Trimmer turns the other way

The spindle turns the other way

In Milan, Vladimir Putin showed that he is not ready to resolve the crisis in Donbass

Italy hosted a two-day summit “Asia. Europe” (ASEM), where the main attention was focused on the Ukrainian issue. The talks within the framework of this forum in Milan, the presidents of Ukraine and Russia, Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin, did not bring any serious breakthrough, and, accordingly, there is no reason to assert that a lasting peace will be established in eastern Ukraine in the near future.

On October 17, on the sidelines of the Milan summit, three meetings of Russian and Ukrainian leaders took place, two. with the participation of European leaders and one. tete-a-tete. Poroshenko and Putin, as emphasized in official reports, expressed confidence in the need to fulfill all twelve points of the Minsk Memorandum on the settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. However, in reality, the master of the Kremlin still does not intend to either withdraw Russian units from Donbass, or to ensure reliable control on the border with Ukraine.

According to the head of Berta Communications, a political strategist Taras Berezovets, the Milan talks showed that Putin, who calls the EU sanctions blackmail and the oil price reduction a global conspiracy against Russia, does not seem to intend to abandon plans to further destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

“Only naive politicians could hope that the Russian president would fulfill his obligations under the Minsk Protocol, and that some major breakthrough would occur during the Milan meeting between Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin. We see that even the presence of the leaders of the European Union, who personally take the time to normalize the situation in Ukraine, does not in any way sober the Russian president, and it is obvious that he is not going to stop there and will continue to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

It is possible that the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Russia will not carry out a direct military intervention in Ukraine are true, but there is a lot of evidence that Russia will move to new tactics in Ukraine, which, in particular, will include organizing a military putsch, conducting sabotage at Ukrainian military and industrial facilities and carrying out terrorist raids from the LPR and DPR on the territory of neighboring Ukrainian regions.

The result of the Milan talks did not even become an approach to resolving the crisis in Donbass, but, nevertheless, the main positive of this meeting, it seems to me, should be considered that the West from each such meeting has fewer and fewer illusions about the Kremlin’s negotiability, and accordingly. the question of lifting sanctions against Russia, as the Russian leader wishes, will not be considered in the near future. over, the West may already move on to the next, fourth stage of sanctions against Russia.”. suggests Taras Berezovets.

Perhaps the only positive outcome of the Milan summit, experts say, is that dialogue and negotiations on the crisis in eastern Ukraine have not been interrupted and will continue. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the parties agreed that the elections to local government bodies, which are scheduled in Donbass on December 7, should be held in accordance with Ukrainian law. However, at the same time, at a multilateral meeting, Putin himself made it clear that he would not dissuade separatists from holding elections on November 2, which are being prepared by representatives of the DPR and LPR.

Despite the optimistic forecasts sounded the day before, the final decision on the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine, according to Poroshenko, was not reached at the talks in Milan. At the same time, Putin said that Russia is close to an agreement with Ukraine on the resumption of gas supplies “at least in winter”. The final decision can be made on October 21 in Brussels at the trilateral (Ukraine, Russia and the EU) gas negotiations. Chapter “Gazprom” Alexey Miller claims that the monopoly has agreed to all the terms of repayment of the Ukrainian debt for gas. However, according to him, the problem is that Ukraine has nothing to pay for the current supplies, and this issue will be the main one on the agenda of the upcoming Brussels talks.

Ukrainian experts after the Milan talks between Poroshenko and Putin are ambiguous in their assessments of the prospects for resolving the conflict in Donbass. Will it be frozen or should the situation escalate??

If political strategist Taras Berezovets believes that Putin will change tactics and, possibly, try to organize a military putsch in Ukraine, then the head of the Kiev Institute for Social Transformation, political scientist Oleg Soskin does not exclude new attacks by Russian troops on Ukraine. In his opinion, Putin’s participation in the Milan summit should be viewed in the context of his visit to Serbia:

“Putin wanted to spit on the European Union and England and Italy. He sees them as an obsolete system, like a buffoonery, this Milanese meeting, and the main, sacred meaning for him was his presence in Serbia as a Slavic state that suffered from Western European aggression and destroyed Yugoslavia as an ally of the Soviet Union and Russia at one time. This is the main thing, and Putin used Milan only as a temporary respite. He showed that he makes contact, continues to communicate, but in fact, his main goal is to accumulate strength, he is waiting for an hour when some kind of help should come to him.

