Trimmer nozzle for grass brush with your own hands. Drill

Snowman from a trimmer for grass: nozzle for cleaning snow, homemade for the lawn mower two in one, which can be made with your own hands from a corner grinder

The nozzle on the lawn mower will turn a garden tool that is cleaned in the barn in the barn in the winter, in a full.fledged snowmaker. It is suitable for cleaning paths on a soda site and car parking sites from light snow.

Installation of nozzles that can be bought in a garden equipment store is possible only for trimmers for grass with a detachable straight bar. To convert an electric or benzotrimer into a snowball player, the engine power should be at least 1.6 kW.

  • The American nozzle for a trimmer for grass MTD ST 720 41AJST-C954 allows you to clear up to 160 kg of snow per minute. The width of the capture of the nozzle is 30 centimeters, the maximum height of the snow cover for cleaning is 15 centimeters.
  • A universal scam brush (roller) for the Stihl KW-KM (KW-MM) gasoline multimotor, which is suitable for cleaning snow, foliage, crushed stone and sand. The width of the clearing strip. 60 cm.

The advantages of a home.made snowman

The creation of a snowman from a trimmer for grass may be needed when there is the first one, but there was a need for the second. Modification will allow the same garden tool for various purposes.

The main advantage of a home.made snowpipe is the low cost of its manufacture. There is no need to purchase a specialized unit. Home.made and/or purchased components are used to reorient the tool. Not every braid is suitable for converting it into a snowball player.

How a plastic fishing line for a trimmer works?

In 1971, an American engineer George Bollas, who was living in Houston, came up with a new type of lawn mower, much more mobile than ordinary devices of that time, as well as mowing grass close to trees and does not damage their bark.

This feature has become the main name, because like a typewriter (trimmer) for hair cutting, a new lawn mower cut off only unnecessary, without damaging everything else.

Traditional lawn mowers cut the grass with a rapidly rotating knife, which is why work without a enclosing case poses a serious threat to trees, as well as a trimmer equipped with a knife or saw, so safe mode is possible only when working with fishing line.

Due to its flexibility and low density, when clash with an obstacle to the fishing line for a trimmer, it envelops it, so neither wood, nor stone or other obstacle has the same effect on it as a knife or sawy disk.

The grass does not have such strength as a stone or a tree trunk, so the inertia of a promoted fishing line is enough to cut its trunk and foliage, so the main condition for high.quality mowing is a sufficient speed of rotation of the trimmer head, that is, a device that holds the fishing line for the trimmer.

All this fully applies even to those types of cutting string, which are called reinforced, that is, strengthened by various materials.

Even those fishing lines inside of which is the steel cord, do not pose a threat to the trees, because the stiffness of the cord is comparable to the same parameter of plastic, which means it does not chop, but flows through the bark of trees, without causing them harm, and also does not lose his sharpness when hit stone.

There is another aspect, which are rarely conceived by lovers of the “eternal fishing line”. mowing grass in cluttered areas often leads to wrapping the cord on stones or peg sticking out of the ground, including the remnants of the old fence.

If this happens with a plastic fishing line, then it immediately breaks and the trimmer for the grass does not receive a blow, but if a more strong string is wound up for such an obstacle, then the trimmer for the grass pulls towards the problem, which can lead to damage to the gearbox or rod.

Primary requirements

Since the main problem of a conventional cord is insufficient strength, due to which it is quickly erased about plants and soil, steel is best for the manufacture of eternal fishing line, because its resistance to abrasion by orderly exceeds this plastic parameter.

However, unlike plastic, steel is not equally flexible material, which means that you need to somehow make it more flexible so that it does not chop, but the obstacle flows out.

This can be done in three ways:

  • mobile fix on the basis;
  • divide into links that are firmly connected to each other, but can rotate around the fastening axis;
  • use a thin cord.

The first method for many years is used on lawn mowers and all kinds of crushers. the knife rotates around the axis of the mount, which, in turn, is securely connected to the basis.

In a collision with grass, such a knife due to a large inertia due to its mass and speed of rotation easily cuts the stems and foliage of grassy plants, but when hitting wood or stone, it turns around its axis, because its inertia is not enough to destroy such an obstacle.

