Trimmer Stavr Te 1400r Overview

Overview of lawn mowers, trimmers and lawn mowers Stavr

Trimmer Stavr Te 1400r Overview

One of the most sought after and popular is the lawn care equipment segment. Here Stavr offers several models of trimmers and lawn mowers. Let’s look at their lineup in more detail.

Top Stavr Models

Under the Stavr brand, a fairly large range of trimmers is produced.

The best option for private use is the TB-1400LR model. It has sufficient power for mowing grass and shrubs with a trunk diameter of up to 3 cm. At the same time, it is light, maneuverable, not expensive to maintain, and is in the middle price category.

If you plan to work as a lawn mowing for professional purposes, then you should pay attention to the more powerful model Stavr TB-1700L or TB-1700LR. They have high-quality engine cooling, which is able to provide long-term operation without overheating. They can perform work on any type of surface and with any vegetation.

Petrol trimmers

Lawn mowers Stavr successfully cope with maintaining clean and tidy areas with an area of ​​5 to 15 hundred parts, depending on capacity.

Features of the Stavr gas trimmer:

  • Due to the presence of chrome cylinders on the engine, the maximum extension of the life of the Stavr lawn mowers is achieved.
  • The starter on these trimmers was developed according to a special scheme, which allows the engine to start without special efforts.
  • To facilitate the start-up process in the cold season, the Stavr lawn mowers were equipped with a primer that fills the carburetor with fuel mixture.
  • The trimmer bar of the Stavr lawnmower is made of aluminum, which is much lighter than steel, but it is not much inferior in reliability.

Stavr TB-800LR

This trimmer is the lightest lawn mowing machine in the Stavr brand. Its engine has a power of just 1.1 horsepower.

The thickness of the fishing line used on Stavr TB-800LR can vary from 1.6 to 2.4 mm, with a working width of 44 cm. The weight of this gasoline model is only 7.3 kg.

Stavr TB-1400LR

The gasoline lawn mower Stavr TB-1400LR has a two-stroke engine, which can produce 1.9 horsepower at 7500 rpm. The highest speed of rotation of the fishing line is 9000 rpm, when installing the knife, this number increases to 9500.

The folding bar of the Stavr TB-1400LR trimmer allows for compact transportation and storage of the machine. The fishing line can be used from 2 to 2.4 mm in size, while the bevel width is fixed. 44 cm.

Stavr TB-1700L

The weight of the gasoline mower Stavr TB-1700L is 7.9 kg. And the power of the gasoline engine is 2.3 hp.

The fuel tank is designed for a single bay of 1.2 liters of fuel mixture, which is enough for the autonomous operation of the Stavr TB-1700L trimmer for 1 hour. The size of the line used on this lawn mow can vary from 2.4 to 2.7 mm.

Stavr TB-1700LR

The gas trimmer Stavr TB-1700LR can be used for professional purposes. It has a high-quality 2-stroke engine with a nominal power of 2.31 hp.

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The thickness of the fishing line used on the Stavr TB-1700LR lawn mower can vary from 2.4 to 2.7 mm, depending on the size of the grass. The motor is driven by a manual starter.

Electric trimmers

Recently, electric models of trimmers and lawn mowers are gaining more and more popularity. There is a reasonable explanation for this. They cost much less, they emit less harmful substances into the atmosphere, they are much simpler in terms of maintenance, more economical, and even cheaper.

They have only one minus. attachment to a power source. The range of electric lawn mowers Stavr includes only 2 models.

Stavr TE-1400R

Lawnmow Stavr TE-1400P has a motor with a power of 1.4 kW. This is enough to treat a plot with grass up to 20-25 cm high.

The mowing line of the Stavr TE-1400R lawn mowing line is 38 cm. The weight of this electric scythe is only 4.8 kg.