All of this is reminiscent of the events before the Second and First World Wars. It smells very much of Putin’s mysticism. All this nonsense about some kind of prophecy, about the special role and mission of Russia is already becoming so obvious in Putin’s behavior that goosebumps begin to appear on the body. Because we are already dealing not with a person of some pragmatic vision of the situation, but with a person who lives in the world of illusions he created. And many of Putin’s inner circle have already begun to talk about this, when they say that they seem to have had a conversation, came to some general conclusions, it seems that he agreed, and the next morning in front of them is a completely different person who accepts the irrational, completely another very risky decision. And I think that the Milan process, together with Serbia, showed that we are witnessing Putin’s transition to some kind of mystical, irrational behavior. And the failure of the Milan meetings indicates that Putin will now commit some crazy, reckless actions in Ukraine. He needs to implement them before the onset of winter ”.

The Russian president, according to Oleg Soskin, is disappointed that the separatists and Russian units located in the Donbass have still not been able to take control of the port city of Mariupol, the key railway station Debaltsevo, Donetsk airport and the city of Shchastya, where the CHP is located. providing heat and electricity to the Luhansk region:

“Putin is extremely disappointed with these events, and I think that if the stalemate intensifies, he will prepare for the beginning of an open war with massive air raids on Ukrainian cities, and this may happen even before the Australian G-20 summit. The talks in Milan are pushing him even more towards an open war with Ukraine, and for some reason he thinks that he will win this war, and this is his most terrible delusion. We will not be a victim, we will be a country that will fight edge against edge. And if the West does not help us, then we will do it ourselves. We will restore our military industry and will be ready for this process. The spindle began to spin in the other direction, and, unfortunately, the process did not stop in Milan and the situation after Milan worsened, ”says Oleg Soskin, head of the Institute for Society Transformation.

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What to do?

Step-by-step instruction:

  • After citizens are faced with such a problem, it is necessary to immediately notify the water utility or housing and communal services so that they record the challenge and indicators.
  • The control organization sends its plumbers to the scene of the accident, who, having examined the device, third-party transitions and partitions, already draw up their conclusion about the cause of the problem.
  • Based on the results of the check, the specialist can:
  • Install a check valve, which is provided by the mechanism.
  • Sign the act of replacing this meter with a serviceable one. This option appears if the device is physically worn out and cannot be repaired. The replacement is carried out by the specialist himself in agreement with the water utility or other controlling company.

Problem prevention

All meters that have been in residential premises for a long time must be checked at regular intervals for physical wear and tear. The regularity of such checks is based on the current state of the mechanism, as well as on the terms prescribed in the passport.

In order to check the device, the consumer needs to call a specialist at the water utility and inform about the upcoming check. A specialist working with such devices will install it on a temporary stand, and then fix the indicators. A temporary mechanism will be installed in its place, the readings of which will also be recorded.

Testing takes 7-10 days. At the end of the test, the consumer will receive a conclusion about the passing of the test and, if it was successful, the measuring device will be returned. And its owner will need to call a specialist again to put his own mechanism in place. He will write out a certificate that will need to be taken to the water utility.

Can it wind in the opposite direction?

The design of the internal structure of water meters does not have a stopper device that prevents movement in the opposite direction.

Otherwise, the counter may wind in the opposite direction in some situations.

Reasons for scrolling back

Among the reasons, the following are most often distinguished:

What to do if the water meter turns in the opposite direction?

In addition to other problems that arise with a water meter after its installation, consumers are often faced with the fact that the water meter starts spinning in the opposite direction, that is, “in the minus”. Why this happens, what to do when such a problem occurs and what causes this situation, is described below.

Useful video

Details of the article in

Financial question

In the event that the meter turns in the opposite direction, then the water utility has the right to establish a violation for the consumer “unauthorized interference with the operation of the meter.” This will be followed by the drawing up of a special act of violation.

