Trimmer Head Spins On Idle

One of the common devices designed for mowing grass is a trimmer. It is very easy to operate and maintain. That is why it has become popular among the population. Its significant advantage is low weight. Even a child can handle such equipment.

What it is?

The trimmer consists of a cutting element, a rod, an engine and a handle with a control mechanism.

Trimmer Head Spins On Idle

It is designed for mowing grass in garden areas, as well as for creating the perfect lawn. Due to its compactness, the device performs the necessary work in those places where the lawn mower cannot reach. In addition to grass, the trimmer is designed for mowing tree branches and shrubs, as well as creating flower beds. Such equipment is not always used for lawns, as the length of the grass will have different heights.


The main technical characteristics of the trimmer are:

  • power;
  • equipment weight;
  • type of power (from the network or using the battery);
  • engine location (top or bottom);
  • type of cutting element;
  • type of rod.

All this must be taken into account, buy a particular device.

How to choose the right one?

Before buying this equipment, you need to understand for what purpose it will be used. For a large plot with a flat lawn, it is better to purchase a light model with a small capacity. If you want to improve the suburban area, then you need to choose a more powerful model.

Cutting tool

To make the cutting process easy, you need to choose the right cutting element. His role is often played by an ordinary trimmer fishing line or knife. When choosing one of the species, it is worth evaluating the type of vegetation. In accordance with these data, a cord is selected, a knife of a certain shape. An important element is the trimmer head. We will consider its varieties below.

Mowing head for trimmer

It is a special assembled coil, inside of which there is a cord. Its dimensions can be varied. A cord 15 meters long should be wound on the inside of the spool. Its ends are pulled out to a certain distance to do the job. When meeting a solid object, it is destroyed. The mowing head for the trimmer can have a different design. It all depends on the type of device. They differ not only in design, but also in the way they are connected. There is also a universal trimmer head, which is suitable for various equipment. This has become possible due to special adapters.

The trimmer head is classified by the method of feeding the fishing line:

  1. Tame. In this case, the name speaks for itself, that is, the supply of fishing line occurs mechanically. To make the cord even longer, you must stop the trimmer and manually pull out the ends.
  2. Semi-automatic. If you want to replace the cord, you need the trimmer head to touch the ground. At the same time, a special button is pressed and the anchor mechanism opens. Further, the cord lengthens due to centrifugal force. The main feature is that the procedure occurs when the trimmer is on.
  3. Automatic. To lengthen the cord, reduce engine speed. Further, when increasing them, the fishing line is fed automatically.

From the foregoing, it follows that the manual mowing head for the trimmer is inconvenient. That is why you should choose an automatic type. However, such a head for the trimmer is not popular among users, since a large amount of fishing line is consumed during operation. Consequently, the optimal view is semi-automatic.

Classification by refueling method

The trimmer head can have several ways of refueling fishing line:

  1. Quick charge. The new cord is wound indiscriminately on the coil, that is, it does not need to be removed from the device. The end of the new element is hit into the coil and then wound a certain number of times. When a specific value is reached, the cord is cut off. The head with fishing line for this type of trimmer is manufactured by Shindaiwa and Speed-Freed.
  2. Collapsible. Here the name itself speaks for itself. To replace a new cord, it is necessary to remove the coil from the equipment, then unwind the old fishing line and wind a new one.

Design features

It should be noted that the cutting head for the trimmer contains special arrows. They allow you to perform rotational motion of the coil in different directions. If there is a need to wind the line in the direction of rotation of the shaft, it rotates to a specific position. A large amount of coiled cord threatens equipment breakdown. Two arrows are only on imported models. Now on the market are heads with one arrow.

If, after hitting a semi-automatic head, the cord is not wound, then its previous winding is incorrect. That is, after the head for the trimmer was installed, the user did not pull the ends of the fishing line out of the grooves. Another unpleasant moment when the grass is mowed may be the sintering of coil turns. What is this happening for? This happens when the cord meets a solid object. At the same time, it brakes sharply and with the subsequent movement of the fishing line begins to go inside the device. Thus, it gets on the spool and sticks together. Because of this, the employee has to take a break and correct the situation. However, this can be avoided. Before installing the reel, it is necessary to treat the fishing line with a special silicone substance.

Video: Trimmer Head Spins On Idle

For various models of trimmers, a semi-automatic head is used, consisting of two parts. the case and the spool. Both elements contain springs. The second part can be performed in several ways:

  • single-section. both parts of the fishing line are wound together;
  • two-section. each end is wound on a certain part. this type is the most effective, since the fishing line is not confused and does not sinter.

There is a simple and cheap way to turn a single-section spool into a two-section one. To do this, you need a strong plate. From it you need to cut a circle whose diameter should be equal to the thickness of the spool. In this case, the thickness is taken near the place where the fishing line is wound. This circle moves freely. Further, an incision is made on the ring, put on a spool and connected with glue or tape. As a result, you can wind the line on the desired section. The head for a universal trimmer can have from two to four holes that are located opposite each other. The mowing ends come out of them. In addition to the presented reels, there are heads where a certain size of fishing line is inserted. In this case, the number of whiskers increases to twelve. Many users believe that such a device is quite convenient. However, not all people hold this view. They believe that in this situation, the fishing line will have to spend more. In addition, to replace it, you must stop the workflow. The trimmer head, the caliber of which can be varied, is suitable for cutting grass, shrubs and trees. Before you purchase a trimmer, you must study the area, as well as the features of the equipment. So, we found out what the universal head for the trimmer is for and how to properly fill it.

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Vaz 2110 does not start on a hot cause of failure

If the starter cord does not return, then most likely one side of the spring popped up in the starter. It is necessary to remove the starter, wash it, carefully disassemble it on the table (so as not to lose small parts, such as pins, and remember the disassembly order, so that later it can be assembled in the same sequence). When you disassemble, you will immediately see the cause of the malfunction of the trimmer. I think the end of the coil spring jumped out of engagement, which is responsible for returning the starter cord back to the starter coil (drum). This mustache can be slightly bent and pop out of the groove. It must be bent again with pliers and inserted into the groove. Vaz 2110 does not start up hot, one of the reasons for the breakdown in this video !! On the development of the channel.


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What to do if the starter tens does not spin on hot.

If the trimmer head from the engine does not spin and rotates heavily by hand, then first you need to check the gearbox (most likely, it has failed and wedge the bearing). To check the gearbox, it is necessary to remove the trimmer head, remove the plastic protection, remove the gearbox from the spit rod by loosening the gearbox tightening bolts on the bar and holding the gearbox in your hands, check for ease of rotation of the gearbox output shaft. If the gearbox is in order, then the cause must be sought in the clutch. Maintain the channel It often happens that the vases do not start up hot. I will show how I am looking for some.

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