Stavr TE-1700R

This is a more powerful model. Its engine is rated at 1.7 kW. Thanks to this, the one-time working width has increased to 42 cm, and the weight of the electric spit Stavr TE-1700R is now 6 kg.

This model is equipped with a comfortable bicycle handle, which provides more natural movements during work and reduces physical fatigue.

Lawn mowers

If you have a large plot on the farm with an area of ​​20-30 acres, then it is quite difficult to trim it with a trimmer; for this it is recommended to use a lawn mower. You do not need to carry the tool on your shoulders, but rather just direct the car in the right direction.

Stavr GKE-1400

The body of the Stavr GKE-1400 lawnmower is made of plastic, and when the cutting element hits a stone, there is a chance of damage to it. The electric motor has a power of 1.4 kW.

The mowing width is fixed. 32 cm, but the height can be set at 25, 40 and 55 mm. The weight of the Stavr GKE-1400 lawn mower is 8.6 kg.

Stavr GKE-1700

This is a representative of the more powerful electric lawn mower Stavr. It has an engine with a power consumption of 1.7 kW. The mowing width of Stavr GKE-1700 increased to 38 cm.

There are also more options for adjusting the mowing height. Now it can be set in 5 positions: 25, 38, 51, 65 and 75 mm. The grass catcher volume of this model reaches 35 liters.

User manual


As we already said, Stavr’s trimmers are manufactured and are distinguished not only by a simple and reliable design, but also by simple maintenance. At the end of the work, clean the trimmer from residues of dirt, dust, foliage or other dirt. To do this, you can use a watering hose or simply wipe with a damp rag.

Video: Trimmer Stavr Te 1400r Overview

Petrol trimmers work on the fuel mixture. To prepare it, you need gasoline and motor oil in a ratio of 25: 1. As fuel, it is necessary to use high-octane fuel grade AI-92 or AI-95.

The lubricant is manufactured under the Stavr brand and has been specifically designed for their garden tools. It complies with SAE 10W-30 or SAE 30 classification.

Rules for the operation of electrical models

Recently, there has been a trend when new owners prefer electric models of trimmers. Why is the demand for gasoline declining? But here everything is simple. the price of the matter.

Electric models are quieter, more environmentally friendly, have less vibration, do not require constant fueling, easier. They are able to easily cope with work on a plot of up to 15 acres.

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The length of the factory cable for the electric trimmers of the Stavr brand is no more than 1 m, but a 10 m long carrying kit is always bought for them. If you have a very large lawn or a far power source, you can take them 2.

First start

Before you start working on trimmers of the Stavr brand, you should definitely read the operating instructions in order to understand the principle of safe operation on these machines.

The instruction manual does not recommend immediately starting work on new machines of the Stavr brand. It is necessary to let the machine thoroughly lubricate and start working as a unit. To do this, let her work without load for the first 2-3 hours. During this period, you can let the machine idle or mow the young grass with a fishing line.

Major malfunctions and their correction

Stavr is a Russian brand, the main emphasis of which is on practicality and simplicity. Therefore, the task of each owner of this equipment is to know how to fix the main malfunctions that may occur during operation.

Some owners of the Stavr trimmer have a large consumption of fishing line during operation. Here’s what could lead to this:

  • Incorrect winding in the reel;
  • Work on soil with solid rocks or uneven soil;
  • Frequent collision with trees, fence, etc.;
  • Poor fishing line.

Sometimes the engine may junk and not start. In 90% of cases, the following reasons lead to this:

  • There is no fuel in the tank (fill it);
  • Insufficient number of primer taps (fully press it 5 times);
  • The engine is filled with fuel (pull the starter handle with the throttle handle fully pressed);
  • Old or low-quality fuel is used (drain gasoline and fill in new, fresh);
  • Spark plug defect (repair or replace it).