This means that the water utility will calculate the amount of payment based on the indicators of how many cubic meters a cold water pipe could pass with an open tap and continuous flow.

This calculation will begin from the day the act of violation is drawn up, when the water utility learned that the measuring device is not working correctly, until the day the consumer eliminates this violation, installs a check valve or replaces the device.

The “Rules for the provision of utilities to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and residential buildings” states that if the water utility or other controlling organization cannot determine the day when illegal interference with the metering device began, then the payment amount will be calculated from the last check of the measuring device. the date of which should be in the service book of the device.

If the consumer saw that the water meter began to spin in the opposite direction, one should not wait for the twisting of the indicators, but immediately call a specialist.

Firstly, delaying a call to the housing and communal services or other controlling organization can threaten the owner of the meter with fines, and secondly, this can lead to a more serious accident if we are talking about pressure surges, for example.

All that is required from the consumer is to call the water utility and explain the situation that has arisen, then it will be necessary to follow the instructions of the specialist.

How to reverse the direction of rotation of a single phase asynchronous motor

Let’s take as a basis the already connected single-phase asynchronous motor, with the direction of rotation clockwise (Fig. 1).

  • points A, B conventionally designate the beginning and end of the starting winding; for clarity, brown and green wires are connected to these points, respectively.
  • points C, B conventionally indicate the beginning and end of the working winding, for clarity, red and blue wires are connected to these points, respectively.
  • arrows indicate the direction of rotation of the rotor of the induction motor

A task.

trimmer, turns, other

Change the direction of rotation of a single-phase asynchronous motor in the opposite direction. counterclockwise. To do this, it is enough to reconnect one of the windings of a single-phase asynchronous motor. either working or starting.


We change the direction of rotation of a single-phase asynchronous motor by reconnecting the working winding.


We change the direction of rotation of a single-phase asynchronous motor by reconnecting the starting winding.

Important note.

This method of changing the direction of rotation of a single-phase asynchronous motor is possible only if the motor has separate branches of the starting and working winding.

In fig. 4 shows a fairly common version of a single-phase asynchronous motor, in which the ends of the windings B and C, the green and red wires, respectively, are connected inside the housing. Such an engine has three leads, instead of four as in Fig. 4 brown, purple, blue wire.

UPD 03/09/2014 Finally, it was possible to check in practice, not very correct, but still used method of changing the direction of rotation of an asynchronous motor. For a single-phase asynchronous motor, which has only three leads, it is possible to make the rotor rotate in the opposite direction, it is enough to swap the working and starting windings. The principle of such an inclusion is shown in Fig. 5.

We reconnect the working winding

To do this, you can open the case, take out and turn over the winding, then return the covers to their place. But there is a more ergonomic option in which you do not have to disassemble the unit. it is enough to reconnect the contacts that go out (this only works if 4 contacts are brought out). So, you are required to:

  • Disable engine.
  • Determine which pair of leads corresponds to the beginning and end of the working winding (the second pair belongs to the starting winding and you do not need it at the moment).
  • Throw the phase from the initial end of the winding to the final one, and zero. from the final end to the initial one (or vice versa).

As a result of these actions, the rotor will begin to rotate in the opposite direction, which is what you needed.

How to reverse polarity on an electric motor

If you have already connected an asynchronous electric motor according to a scheme providing for one-way rotation, but there is a need for reverse, the question arises before you: how to change the polarity on the electric motor? There are several ways to change the direction of rotation of the motor.

Reconnect the starting winding

Your actions are similar to those described in the previous version, only the beginning and end of the starting winding change in places. This can also be done without opening the case. First find out which pair of wires corresponds to the beginning and end of the starting winding. Then connect the beginning of the working winding to the beginning of the starting winding (which was previously connected to the starting-charging capacitor), and connect the capacitor to the end of the starting winding.

Thus, the beginning and end of the starting winding are reversed, which changes the direction of rotation of the motor.