However, due to higher inertia than that of the fishing line, such a knife injures the bark much stronger, and also often receives damage when hitting a stone.

The connection using links is implemented in various circuits, but due to the large weight of each link, such a fishing line for a trimmer will greatly injure plant bark. Its plus is high efficiency when mowing young shoots of trees or shrubs. fragments of the chain dispersed to huge speeds easily crush and break them.

Another disadvantage of such a fishing line is a sloppy slice, because the chain breaks the trunk and foliage, which is why the plants then get sick and restore for a long time.

A thin cord acts like a plastic cord, the difference is only at a higher density, which is why it hits the bark of trees stronger, which means it can damage it.

Remember, the “eternal fishing line for the trimmer”, by virtue of its nature, is much more dangerous for the operator than the plastic cord, because it can cut down clothes and shoes, and also cause unpleasant, and possibly severe injury, so you perform any attempts to mow the grass on it. your fear and risk.

Types of nozzles for benzos and trimmers. features of their use

The nozzle is called the working part that does not have a drive. As a drive device, a gasoline engine from motorcycles is used. The cost of nozzles depends on their varieties, but in any case, they cost ten times cheaper than buying a full.fledged tool with a drive, for example, motorizedopers.

If the farm has a gasoline braid for grass, which is dusting most of the season in the garage, then it is proposed to find out about the hidden possibilities of this universal tool. Modern manufacturers produce the following types of garden nozzles for trimmers:

  • Altitude or bitch.
  • Cultivator, rin cooker or motorcycle.
  • Blower.
  • Aerator for the lawn.
  • Cromorecores.

You can use a trimmer for grass not only as a garden tool, but also as a construction. For this, such types of devices are produced:

We will consider what nozzles for motorcycles and trimmer for the grass are in more detail, and find out not only their advantages of use, but also disadvantages.

Chassis. nozzle for a trimmer for grass releases the operator from the load

A nozzle for a trimmer for grass called the running wheels is one of the cheapest and simplest, but at the same time very useful devices. Its main advantage is to relieve physical labor when working with a benzoca. The device is two wheels that are interconnected by a plastic frame. There is a hole in the frame to fix it to the motorcade bar. As a result, we get a tool that does not need to be kept by weight with mowing grass. Photo nozzle running wheels for a trimmer for grass is presented below.

The nozzle is installed on the tool is quite simple and fast. The need to acquire it arises in case of need for a wrap of a large area of ​​a large area. It should be noted right away that the device is not suitable for cases when the lawn mower is used for mowing grass in the field. To do this, you will need a device with a large diameter wheels, which can be made independently with your own hands from improvised means.

Homemade trimmer nozzle on wheels

trimmer, nozzle, grass, brush, your

For the manufacture of such a design, you will need to use a shortened rod up to 1 meter. The remaining structural elements are made from available details. Gas is removed to the control handle, which allows you to control the turnover of a trimmer for grass during mowing grass. A more detailed description of the manufacture of a home.made wheelbarrow for a trimmer for grass is presented in the video material.

Of the shortcomings of the running wheels, it is necessary to note the possibility of their use for tools with a curved bar. In addition, such wheels are suitable for mowing low grass with fishing line (mainly lawn).


If your trimmer for grass is suitable for working with these cutting tools, then to replace the fishing line with a knife or disk do this:

  • Turn off the engine and wait for a complete stop of the output shaft, if you have an electric hood, then turn it off from the network;
  • Turn the trimmer for the grass so that the mowing head is located on top;
  • fix the output shaft using a screwdriver or any suitable tool;
  • Unscrew the coil or a standard key fixing it;
  • Remove the coil;
  • clean the seat;
  • Touch your fingers to the gearbox, if it is hot, then lay a new grease in it, because with a knife or disk the load on it will increase much;
  • Remove the flange washer designed to work with the coil;
  • Clean the place under the flange washer of the remnants of the grass;
  • Install the same puck, but for a knife or disk;
  • Install a knife or disk, do not mix the direction of the teeth, they must be directed counterclockwise;
  • Make sure the disk or knife became flush with the puck;
  • Install the squeezing washer and protective bowl of the gearbox;
  • Twist and tighten the nut (by hand);
  • Remove a large protective plastic casing and install a small one instead, or clicking the latches, disconnect the “beard” from it to work with the fishing line (this operation is not necessary, but preferably).

