (so that there are fewer transitions). with the transition back to a clean place, when Mowing lodged grass (its slope should be directed forward). Mowing grass across a large slope (it is much easier to mow with a trimmer across the slope than to climb and lower slope).
  • We put a metal knife on the braid: “Weed” or “hay”. Protection, i.e. Knife guard, obligatory (without additional protection for the trimmer head). in order to mow the grass with the trimmer, you must assemble in order: a driver chuck, a metal knife (you need to put it without skewing), a support cup, mounting flange and screw a nut (left thread). insert a locking pin and a metal knife turned to lock the gearbox output shaft;. tighten the nut with a wrench with a force of 3.5 kg / m;
  • Put on (To mow the grass):. noise-insulating headphones;. anti-vibration gloves;. lightweight and non-slip boots;
  • When mowing grass with a trimmer with a metal knife, you need to set:. the speed of the knife, depending on the irregularities (so that the trimmer mows cleaner and faster). the working delight of the disc: between 8 and 12 hours (when the knife moves to the left). reverse (can be working , cleaning or idling). engine speed (load). on a level: blade angle and mowing width (more). grass cut height (to make it easier to mow with a trimmer or to make it cleaner). where to move (along the ditch, along the slope of the grass, along site).

As the border moves, the plot is skewed, we also move the fuel and the bag.

If the grass is fallen: it is necessary to move the steering wheel forward and mows to the left with an inclination of the handles to the left (sector

11 o’clock) and to the right with an inclination of the handles to the right (sector

1 hour), And do not rush! To mow the grass cleanly and not to “dig” the ground.

How to repair a trimmer with your own hands

Even the most reliable equipment sometimes fails. And the more often and more intensively the devices are used, the more often this happens. Of course, with observance of the rules of operation and maintenance, the number of “accidents” is reduced, but no one has yet been able to completely avoid them.

We do trimmer repair

Breakdowns of devices may be different, but in some cases, it is allowed to repair the trimmer with your own hands.

Electrical damage

Repairing electric trimmers will require at least an indicator screwdriver, a multimeter and a blowtorch. “By eye” it is difficult to determine the breakdown, except for the most obvious.

The symptom is the same for any reason: the engine does not work.

  • Damage to the power cable. Trimmer repair comes down to replacing it.
  • Faulty socket. It is installed by checking the socket indicator with a screwdriver or simply connecting the device to another.
  • Damaged plug. It is easy to disassemble and replace it with your own hands.
  • The serviceability of the control handle is checked with an indicator screwdriver: if any of the wires breaks, the contact does not close. Broken wires should be replaced.
  • The stator winding on the motor is checked with a multimeter: the device is installed to determine the minimum resistance and the probes are connected to the graphite brushes. If the resistance is NOT measured, then the winding is burnt out. In this case, the engine must be replaced with a new one. Electric trimmer parts are usually easy to find.
  • The reason may be a break in any of the contact connections. Therefore, if the winding is intact, then each connection is checked with a multimeter, and the broken contact is soldered by hand. On the picture. Soldering process.
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Fuel supply systems and ignition

Breakdowns more often occur in this area, do-it-yourself repair is quite possible here.

  • If the mower does NOT start or stops immediately, the ignition system may fail. To check, you need to unscrew the candle and inspect it. If there are traces of the fuel mixture on the spark plug, then the problem is with the carburetor adjustment. If the candle is covered with black carbon, it will have to be replaced. These trimmer parts are easy to find.
  • Carbon deposits form on the spark plug when using low-octane gasoline or when a cold start is disturbed.
  • If the spark plug is dry, the cause of the breakdown may be a clogged fuel hose. When disconnected, gasoline should flow. Otherwise, you need to inspect the filter and replace it if it is clogged (the procedure is recommended to be carried out once every three months). The breather, if it is in it, is cleaned with a needle.
  • Carbon deposits can also build up on the muffler. This part is removed, washed in kerosene and annealed with a burner. On the picture. Petrol trimmer at check.

Troubleshooting Petrol Trimmers

The design of the apparatus is more complicated, since in addition to the drive. complex, there is a gas distribution system, a fuel tank and control.

Clogging of filters is added from mechanical damage. According to the rules of operation, their replacement is included in the maintenance of the device.

Mechanical problems

The cutting surface of the trimmer head is the line. The first and most common prerequisite for stopping the machine is problems with its supply.