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We change the starting winding for working or working for starting

In many models of motors, only 3 leads go out. This is done in order to protect the unit from damage caused by tampering with its operation. But even in this case, you can force the motor to rotate in the opposite direction, provided the following conditions are met:

  • The length and cross-sectional area of ​​the working and starting windings must be the same.
  • The wires are made of the same material.

This data influences the resistance, which must remain constant. When changing the polarity, if the length or cross-sectional area of ​​the wires does not match, the resistance of the starting winding will be the same as that of the working one (or vice versa). This will prevent the motor from starting.

Keep in mind that the efficiency of the electric motor will decrease, and its operation in operating mode should be short-lived, otherwise the unit will overheat with subsequent failure.

To reverse without disassembling the device, you need to:

  • Remove the capacitor from the initial terminal of the starting winding.
  • Connect it to the end terminal of the working winding.
  • Run layering from both of these pins and phases.

With such a scheme, to rotate the motor in one direction (for example, clockwise), the phase should be connected to the branch of the end of the working winding. To rotate the rotor in the opposite direction, you need to throw the phase wire to the branch of the beginning of the starting winding. You can connect and disconnect the wires manually, but it is better to use a key.

If a long working period of the motor is foreseen, this method should not be used. Open the motor housing and reconnect in the way described in the first or second points. In this case, the efficiency of the unit will not decrease.

All these manipulations can be avoided if initially, when connecting the electric motor, provide for the possibility of reversing and install a push-button switching post.

What makes Venus spin differently

Of all the atypically rotating bodies of our system, the second planet from the Sun is the most studied.

One of the hypotheses explaining the reasons for its retrograde rotation says that at the moment of the formation of solar planetary bodies from a rotating gas and dust disk, a clot of dust and energy, from which Venus was to be born, collided with the emerging Mercury, which is why it suddenly began to spin in the direction opposite to the rest of the protoplanets. clockwise.

Another theory suggests the following: the culprit behind the fact that Venus turns retrograde was its too high and dense atmosphere. it slows down rotation, spinning the planet in the opposite direction.

Another interesting version says that the body was turned over by the powerful gravitational tides provoked by the influence of the central luminary and the friction caused by them between the planetary mantle and the core.

The large tilt of the Venus axis, close to 180 °, is an obstacle to the change of seasons on the planet. summer here constantly lasts. The planet makes a full orbital revolution in 225 Earth days, the daily rotation takes as much as 243 days. This cosmic body has sidereal days that last longer than a solar year.

“Lying planet

There is a kind of change of seasons here, each of which lasts 42 years. At the moment of the solstice, winter or summer, one Uranian pole is directed to the central luminary of our system, and a polar day is observed in the adjacent hemisphere. The opposite region of the celestial body is directed towards the trans-Neptunian objects, the polar night lasts near it.

At the equator at this time, there is a rapid change in the dark and daylight hours. Uranus makes a full revolution around the Sun in 84 years, a revolution around its axis. a little more than 17 Earth hours.

Rotation axis tilt

The direction of rotation of the planets is indicated by the inclination of their axes. It is understood as the angle between the conditional line around which the proper rotation of the celestial body takes place, and the perpendicular to the ecliptic. the plane along which the circumsolar orbit lies.

If this angle is in the range from 90 to 90 °, it is believed that the planet has direct torsion, which coincides with the general direction of rotation of the vast majority of cosmic bodies.

When the angle is between 90 ° and 270 °, the rotation is retrograde.

The natural moons of planets orbiting the Sun have the same tilt.

Only they operate with a different angle. between the axis of rotation of the satellite and the plane crossing its host planet along the mowing line of the equator.

Which planet rotates in the opposite direction

Retrograde motion of celestial bodies is one of the mysteries of space. Scientists have long known which planet rotates the other way in the solar system, but scientific debate about why it does this is still going on.

How is retrograde rotation obtained?

If you look at our system “from above”, from the side of the conditional North Pole of the world, you can see that all bodies move around the central star in one direction. In addition, they all rotate around their axes counterclockwise, but several bodies do this in the opposite direction.

Among them are Venus and Uranus, as well as Pluto, which recently lost its status as a planetary object, its natural moon Charon and the Neptunian satellite Triton. The rotation of these bodies is called retrograde.