How to redo a trimmer for grass from fishing line to a knife?

If your device belongs to those on which you can install a knife or disk, but you bought it only with a coil, then to remake to work with a knife, you will need to buy:

  • flange washer under the knife;
  • pressing washer;
  • gearbox;
  • nut;
  • Protective plastic casing of the corresponding size.

Remember, the flange washer needs to be purchased by detailing, in which its article is indicated. When selecting a “eye” there is a great chance to make a mistake and take a part that is not suitable for your trimmer. All other details are universal.

Homemade nozzle for weeding a row

Despite the fact that this tool is not intended for mowing grass, it significantly expands the capabilities of an electric or gasoline trimmer for grass, turning it into an analogue of a trap suitable for cleaning the aisles from young sprouts of weeds.

For its manufacture, you will need the same circle as in the previous section, as well as one bolt and pair of nuts for each hole, except for the central. Insert the bolts on top (from the side of the gearbox), then tighten both nuts.

The principle of operation of the nozzle is that the bolts rotating at a huge speed break the young growth of weeds under the root, so their growth slows down, or even completely stops.

How to make and use a balancer?

For the manufacture of a balancer, you will need an unnecessary gearbox from a trimmer for grass, as well as a standard set of protective and clamping washers.

  • Disassemble the gearbox and removing lubrication residues, rinse all the details with diesel fuel.
  • Check the condition of the bearings if they dangle or seize, replace them separately or the secondary shaft entirely.
  • Lubricate all the details with “lithol” or other suitable lubricant.
  • Collect the gearbox, but do not install the lead gear.
  • Insert the assembled knot in a vice so that the secondary shaft is perpendicular to the ground.

The manufacture of a balancer has been completed on this.

To put the workpiece or finished cutting tool, put it on a protective puck and fix it regularly with washers from a set of trimmer for grass.

Then, strongly twist the cutting tool with one hand and, having waited for its stop, mark the side that ended up below. Twist 3-4 times another, noting the lower side, if a different side always turns out to be from below, then the cutting tool is injected with.

If the same, then remove part of the metal from it with a corner grinder or drill and check again. This is how the product is completely balanced.

DIY Cultivator Nazadka

DIY. It is also a lot that is also pleased that in modern conditions it is not so difficult to create a nozzle for weeding on a motorcade with your own hands.

Nozzle snowbrush for cleaning paths and snow platforms.

Nozzles on a motorcycle. make sure that a trimmer for grass can be a multifunctional unit

Nozzle nozzle for blowing out fallen leaves from the tracks. Bromcores nozzle for aligning the edges of the flowerbed and lawn. The nozzles for a trimmer for grass are also attached to the lawn mowing are attached to the trimmer in one of three ways:. The engine trimmer engine can operate in any position and has a high specific power power relative to the mass. It is also compact and reliable, which allows you to use it with any attachment equipment, which is presented below.

Let’s look at the nozzles for the grass in more detail.

Drill nozzle is a nozzle for a gasoline trimmer for grass, that is, for the operation of such a drill, electricity does not need. In addition, such a gasoline drill is characterized by high power, reliability and durability compared to the electric drill.

Huge torque at the drill provides a lowering gearbox with a gear ratio of 3-sized cartridges. With a trimmer echo technical characteristics:.

It is especially convenient to use running wheels for a trimmer for grass along with a sweeping brush or roller. you can raise the working body and, accordingly, reduce friction on the surface is easier to work, less wear, better result and pleasure from work. The nozzle nozzle is designed to cut knots and branches at a height of up to 4.5 m.

The appointment is also that the nozzle has altitude, but if the altitude works according to the principle of the chainsaw, then we work as a brushwood on the principle of a hacksaw.

Design and fastening options

The nozzle of Garden Scissors is designed to haircut hedges and curly bushes for a lawn mower. two modifications with different lengths of the bar for different situations.

The nozzle is designed for aeration, that is, saturation of the upper soil with air by piercing, especially this is true for lawns over 5 years with a thiconeled root system. as well as to destroy the crust on the surface of the soil of the lawn after rain, watering or trampling, to restore the air duration of the soil. Processing width. 20 cm. The cultivator nozzle is designed for loosening the soil on flower beds, flower beds, in greenhouses, small beds, around trees and bushes.

