Trimmer line cutoff on the trimmer for grass with his hands

The choice and types of coils on grass trimmers all the truth about the quality of the equipment

Grass trimmers, lawn trimmers and brushcutters work with two types of cutting attachments. metal discs, and heads with a fishing line. These nozzles belong to the category of consumables. The head is called the body, inside which is the spool with the fishing line. Many people call the heads spools, which is incorrect. The material will clarify what types of heads for trimmers are, and what the fundamental differences between them are.

Removing and disassembling the spool

The mowing trimmer head consists of a housing, a spring (not in every model), a bobbin with cord, a cover. Before proceeding to disassemble the reel of the electric unit, be sure to unplug the grass trimmer. Disassembly method depends on the mounting of the mowing head. First option:

  • To remove the cover covering the inside of the head, press on the latches located on both sides.
  • Remove the cover, under which you will see the bobbin. remove it from the body. Some trimmer reels have a spring under the bobbin, which should also be carefully pulled out.
  • After removing the bobbin, you will see a screw in the center of the body. Unscrew it with a screwdriver.
  • After removing the fasteners, take the body of the part and, rocking it in different directions, remove the reducer from the shaft.

In the second version, the grass trimmer head is screwed onto the gear shaft. To remove it, you need to lock the shaft. For this purpose, such devices have a hole through which a thin screwdriver or metal rod is inserted. Brief instruction:

  • Insert a screwdriver into the hole, and then lock the shaft.
  • Grasp the body of the head and start twisting it. This should be done in a clockwise direction, t. к. The thread on the shaft is left.

How to correctly change the line garden trimmer for grass on a steel cable

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Grass trimmer with a weak motor is very often barely able to manage a dense lawn, what to say about trying to cut real weeds. Such a situation will not please any owner, and even upset by the fact that the purchased device is absolutely useless in the economy. Once in such a situation, do not despair before time, because you can spend a simple upgrade trimmer for grass, which will greatly increase the effectiveness of his work.

So, to carry out modernization will need only nothing, namely: a rubber sleeve, trimmer for grass, a set of regular tools and, of course, a steel cable up to 2 mm with thick strands. The cable installation begins with disassembling the grass trimmer’s reel. After that, you need to measure and cut the cable so that it will not hit the grass trimmer during operation. Then the wire is unbent with pliers and bent in the middle. This is done so that the result is a small loop.

The previously prepared rubber bushing is inserted into the loop that is formed. It must have a slightly larger inside diameter than the shaft of the grass trimmer.

Note: If you do not have a bushing, you can replace it by wrapping tape around the hinge as a last resort. However, you should understand that such a system will not work long time faithfully and soon enough it will have to fix, again wrapping with electrical tape. Otherwise the grass trimmer can become dangerous!

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Now you have to put some pressure on the sleeve and rewind the cable when it is loose. For reliability, you can secure it with a wire tie. It is then tucked into the base of the head, the sleeve is slipped onto the shaft. When all this is done, it remains to close the lid.

What’s the result: trimmer for grass equipped with a cable will confidently cut even the dense greenery, weeds and bush branches.

How about an even tougher upgrade, here’s a story on how to swap out the fishing line for a saw blade.

The cutting off the line on the trimmer for grass with his hands

I want to share with you some useful information for those who use trimmers, also known as lawn trimmers, benzo. and brushcutter, and residents of the bedroom areas of high-rise buildings dubbed it “good morning, country.”. But, for what it‘s worth, most people wonder if there are options such as perpetual grass trimmer fishing line with their own hands. In order not to bog down the expectations of users, I will say at once: “Yes, there is, and it will survive even the tool itself”.

First, it would not hurt to understand what wears out the factory line, which constantly have to change, which is not entirely convenient, and sometimes such a need can even spoil the mood, as there is simply nothing to replace. I have noticed that lawn mowers, in order to finish the work, are forced to use some wire instead of a fishing line, and I have even seen on the Internet that for this purpose tried to use pieces of a soft hacksaw blade, broken in half. there are holes on both sides for fastening. But all these attempts are ineffective, as the cutting element always breaks, or tears from hitting hard trunks of weeds, or foreign objects that are in the grass.

Instead of a fishing line, it is much better to use a thin steel rope. its strands are made of tool steel, which is not subject to corrosion, but has an extremely high barrier of strength. So in fact, wire rope fitted to the rotating disc of a brushcutter should last indefinitely. at least a lot longer than the grass trimmer itself. But this is not absolutely true, to be exact, in order to ensure that the rope will last indefinitely, its free end must be sealed, which is not easy or even impossible to do at home. The thing is that from frequent strikes the tip of such secant element will start to fluff up and gradually become a bunch of steel threads that will get tangled. The only conclusion is the following: if you have the possibility to solder the tip like a sanitary wire, do it and use it for good health.

Grass trimmer blade nozzle

Going to the stores in search of spare parts is a thankless task, and I gave up the idea at once. What’s the sense to waste time and money if the new part will serve not at all longer than the previous one, but only until the first meeting with some metal item lurking in the grass. It is better to immediately replace the broken spool with a self-made nozzle with stainless steel blades (see photo). photo).

The design is very simple. To make it, we needed to make only four parts: the central hub, the washer and two petal blades (see pic), and the stainless steel blade. Fig.)