At the same time, the direction of rotation of Venus still coincides with the terrestrial, Mercurian and others, but is perceived as reversed due to the fact that the planet is practically turned upside down.

There are at least 3 possible reasons why some objects are spinning retrograde:

  • changes in the gravitational field of the planet itself and the effect of gravity of the surrounding astronomical bodies;
  • the influence of powerful solar tides;
  • a sharp change in the direction of rotation as a result of collisions with other space elements.

There are several ways to identify the direction of rotation of the planets: they are observed in radio telescopes from the Earth and from space observatories in orbits, mathematical calculations are carried out.

Why Pluto is retrograde

Scientists have reason to believe that Pluto is part of a massive object that disintegrated after an explosion, torn out for some reason from the bowels of neighboring Neptune. The second fragment of this body, a larger one, remained in the Neptunian orbit, turning into a natural satellite of the planet Triton.

Now it is also a smaller piece, which received greater speed and flew away from the influence of the “Blue Giant”, which became an independent dwarf planet Pluto. bodies rotating in the same direction, retrograde with respect to their neighbors.

A day here lasts almost 153 Earth hours, and in terms of the length of a year, this body holds the record for the part of space we have studied. it is equal to 248 years on our planet.

Process description

If the carburetor of the chainsaw is not adjusted and the chainsaw cannot be started, the adjustment begins by setting the screws (L) and (H) to their default values. This is 1/5 turn of the screws until they are fully tightened. After that, you need to start the engine, let it run a little and warm up. The next step is to set the low speed mode. Optimum engine performance at the bottom can be achieved by adjusting the screw (L) and idle speed (T). To do this, first tighten the screw (L) to obtain the maximum engine speed, then it is released by 1/4 and the idle speed is normalized by the screw (T).

After adjusting the work on the “bottom”, the thrust and the maximum engine speed are adjusted. To do this, slowly tighten the screw (H) and check the speed with an electronic tachometer.

exceeding the maximum engine speed specified by the manufacturer is not allowed.

An important step is to check the saw in all operating modes after adjusting it, let the chainsaw cool down, and then start in accordance with the cold tool start algorithm. If the saw starts normally and is idle, you should check how it was sawing. If, during the inspection, deficiencies in the strength of the chain saw are found, it is necessary to repeat the adjustment of the screw (H) by unscrewing it and checking the tension during operation.

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Loss of thrust at the maximum speeds recommended by the manufacturer is an indicator of CPG wear or poor fuel quality.

Installing a carburetor for a Chinese chainsaw

Carburetors installed on Chinese saws are made similar to European ones and have the same adjusting screws.

trimmer, turns, other

The adjustment of the carburetor with a Chinese chainsaw is carried out according to the algorithm presented above, characterized in that during the initial adjustment of the screws (L) and (H) they must be turned two turns. Chinese carburettors are regulated in the same way as European ones.

Chainsaw Calm 180. malfunction and repair

In the case of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, malfunctions and ways to eliminate them may be different. In order to independently repair Stihl MS 180 chainsaws, we will consider the most common causes of breakdowns and how to fix them.

Gasoline is not supplied. independent problem solving

This is due to a malfunctioning carburetor. This will need to be disassembled in order to repair the device. However, before disassembling the carburetor on your Calm 180, be sure to disconnect the throttle plug and ignition wire from the carburetor. Further actions are as follows:

  • The carburetor assembly is attached to the saw structure with 4 screws. Unscrew them and remove the saw blade assembly. Before removing the carburetor, be sure to wear gloves so that your hands do not get dirty;
  • Before cleaning the carburetor, you will need to apply a household degreaser to the walls. Wait 5 minutes and start wiping down the walls of the assembly;

After cleaning the carburetor, the ignition of the chainsaw must be reconfigured. You can learn how to install the ignition, how to install the ignition. If you have lost the instructions and do not know how to adjust the ignition, proceed in the following order:

How To Adjust The Throttle Cable On A Stihl Weed Eater. Video

  • Remove the starter cover and unscrew the 4 screws;
  • Check spark ignition parts. If they are clean, check that the gap between the magnets and the flywheel is adjusted correctly. A gap of 0.4 mm will be considered optimal.