Video review

Stavr trim tabs overview

Owner reviews

Here are a few opinions gathered from the thematic forums regarding the experience of using Stavr’s trimmers:


“I believe that Stavr is the best in its price category. My height is 1.84 and the dyne of the bar is just perfect for me. I recommend working on it no more than an hour, because there is a very strong vibration. I somehow got carried away and worked one and a half with standard fishing line. So then my hands trembled for another half hour. But during this time he never disconnected. The shoulder strap is comfortable and the weight is evenly distributed. The bicycle handle is very convenient and comfortable to use. Pros: Power, comfortable handles, optimal rod length, best price. Cons: Sensible vibration “


“I bought it because I inherited a plot of acres in 15, on which no one has been doing anything for more than 5 years. The device is just a beast, mows everything in its path. Even the neighbors visited, asked what kind of apparatus. The fuel mixture is easy to prepare, starts without problems. When installing a knife, even mowed large trees. A significant drawback is only one. overheating. After an hour of operation, a large heating of the engine occurs, especially in the heat. But on the other hand, and technology is resting, and you. Pros: Reasonable consumption of fishing line, quick assembly, power. Cons: Slight overheating and vibration “

portable trimmer, electric motor (1400 W) from the mains cable (0.35 m), cutting width: 38 cm, included: fishing line (1.6 mm), knife, shoulder strap, straight bar

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Description: portable trimmer, electric motor (1400 W) from the mains cable (0.35 m), cutting width: 38 cm, included: fishing line. Show more

Description: portable trimmer, electric motor (1400 W) from the mains cable (0.35 m), cutting width: 38 cm, included: fishing line (1.6 mm), knife, shoulder strap, straight bar Collapse

  • Type: portable trimmer
  • Engine: Electric
  • Cutting Width: 38 cm
  • Power: 1400 W
  • Handle: folding with adjustable height
  • Bar: straight
  • Handle shape: D-shaped
  • Options: fishing line (1.6 mm), knife, shoulder strap
  • Grass catcher: none

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Reviews of trimmer STAVR TE-1400R


No soft start

Comment: I can’t say more precisely, I haven’t exploited it yet, but the lack of a soft start. very big flaw. Strongly escapes from the hands even without a reel with fishing line. I’ll have to modify it myself, put the soft-start block. It’s dangerous to work without it, and it will last a very short time.
UPD. Assembled a remote soft starter based on the module. Details on Yandex.Market

powerful, simple device

Comment: I bought from an official dealer on the same day by self. The assembly instructions are not informative, but generally assembled normally. There is no experience with other trimmers, this one. Details on Yandex.Market

Powerful device, before it I used Bosch ART 23 CombiTrim and Stihl FS 55. Ergonomics are quite convenient, there is a disc (cutting knife) in the kit, the trimmer is collapsible into two parts, moderate noise, light, ejection of fishing line by light "blow" bobbins on the ground right during operation (I don’t know there is such an option in others, I know that there are options with automatic feeding), made of good materials, there is a restrictive knife on the casing for the length of the fishing line, I do not advise you to neglect its installation, it will really save plastic from damage and loss. In general, I took it out of the box, assembled it and started working. In addition to adding fishing line to the bobbin, I did not make any stops; I process 7 full hundredths. Only stayed to rest myself. There is no overheating, the engine simply heats up to normal temperatures for bare skin and keeps in it all the time. I also ask you to read the comment.

The assembly went without applying the instructions, as with the help of it, it will still be very difficult to assemble it, the assembly process in it is not described professionally. Mounting screws "mounted" good, but I got one defective, the hexagon entered into it only half. The recommended thickness of the fishing line is 1.6 mm, it is strange of course for such a power. I did not even try the standard fishing line. the simplest round, I used 2 mm "a star", the machine normally digests it, but it has vibrations during operation. Also, during operation, the engine body rests on the inside of your forearm, taking into account the fact that it is warm during operation, your bare hand will sweat, and there will be no need for excessive vibrations, but you can’t get away from this since the model is D-shaped handle, models with "horns" from Stavr break at the junction, so this model was bought.