The disadvantage of such a cultivator in the form of a nozzle for a lawn mower is its low weight. it processes the upper layer well, especially in a freshly sprinkled place, but on solid soil it scratches at the top and does not climb into the soil.

Tire length. 21 cm. When choosing a nozzle of altitude, it is necessary to check whether the size and shape of the teeth on the slotted part of the drive shaft coincide in the nozzle and on the trimmer. A gear nozzle can be used as a motor for a bicycle, moped, picture, ATV, snowmobile, etc. The gearbox drops 5 times. You can change the direction of rotation of the output shaft. You can also change the leading star. put a sprocket with any number of teeth, thereby select the required gear ratio.

The nozzles for the lawn mower are identical. Water pump nozzle allows you to serve water from the river, lakes, containers, well, etc. The same nozzles for the lawn mower. the rotating rubber brush of high performance sweeps the garbage without damaging the surface. These nozzles for a trimmer for grass are designed to sweep garden paths and platforms from fallen leaves, cleaning of mowed grass from the surface of the lawn, removing moss.

Especially effective with running wheels for trimmer for grass. Can be made as a brush as in the photo. or maybe like a rubber roller like in the video. Capture width. 60 cm. A new support wheel for a trimmer for grass can significantly facilitate the work of a trimmer with various nozzles. This nozzle can be fixed on a trimmer for grass in various positions, which ensures its versatility and adaptability.

Gearbox for motorcosa. why it is intended

A special nozzle called the gearbox allows you to reduce the speed of the tool by 5 times. Why is it necessary? The main purpose of the editor-abroad is to expand the capabilities of equipment. Using such a device, various homemade tools can be made from the engine of motorcycles.

Using the nozzle-editor, the engine of the lawn mower can be used as a drive for a bicycle, moped, snowmobile and other types of equipment.

It is necessary to use a gearbox on a benzotrimer, since the device, although it reduces speed, but at the same time the engine power is quite high, and with careless operation you can get an injury. It is interesting! Instead of an asterisk, you can install a pulley, and remove the torque from the engine in a safer way.

It is interesting! Instead of an asterisk, you can install a pulley, and remove the torque from the engine in a safer way.

Metal brush to clean the surface of contaminants

You can also use a trimmer for grass as a construction tool. If it is necessary to clean the metal surface of various kinds of pollution, then you should use a conical butt brush. It is also used to clean concrete surfaces and slate. The peculiarity of such devices is that they allow you to clear the most inaccessible areas at the site of joints and angles.

Metal brush

The brush has a similar design with nozzles for angular grinder, only intended for use in a pair with a trimmer (its diameter is 200 mm).

The brush is attached to the trimmer instead of a spool, and for this you will not need to remove anything, redo or invent. The design provides not only easy installation, but also ease of use. The casing protects the operator from flying stones when working as a nozzle.

Other types of nozzles for a trimmer for grass are also known, through which you can not only expand the functionality of the tool, but also facilitate physical labor. The material discusses not only the main and popular nozzles for motorcycle, but also the safest. over, they are harmless not only for a person, but also for the tool itself.

Summing up the nozzles for motorcycle and trimmers, it is worth noting that the relevance of their use depends on the type and volume of tasks. Do not forget that the excessive loads that shaft on the shaft, adhesion and the drive of the tool contribute to their accelerated wear. That is why it is important before the purchase of devices that expand the functionality of the benzo tool, to decide on the need to use them.

The material presents introductory information about the nozzles for trimmers, and the decision on the need to use them to solve the relevant problems must be made independently. It is only necessary to note the fact that you should not purchase nozzles, the safety of which is in doubt. This applies to cutting discs for grass with a chain from a chainsaw, as well as devices such as angular grinder or chainsaw. During the operation of such devices, the slightest malfunctions entail serious injuries that can be incompatible with life.

A bicycle with an engine from a trimmer for grass

Homemade bicycle with a motor from a trimmer for grass is a vehicle that differs from simple analogues of high driving speed, practicality and low cost, using cheap configuration.