I made the central sleeve from a scrap of ordinary water pipe. To adjust its inner diameter to the diameter of the shaft, on one side of the blank I made a through longitudinal cut and lightly hammered. The sleeve should sit on the shaft tightly, without play.

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I managed to find a washer with the right dimensions. But if you can’t find them, you can easily chisel them out of a 34 mm thick steel plate and file them up. The washer was put on the bushing and welded at four points. That’s good enough.

How to STRING TRIM like a PRO ������

The blades-blades were cut from a sheet of stainless steel 1 mm thick. The blades are riveted to the washer. They must be of steel. I used M4 screws for rivets. They must be riveted so that the blades are not pressed rigidly to the washer, but can turn freely. This is a very important point. If the blades are fixed rigidly, they will surely bend or break at the first meeting with the stem, which cannot be cut in one revolution of the grass trimmer shaft.

The assembled spray head is slid onto the grass trimmer‘s shaft and secured with a 3mm copper cotter pin ∅ 3mm. It is better to drill a hole for the cotter pin on the spot.

The first tests of the grass trimmer with the new knife attachment confirmed its effectiveness. the knives easily “took” almost any kind of grass. And with unhurried work, the electric motor is practically not overloaded. In short, it’s just right!

But remember that metal blades are a more serious hazard than a thin, almost weightless line. Therefore, it is better to mow the grass around the house when there are no people or pets nearby. And, of course, you have to keep an eye on the wear and tear of the knives and the rivets that hold them in place.

The nozzle on the trimmer for grass with his hands

For many gardeners, the grass trimmer has long been a familiar and nearly indispensable tool. But it is not always possible to buy a model that can meet all needs. It happens that with fresh young vegetation trimmer for grass copes easily, but there is a desire to clear a place behind the fence or along the driveway, and the high mature grass is a technique “on the teeth”.

The nozzle on the trimmer for the grass with their own hands

We offer a variant of self-made nozzle for the grass trimmer from simple (almost improvised) means.

Before you start making your homemade cord, you need to prepare the material itself, namely a plastic strip of the desired width and length. To dissolve a PET bottle on tape, use a variety of devices, the algorithm for making which can be found on the Internet. If you are going to mow large areas overgrown with grass and need a lot of homemade cord, it certainly makes sense to make a more sophisticated bottle cutter from an angle or U-shaped aluminum profile. The process of making a bottle cutter is shown in this video.

But if mass production of plastic tape does not interest you, then on occasion you can dissolve the bottle into strips in a simple way.

  • Take a normal cork from a PET bottle.
  • Cut it in half (but not all the way through).
  • Remove all the rims that are inside the cork.
  • Fold the cut cork in half and pierce it with a knife as shown in the picture below, being careful because the plastic is very hard. To make the process easier, the tip of the knife can be heated.
  • Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle with scissors (as evenly as possible, without jagged edges). Insert the bottle into the fixture on the side where the knife blade is sharpened, and begin to plunge in little by little. When a small strip appears. just start pulling it.
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This way, the entire plastic container will dissolve into a strip of equal width.

You can make a bottle cutter that you will always have on hand, preferably from an ordinary pencil sharpener, made of aluminum. How to make it is shown in detail in this video.

Method 2. How to put the line on the brushcutter reel correctly, with photos and video

The second method differs from the first one in the fact that not a whole piece of rigging is loaded into the reel, but sections of two parts. This is the method used by manufacturers, and it is also suitable for those who have leftover material. The principle of how to insert two pieces of fishing line into the lead of the brushcutter is the same as the first way, and to make sure of this, the detailed instructions below:

  • There are two equal lengths of material that can be used
  • One piece of line is taken, and the edge is bent in the form of a clamp or a hook, which will be used to secure the line
  • Inside the reel there are holes in the form of brackets for fixing, which are there for a reason. If there are none, then the second option will not work. The appearance of these brackets is shown in the photo below. Each bracket is on its half
  • The fishing line should be hooked to the bracket, and the line should be wound in the direction of the arrow
  • Coiled until there is a 10-15 cm piece of equipment, which is fixed in the appropriate hole on the side of the tip
  • Manipulations with the second end of the fishing line are carried out similarly
  • The ledges are put into the holes of the head, and then, taking out the tooling from the temporary fixtures in the coil, the cover with clamps is set

The above instruction on how to install a line in a brushcutter will help you not only correctly but also quickly perform the replacement procedure. Grass trimmer reel assembly, as mentioned above, can be performed without removing the head, but in this case you will need to conveniently fix the tool. Video instruction is presented below.

What to put instead of a fishing line on a brushcutter

What can be put instead of a fishing line on a brushcutter and gasoline trimmer

Very often the owners of trimmers and chain saws want to increase the productivity of these garden tools. This is due to the fact that buying a lawnmower, few think about power, the radius of grass mowing, and other, no less important characteristics.

Many people find it hard to mow small bushes and tall grass when acquiring a tool. So the question of what you can put instead of a fishing line on the grass trimmer is more relevant than ever.

In principle, a line of slightly larger diameter than the one recommended by the manufacturer can be installed on the grass trimmer and brushcutter. You can also try to use a steel cable for this purpose, but here you need to be extremely careful, and additionally fix it.

Even the slightest bounce of a stone in the direction of the operator or others from the cable (or a piece of the cable itself), can cause unpleasant consequences, such as injury. What else you can use instead of a fishing line on your chain saw?