To avoid regular carburetor repairs, try using quality fuel and oil from trusted manufacturers.

How to start a Chainsaw Calm 180?

The correct procedure for starting your chainsaw is as follows:

  • The chain brake must be activated before starting the saw. To do this, the brake lever must be tilted forward;
  • Next, remove the protective cover;
  • Then press the decompression valve. this will make it easier to start the engine;
  • Then press the fuel pump several times. This will reduce fuel consumption directly when starting the saw engine;
  • Then move the throttle combination lever to the cold start position. To do this, you must first activate the gas lever;
  • Pull the cable slowly until you feel resistance. Then quickly pull the cable towards you until you hear the engine start and stop;
  • Then move the combination lever up one position;
  • Pull the cable again until the engine starts;
  • As soon as the engine starts, pull the trigger and release the combination lever to the full position;
  • Release the chain brake lever by pulling it towards you until you hear a characteristic click;

It is worth noting that all of the above must be done every time you start a cold-powered chainsaw.

Remove carburetor if parts need to be inspected or repaired.

The construction of different carburetor models is almost the same, so you can use the standard scheme when working with them. All items must be carefully removed and then set out in the following order so that you can successfully place items in place at the end of the renovation.

  • The top cover is removed. To do this, unscrew 3 screws in a circle.
  • Foam is also removed as the top of the filter conducts air.
  • Fuel hose removed.
  • It immediately displays the drive thrust.
  • The cable end is disconnected.
  • The gas hose can be completely removed by pulling it away from the fitting.
trimmer, turns, other

In order to finally prepare the carburetor for overhaul or replacement of the smallest parts, you must carefully disconnect it from the main system. Sometimes this requires further disassembly. Unscrew the components carefully and secure them in groups, as these small parts are easily lost.

The main stage

The engine starts at medium speed and heats up for about 10 minutes. The idle adjusting screw should be clockwise. It is only available when the engine is running stably. You must make sure that the chain does not move during this process.

In idle mode, the engine may stall (the reason is here). In this case, immediately adjust the adjusting screw clockwise until it stops. Sometimes the chain starts to move. In this case, turn the adjusting screw in the opposite direction.

Recent questions

Evgeniy Washing machines Samsung S803J 800

Please tell me what to do? if the washing process starts in normal mode. Water is being filled, the heating element is turned on, only the engine turns in one direction and immediately rises, the washing stops. They say protection is triggered, if so how to disable it?

Hello, there can be many reasons.
Possibly punched heating element, power board. It rarely happens that a temperature sensor.
Contact the service center of your city.

I speak like a master! 100% this is a control module since there is no reverse, one of the relays does not work

Need diagnostics, most likely problems with the control unit or with the engine

01/02/2016 08:39 Egor

control module: one of the relays does not work, the microcircuit that commutes the CPU and the relay is not working, and there is no signal from the processor, well, look at the brushes.

more like, of course, a relay on a control board, but, as you say, it doesn’t look much like protection.

good day
you need to look at the relay on the module

the drain itself, or brushes

Tilt the machine back a little and spin it. If strong sparking occurs on the manifold when the engine is running. replacement brushes. If not, then the reason is in the control module.

Look at the engine, namely the brushes and the collector, also look at the block of wires if there is any oxide, if this is all right then the matter is in the board!

My opinion is that you need to start with the heater, the motor, and the main reason is in the module, we open and solder.

The brushes are worn out, as a result of which the electric motor does not create the necessary electromagnetic field for the rotation of the motor rotor. During the operation of the washing machine, the brushes gradually “burn out”, becoming shorter. At the moment when they are grinded down so that they no longer touch the collector. the electric motor stops rotating.
Failed control module. This is often the cause of this breakdown. Tracks and solders can crack, burn, etc. over time. As a result, contact is lost and the rotation signal is not supplied to the motor. It is sometimes much more difficult to identify the place on the board, where exactly the crack occurred, than it might seem at first glance.

The washing machine turns the engine in one direction

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