  • If the line is over, then following the instructions, you need to wind a new one.
  • The line may become tangled. In this case, unwind it and replace the bobbin if it is damaged.
  • Nylon thread can stick together from overheating during prolonged use, repair is reduced to rewinding the line.
  • Damage to the coil itself, for example, the bottom fell off. You can replace it or make a bottom with your own hands. To do this, you need a piece of PCB and a bolt with a nut.
  • If everything is in order with the coil, the engine starts, but the head does NOT rotate, then it is worth checking the drive shaft. If it breaks, you will need to contact the service center.

The repair of petrol trimmers in the mechanical part does not differ from the repair of the Electric apparatus.

Problems Electrical Apparatus

The device of devices operating on the network is always simpler than those equipped with their own power drive. The trimmer consists of a mechanical part that transmits torque to the trimmer head, an electric motor and a power cable. All its breakdowns can be divided into three groups.

Head classification based on line feed principle

Depending on the method of feeding the line, the spools for trimmers are divided into the following types:

  • “Fast” heads. In THESE reels, the attachment of a new line is carried out without disassembling the product. To do this, the tip of the fishing line must be pushed into the coil and wrap a couple of times around its surface. As soon as the required amount of fishing line is wound, the excess part is cut off. Such a mowing head is quite convenient to use and saves time, especially if a beginner uses the trimmer;
  • Collapsible heads. By the name, you can understand that in order to refuel the coil with fishing line, it must be disassembled. Then a new line is wound inside the reel, after which the trimmer head is installed on the base;
  • Semi-automatic heads. Their design includes parts, spool, body and springs. Coils of this type are divided into one-section and two-section. In the products of the first type, the fishing line is wound evenly on both sides. In two-piece heads, the line is wound separately from the corresponding side. The reel of the second type is considered the most practical and reliable, since the cutting line will never get tangled in it and will NOT break.
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Types of spools for trimmer according to the method of feeding the cutting line

The design of a modern trimmer consists of a motor, bar, control handles and cutting head. The latter can be a disc, which is designed to remove weeds, and a coil, which is used for mowing grass. The reels are divided among themselves according to the line feeding method. The following types of heads are distinguished on sale:

  • Manual. In such reels, the line is fed mechanically. To do this, each time you need to stop working with the trimmer and manually pull the line from the reel. On the one hand, this may seem inconvenient, since in order to pull out the required amount of fishing line, you need to remove the reel from the trimmer. Nevertheless, it is the manual trimmer reel that is considered the most reliable in terms of operation;
  • Semi-automatic. When working with such reels, to increase the line, you need to touch the head with the surface of the ground and at the same time press a special button that opens the anchor mechanism. The line is fed by centrifugal forces. The main feature of such reels is that the line feed is performed when the trimmer is turned on. The semi-automatic trimmer coil has one significant drawback. Relatively high cost;
  • Automatic. In such heads, the line is fed by increasing the speed of the trimmer engine. The main advantage of such coils is their ease of use. However, the automatic trimmer head has several disadvantages. High cost and frequent breakdown of the line feed mechanism.

Another type of coils that stand apart from other products. These are universal coils. Heads of this type can be installed not in one, but on many models of trimmers, which significantly expands the scope of their application. The universal head has a low cost, but it is quite strong and reliable.

Many experts agree that the Semi-Automatic Reel is the best choice for a farm application. It is reliable enough, and bought it once, the owner will spend the same amount as when buying 2-3 hand reels.

Trimmer reel

Coil, or trimmer head. It is an important part of the garden tool, which is responsible for the correct mowing of the grass. There is a wide variety of coils on the market today that differ in several ways. Below we will consider the features of the classification of trimmer heads and the scope of application of different types in practice.

TOP 3 Most Popular Trimmer Coils

Different trim heads have their own advantages and disadvantages. We offer you our TOP 3 of the most popular models of mowing heads, which have practically no drawbacks:

  • In third place is the Bosch K103 universal coil. Most often, this model is used for Makita and Hyundai trimmers. Among the advantages of this head are high strength and a wide range of applications. This model is successfully used both for cutting fresh grass and for working with dry vegetation;
  • The second place is taken by the Flymo 15 reel. This reel is a universal product with semi-automatic line winding. The model is equipped with a completely metal core, which significantly increases the life of the head;
  • First place is taken by the Efco 8100 head. This automatic reel is considered by many gardeners to be the best model on the market today. It is lightweight, made of quality materials and is able to withstand minor blows to stones.

All of these models are of high quality and are in high demand among buyers. However, when buying them, you should be careful not to purchase a non-original Chinese reel released under the name of one of THESE brands.