The following devices are needed for the assembly of a motorcycle:

  • bicycle in working condition;
  • a motor from a trimmer for grass;
  • chain;
  • tensioner;
  • star;
  • clamp;
  • cable;
  • fuse;
  • controller;
  • exhaust pipe;
  • sleeve, bolts, washers.
  • 2 rubber gaskets are attached to the rear wheel: the first between the knitting needles, the second is behind them.
  • Asterisk should approach a trimmer motor for grass. It is inserted into the sleeve, which is located on the outer part of the wheel. The crescent is attached to the inside.
  • The engine is mounted on the trunk or behind the seat using a clamp bought or made of a steel plate with your own hands.
  • Install the chain on the asterisk and the power unit, regulate the tensioner. Instead of a chain, it is not recommended to use belts. Under the influence of friction force, they often become unusable, their service life is minimal.
  • Gas handle and engine are connected by cable.
  • Fasten the tank for fuel and carburetor.
  • The exhaust pipe is welded by a weld seam.

Some craftsmen create a braking system and replace standard wheel tires with non.slip. After the assembly of all nodes, they must check the bicycle work. The functionality of the mechanism and its own safety will depend on this.

Recommendations for operation and care

In a homemade snowman, when used improperly, the trimmer itself for the grass itself is most often out of order. During cleaning, you must constantly keep the gas lever. Frequent reduction and increase in speeds unnecessarily lead to the rapid wear of engine parts, the grip of the trimmer for grass fails.

When cleaning, you can not try to cut down the guide plastered ice growths. The shovel will bend from the shovels. In addition, the ice floes that have fallen into the body of the snowman are able to jam the rotor.

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The life of a homemade unit will increase with the careful use of a trimmer for grass. Snow cleaning begins only after prolonged engine heating. Gotting oil oils use high.quality, from well.known manufacturers. After cleaning, the nozzle and the trimmer itself are cleaned of snow, stored in a dry room.

In the video, a snowman from a trimmer for grass with your own hands in work:

How to make a snowman from a trimmer for grass with your own hands

The following tools will be needed for work:

  • corner grinder and drill;
  • metal sheets;
  • steel barrel or pipe;
  • welding machine;
  • Self.tapping screws, bolts.

The procedure for creating a home.made snowmobile machine

    Start work from the creation of the case. It is best to make it from a metal beer barrel, but if it is not, you can use a large diameter pipe. Cut a piece 15 cm long, leave the bottom. The gearbox will be attached to it.

With your own hands, a snow paper from a trimmer for grass should be put on a frame, for which a special rectangle is made. Ski or ordinary wooden runners are attached to it below, which will push the unit in the snow.

Features of the configuration of the snow removal machine

The unit is equipped as follows:

For the manufacture of handles, you can take a regular semi.inch pipe.

We make the input box from sheet iron, the side parts of which are made of 10 millimeter plywood.

The width of the bucket is 500 mm, but you can change this parameter at will (with an increase in the width, you will need to select a more powerful engine).

We make the exhaust groove from the remains of a plastic pipe having a diameter of 160 mm.

The drive shaft is made from a steel pipe with a diameter of the inch.

The shaft drive is carried out using a belt and pulleys.

Snowman with an engine from a chainsaw

In order to study the assembly process in detail, pay attention to the video instruction.

DIY snow removal: useful recommendations

In order for the snowman to work for a long time and be a reliable assistant for a long time, it is recommended to adhere to the advice of professionals:

In order to prevent stones or fragments of ice to the engine, it is worth adding safety bolts or bushings to the design. Without them, there is a probability of engine jamming.

The choice of bearings plays an important role in the reliability and durability of the operation of the unit. They must be closed, otherwise snow can come inside, which will lead to accelerated wear and breakdown.

It is better to take a belt drive than a tough. Since there is a probability of jamming of constantly moving parts when large objects or ice gets. The engine can jam what will lead to a snow.offer breakdown. The belt in such a situation will simply slip.

DIY Summary Snowman

Following the instructions and the advice of specialists and having technical skills, you can collect the unit, and thereby save on the purchase of equipment. And if the snowman collected by yourself is also painted, then it will not be different from the purchased, and its service life and quality of work will be no worse.

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